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  1. Eve Online Plex.
  2. I don't think anyone is saying this is a priority over other game improvements. Over the years I have seen several rants that seems to want to squash ideas and suggestions. Our job as a player community is to lay all the ideas on the table and let the devs sort them out. Only the devs have the full roadmap. I am a big fan of QoL improvements. I am also a big fan of new content. Best of all is that all of our ideas make a difference. We have done suggestions on the new player experience. We have done suggestions on a better interface. Sounds like they are listening. We just need to keep sharing any ideas and let devs figure out what to do with them. Edit: (spell checker)
  3. No. We are talking about changing all the ownerships on an alt that you own to another alt that you own. Then you can sell off that alt that has no more owned items (or permissions) to someone and feel confident you left no stones unturned.
  4. Thank you again Sklo!! Your fixes are incredibly helpful.
  5. Just made a suggestion for a mod that allows this to be done for all vein types. Great idea!
  6. Just saw a post here from Wulfrock on a custom mod to fix sandstone vein counts: What I would like to see is a mod like this, but that expands on the idea to include all vein types, allowing you to set an ore range for each type. So if you want Glimmer and Addy veins to be higher than 50, but not as high as iron, presto. I agree with Wulfrock that sandstone is too plentiful for full 10k veins, so setting a lower count is going to be preferable for most server hosts. If there was a mod like this before I'd created my server, I would have created more veins, but with smaller quantities in each, to provide greater access to all the different ore types, without making it too impossible to mine in a straight line.
  7. The only thing is the ownerships. If they are the owner and you wipe them off, you now have vehicles, houses, mine doors, etc that have no owner. So I think it needs to be something like this: Delete all permissions from this character and change ownerships to: ___________ (applies to all servers)
  8. Normal: What we now do today, for mining, chopping down trees, digging. Aggressive: Faster actions, Less skill gain, Higher chance for lower QL results, for mining ore veins, each hit drops the vein by 3, but only produces 1 shard. Precision: Slower actions, More skill gain, Higher chance for higher QL results (up to your max skill level). Skill gains from Aggressive and Precision become a fixed amount per action (dropping the old skill formula). Higher QL tools ONLY affect the speed and QL results. QL results are capped at tool QL +10, but can be exceeded with potions & runes. This will also have the benefit of providing lower QL mats on demand. Seems to me, if I am highly skilled at WC, I ought to be able to intentionally produce low QL results. I really want to see the invers connection of tool QL and skill gain eliminated, but with this system, we keep Normal for those that prefer Wogic and give the option of Aggressive and Precision to those that prefer Logic. Obviously, there must remain a balance. Precision should not be any faster than what someone would do using Normal, targeting the appropriate vein type and using the appropriately low QL pick (for example). Normal, Aggressive and Precision can be a mini bar that appears when appropriate tools are equipped.
  9. I hear the sounds of devs flailing away on keyboards, to quickly plug the permissions hole and provide an update I'd like another option to "change all ownerships to [name]". I have so many wagons, carts and boats that are stranded now, thanks to all the trades over the years. My own fault for not paying attention and honestly, most happened before the current permissions that lets us remotely manage vehicles, but it is still somewhat easy to goof up. Current system also requires you go to every server and manage permissions on each.
  10. I'll be joining that new server. Sounds like fun!
  11. Thank you SOOOO much for the tutorial! I've been avoiding using those skills to keep in balance. Note to self... run experiments on test alts in the future!
  12. I get the whole unattended gaming thing, but the way Wurm is designed, they actually encourage unattended activity. Sermon groups... do they really expect us to all sit around for 3 hours, watching our alts as we wait for our turn to preach? One of the things I absolutely love about this game is the ability to park/camp/rest/afk in a spot and not have the game auto-logout if you don't touch your keyboard. Very few games allow this and it is refreshing! The time it takes to login and rebuild our UI resorting inventory, opening water container, opening cart and the food container in cart, etc... Thank you devs for this. As far as skilling afk, without a macro, the skill gains are so minimal that I don't think devs honestly care. Other games have near immediate respawns, but Wurm doesn't. I've never once considered afk hunting as a way to pick up extra skill. I only see the value is self preservation. In fact, I've noticed that many aggressive creatures fail to even notice you exist, when you aren't moving at all. I do completely understand the pvp impact, which is why I suggested this feature as an option, knowing it would mess with pvp if forced on everyone. This isn't any more game breaking than the "faithful" button. On or off, up to the player. Also, consider the sleep bonus timer. Player's choice. A feature that improves our gaming experience especially for those that go afk in the middle of something.
  13. +1 This would be quite helpful for most laptop players.
  14. what program should I use to go in and edit it? Assuming note and wordpad aren't going to cut it? ty for the suggestion.
  15. So, I do this every month or two and fail to learn from it, so maybe I'm not the only one? Last night I went afk, while out in the wilds (ok, I fell asleep wurming) and woke up dead. 50+ body str, 70 FS, scale, supreme spear. Got killed by a black bear. Why? Because while I was traveling, I happened to get targeted by a scorp, so my targeting stayed on the scorp that is kilometers away. What I would like to change: Auto Targeting that actually auto targets, or gives us some choices on method of targeting. I would love it if I could set an option where it drops inactive targets and switches to current attacker. Just a small change for some QoL. Maybe add into the new UI?