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  1. Percentage speaks volumes, especially comparing a game that the developers have stopped working on with one they're still continuing to make updates for. WO has more to lose and gain if the numbers fluctuate, where as WU is less of a case since all of the money that the developer is interested in has already been given by the customer. Servers are run by the player rather than the developer, and there's hardly anything they're spending money on with it. WO is still doing extremely poorly.
  2. This, this so much. VR isn't something you just throw onto a game without needing to adjust everything to work with it. With how old Wurm is, I can see that they might need to construct a whole new client entirely to be able to make it functional, and that's not including all the things they need to test to make sure it doesn't interfere with the VR functionality. This annoys me because Wurm needs a lot of love and work on its already existing features, ambitious plans are nice, but not when it sacrifices attention away from things that need help. I just think that this could have been held back until they fix up all the existing issues people have problems with. This just makes me think they're just going to stretch themselves too thin.
  3. VR just sounds terrible for this game. Wurm is just not the sort of immersive experience that needs VR. Then again, I've never seen the appeal of VR since I am horribly prone to nausea and motion sickness with those things. It'd be more important to fix what is already broken then trying to add new features onto a framework that desperately needs love. Try to make what you already have better than it currently is, and when the framework looks solid, then you might consider adding more touches and details to it.
  4. Why would anyone want to waste the time cataloging the flow and user base if they didn't want to help express just how bad off Wurm is right now. MMOs live and die because of their population numbers. It is the core reason behind the success of some, and the death of many others. Wurm is in a desperate state. Most MMOs would look at these numbers as a good excuse to cut losses, or go into maintenance mode. It's important to listen to your players, and respond accordingly. Some have managed to escape the inevitable fall into failure by being honest, apologize, and show they're trying to be better for the community of their game. It's not wrong to point out weaknesses, and highlight just how dire things are. There's nothing to gain for pointing them out, it would be much easier to just leave the game and not look back. Those who stay here and try to express their concerns and disappointments are people that still want Wurm to improve, people who still care and see something that can still be saved. It's why I bother to stick around myself. I love this game, and I want it to be better. A YouTube channel I highly recommend is 'death of a game' because whenever they talk about the failure of certain MMOs, they show the timeline, the actions, and the decline of the MMO. A part of me fears that I'll one day see Wurm Online as their next topic.
  5. Branding makes sense for larger animals since it fits with RL usage of branding to show ownership over farm animals. At the same time, I would love alternatives for branding for smaller animals or ones we aren't using as farm animals. With the advent of pet bowls, I would love the idea of collars for pet dogs, cats, and so on. Even as just an alternative, it would be nice to have options like this in a game that wants to embrace realism at times.
  6. I personally think for certain things like aesthetic graphical changes, it would be nice for an option to opt out of it. They can still happen, and some of them are certainly fun, but having tiny horses and animals can make animal caregiving a little more work than normal. I love the name changes for skills, personally.
  7. For me, personally. I would love to see uniques treated much like Rifts in terms that they're community hunts that the whole community can be a part of without having a side claiming it for themselves. Maybe give that those who participate and contribute a certain level into the hunt can gain a chance of getting rarer drops out of killing the unique.
  8. @elentariI agree with this so much. People draw attention, attention brings in money, and money helps keep things going strong. F2P can easily draw in a market, and some communities in MMOs have done better going F2P over P2P or monthly subs. If people like a game enough, they will want to contribute to its growth. One case in particular that I love is Path of Exile which doesn't require you to spend a dime on the game, but if you want to pay for cosmetics, it is open to you. Money doesn't give you an advantage, it only gives you aesthetics. Yet, people will pay for it. It's just something I think that Wurm should think about. Making the game open for free players can make it more appealing and increase likelihood to draw in more money.
  9. I'd say it is the hardest type of job for any kind of company you're in. The community manager and relations job entails so much interaction with not just other players, but with anyone interested in dealing with Wurm as a business or community. You get the blunt of any negative feedback, and have to be the voice for the very business you're a part of. I couldn't imagine doing a job like it. Yet, it is important and vital for a company. One of the most integral parts that keeps everything running smoothly and effortlessly. It's something polarizing, and you'll never make everyone happy. I don't know how @Retrogradedid it. Then again, I personally can't handle stress or anxiety due to my own issues, and the thought of having to deal with people at such capacity would be nerve wracking. Even just thinking about it is enough to make my stomach twist up in knots. For Retrograde, I hope you find a new adventure on the horizon.
  10. I agree with you and all the sentiments I've been seeing. I just hope that the downtrend can be stopped before it truly becomes something we can't recover from. The worst outcome I can see is us going into maintenance mode and things just stagnating at that point. I don't know if we've already passed the point of bringing people back. I keep looking at YouTube videos about old MMOs of the past, how they fell, and why they fell. I'm not a smart person, and this seems really beyond my scope. At the same time, it's important to look at why new people can't stay here, what turned them off, and what even burns out hardcore players of the game. I'm no better, I can't stay on an MMO forever regardless of how great it is. Burnout is a real thing that hits everyone at some point while playing even the best MMOs. They may return at some point, but it can hurt an MMO that is already hindered by a low number of players. Especially when they can control multiple accounts, because most of them tend to pay at least for a couple of them to be premium. Losing one player may not hurt, but multiple losses can be severe if it happens in a weak moment. I definitely agree that communication is the most important thing, regardless of if it's good or bad.
  11. I think it's funny looking at the listing for herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores, seeing deer on the herbivore place, and thinking about the fact that deer tend to scavenge dead animals for meat. Even horses are opportunistic carnivores, they won't actively seek to kill something for meat, but if they see something they can eat easily, they will eat it. Like the YouTube video of a horse eating a chick. Speaking of chickens, they're also another case of an opportunistic carnivore that doesn't mind eating other chickens if they want to eat some meat. They can be pretty terrifying.
  12. We probably are, I have no idea how many of those accounts are actually separate people, or alts. In this game, you need an alt if you end up making a priest because of the limitations it imposes upon you. I can imagine the numbers we're seeing is much lower than projected. This game just can't hold a player base, unless we can address why people aren't staying, it will only get worse. The only people that truly stay are often the most loyal of the fanbase. I do see Steam as a gamble, it opened up a lot of new servers that need upkeep and attention on top of what it already has.
  13. This is a remarkably beautiful and touching thing to see, someone trying to reunite items that are lost back with their owners. It's something that brings back loads of old emotions, nostalgia and the look of how much you've grown now compared to then. It makes me wonder how much I've changed compared to how I was when I first started Wurm. One of the awesome things I enjoy about rereading old chat logs back in those times. Thank you for your work, @brattygirl.
  14. @elentariI agree with this. I love the idea of people working together towards a common goal, and that being rewarded. I'd even love giving reasons for people to stick around in starting villages and calling them home. Communities are something we should be fostering, I also like the idea of people going off on their own because everyone wants to make their own place theirs. It just feels nice to give people a reason to stick around in old places, and maybe breathe life into them. It's something I'd love, but I have a hard time imagining ways to draw others into that level of mindset.
  15. I adore RPing, it's something I've done ever since I was a Forum RPer as a little boy. RPing is all about being able to get into a character, and enjoying the game through a level of depth you can't normally get otherwise. I've never seen anyone RP in Wurm, but I would love to. At the same time, it does take people to truly make an RP community. In most MMOs, I've seen RPs tend to happen in taverns which makes sense because they're hotspots for people to discuss and drink their woes away. We could even build a community or a village that can have RP being its focus. Locals that regularly go to the bar after a long day of work, travelers that visit for random reasons, traders selling their goods, guards helping to defend the village from monsters, and even more nefarious sorts of people like thieves, bandits, and black market peddlers. There's a lot that we can do. I would also like more clothing options for cloth tailoring, we can definitely have more outfits to go through.