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  1. what bothers me more than starter towns being deforested is the pre-portal trash. Would be nice if decay were set to 100x or something. Last alt I made could barely walk through without stubbing a toe.
  2. So I have WA on two computers that I play on. On the main computer (laptop) it doesn't update my prayer timers, but on my second computer, it does just fine. The second one has a fresh new install of Wurm and WA, where the laptop has been running Wurm for a couple years and also WA off and on for the same time. Should I just wipe WA and reload from scratch or is there a quick fix? A friend says she had the same, but after a couple days, the timers magically started updating.
  3. Yes, please! I was so excited to hear there was a slider for the GUI and then equally disappointed the slider only went down to 90%. I'd like to see as low as 50%. With a small window, the craft gui is monsterous. The new fight GUI is gigantic. Why do we need these massive items in our window? Why such large fonts for the chat and event tabs? I get that devs usually have huge screens and big jumbo GUIs might fit well there, but not here.
  4. Every time I log in while in my mines, I start facing North now, rather than the direction I was facing when I logged out. This is causing some real problems in my mines, as I keep tunneling in the wrong direction by accident.
  5. Hey Sol Yesterday on a new computer, I downloaded the game. It came with the multi client choice. So I guess they need to stop offering it to new players, remove it block the older clients from accessing the game? To me, it looks like a perfectly valid way to play the game.
  6. When you start a new character with the low memory client, you do not see the first tutorial popup, which I normally click the X on to exit tutorial. Also, when I use the portal to choose what islands to go to, the Northern Isles map choice is ghosted and only shows an outline when I mouse over it, as shown here: http://prntscr.com/trjopy
  7. Good move. The referrals will still function over time, or will they be removed if unused by a certain time? My accounts received the referrals.
  8. [07:13:21] 10 other players are online. You are on Harmony (18 totally in Wurm).
  9. Thank you Brash I'm convinced Code Club has a backdoor in my laptop that tells them when I power it up, so they can time the patches just right, lol.
  10. Trying to log in on Harmony just now
  11. years of playing and I have yet to get the lucky strike.
  12. Only 10% now? Yeesh! I better update my deed upkeeps. I'd calculated for 30%.
  13. SB and deed upkeep run at a slower pace on very laggy servers. So there is an advantage to be had on those servers, over the low population servers with no lag. However, the reduced game play experience doesn't make it worth it in my opinion, but just an opinion. I believe things will settle down in time and the server clock will catch up eventually, so Sleep and Upkeep will eventually return to normal.
  14. Update today, it has slowed down noticeably from yesterday. Mid 700s now feels like 900+ did yesterday.
  15. I second these questions. Also great job on the lag. My observations so far today: Harmony 700 and under is about lag free 700-800 minor 800-900 Xanadu ish 900+ is about 2 seconds (used to be 10+ seconds) 1000+ not seen that many yet.