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  1. Hmm. Why do PvP people need special unique crafts that they can sell to PvE players, to support their deeds? Because their deeds are expensive? Aren't there a lot of villagers to pitch in to support those costs? Why can't we create our own "Alliance factions" designs on PvE? You know, there are a lot of folks that spend a ton of coin every month on deeds. I'm probably around 50s a month, not to mention 11 prem alts, paid up for the next 2 years. Don't I deserve special considerations to make all my wurm costs easier to handle too? What is the amount of spend per month, per player that determines this special consideration and is worth the devs time to add in these designs?
  2. Thank you! [07:17:06] The items silently disappear from the spirit house. You expect them to reach Hvergi in less than ten minutes.
  3. Congrats hvergi!!! Where would you like it COD'd to? Thank you everyone for bidding! I really hope this brick is magical Edit: I'm heading to bed, so I'll send in the morning - About 8 hours from now.
  4. A good friend would like to auction off this beautiful chance to make something really amazing and in Slate! Who will have the first ever fantastic slate forge, oven, mailbox?? Could be YOU! Starting bid: 1s Increment (minimum): 1s Reserve: Nope. High bid wins. Buyout: Nope - bidding is more fun! Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: Nope. Please keep the chatter friendly to all the bidders and good luck!
  5. A friend and I tested out the Rifts, before they went live. It was exciting to see new content before everyone else. Like an Early Access type deal. In another game I play, I used to hop on the test server all the time, but it isn't a world like Wurm where you feel like every minute not spent on grind or project will leave you further behind the others. I don't think testing the coffee mechanics are that important as they seemed pretty well spelled out in the coffee thread. On my other game and here, changes get rolled out, regardless of what happens with the handful of player testers and the changes will have plenty of issues that were pointed out from testing and pointed out from forum discussions. Devs get to do what they think is the right thing to do and when they all go live, that is when the real testing starts. Just the nature of it. I expect this nutty coffee addition will get several passes and at some point in the future, something else introduced to try balancing hard core gamers with casual players and it will need several passes too.
  6. That went incredibly well. Thank you! -Lugian on NFI
  7. Ok, I am rather new to the caffeine system, but here is my take: Sleep bonus was originally designed to behave like many other games and allow the casual player to be slightly more competitive, but sleep powder turned into a tradable commodity and purchasable from the traders, so it completely defeated the purpose. In addition, avid players now work the system of hitting all the Rituals on all the servers, via faith changes, etc. Oh wait, missions too! The avid players powers through all the missions to get even more SB. So the SB system is an advantage to the avid player and detriment to the casual player. So rather than dial that back and make Sleep Bonus something that only accumulates during sleep (or Dev apologies for downtime), caffeine has been added to try restoring the original intent of giving the casual player a chance to have some elevated skill gains in the brief time they have to play. The more you try to add band-aids on top of band-aids, the more the wound under it all will fester. As a casual player, it takes time and resources to set up and operate the whole system, not to mention the need to now skill up beverage making to do it all, or simply go to the Wurm store, buy more silvers and pay someone in-game for the coffee. All of this, then actually must now do, to try and keep up with the avid players, who are ALL using coffee on the regular. So these caffeine fixes coming have some merit and seem noble, but the core problem still exists. It actually isn't a benefit to the casual player at all. The entire system is unneeded complexity that ultimately benefits the avid players. Imagine a world where skill gain formulas get tuned up to compensate for eliminating powder, Rite global cast SB and mission SB. The only SB ever coming from... wait for it... "sleeping". Now you have the true, original intent of Sleep Bonus and it actually benefits the casual player for once. (make Ritual global spells and missions give other rewards that aren't balance changers. Could gain points for purchasing more skins or points for the "Antique Store", where past xmas presents and other special decorative gifts would be available). Edit: For the record, when I play, I typically play 10-12 hours a day. Terrible I know, but I am not one of the casual players mentioned above.
  8. As someone that used to run a ton of auctions in the past, let me be clear that the person that sets up the auction is the absolute authority on everything having to do with the auction. They can have a clear winner and in the end, just flat out refuse to deliver the goods for the winning bid. This is their choice. Nobody gets to make a committee and decide how anyone should run their auctions. If someone is new to auctioning, offering private messages to the auctioneer with helpful tips on successful ways to run them is almost always welcome. Publicly posting in the auction thread can completely derail the auction and hurt their chances of a successful auction. In the end, it is what they decide. If they operate in a shady manor, then they lose the trust of the community. There were certain people I would never bid on and others I always trusted. The current general auction format works rather well and I don't think this thread is doing anything to better it. Suggestions are always a great thing for Wurm, but I don't think anything here will improve what we already have.
  9. External stairs would be excellent. We have those in Conan too. Matching stairs to go with all the different building types. Honestly, I'm surprised we don't already have more stair material options already, but seeing all the new brick types for forges, etc, there is great hope for the stairs to upgrade too!
  10. Another game I play is Conan Exiles. In that game, you can't edit the shape of the land. To build there, they solid square foundation blocks, which are the equivalent of a 1x1 house tile here. They can be placed into the ground, with part of it submerged and part exposed to the air. THis allows us to create a building platform on the side of sloped hill or mountain, where we can add walls, doors, fencing, etc. I would think this could be done in Wurm, if only where the dirt layer is thick enough, because tucking it into rock could create a lot of issues with mines. We use the "drop - place" feature to position the first foundation block, then any additional blocks would "snap" to the first one. I think the mechanics for this already exist with bridge structures, which have footings that are effectively buried into the ground on slopes and also completely solid. A change like this would allow for so much more creativity in building out our deeds, no longer forcing everyone to flatten out huge areas of land for each building.
  11. Building decay

    For what it is worth, I moved my perimeter over a pair of Source blocking buildings a few years back and it took them a full year to decay. They were QL70 wood.
  12. Keeping it civil with this topic isn't easy and it isn't my desire to see folks get riled up. Just wanted to put a reminder to the company and community that this is a very old issue that still remains unaddressed. Representation for all is becoming the norm and expected for just about everything. I haven't read the entire thread for the recent patch that introduced all the new brick colors, but it sure seemed like diversity in brick color was quite popular and didn't receive a lot of blow back for wasting devs time. How about when all those amazing new horse colors were added? Another incredibly popular addition to the game. Upgrading avatar face, body, skin color and hair options will be welcomed by most, once it is done. But if you only play the game for the skill grind and building castles, with no concern for artistic improvements in the game, I can certainly respect your opinion that mechanics and bug fixes take priority. It really is ok to have that opinion. It's really a question for devs and the game company: Is it time to address this aspect of the game? Is it worth it to pursue now, rather than 10 years from now, or simply never? This thread just helps the community make suggestions for what could make the game more enjoyable to escape to when we need a break from RL. I really appreciate that so many have added their thoughts to the thread.