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Found 130 results

  1. Ever wish you could have fields of mycelium. My Idea that would not only benefit the player base, but also the economy is to add a HOTS based PVE servers. The idea came to me because we have all of these white light servers and then chaos on freedom. Why can we not have a Black light server. We all know that many of us would like to see Libila on freedom, but may not happen. The base kingdom would be HOTS. Everyone that goes to the server will be converted to HOTS. If a player would become a Libila follower or priest on this server, they could come back into freedom as a freedom and not be Libila any longer just like Chaos. I good location for this server could be East of Exodus, and South of Chaos. Also if a player is to go to Chaos then they will return to whatever kingdom they were on Chaos. It would benefit the player base by having something new, beyond just another server or a new game feature. It would also benefit the economy by allowing more players to become Libila priests, and not have to follow a certain kingdom and have all of their stuff taken in pvp.
  2. I am happy to announce that Humble Cove is now looking for a couple of new additions! If you're looking for a place to lay your head while you learn the game or if you're an experienced player looking for a new town to be a part of this is the place for you! I currently have 3 small sleeping quarters (3x1) in the Inn on deed furnished with a bed for your sleep bonus needs. These can be furnished with armor racks, chests etc. if need be. Personal building plots will become available as needed. This is a developing deed and will be changing to suit the needs of the villagers. The deed is located at the line of K13 and L13 just at the south entrance of the canal. Please DM me here or reply here if you are interested in joining. Disclaimer: I am by no means a veteran player or pro, so it's likely we will be learning many things together!
  3. Unlike any experience, come and join an active community! We are situated in n21 - with many perks! We will not hold you down to community projects however we will assign you to a village task to help contribute. We have an open storage place, over 10x guards and tons of resources to help you along finding your path in Wurm. Weather you are learning or just would like to hang with us on discord while wurming then you have found the right place! Current Alliance Size: 10 people We have Mayors around the lake taking part in an Alliance. Current Villagers: 6 people With Roads and highways linking to different settlments. If you are interested in joining us ❤️ Message me ingame: Paratus or Steelioskontos See you ingame!
  4. I have a history in Wurm Online spanning several years and I have a plan for the new PVE server, Harmony. We already have at least 20 people signed up to join when the server opens. Introduction I've been planning this for any new server. I just didn't know it would take place on a new set of servers, but hey, I'm only human. I'm looking to put together a large market--THE largest market on the new pve server, Harmony, with the launch of Wurm Online on Steam. I've already been planning and preparing for weeks. I want to get everything as organized as possible before the server opens and I'm looking for more players to join up. What I want is for players who plan to play on the new server to sign up and take on a specific role. We will have regular small meetings to review and plan future changes to the settlement. You and I will discuss how you should use your role for the betterment of the market and I'll make sure the whole thing comes together in an interesting and organized way. We will find a project for you to work on, and you spend as much time on it as you can. I realized that the actual recruitment thread for the Steam server is probably being overlooked when compared to this section of the forum, so I created this thread as well. My thread has over double the number of views of any other recruitment thread in that section of the forum. This market is going to be BIG and BOLD. We're especially looking for more priests but other roles are available and we'll take any Wurmian interested in joining us. If you are interested or want to see more information, you can visit the original thread, which is being constantly updated and has a lot of interest and players signed up: Alliance info: Thanks for checking it out. -Yekrut
  5. Hi guys! I have created an in depth video guide to the tutorial and getting started in Wurm Online. If you have any troubles understanding how to get through the tutorial or want some general starting information, join me as I walk through the tutorial and explain things as I go along
  6. i created a new account in wurm, but when I will login in client I receive this message "You need to register an account".
  7. Hello and salute o7 Im Airbornease also the Jarl on Brave Stone Ville. North to South 46 tile and west to east 35 tile. it depends more Long than Wide,also good for Farming and Animals. Also we have the Allianz The Lunar Order near our place and we support each other. the alianz is big, we have the highway connection on Xanadu. My Deed is Mark on the Picture below and also a deed picture. Ive also have a Wagoner. When u have questions just Pm me in game or also write here im sorry for my bad Explain, but im a good person that is willing to help out and take on Rejoin players and also new Players Wurm Long / Wurm Hard ! <Cya In-Game Mates o7
  8. One of the staples of a MMO to me is chat also appearing overhead on a local player/character talking to you, I find this feature should really be in Wurm of all games, Lots of MMORPGs have/had it and I see no reason to lack the option to toggle such a thing. It really draws you in to look at the person talking to you vs just looking down at chat. It may seem simple but I assure you it is a powerful tool in the art of game immersion. This feature would be a good addition to the UI changes that are being looked into. Ability to toggle it and it would not in anyway change the normal chat windows, this would be a second option that can be enabled/disabled and font size change along with being able to set the fade timer on the bubbles and their transparency along with font color.
  9. Hello the pond is recruiting pm Zackaryva in game for an invite or information. This is a new deed less than a week old all villagers have full permissions except for destroying objects and mining a cave floor. As an active player I will provide anyone with the means to success and full resources are available; membership will include a 2 by 2 house on deed or 4 by 4 off deed you will receive 40-60 ql tools and a minimum of a 50 ql chain set for joining. As well as free Vynora enchants on anything when time permits! Feel free to contact for any questions!
  10. I am currently buying this deed but its very big i need more people so we can buy the hole entire deed all people who join and help me buy will be mayors / founders.Its not bought yet it will bought soon.Here is one of the many building pics.
  11. Brand new dedicated server launched! I handle the background stuff, my wife is the face plastered on the front (She plays, not I) Contact Evalyn for all your concerns. I only handled database, code, and networking concerns. Mods included; Discord link available in server alerts New server limited offer to help encourage early growth: Pick 5 skills to start at level 40 (No characteristics. Certain skills excluded such as Channeling, Fighting, or other skills that could break balance) 20 silver Kingdoms that have lower population or are further behind may receive larger boosts to encourage balance in early game.
  12. Hello, I'm new to wurm and i'm looking for other Portuguese players community/village/ settlement Best Regards Filjose
  13. Hello, First off, we here on Indy do have far less Lag than Xanadu ? I'm located on Independence Q 20, just a bit south-west of the new central spawn hub "Haven Landing", you can follow the big 2 wide roads to find the place. The village is located on the newly created Canal, that connects the inner central Lake Crystal Bay and the small lake South Haven Lake and leads to the south sea, through a ship-tunnel. Means, you can sail to the village from south-east server boarder, and you can walk here from land. You can go shopping at the C.L.U.B. market, managed by Champagnedragon, just a minute north of my village, and i can also offer help on entchanting tools or weapons with my priest, and possibly help from alliance-priests, which will make your newbie life incredibly easier, and your veteran life bit more comfortable. I offer a village workshop, which has all kind of raw and bulk materials inside, which you can use to make your items out of. (For example Wooden Logs, Rockshards, Sand, Clay, Iron, Silver, Zinc, Tin, etc.) I offer a clay tile in the area, which you can dig all you like, the next closest claytile is at Haven Landing and further away at the eastern Lakes. The idea is, useing these materials you can create and improve your items and skills very efficiently. I can provide some free skiller tools as a starting gift, after short playtime. The workshop provides beds, forges, ovens, BSB, FSB, and of course shelter from the outside world ? You are allowed to use the free, public usable rockshards to make your bricks for your first stone house later, or use free Logs for a wooden house, and sand/clay for mortar and keep all materials you create for yourself of course. I see no need to focus on a house for a new player, but if you stay around for longer time, login regulary, i will help you to make a house plot for yourself. Screenshots i will add later. My character ingame name is Daryan, leave a forum message, try me ingame or try discord: @OsteGames/Steam/Twitch#6175 Twitch streamers, please notify me and keep the chat windows covered. Here is the topic about the Process of makeing the Canal:
  14. Hi I am a new player and I am looking for a village to join.
  15. Add Donkeys to Wurm so we can hitch them to small carts, adds a new Animal plus gives use to a item
  16. Darkwood Forest "Where those who enter, Never leave!" Welcome to Darkwood Forest! We are recruiting new and old players to join our deed. We have access to lots of resources and we have highway access as well as access to the coast. Our deed is 23x51 in size and is still in very early stages of development. Lots of work to be done and skill to gain. We are newbie friendly and in a nice area in North East Deliverance, (F23). To get an invite send a PM to Sprigor in-game. We will teach you the ins and outs of Wurm.
  17. Hello, I play on a server and we regular players play on other people's servers and we suggest mods to the owners and they look into them before adding. I always look at the mods however I don't know if anyone suggested this yet. If so, well I'll just bring it up again. I'm sure many want the same mod. But it is that we all can't use "disintigrate" to destroy veins. Instead, we would ask a fellow staff of our server since we cannot hit to destroy them in 1 hit like GMs can. Sure we can simply mine them, but would you, yourself spend most of your time completing thousands and thousands of actions to destroy a vein, and having too much of stuff you won't use like sandstone, copper, almost everything? We've all been there, sooo much lol. So I like to have a mod that will allow us to use a blunt wep like a large maul to destroy veins that are in the way by ourselves so GMs arnt helping with them. They may help to be helpful, but it's not rlly their job to hop around destroying veins for players who are too lazy. And sometimes, GMs don't have the time to come on, or come by every time. This is what I would suggest. Thank You.
  18. Hello. I write this after a discussion with some other player, hoping that other wurmians will find this idea interesting. This is what I propose: 1 - To implement the puppets line with the others deity puppets. 2 - Introduce a new item, a puppets theatre, made with planks, nails, cotton sheets and dye. 3 - To interact with the puppets theatre, The puppet should be put inside the theatre (the threatre must have the option "open"). When a puppet is inside, the theatre background changes, passing from an empty scenography to a different scenography based on which puppet is inside. So each deity has his scenography. Once a puppet is inside, the theatre spawn the option "play", and when you "play" it, it starts a little animation, something easy, a very short story, about the puppet inside (so a little story about Fo and so on). What do you guys think about it? I hope you'll like this idea
  19. Hey, Im Searching German/ Eng New player to join my deed on Xanadu. i just start but all is flat and some natural flow :3 in future some crops, animals or maybe fruits and some smithing ? sailing is possible to, Docks is 1 min near us. no obligations, just have fun and come up with projects. simply being together is worth more than a duty cave. the (FlyingHill) Expect all of you Ingame Name: AirborneASE Just Pm me ingame, im online Below some urls with deed pictures.
  20. New installer?

    Am I the only one who thinks that the game could make some use of a new installer, checking for already installed copies of java and offering to install the required version as default or local copy to support just the game if the player decides... Why am I asking? Most if not all browsers stopped supporting java for various reasons, leaving some people with certain problems when they try to install and play the game. This is what reminded me of the situation...
  21. I wish bookshelf's had a use like maybe let us store almanacs in them or even add a new item so us as players can write books
  22. Added a newbie to the deed and right after accepting the invitation to join he got the option 'Do you want to teleport to (deedname) now?' I think this is an awesome addition. Thanks.
  23. Looking for a fresh start? Looking to make new friends? New to the game, and feel overwhelmed? Experienced players looking for a new exciting challenge? Frym could be just what your looking for! We opened our doors to the new exciting world of frym a few days ago, and already have received great players! We are looking for more to play and build along with us! Currently we offer these mods that help with game play. boatmod - can lead animals on water with a boat, and they will not drown. bounty mod - set higher bounties for mobs (good for gaining coin) cropmods- crops will not spoil, and harvesting is better dig like mining- dirt is placed on ground, if on foot, and in boat if on boat. increased merchant items portals! prospect mod sacrifice mod salve mod - shows how potent a healing cover is spell mod - unrestricts priests to be able to cast all spells and craft anything, and pray as often as they like. Ada and Glimer rods - can be bought at the trader Just a handful of what we thought would be fun to play with while in the game (if you think of any we might need, please private message me about them, and ill look into getting them into the game) Currently have a discord server and a live map. Map dump is available here: We Hope to see you there!
  24. Manual Roof Building Wurm buildings have come a long way. Years ago, it was as simple as two options. Wood or stone. Now we have many different options. Buildings can become a lot more creative than once before. But this creativity only extends to the walls. The roof of a building is pretty ordinary. Sure, you can choose different materials to make them out of. But the layout of the roof is not up to the builder. The game auto-aligns each roof ridge. I propose a new roof system. Manual roof building. Not only would it be practical, logical, and intuitive - it’d add exponential creativity to the way we build our structures! Here’s how it could work. The roof plan would still happen the same: “Right click floor, plan roof above”. BUT whenever you go to build it with your chosen material you would have “roof type” options. The roof types could include(but are not limited to): “Shed roof” - like the existing roof, but can be built against a flat surface(an existing wall) “Gable shed roof” - like the above, but with diagonal walls on the sides. Can expand infinitely when placed adjacent to other gable shed roofs. “Half gable” - for when you want a gable roof to only be on one tile, rather than 2 side by side. These are just a few ideas for what could happen with roofs in the future. As you can see, there are plenty of interesting combinations you could use these roofs with to make very appealing structures! Lean-tos, sheds, gables, and more could all be possible. Almost any building in the real world could be recreated in wurm with the help of these roofs. To allow for proper alignment, the ability to rotate the roof tiles could be implemented (Perhaps with the help of a fancy tool) so that they line up in the way you intended them to be constructed. We already do that with wall types, why not roof types too? So what do you think, Wurmians? Should roofs have the same freedom that we have with walls? Let’s hear it in the comments below! Thank you Leifar for writing this idea of mine out
  25. First of all hello and thanks for taking time to see this post. As the title says i'm a new player looking forward to play the game actively at least 1 hour a day, i'm looking for a village to start with so i can get some help to get started on game and have fun. If you think i could join you pm me in discord Red (Cry)#7147 or message in forums. Have a great day!.