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Found 19 results

  1. I'm sure this has been suggested before, but it would be cool.
  2. When I see novel named animals are spawned for the holidays, and with Care for" slots from Animal Husbandry being used for work animals, it is difficult to adopt these special named creatures. If the taming skill would allow its own list of animals more suitable for the "pet" title, this would allow these adorably named animals a better chance to be adopted. Wolfs, wild cats, mt lions, cave bugs, dogs and such aren't really useful beyond their position as a pet and have a difficult time competing with horses, hellhorses and bison when a player doles out their precious "Care for" slots. Please consider. Sugar Cookie bugs need love too!
  3. One of my horses, unhitched, standing on enchanted grass walked 3 tiles away to eat from a pet bowl I had placed for my pet (on a normal tile) instead of just grazing on the enchanted grass tile he is standing on. I think the solution would be to give any animal that CAN graze, and is standing on enchanted grass, priority to graze on the enchanted grass tile/check if he is standing on enchanted grass tile already before he attempts to look for food elsewhere.
  4. Do you have a hoarding problem? Too much stuff on deed? How to cope with the mounting chaos of clutter? You need a Pet Ferret. This tame animal will come to call, can be trained to seek out your FSBs, BSBs and crate racks to find any item you need, and will chatter and try to stand bolt upright like a meercat when it finds it. Also suggested alternative skin: Hoard Hunting Hamster Inspiration from: Retro, Quasiwud and ferrets originally suggested by Gawain below:
  5. Currently pet orders arent combat actions and thus are unusable while in melee combat. Considering its use is almost always for combat engagements i suggest this is changed. I also suggest a change to allow pets to target neutral animals such as horses being ridden by hostiles without having to engage them in combat first.
  6. Domestication has always been around in real life, a step from mere taming where an animal is actually loyal and more than just a step away from going to kill you. In the case of dogs and cats, it's what defines and shaped our histories together, so it'd make sense to include some form of that in Wurm. It'd be nice to have a trait for animals if you're a certain level in husbandry that you can domesticate them, particularly through breeding submissive and docile animals together. Maybe creating normal cats instead of wildcats and... dogs. Yeah, I'm still thinking of what a step up from our normal Wurmian dog would be. Just a thought. Not really anything game changing, and to keep it from being too abusive, you can make it so that only certain animals are able to be domesticated.
  7. Suggestion 1: We are currently limited to transporting 1 unicorn at a time due to the taming error messages encountered when trying to tame/load another unicorn. Remove this restriction? Suggestion 2: Remove this restriction for all creatures? (be able to untame a creature while it's in a crate, for example) It doesn't stop someone from transporting many tamed creatures. They just need another player with taming to load a creature crate onto the boat to get around this feature. Also, the number of tamed creatures transported is not limited by this function - it just takes a single player longer to do it himself, or makes him go to different servers for each tamed pet. The number of transported creatures is already reasonably limited by the capacity of vehicles used (knarr fits 4 creature crates). This is a reasonable limitation. I don't like that the taming limitation exists though, since it can be worked around by players with more resources (multiple taming accounts on the boat, loading 1 critter each) or require a single player multiple trips to work around the 'only 1 pet at a time' feature for loading animals into crates on the same server. As it is, we cannot untame crated creatures.
  8. I suggest a pet command "Hunt" available upon right clicking another creature within pet command range. Hunt will: 1. Make pet target the creature. 2. Make pet follow the creature, like leading, but without a fixed follow distance. Follow functionality would be similar to 'go here' pet command, except the position of the creature would be updated while the creature moves, but once the creature escapes local (or a different range, depending on the pet type. wolfs should be able to hunt creatures farther than crocodiles), it loses the creature scent/stops hunting. This would make pets useful in pve, and pvp. Wolfs are typically useless in pvp as pets, since they cannot tank or do substantial damage. This would make creatures like wolfs and dogs and wild cats useful for tracking down enemies that are trying to escape, but at the risk of losing the pet if you don't follow it (leaves command range). Some suggested ranges for hunting, include: Sharks 5x local range Mountain lion 4x local range Wolf 4x local range Deer 3x local range Dog 2x local range Trolls 1.5x local range Wild cat 2x local range Scorpions 1x local range Crocodiles 1x local range Spiders 1x local range Horses 1x local range Unicorns 1x local range Hell horses 1x local range Imagine being able to unlead your pet dog and send it after an enemy spy alt on a PvP server. Imagine sending a barded, fully geared Hell Horse or Unicorn after a spy alt, or escaping infantry player, to keep them from getting away while you catch up. This would provide a fun fix for: 1. spy alts being abused (local scanning or teleport blocking) 2. players stealthing too quickly when trying to escape combat 3. pets could also block teleporting while hunting a player Other neat commands, such as "Roam" or "Retrieve" could be further useful, where "Roam" commands the pet to begin scanning an area (80x80, for example, depending on pet type) for enemies by roaming around constantly, and only attacking an enemy if it comes within a certain distance of a stealthed enemy (like half it's normal aggro range, or if walking adjacent to the stealthed player's tile). Roaming animals could also attack unstealthed enemies (other pets, enemy guards, aggressive creatures) at regular aggro range, while scanning an area. "Retrieve" commands the pet to Hunt a creature down and retrieve its corpse if the creature dies. To use simple terminology, let's say you right click a creature. You command your wolf to hunt the creature. If the creature dies, the pet will "take" the corpse (or a random nearby corpse?) and return it to your new position. I thought this would add some cool new possibilities to the game and provide a possible fix for some of the most aggravating PvP problems. Being hunted by a pet would not be overpowered, since dogs (or other good hunters) can be killed very quickly with archery or melee by an equipped player. The player could then try to restealth before they get caught/located. Also, only certain pets can swim, and some move faster than others. So there would be several strengths and weaknesses for each pet type to add more richness and variety to the feature.
  9. I have a few suggestions related to the animals. Water animals should stay near the water. I'm finding seals and crocodiles out in the forest with no water around, which is weird. Also, they should be able to "graze" in water tiles. I don't know how they currently survive in the wild, but people on here told me I have to feed my seals fish or leave sheep in the seal pen for them to eat. Not sure why seals are eating sheep. I would like to have an animal companion that doesn't need to be led around on a rope and constantly kept tame. See, the thing is that you can only have one animal tamed at a time, so when you tame some other animal, your pet becomes untamed. We need a separate slot for a companion so that you can have one animal always "tame" even when you tame another animal. At minimum pets need an option to pet them. Everyone I've talked to has wanted to be able to pet their dog or whatever animal they've tamed. It would be nice if they responded positively to being petted, too, like if the dog wagged his tail or ran around in a circle or something to show he likes it. Also, the game needs domestic cats. I keep a wildcat in my house. You could keep a lion, I suppose, which would be a cool companion to have if you didn't have to worry about them becoming untame all of the time. I think it would be nice to have cuter and more interactive pets, like dogs and cats. As an example of what I mean, the deer are the cutest animals in the game. They not only look cute, but they have cute mannerisms that endear you to them. They twitch their little ears and hop when they run. They're adorable. How about some equally adorable dogs and cats? I think you can now keep your tamed animals from helping you in battle when attacked. If so, that's super, because I'm always afraid I'll accidentally get my tamed animals killed on the way home. I only say "I think" because I keep forgetting it's there when I need it, but I think I remember seeing it. It would also be useful for a companion because if a dog or wildcat or lion (or possible future domestic cat) is your companion and you're fighting a troll, your companion will probably die in that battle. I lost a few animals that way when I first started playing.
  10. The deed ratio is aimed at preventing people from having large animal collections that will lag the server or take up too much of the animal count. While this makes sense, it also makes things difficult for those of us who want large animal collections. My suggestion is that you can tame an animal on an alt, then set it to go offline with the character, and log the character out. If we make it so that these animals don't count towards deed ratio, anyone who wanted could have extra animals logged out for the most part, and only log them on when needed, then take them back offline. Offline animals don't count toward the animal spawn limit on the server. As far as I'm aware, animals that aren't actually online won't contribute to lag, correct? Maybe make it sot that offline animals don't have a chance to go untame or to reduce status towards upset (not sure if that is or isn't the case now). The animals would count towards deed ratio while logged in, but if players were selective about who was logged in when, they could manage the animal collection and ratio, having large collections without having to make stupidly large deeds and inconvenience the rest of the server.
  11. I was playing around with taming and came to the hard realization that pets are terribly useless and sadly, very weak. Their experience level is stationary and there's absolutely no bonding with them which ultimately leads to them being thrown into pens for visual appeal because that's about all they're useful for. I've played many online games and one of the most popular by FAR things to do in mmo's is to find an animal companion to hunt or fight with. One of the huge positives is being able to train and level them (att/def/str/agl) along with your character making them largely popular with all online games that do similar things. Leather wolf/dog armor AND ability to name your animal would be another huge plus on top which I'm sure many wurmonians would love to see. Dragging a useless identity-less dog around as bait to save your butt is boring and gets tiresome after a time, making them nothing but meat to be hunted like everything else. It will definitely add a realism towards the game as bonding with canines has always been a part of human nature in game and in IRL next to horses. I'm sure this will bring new players to support and play wurm. Please consider this and thank you!
  12. I propose the corrupt animal trait can be alternatively given to an animal when one of the parents is a zombie. Atm using a zombie animal is the same as using a wild-spawn version. None of the traits of the (previously living) version are passed on, and nothing special happens afaik from previous testing. Granted the last time I bothered was at least a year ago, as it really screws up the breeding. Offhand it shouldn't make things easier or imbalanced persay as its arguably easier to just use the current means of corrupting, blessing by a Libila priest. Simply an alternative method.
  13. Seeing how the initial problem was with people leading 4 horses into battle to have a great chance to escape... Now that leading more than 1 creature gives -10CR, wouldnt it be logical to give pets a follow/stopfollowing command? maybe with the new select bar thing, so that priests / people with taming etc can actually have a pet and a at least one horse without gimping them self completely.
  14. As I wander the world of wurm I stumble across the wildcat. A wonderful hunter built to prey on small woodland creatures. The problem is, in a lot of forests, small woodland creatures consist of giant spiders. Not really condusive to good health. Thus I propose the addition of critters. Creatures weak enough for a wildcat to kill and, more importantly, creatures that can be killed "right off the boat" if a player is smart. These creatures will try to flee when engaged, their only defence mechanic. However they can be baited. Carnivores will always try to hunt down critters for food (aversion to starvation). A quick note on the drops. Critters drop a lighter variant of items, so a critter paw would be a 0.1 weight rather than a 0.3. Etc. Squirrel : Drops paws, fur and meat, will gravitate to any nuts on the ground and will not flee if on a tile with nuts. Rabbit : Drop paws, fur and meat, will gravitate to any vegetables/fruit on the ground and will not flee if on a tile with nuts. Grass Snake : Drops hide and meat, will gravitate to critter corpses and moves slowly but is hard to see. Mouse : Drops meat, fur and a tail, will gravitate to any food left on the floor and is killable in a single blow.
  15. With the ability to tame and dominate a wide variety of beasts ingame and the ability to lead them into battle with you it opens a lot of windows for those of us who crave the animal companionship. However, being required to lead the tamed animals or dominated beasts by lead, otherwise commanded on tile clicks can be quite troublesome. I have noticed that even by leading these 'pets' into combat they cannot or will not attack your target if you are attacked and they are not close enough. (I may be wrong here, but this is what I have seen.) I feel that the whole domination or pet idea could be expanded on to be made better to allow our pets or dominated beasts follow us automatically and move into attack position when we are attacked by a wild beast. Of course some people might argue, "I don't want my horse to follow me around after I've tamed it to put on horse-shoes!" and I agree with this 100%. Currently we are given the option to set our pets to either logoff when we do or stay online, and by default they are set to logoff. I believe the reason for that is to avoid any accidental killing of our pets while we are not online for not knowing.. The follow would work the same way. Players would be able to click on their pet and select whether they want the pet to "follow" or "stay" with the default being "stay". With a pet set to follow this could allow the pet to move into position when entering combat with the player, no more trying to potision the pet to be able to attack the enemy.
  16. Hey guys and gals, I know we have all seen millions of cats on the internetz, but who knows whose cats those are.. I want to see YOUR cats (or dogs, pets, whatever, but mostly cats)!! Maybe give their name and a short description if ya want! I'd prefer the cutest pictures that you have, but any pictures will do.. I just love cats. Here is my baby, Billy. He is classy and always wears a tuxedo. He doesn't like to meow or claw, but loves to cuddle, roll around in the sun, and be awesome 24/7.
  17. Two nights ago, while on my way back from Strongbox, I engaged a dog at distance with a longbow. Lawful behavior was enabled so The dog was blue and I had left the settlement perimeter and was "in the lands of Wurm." Upon the dog's death, I was attacked by the Kingdom Guards. When I checked my reputation, it was -110. Since the dog was blue, I was not inside a settlement, and previously that day my reputation was 100 and I had committed no illegal acts (ie breaking down settlement walls [also impossible as I am the mayor of a settlement], attempted to steal anything, or lockpick any doors or locks]) this was an obvious program glitch. I passed the information on to CA Help, Ianrose and then later spoke with /Support. Ironically, the Wurm technical staff's first response was, that is not possible! Your reputation had to be lower, and no reputation hit could be worth -210 points. After further research and discussion, I was informed that if an animal is a pet and the owner logs off, the pet's "aura" changes from "Green" to "Blue". Therefore, ANY reputation hit would be unwarranted. Naturally, based on a single report tech support could not make a correction to the reputation, even though the activities log recorded each and every action. Another issue related indirectly to the one created by the glitch, is that a group of players at SB that rob players after visiting the Strongbox Merchants. One attacks a pet or a horse and when a player attacks the offender, he or she becomes an outlaw. When a player defends his property they become an outlaw. Because they are the outlaw, their goods are free for looting. The offending attacker takes a -20 reputation hit. While my problem originates with a glitch, it also shed's light on a more serious problem. The reputation system MUST be reviewed and revised. When a player cannot defend his property and is penalized for the most basic of principles, those utilizing this tactic are in fact cheaters and using a game exploit against honest players. Wurm is too good of a game, not to get this fixed. For those reading the forum that might say, "Nightswatch is crying, Wurm is PVP." I would welcome pure PVP where there is no law and order and justice is passed out with an eye for an eye, rather than be held hostage by a system that allows a small few, take advantage and use the game rules against other players.
  18. As simply put as the name says really I would enjoy a system to which one can have multiple pets like someone can have multiples in real life granted I know this is wurm and not real life. Reasons: Multiple pets such as dual bears or hellhorses will let you hitch them to carts without needing a buddy Breeding aggressive creatures becomes a bit easier (zookeepers would love) Moving animals such as deer etc becomes less of a hassle (tame one lead it tame another lead it we all know the drill) I'm not saying have multiple taming off the bat but have it like caring for animals but a bit harder. At certain levels you can hold a certain amount of animals with a combined strength total of whatever. Such as 2 dogs would be easier to dual than 2 bears at say level 10 but wiki is like a reccomended taming of 15 for a bear so something like twice that would let you hold two bear or some such way.
  19. hey I was just thinking their are wild cats that you can tame in wurm and you can get a dog but how about a domestic cat pair even if they start as kittins. Why not allow players to chose between a pair of cats or kittins and a pair of dogs. They shoulden't be related I think it would be easy to code in domestic cats even goats would be cool if you could find the goats in the wild. This pair of cats or pair of dogs could be a gift for the summer this year and by pair I mean a male and a female so you can breed the domestic cats. Could be feed meat or fish like the wild ones the main reason I request this is because wild cats are agro almost all the time making it hard to tame them I still think it would be a easy thing to code in to the game. Please add domestic cats and give them or the dogs players choice to the players as a gift thank you for your time.