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  1. WTS silver

    I should have commented earlier - great sale and all went perfectly. Thank you!
  2. Make Whetstone icon easier to see

    Laptop display probably not as bright as dedicated PC monitors? I was thinking how iron lumps are a nice grey color that stands out really well. Use that same color for whetstones and we have a winner.
  3. Wts Garrettwademan

    I remember him It was silly having his fight skill when I used him in PvE. Trolls pretty much just bounced off him and died.
  4. [09:44:55] The eyelet would be destroyed.

    Well, it bugs me that it doesn't work, when other similar craft components do work. So it is a bug. I hear by give your suggestion to turn my bug report into a suggestion a -1.
  5. You can't put them in bulk storage. You should. Squares of cloth, strings, arrow heads... these are similar item. They can't be imped, so they should fit in a BSB.
  6. Just a small thing really, but it is so dark that I feel I am squinting my eyes a lot to see where the icon is when imping large batches of items in the forge. Maybe make it a lighter color of grey? Just a thought.
  7. Item QL loss on server crossing

    Sklo knows too much
  8. Blossom Canal Project

    Syn, or anyone else that knows, How is the E/W end of the canal and walkway supposed to map out? Currently, the canal and path are not directly in line with the tunnel openings. Is the intent to have them do so, all the way to the corner, where it turns South? I am assuming it is a little off track to dodge some reinforcements? I ask, because I am working on a mining project at my Bloom Town deed and thought I'd try making some interesting sights for travelers as they sail or walk by.
  9. Sticker, One very useful trick is to "Deed Shift", where you keep the same number of tiles in your deed, but simply resize the deed, by subtracting some tiles from one side and adding those to the other side. I use this method all the time, for getting those reinforced tiles that are fairly close to my deeds. Naturally, this only works if your deed isn't already up against another deed, but these days, it isn't so crowded to be a major concern. This Deed Shifting method costs nothing to perform, if you always keep the same number of tiles.
  10. the cape spot

    Ok, I really like having a place for a leashed/bound pet. It would make it essentially bound to you and always follow, even around a building corner (hint hint). You could still lead 4 horses, while your loyal pet follows. I am also thinking once put in this slot, the pet becomes cosmetic only, so it would not turn into a PvP requirement. And... yes, make all the cosmetic bound pets wear capes! That is how you would know that the pet troll is harmless.
  11. [Fixed] Can't drink from container

    The option is gone.
  12. Patch Notes 30/MAY/19

    I wonder if this is part of it? Bugfix: Optimized memory usage taken by loaded in players Probably not, but I can imagine the degraded image is less memory intensive
  13. I used to be able to right click a water container and drink. Now I have to open it and right click the water directly.
  14. Patch Notes 30/MAY/19

    you wear that potato sack well!
  15. Patch Notes 30/MAY/19

    I used to be able to right click a water container and drink. Now I have to open it and right click the water directly. I did also just switch to modern from classic, so not sure if that is part of it?