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Found 5 results

  1. So i had this crazy idea. What if we were able to make a Portal to a map that was ultimately a PvP Arena. Would work similar to Epic Portals only inventory and everything stays on transfer. Player inside the arena could Fight and loot each others drops. GMs could even hold events. Toggling ON and OFF PvP in this enclosed area. It would be like maybe 150x150. Hunger Game Style build. Players could watch from the stands around the PvP/Event zone. Or go down into the Zone to actually join the event. GMs could adjust the terrain in this area to fit the event. Some lava tiles and sand traps. Few Water tiles. Lots of trees. I mean just an idea but i think it be cool it the community could be brought together Via this Portal to a Combat World/Event World. Could be a tiny server, with an enclosed Deed like the GV. Let me get some +1 for this idea. I mean... Just imagine. The Wurmians all gathered in the arena as GM Enki arrives with Spawning commands. 50 Zombies spawn and players fight to kill them off. When they die they spawn back (out of arena) with no way back in Cuz the doors are locked, Its down the wire. 5 Players left. 10 Zombies. 1 Of the players is a priest and starts healing the remaining 4. But he loses an arm and dies. Finally down to the last man alive. He wins! Gets awarded (some prize). Um.. yes! > and Please leave the hate out of this conversation. lol Could even double as a Lobby for players to chat O.O Maybe Global Market system. (maybe not) lol Ps. Maybe Even put it in GV. So new players will join and See LOTS of players online in local? O.O
  2. First of all I'd like to say that I didn't really know where to put this thread so I post here. Also, I'm aware this is not the first time someone has an idea like this one but I'm really psyched up for it and think it might work with a bit of effort. Also, the thread talks about the freedom cluster. Also, I'm making this thread to gather votes and opinions, not to state a happening fact. EPIC AMAZING BADASS ARENA GLADIATOR CHAMPIONSHIP EVENTS WITH ANIMALS! Possibilities: - duels; - team fights; - 1v1 championships; - team championships; - animal fights; - wrestling; - animal wrestling; - rewards. Possible/known problems: - people won't be too eager to travel all the way from wherever they are to the arena; - concentration of the whole wurm world on fighting related skills just to win the championships. Organisational matters: The arena would not be open 24/7. Instead there would be events announced in global chat and on the forums a week up front. These events would include all the things written in the "possibilities" part of the thread. All this would last a few days starting with training fights not affecting the score and ending with recreational unarmed animal wrestling. PvP fights would happen only via "spar" option to minimise the death rate. Animals can't be controlled so there would be a possibility of dying. I still have no idea how to make the team fights happen since we have no team spar option. Reward system: As I do realise championships come with rewards I'd like to present possibilities: 1v1 championships: 1st - highly enchanted high ql weapon of choice / armor set of choice 2nd - enchanted high ql tool of choice 3rd - high ql tool/weapon of choice OR 1st - 3 silver coins 2nd - 2 silver coins 3rd 1 silver coin Team championships: 1st - armor sets / bulk resources 2nd - lesser bulk resources quantity 3nd - even lesser bulk resources quantity OR 1st - 5 silver coins 2nd - 3 silver coins 3rd - 2 silver coins If you have a better rewards system idea post it below. Rewards of items would mean free beds, imps, sign up and everything else throughout the event. Rewards of money would mean a 10c participation fee from everyone and a 5c bed fee. In my opinion it seems reasonable. Again - if you think I missed something, explained something poorly or you have a better idea about anything feel free to post below. Also please take a vote in the poll.
  3. It would be nice to have a new small dragon that anyone can hunt. I understand that there should be no drops on them as far as hides and i am fine with that but a lot of players want to interact with dragons. We want to tame them and be able to breed them. We could even breed them to fight like we rise one with the good fighting traits and have arena fights with them. There is all kinds of things you could do with them like allow them to wear barding for the fights, allow them to be breed to ride as a mount anything is possible. Could you imagine a groups of players coming at you on an armored dragon in PvP or anywhere for that matter...sounds like a lot of fun to me.
  4. For those who remember the last part of the project : , I was speaking of the arena as the next expansion of the stadium for a small crowdy feeling to see and enjoy the mindless slaughtering of each others. Some of my concerns were fixed by one of the late updates, as tundra now spread to nearest dirt and packed dirt tiles, the work can start again without destroying all the natural surrounding of the stadium. As you can see the project will be a bit easier to do. Smaller building with less carpentry requirement. High carpenter (95+) feel free to hit me up for the planning. And way less materials needed. Right now, it's all about the surface mining, as we need to lower the rock for the arena. One of the side access will be done through the tunnel (acces by the trader house/entrance). Feel free to join me at the stadium or send me a PM to check what can be done with me. Nota - Still waiting for your ideas for races at the stadium itself. Feel free to send me a PM if you want to manage one.
  5. Here are my toughts: I am on a freedom server cuz i dont like the idea of getting my deed atacked, or getting killed when i go for hunting/traveling/trading etc. However i still like to be able to pvp sometimes, especially when bored on skilling. That would bring some more joy to the game, and more meaning on weapon & fighting skills after some point. The way i see it, arena or battle grounds are a good solution for that, without having a world pvp. An option in char window or a something like portal to those areas. Queue up, get teleported, start fighting and try to survive the fight! As long as we get teleported back with the items we joined (maybe with some dmg on armor & wpn) and not losing any skills or affinity, then it should be all fine. To make it more than just having fun, winners can be awarded with small amout of fighting skills or something like that and higher ranks with more bonuses (whatever the bonus will be. Coins, titles, boost on some skills like Champions etc.) Wich brings us to a ranking system or something similar like that. So aperson with 20 fighting skill wont match with 60 skilled person as long as he doesnt becomes unstopable and wins every battle he joins. I know it's not an easy thing to add to the game and even agreed and started working on it right now, would still take long time till its ready for tests. But still it would be nice to have such an option, right? What do you think?