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  1. Patch Notes 17/DEC/18 Gone Fishing

    been away about a month on other Rl projects. One question I have is the healing. If I read it right, initial heals are now better, but if you are repeatedly healing, such as a hunting trip with LT weapon, your healing will now be significantly less than before?
  2. Learning Java advice

    You do have a good point about the hacker's approach When I was in Jr. High (middle school), I got to play with my first computers - Commodore PET. Good old green screen, 1 piece unit. One of the lab geeks showed me some little trick in machine code and I started to experiment with it. Made the CRT do all kinds of goofy things and ended up frying the CRT. I did not get an A, but I did have fun. My friend got a job offer before he finished highschool, making more money than most of the professional adults I knew at the time. Honestly, I'll probably do a bit of both. I am not someone that generally follows structure in the long run, but do leverage it for absorbing knowledge when needed quickly. So probably bulking up on tutorials to get an initial understanding of how the language works - syntax and structure - then my curiosity is going to take over and see what kinds of trouble I ca get into with my server. I should probably warn my villagers...
  3. Patch Notes 22/NOV/18

    Wow, sweet!
  4. Learning Java advice

    Awesome. I will check out all of these and give it a go!
  5. Learning Java advice

    So far it all sounds like great advice. My primary goal is WU modding, but obviously this can turn into other projects if something else seems interesting. Really appreciate the starting points and will take a look at all of it shortly. Thank you!
  6. Identify This!

    I tried drinking from a dead spider once... once.
  7. Learning Java advice

    About a year ago, I retired from my professional career as an IT sales rep for large enterprise data center solutions. Currently just doing some property management and goofing off in Wurm. I'm looking for a new project to spend time on and am really interested in a goal I had, back when I was a teenager - programming games. Back when I was 13 or 14, I talked my parents into a Commodore 64 for christmas and had a blast playing the games that were available on it. That is where my love of computer games started. I also started goofing around with Basic programming back then, but life changes and various jobs really side tracked me from going anywhere with it. Now I have the time and with WU, I have something to focus that time. My question is, does anyone have recommendations for "getting started" online resources (preferable free) to get cracking on my Java skills? Are physical books still worthwhile, or like most technology books, outdated by the time they are published? I wanted to ask in the Wurm forums, because my goal is specific to writing WU mods. There are things I'd like to see in the game and devs already have their hands full with a million other tasks, so why not pitch in a helping hand. Any advice is welcome and appreciated!
  8. Master Crafter Modifications

    Really need to do something more than just a title for 100. This would be a great way to do it. What is the grind time from 1-90 vs 90-100? How many other 90 skills did that person have to give up to achieve the lofty 100? If someone already has reached 100 in that skill, you don't even get the pleasure of picking the title name, so really, why bother? Grinding uses up resources. Incentive to grind improves economy. Incentive to upgrade gear improves economy. Having unique rare abilities keeps tired old players more interested in sticking around and NOT selling off their alts. The OP system with 100 level extra incentives is a great option, but honestly, if not this, then at least do something worth while for the 100 skills.
  9. I don't like the built in rails/fence that comes with the bridges today. They look great, but still don't match existing walls and fences. They are tall enough to restrict our views when on foot. People love a good view and in RL, bridges are always a great place to get an amazing view. So, when building a bridge, make it come with a flat surface that does not have the built in rail/fence. Rather it should have a border that is build-able, so we can put chain, iron, stone or whatever fence, as long as it is a solid fence and not like the low rope that you walk through. Think of how colorful bridges will become! I know previous posts have been made for a better matching of the rails to existing fences, but this really opens up all the options. Maybe even one day building houses on bridges? Some pretty amazing structures like that in Europe and would be fun to replicate here.
  10. Master Crafter Modifications

    Really interesting and great potential. Well thought out. +1
  11. Sweet, so the fix is in the works then? I believe we are on the new client and there aren't any major bugs? I know the sun turning on after 30 seconds is something, but not a show stopper.
  12. They don't seem to want to resolve this one. Previously, before the horizontal alignment change, dropping dirt and digging was pretty chaotic in results to vehicle behavior. My thinking is the number of support tickets are way down from being stuck on carts and boats, so they are just going to stick with it as is now. It looks super dumb and it is one of the things all my friends and family comment on as being super silly for games with today's graphics capabilities, but it is how the devs want to roll it seems. Love our devs though, cause we have so much cool stuff, but this is a real pain and eye sore.
  13. Fireplace overhaul

    I was thinking it would be great if we could have a new wall type - fireplace. Do one for each masonry type. The crude drawing shows a top down view of a regular wall and below that a fireplace wall, which is extra thick. There would also need to be a new Chimney Wall, to go along with it and finally, out of the top of those two wall types, would be a nice matching masonry chimney, which would extend up through any roof or floor attached right above it. This way, we can have fully functioning fireplaces that look right from the inside and outside. I am always saddened when I see beautiful houses with no chimneys and smoke going through floors, ceilings and walls. You could stack fireplaces on top of each other in a multi story house and all pop out the chimney at the top. It would look great, because they are now matching masonry, to your building design. True, they won't be as flexible in positioning as the current fireplace, but you won't die from smoke inhalation either.
  14. Diagonal bridges

    This is the key. Everything must go diagonal. Turn the Wurm grid into triangles. Planning slopes gets really fun But oh so worth it!
  15. Rectangular frame wall opening

    fortunately we got the extended arch options. This helps a ton. Combining arches with tall iron fences opens up so many new designs. I recently went crazy with the "double barred window" look that I saw from a post Joneya did here: Scroll down to her post on this page. So we aren't stuck with the classic plain arch at least, but even more options would be sweet!