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  1. and PLEASE have a global check box for "receive all".
  2. 70 FS and plate? A baby spider? I'm never leaving my deed, if I ever log in again at all.
  3. Someone give me an idea of how much of a penalty using autofight will be over the new "lots of clicking" system? I've been taking a break from Wurm to give my overused joints a break (getting some Wurm-thritis and my joints hurt) and this is not encouraging.
  4. don't forget lava tiles. It is slow, but useful for lowering metal tools QL.
  5. that is some tiny font there! Had to put glasses on, lol
  6. I find the software sound is pretty bad. Sounds can be super delayed. Sometimes insanely loud for some reason. Lots missing like you mentioned. It is like the original sounds are being converted to text, sent to mars and back, run through google translate, then converted back to audio. That is being kind.
  7. No, this is a very irritating BUG in my opinion. I have no other apps or games that have trouble handing off the sound to whichever sound output is active. Only Wurm. For people with multiple clients a simple task like swapping to headphones is a royal pain in the rear end. This is currently my biggest beef with the game. When I have to relog 10 clients and reconfigure all their windows, just to listen with headphones, it makes me crazy. I often just log out and do something else. I'll slap in inverse Protunia down: +1
  8. Oversix! If you ever get tired of that boat, look me up! Congrats!
  9. Rite of Spring

    Higher the channel skill on the primary, the more links (just in case someone isn't used to linking). The more links the higher the difficulty to cast, resulting in more failures, so bring some sacrificial stuff just in case
  10. Rite of Spring

    It sounds like you have plenty of support to do without me present? I already have the journal entries, so will just sit it out to make room.
  11. Rite of Spring

    I'm on Harmony, but can bring a couple 100 faith priests to join in if you can't drum up local support. How exciting for you on Benediction!
  12. Nobody is gonna out hoard me! Been thinking of setting up an alliance rest stop here one day. 8s
  13. Being able to survive the abuses of our fine community (We really are the best of the MMO communities and I'm dead serious), for so many years says a lot about your character. Most in your role would have run away years ago, puling their hair out. Hey, either you are already hairless or have vastly higher Soul Strength than the rest of us, but you made it through and hopefully without too many scars. Easy to use you as a punching bag and that is half the job description, but I know for a fact that things here have been a helluva lot better with you in this role. You folks remember Rolf and his completely unedited/unreviewed posts? It was like lofting a 300kg flaming bag of fertilizer at the community, back in pre-Retro days. The community was far more violent back then and the Retro years have been a considerable improvement. I do Miss the unfiltered bluntness of the Rolf days, for the entertainment value, but it wasn't what the community needed to stay healthy. May the Wurm be always strong within you!
  14. So what happened to my items that had been stored on 11 merchants for years: merchants quit after 3 months, sent items into mail storage, then I checked mail and the catch up tick happened either moving from merch to mail or mail to my spirit castle? Can this be tracked down as well in the process to make sure someone else doesn't get messed up the same way? Make exiting merchants and exiting mail limbo clear the decay backlog too?
  15. Why not just make the starting bid 1g and do away with the reserve? Never understood that bit.