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Found 48 results

  1. I really wish I could store saddle bags and horse shoes in my saddle rack. I would like to be able to keep these horse items all together. It seems very reasonable to be able to keep them there with the saddle. The saddlebags especially, even if not the horseshoes. Why don't they go in there?
  2. This is a beautifully complex cooking system, and I love it - but there are a bunch of sub-recipe foods stuffs which are fiddly or time consuming to make which would benefit from an alternative storage method with reduced decay. For example, I can seal my milk and oil and passata in barrels so it will keep, but it'd be really helpful to make better use of existing items (like, say, pottery jars) as longer term storage for things like jams, breadcrumbs and dry pasta and maybe also for less complex snack foods like candy, chocolate and cookie jars. I'm not asking for slower decay of full meals or pizzas or more complex foods with high nutrition and affinity timers - I totally understand why those have higher decay rates without individual wrapping. What I'm asking for is a middle ground solution between liquid storage (forever on deed) and prepped meal storage (hours or days without wrapping) for ingredients which, irl, would last weeks or sometimes months in cupboards so that a) exploring the full breadth of the cooking system and the hundreds of recipes in the game is more rewarding and b) so we can have our kitchen shelves lined with labelled jamjars and biscuit tins and the like. I don't know - if I'm missing on obvious exploit here, please do flag it up - that's not my intention. It'd just be really nice to have additional logical ways to store some part-processed ingredients, outside of a magical chest, that add to the decor and help us cater for guests without offering them mouldy bikkits.
  3. We have an armour stand and a wardrobe, but I use shields and I have to travel with several, and ofcourse there has to be spares, would be a nice addition to an armory room......a shield stand or rack..........and yes sometimes I still train with my birchwood shield
  4. Expanding on another suggestion today, how about an Apothecary's jar for storage and preservation of certain items. Make it a clay jar large enough to hold 100 HCs or x.xx amount of liquid. There is also a clay lid and a leather gasket. Tar and wire are used to seal it. Once filled and gasket and tar applied, it is heated to searing until sealed. The seal preserves everything inside until the seal is broken. The seal is broken when you open it, or once the decay of the jar hits 50%. The jar is unrepairable or mendable. This would give us a way to preserve not only HCs, but olive oil for compasses, maple syrup, dyes, most of the items we can't put in bsbs or fsbs now. And since the jar decays and can't be fixed, it keeps the idea that nothing lasts forever. You would have to remake your jars from time to time to keep your items preserved. As a side bonus, this could give pottery a big shot in the arm as to usefulness.
  5. I really could use somewhere to store all my large barrels (full and empty), it's getting difficult to reach the door, not to mention a health and safety issue, I am sure some experts would call it 'hoarding' and have some kind of therapy in mind. So how about some of these racks? I could start being proud of my workshop again! Post your 'hoarding' pictures below! If enough of us have a problem with hoarding maybe they will move the thread to a part of the forum where we can get help!
  6. This idea came up in another thread, but I think it deserves its own post. There should be a way for people to have large animal collections without needing ridiculously huge deeds because of deed ratio, while at the same time not lagging the server or messing up the numbers of wild spawns. You can build a stable like a house and store animals inside. Once an animal is in the stable, it is frozen in time, so say it goes into the stable mature and fat, it comes out mature and fat, no matter how much time has passed. They don't even need to display physically, there can just be a written list of what animals are in the stable, and they can be stored like objects. This way they wouldn't count towards deed ratio, but it shouldn't mess up other things on the server if there are a lot of them.
  7. Since collecting snow balls can tedious and its a pain when you run out to early i was thinking maybe have a box you can make that when filled with water in winter it turns to ice blocks and they last longer than snow balls and if we want to get real fancy make sculptures from the ice blocks but i would settle with just being used for larders
  8. I wish bookshelf's had a use like maybe let us store almanacs in them or even add a new item so us as players can write books
  9. I want a rack that you could place at-least 3 Bulk Storage Bins on. I think that would be a fair amount without going overboard, it would also help with the clutter problems some people have (like me).
  10. hi again..... i just gonna make an auction for another RARE LARDER i got I hope i'll make another mistake now this is rare larder i got from a merchant with cheap price ..... NOT RARE LARDER that i make Auction last !!! rules is below : * auction will go for 1 day 15 hours (quick sale) * starting bid 8s, increament 50c * buy out 20s (i use last price i got) * larder can be picked at Haven Bay, J11 Xanadu or delivered with some fee (no chaos, sorry) * private bid accepted * no reserve happy bidding and thank you
  11. Since the update I increasingly noticed how big and bulky alot of the bulk storage bins are and how few options we have in terms of small bulk containers (I think smallest currently is the small crate) I would like to suggest some smaller "cupboards", shelves, boxes, that could be used as bulk storage bins (and food storage bins) that hold a significantly smaller amount of items, but would make it possible to easier organize kitchens and other workstations AND make them look good and make use of the bulk storage system. Also...I would love to see a wooden style coffin, that would look more like a squarish box, as a variant for that rather non workshop looking coffin
  12. Because I was talking to someone about the new barrel racks while building a small crate.
  13. It would be really nice to have saddlebags for horses with alittle storage capacity......(crossing fingers)
  14. Since we will soon :-) have cabbage to grow, why not have saurkraut too, and perhaps other vegetables could be pickled? Maybe even make cabbage and other leafy vegetables unbinnable, but capable of preservation and storage by pickling.
  15. Just as the title says. 550 of these things are quite unwieldy when not combined.
  16. I would like to ask that all crates be built into a "generic" form. Meaning there is no more Cherrywood, Oakenwood, Maple, Cedar prefix on crates. I would like to be able to sort crates by the names I give them, not by wood and then my name. Also makes it easier for trading purposes as the cedar vs. other woods isn't relevant. new action: "Coat" (active item tar 2.5 kilo's for small and 5 kilo's for large) gives crate an "enchant" that decreases decay per tick based on the quality of the application? (based on natural substances skill and tar quality) as the crate takes damage, the damage prevented is applied to the "enchant" coating and not the crate? This could also be something for ships.
  17. Selling rare Bulk Storage Bin, Quality is 41.1. Please make me offers.
  18. We have requested storage systems many times, since I have been playing. Houses (craft halls) littered with BSBs, chests, rafts, etc. you try to drop another item, but "the floor is already to littered" etc. Stacking crates is great. Big vaults to stuck chests, rats, coffins or whatever would be great. But the new version of this would be a bit like Asheron's call houses, or Ryzom apartments. Virtual storage. Think of a BCSB - Bulk Container Storage Bin. For any passer by, only that storage device would count as an item that has to be loaded into memory. All the containers inside are in their own instance. These BCSBs are ONLY available on deed and are tied to the deed. If the deed expires, the BSCBs and all their items vanish. BCSBs are free, not a paid service like templars. BCSBs would have multiple design choices. Pick one style for your kitchen. Pick another for your forge. Another look for your farm shed, etc. After all, we can afford more variety if we are adding a container that eliminates the need for millions of other containers laying around, hogging precious resources. I'm using Wagons, carts and rafts, to try making my crafting area functional. This is really dumb looking. Some people build ships in their craft rooms. How does this make sense? We do this, because the game has not evolved to meet the needs of the players. This would help players and Code Club both. Virtually eliminate the lag when entering local to a well established area. There is still an issue of too many players causing lag, but we CAN solve item clutter lag.
  19. Hey guys, I understand extra storage has been a suggestion plenty of times, but I had an idea that I think would be pretty awesome if implemented. When your building your home, obviously, you want some nice looking storage, that can fit more than a BSB of goods. At the moment, i have seen people use carts, boats, wagons etc in their homes for storage. Being the neat freak that I am, I really crave some cool looking mass storage. I have seen some suggestions such as shelving or lockers etc. However, i thought of an idea that is slightly different, but serves the same purpose. Rather than having an item that can hold alot of goods, why cant we build a storage tile? For example, instead of building a wooden floor in my home, wouldn't it be great to build a 'Warehouse Tile' that fills and entire 1x1x1 square of a cool looking collection of crates/barrels? This tile could hold say 25 crates. Or, we could have a 'meat storage' tile that had hanging meats from the ceiling? Maybe it could potentially reduce decay too? These tiles would be great, not just for storage, but for aesthetic purposes. Its two birds with one stone in my opinion, because we lack in design options for interiors, as well as storage.
  20. Title says it=) Would be really great being able to have 2 backpacks on the mount, extremely usefull for hunting trips. If considered OP, could be limited to certain items.
  21. So, 1 sleep powder is 1 hour of sleep bonus. Sleep powders show to be made from wheat. My suggestion is... Let us store sleep bonus in self-made sleep powders. It would be a good trading asset but to prevent people from getting too rich or from making this exploitable, we could allow it after, for example, 25 soul skill or 30 mind skill or 30 favor or whatever you people would see fit. People don't max sleep bonus however. I never have to be honest. That's what would still make sleep powder something extraordinary, so no big impact on the economy.
  22. We got armor racks, weapon racks, bow racks, and even pole-arm racks, but what about shields? It would be nice to have a container specifically for shields, or maybe the ability to hang them on the wall with a weapon or two like a coat of arms display.
  23. I know I have mentioned this several times, and others probably have too, but it still irks me somewhat that I'm severely limited as to where I can keep my fishing rods - other than lying in my cart or in a coffin. Allowing them to be stored on a Tool rack or even the Polearm rack would be ideal.
  24. I have posted this idea in a few topics but i guess i will put it up as its own suggestion. I am suggesting that we be allowed to drag and drop crates to and from a cart/wagon to a boat and it triggers the load timer but transfers the crate over instead of making us unload only to have to load them again. Just think of it no more unload-disembark-embark (hope you put them in the right spot) then load them up. With the crate transfer you could just open your boats inventory drag and drop your crates and wait for the load timers to transfer them over then go back and get more. It is already in the game that you can drag and drop the crate but you get this error.. [07:19:25] You can only drop the large crate. I think this would take very little work to implement since most of this idea we can already do but it is blocked with the above message. I can't see anything game breaking about it and It would also open up the possibility to implement a new storage container that we can use to hold crates in a more organised manner using this same crate transfer suggestion to load them into that storage container. Edit: While they are working on permissions maybe the boat, wagon and cart can have a new load/unload setting added in that makes it easy to allow someone to load/unload making the idea work even better.