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  1. Most of the mega mine tunnel projects are probably done, as all servers are pretty old now. I doubt anyone will feel the need to do 1000 tile mines on Jackel, since it reboots every 6 months. So the suggestion is a bit late to the show. Totally agree with Finn about goal depletion. Didn't think of that, since the goals came out when I was (still am) away from the game.
  2. Your character is ugly, but so is mine and everyone else's, so it is all relative. I can't see any updates with the current engine that will significantly change anything. Mostly we just get prettier clothes.
  3. Mine out veins or rock in fewer actions (1/2? 1/3? or 1/5?) and rather than it creating piles or rock and ore, it makes "usless debris", which rots within a few minutes. Maybe with rock, it should still take 50 actions, but veins could drop to 1/3 or 1/5 the normal actions. Another way could be an RNG with a small percent chance for every action to totally destroy the vein. Maybe 1 in 500 chance, so rocks would generally still take 50 actions, but veins would likely go faster. Obviously makes tunneling and canals faster work, but you get no rewards of materials in the process. I imagine most people would use primarily for sandstone veins.
  4. Pelts!!!

    A couple years ago I was really getting into playing on GV (starter server from long ago) and the critters there have long since all been hunted out. No pelts at all. Trick was to just spam new tools and weapons and hope one of them would not require a pelt for a long time. Royal pain, but it worked for quite some time. Eventually after a few months, another GV player logged in and offered me an old pelt. I still have that pelt
  5. It should. I certainly hope it does.
  6. The ability to ignore the beast directly attacking me, while I keep focused on the one I passed an hour earlier... Unjumping. Jumping can be dangerous. Level vehicles - never worry about spilling your beer on a Wurm cart. No pesky web based account management. Since we spend 24/7 ingame skilling up, it is much easier to do all account management within the client. No email spam, telling us to add to deed upkeep or that our free alts are about to get deleted. I love making new deeds and alts. Everyone knows this. I'm not joking here, I really do! I have something like 15 active deeds and 70 alts. No other MMO I know of has these unique features. But kidding aside, most of what is mentioned above is what keeps me coming back, year after year. Owning land, items, vehicles and animals... Nothing really beats it. Making changes to the landscape, building roads that last years. Canals that dramatically improve travel, opening up new lands to settle - how can you beat that feeling? Playing a game to reach max level and win the game for yourself just has no appeal anymore. Having a permanent, positive influence that effect many players for many years is the best gaming experience I could ask for.
  7. Makes a mental note to leave all mayors at home...
  8. Automagical - Any time you create a build process that is manual, the man or woman doing the build will make mistakes along the way. Automatic is worth the extra time. The agility and flexibility you gain in the future is so worth it. Imagine special events, where you pop open new servers for a week of special treasure or beast hunting. Toss up a test server full of sweet WU mods. Spawn servers at the snap of your fingers, like a true god, not these false gods we pray to in Wurm. (insert chanting sounds) Pretty exciting stuff Keenan. Thank you for all the work on this project!
  9. Can a priest from freedom go to Jackal and be a carpenter, then transfer carpenter skills back, giving us a way to level skills not normally available to priests?
  10. those long ethereal claws. Feature?... I'm curious how close to the surface layer anyone is that is not near their mine doors and still getting hit.
  11. I just read all of this and I think we can deduce that we start a new version of our character on the new server, which has a 3x skill gain, as well as faster actions. There is probably also a skill tracker that knows how much skill we would normally be gaining, under normal conditions, back on our original server. When returning to the original server, I'd guess all that hidden normal skill accumulation gets applied to our original character and then cleared for our next trip to the new server. That would be why the notes say "retain some of the knowledge". If this is correct (or close), then I also suspect it will be much easier to work on skilling with the new server, for people at the very high end of their original server skills. Such as mining rocks and iron on the new server to hit 70, then coming back to the original server and seeing mining 99.0 become 99.3 (or something like that). Just my guess and I could be completely wrong, but seems like it could become the best place to skill up. The draw back would be the lack of high level skill gain enchants, but hooray for a new market to sell them I'm very excited for this server and hope to jump on in the Fall, when I can return actively to Wurm.
  12. Well done. There is a reason AWS is such a huge success. It works. This is actually the most exciting news for me from Wurm in years. All the content and whatnot is great, but doesn't do anyone any good until you put it on a platform that is dependable and can grow with the needs of the game. 5 gold stars to whomever made the decision to make this move.
  13. Yep, forced reboot closed apps for me. Thank goodness MS Office docs have a recovery feature. Saved a bit of mapping I was doing at the time.
  14. I think there was a way to limit the size of the veins, when I last played WU. some kind of ore fix. Been so long now, I can't quite remember.
  15. I'm not a Mac user, but you mention current installs break on the 11th, but the new Mac launcher is coming later in the month. Are they out of luck for a bit?