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  1. What Oblivion says. Also, can I get a refund on orbs?
  2. That could be a great addition too!
  3. If you read my original post, my suggestion actually is to keep the rare chance the same and only get the MOI when it is actually going to go rare. No more MOIs with no rares. I really don't want a lot of rares. Way too common now. Just adjust the MOI chance to = the actual rare chance, so we don't get any more empty MOIs.
  4. So to play the game the way devs intended, we need to make more alts. Check. Edit: I really just want to play the game and not have to game the play. Seems when we have unusual coding mechanics that make us play in ways that are not intuitively natural, it just detracts from the immersion of the game. Such as lowering our tool QL so we can gain skill, when using higher Q tools provides no skill, because we did our job and "got good". Sure, 99% of the player base has had 10+ years to learn this bizare gaming technique, but as I've said in the past, this is not a great system to introduce new players to. I know WU had some code changes to address the skilling system, but nothing changed here. Can't change it here, because all the existing accounts had to use the old system. But honestly, so what? All the other game companies evolve (well most do) and change their mechanics as needed. One can hope.
  5. Simple idea and maybe there is a really important reason that this would not work, but why not just have a rare roll on imping turn the item into a rare, rather than just a chance it might go rare? Simply adjust the chance of a rare roll so they happen less often on imping and make every roll count. It would be far less disappointing for us.
  6. that seems like a big potential abuse kind of thing, where you could tunnel straight a long distance under a steep mountain, plop a door on it, bash it then run up the mountain
  7. Basically the same as when you open a new tunnel.
  8. Sweet. I am dead center of that band = best results
  9. Thanks! Yeah, there will be some more specs up there, but moving stars are fun too! When I look up on a clear night here (Northern Idaho) with very little light polution, I do see a couple satellites now and I can say they are not distracting in the least. Edit: I think most of the "pollution of the night sky" is a concept that people latch onto, without realizing what it will actually be like. What is worse, stringing land cables through our rural cities, making a huge impact on our views of the local landscapes and sunsets, or a few extra pin pricks of light in a dark sky? One people see every day and the other would be viewed rarely, except by those star gazer enthusiasts.
  10. For those living in areas with really terrible internet options, I suggest signing up for this (Beta soon). Sounds like it might be North America initially, but 100gig and under 30ms latency, which is killer for satellite. Better than a lot of land based internet. I'm signed up to be notified when Beta is available and if I get in, I'll post back with my results. Game changer for rural locations. https://www.starlink.com/
  11. For everyone wanting combat variety, just look at the games out there. Whatever class you are, there is always a max version of skill/gear that everyone gravitates towards. People that want variety always have to sacrifice to get variety. When the game maker makes a little balance tweak, there will be a few weeks or adjustment and suddenly everyone switches to the new max combo.Meta? Is that the slang that the kids use now days? Only way I see keeping folks on their toes in their quest to max gear, would be a little variable injection into the numbers. Make different armors and weapons have hidden bonuses that last a week.. maybe a couple days? Every server reboot? Something that keeps people wondering what the best of the best is that day and inspires folks to train up more weapon skills. Probably also good for the market economy. Probably a terrible idea, but it could be fun?
  12. I agree with you Muse. Toggle would be even better.