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  1. I use WA to make a "Ding" sound when the message pops up saying the wall will soon break. But I've accidentally mined out walls when removing reinforcements MANY times. It would be a huge improvement to do the crowbar to remove in one action. +1 PLEASE. Not sure why people want to make simple jobs in this game take a long time. If one action is too fast for you (Jake), I suggest using an egg timer to make your life have extra meaning.
  2. Grats Lady!!
  3. I can't see this ever happening at this point, but if it did, it would have to be with a 6 month warning, so anyone that ever traded accounts in the past could sell off any investments they made. I personally think of trading accounts like hiring and firing a work force to get jobs done. I know others think differently and that is ok. Just any drastic changes need to come with some grace period to do some final trades.
  4. I like how "it has died" is followed by a lowball offer. I just sold a PvP account with no trouble, at the price I was expecting to get. If anything, I think things are going to pick up. Massive addition to WU playerbase + big Epic changes means anything can happen now. Not to mention the holidays are near.
  5. does the fact that I have roughly 60 accounts with no skill make a difference in this request to compare averages???
  6. Budda and Dev team: Great work! FYI, no matter what you do, there will be 100+ people complaining that it is unfair. But it is amazingly fair. No other game I know would devs go to such lengths to try and accommodate all players needs. Pull the trigger and end the madness. The sooner you pull the rotten tooth, the sooner everyone heals and the pain goes away. I'm really excited for the change. Once the change happens, will there be Epic and Freedom versions of the same character, or are they going to be ONLY Epic or Freedom from then on? This might have been covered already, but it is hard to keep up with everything. I'd strongly suggest that people have to choose one or the other and no going back ever. End of the Epic portal.
  7. just came here to post the new numbers. 1956 is our all time high of concurrent players, from back at the launch of WU and that was mostly old Wurm players I believe. Our new numbers are mainly net new players. Best marketing I've seen from Code Club to date. It isn't generating much income for them now, but more players means more publicity and all the friends/family that new player base will bring.
  8. And once you renounce your false god, you instantly get a bonus to mind, mind logic and mind speed, plus an increased skill gain when not in a diety domain.
  9. I second the request for a true gamma adjustment. Fortunately my ne laptop came with a hit key to bring up a quick gamma adjustment. The new Wurm slider helps though and I'm grateful we got that far.
  10. Is this everyone on your server having the same issue? Different computers and graphics cards? Have you tried going to another hosted server to see how mines look there?
  11. Red set completed. All sold.
  12. White set sold
  13. Calculating the appropriate skill levels for a transfer to and from freedom should be easy enough for folks that have all the code in hand. Even if you are 10-15% off, you are still going to be close enough to satisfy anyone that is desperate to make the move. This really needs to happen..