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  1. This could really be an issue for PvP, giving us views we should not have, but it would be a fantastic thing for all of us that want to share our creations with others. Probably make it something that could be enabled or disabled by the Wurm server (WO and WU). https://www.geforce.com/hardware/technology/ansel
  2. yep. I am totally ok with adjusting everything to be more appropriate with actual creature sizes. Maybe post a chart of creature sizes and we can go through and sort them by what the creatures really appear to be, based on visual representations? I've always been confused by this in the past, but ya know, it just gets explained as Wogic
  3. please do this already.
  4. Ok, is there much difference between spending 2.5 hours to recover 100 favor while online/afk or being offline for the same amount of time? Favor regen is a natural process over time already. I'm not doing anything to regen it now, just sitting there afk.. This request simply allows extra clients to log out, rather than leaving 5 clients logged in at once. The current wurm client is pretty buggy for a lot of people. We used to be able to run many clients at once without troubles, but now people are finding it difficult to keep more than one client running for any length of time. Some folks have no trouble at all, but a significant number now struggle with milti-client wurming.
  5. I believe the weights from lightest to heaviest is: rat, mountain lion, dog, wild cat. The sizes of this creatures visually, from smallest to largest is: wild cat, dog, rat, mountain lion. It really makes no sense and should be a super easy fix.
  6. I suspect the reason favor only recovers while online has to do with PvP? If so, can we readdress it and possibly enable favor recovery while sleeping or logged out? I am cheap and don't sacrifice veggies for favor. I just leave my priests online to recover over time. This seems like a poor use of our personal computers as well as the servers they run on. Is there any reason a priest should NOT recover favor while logged out or asleep in bed? If it is just never going to happen in WO, please move this to the WU "mod request" page
  7. to prevent windows updates: go to Windows settings Network wifi manage known networks click on the wifi network you want to block updates on choose properties turn "metered connection" to on. Microsoft won't download updates over a metered connection and risk possibly racking up a massive data bill for you. I do this every time I am in a very low bandwidth situation. MS doesn't care that you are trying to use the bandwidth for something else when they are ready to update you, so this is just about the only way to hold them back. I miss the days when we could choose to turn auto updates off. Keep in mind, you need to do this on all wifi connections you might be using, if you wish to block updates completely. The second MS smells an unmetered connection, it will take over and download everything.
  8. Been doing a lot of switching back and forth with 2 settings: VBO and FBO. When they are disabled, my single client runs for hours generally and sometimes never crashed at all for an entire day. When I enable them (back to core), the client will almost always crash within a few minutes. I still get the whitescreen crash when they are disabled, but it is so rare with a single client running that it is not much of an issue. Running with them disabled gives a lot of graphical issues though, like spikes growing out of people and creatures, poor texture detail, etc. But at least it is playable for me this way.
  9. I +1 the idea because i already have something similar on my WU server. Players can turn in multiple rare components (weighted based on rare, supreme or fantastic) to have one of their crafted items turned rare, supreme or fantastic. Save up 100+ rare components and get an inventory crafted item turned fantastic. Double that and a non-inventory item (boat, cart, guard tower, etc) can be turned. I also allow trading in of completed crafts, which carry a lot more weight than the components. It is my way of keeping down the proliferation of all those rares. I'd love WO to have a native system for doing the same.
  10. ....................
  11. Welcome to the top of Xanadu
  12. Goodies received and Thank you!
  13. absolutely should be optional. I agree.
  14. I think we should use lye to prepare wood, prior to dying, to give the dyes a better chance to show the correct colors. The lye should bleach it down to a very pale grey color, that will have almost no impact on the dyes color.
  15. any chance of posting an edited version of the mod that does work, with your fix above? I don't know the first thing about where to add in those lined of code on my own. good work!