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  1. Why not? Great cash sink for people that don't care about money and just want to show how filthy rich they are (in the game). Opulence! Decadence! Special moon metal glow in the dark too pretty PRETTY please? Glowing bloody Seryll altar of Lib? Would be the envy of all.
  2. Same here. I know this was an issue way back and I thought there was a fix. I just fired up my server for a friend and we are having this issue with some of the flowers. Still searching....
  3. back from fishing. Caught one lake trout for dinner tonight!
  4. Not sure if Devs even look at WU suggestions, since quitting any dev work for that branch, so I posted here. I believe there is still a pretty strong group of players that play WU, despite all the efforts to kill it, by not doing any development of new content. THat being the case, wouldn't it make sense to at least offer paid DLC updates every 6 months, or every year? I have another game I play occasionally like I occasionally dabble with my WU server (for my one friend that plays it every 6-8 months) and it would be something I would be happy to pay for. Something simple like $7 or 9 bucks each. I'd throw that in my cart and buy, without even glancing at what the actual content was. It is less than a Big Mac, fries and coke, so why not? Anyone playing that doesn't want to pay for more content updates? Ok. Don't. I suppose it would be up to server admins to determine if their server will run DLCs or not. Seems like all upside? Game makes money and players that don't want monthly subs can still get the new content.
  5. I can get you up with them a little later today. Going fishing in real life for a few hours then will be back to check if you are around. I think I have around 200 or so.
  6. This is great Brash! Just gave it a try (the cave lighting) and it works great. I have to play with the settings as I'd like it a little less bright that full daylight in there. Great to see your name pop up in posts still
  7. Just checking to see if it is just me or what, but I fired up WU again and feel like my lanterns barely add any light at all. Really hard to see in my caves and honestly, not great above ground either. Are there lightning mods to address this?
  8. a full set and someone can be "The Tin Man" Grats Smokes!
  9. So I've been attached by thousands of regular HHs, but always assumed there was no such thing as a champ. Anyone know how long they have been in the game?
  10. Most people dread doing surface mining (not me!). It is slow work and most of the time, just inspires people to throw dirt on the project to get it done quicker. I've been spending hundreds of hours digging up old dirt that was tossed on a mountain and surface mining the mountain to fit my new plans. What is very apparent is the one missing element from surface mining work: - No Rewards! I have about 30 emeralds (not a single bone in my life yet!) from digging the dirt, but after a good 10k rock shards, I just have arthritis and worn down picks. So my suggestion is to add some kind of a reward to surface mining. NOT an awesome reward. We don't want people SMing the server under water and eliminating any chance to make a cave or mine ores again, but it sure would be fun to have some small reward/s drop in inventory from time to time. Source and gems? Metal Lumps (not moon)? Just a thought and probably not too difficult to add.
  11. I think my knees turned to jello when it came for me.
  12. Map updates: 1. Extend the canal from Hellbound to Landslide/Clay Harbor - shallow for knarrs and under. Carts and walking ok, but no dry path planned. 2. Add Landslide at 780, 780 3. Add Castle Krag at 835, 800 4. Move Bloom Town to 830, 745 Thank you!
  13. I keep setting it at Normal and over time, it reverts back to Aggressive.
  14. I've run Conan quite a bit. Can't modify the terrain like Wurm, but I love the building and exploration. Movement is so much better than Wurm, but every game has better movement than Wurm. Like Wurm, Conan is one of my go to games that I keep coming back to. I highly recommend diving into the mods, after your first good play through. There isn't an end or "I win" moment, but once you feel like you have done it all, the mods give you a massive upgrade and an incredible life extension to the game. Thanks for the Tyranny suggestion. Just looked it over and it is right up my alley.
  15. I signed up for Win 11 Beta. Hoping to get it within the month. I personally am excited for the ground breaking (well copying) new rounded corners! You know how much time I move my wurm client in and out of the corner of my screen, to see if I have it exactly right? That rounded corner will make all the difference and save hours of time, over the next decade of Wurming. Also android apps being natively accessible and quite possible Steam games/apps as well? No more stoopid Windows tiles. These things make me happy. I also read that the updates should be half the size as current Win 10 updates. Personally, I found Win 10 much better performing than 7. Not sure what 11 will do to performance though. I run a new system every couple years, so I am not particularly worried about resources from the OS. Much more concerned about Wurm client resource needs, since I always run a lot of alts. Do devs have copies of 11 yet? How is it looking with Wurm?