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  1. Diagonal bridges

    This is the key. Everything must go diagonal. Turn the Wurm grid into triangles. Planning slopes gets really fun But oh so worth it!
  2. Rectangular frame wall opening

    fortunately we got the extended arch options. This helps a ton. Combining arches with tall iron fences opens up so many new designs. I recently went crazy with the "double barred window" look that I saw from a post Joneya did here: Scroll down to her post on this page. So we aren't stuck with the classic plain arch at least, but even more options would be sweet!
  3. Many times this would have been incredibly helpful info.
  4. Crops Never Turn To Weeds

    I use this mod on my WU servers all the time. I like it for personal use. However, I do find it mostly eliminates the need for Love path and grass enchanting. Also, one thing I love about crops failing with age, is it shows me who is active and who isn't, when driving around an area on the server. So +1 and also -.5 for me.
  5. What a fun looking server! I should go there and start crafting dioptras & range poles
  6. misc. rares/supremes/gifts - CHEAP

    One of the pumpkin shoulders to Mordor please? I only found one during the event.
  7. Sortable inventory that saves state

    I always upvote this suggestion +1
  8. Things I am looking forward to in Wurm...

    wife going on vacation, so I can do a few 20hr days in a row.
  9. Tich's Hat - Fishing Hat

    (don;t let me vote cuz I would probably vote for the green one) yep, these are what I had imagined, from the above tv show image probably. I recently took up fishing in RL and it is crazy how many hooks, lures, weights, clips, extra line and tools I have to carry on each trip.
  10. close please.

    Nice dye job! Is this the original Tuanta? Waterdeep?
  11. So I was thinking we could use a fishing hat. It should have 5-6 small pockets on it, to store lots of spare fish hooks and fishing line.
  12. Wet, damp, moist - dirt

    Fingers crossed!
  13. Wet, damp, moist - dirt

    Was wondering how difficult it would be to have dirt & sand with a wet appearance, when at a height of 5 or less from the water line. I spent the last few days traveling the coast of the Western US states and stopped at many of the beaches there and like many Wurmians, I now have Wurmvision, that see RL in terms of what I do or see in the game. in RL, I really enjoy the transition from dry sand to wet sand on the beach. The shallower the slope, the further the waves travel up the beach. What really made this noticeable was at Cannon beach (think the end of the Goonies movie). It is such a flat beach that tiny waves were traveling at least 50 feet or more, keeping the sand damp and packed. So my thought was to create something of a filter layer that acts very much like the water layer wen reflections are off. Darkens the dirt, sand and steppe, but not rock and grass. This will also be nice when digging holes that reach near the water level. Something I've done in RL. When you did holes, the ground is damp generally, but dries out really quickly, unless you are close to the water level and then it always stays damp, from absorbing the water up into the dirt (or sand). It seems like this would not be a tremendously difficult thing, but I'm probably completely wrong.
  14. Place objects - prevent decay and pile

    so only display food on a magic chest? I totally get the rationale, but it just doesn't make for attractive decorating. Basically as it is now, serving a table for a meal is something you do just long enough to snap a screen shot, then remove it all. What if you have guests coming over and you want to impress them? "wait guys, I need 5 hours to prep the table first". I don't think it would be too much of a game breaker to do some kind of food preservation that makes it only a decoration. The waxing idea from Amadee is great too. But also, keep from making a pile