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  1. the things that really hit me are creatues, items and buildings. Big deeds or clusters of deeds, with a lot of buildings and decorations. They can frequently have large farm animal populations too. Best setting against those are draw distance. There is a tree render distance as well, but trees never seem to ramp up my GPU. Max dynamic lights can hit it too. I generally limit that settings to under 10. One of the interesting things you can do to find out of there are more creatures and objects in any certain direction is stand in one spot, then slowly turn in a circle and see where the GPU kicks up. If it does, there is a significant increase in some creature count/building/items in that direction. There are a ton of settings you can turn down in Wurm to make it run quiet, on a decent performance computer, but you do have to sacrifice quality quite a bit to do so. Ive had the client stripped down enough to run up to 30 clients on one computer and still have a bit of room for more. Where I live now, my laptop was running very quiet when the server launched, then over 6 months of building and breeding, just running one client makes my fans kick in, even with fairly low settings.
  2. I have some friends in AUS and watch them all disconnect at exactly the same time. At first I thought they were playing a game with me, pretending to be different people, when they were just the same person with multi alts. Nope.
  3. Message me if you have one or two to spare (sell). Need a counter to the green. Thank you!
  4. If I have an empty cave tile that is touching only 1 cave wall, is it less likely to have a collapse than a cave tile touching 2 or more walls? Does anyone know the actual mechanic for what gets checked on a collapse situation?
  5. I do not like this feature and would prefer you not show it for Harmony. Could you do a mock up server or one of the old servers that already have map dumps? However, I do like the map dumps, but not for a long time after server opening - maybe 1yr. This lets the new server keep that new feeling and exploring more exciting.
  6. Hopped on my cart, drove it around a bit, got disease. Just solo. Enough with this disease mechanic PLEASE! Just remove it from the game. Seriously, will anyone complain when it is gone for good?
  7. that is great advice. I've been doing that with mail, because that could be a big financial screw up to get wrong. The summons are usually my own alts and I "should" be able to spell my own names correctly right? Nope.
  8. Healing in inactive rift area is incredibly valuable service to the entire rift operation though. A lot of folks can't patch up well enough to get back into the fight and need those heals. I'd like to see that bit of the patch reversed. All heals in or out of the designated rift zone are so greatly appreciated. What isn't appreciated is the scoring system that rewards tagging.
  9. Maybe if the summons isn't accepted it doesn't use your favor?
  10. I did a summon and accidentally mistyped again. I do that frequently, especially when switching keyboards. The spell doesn't care, it spends all the favor and then tells you how much of a dummy you are after. I would like to ask for one of two things: Preferred option: Just tell you that name is wrong and not cast at all. Alternate option: Make it like other failed casts, where it only uses a smaller portion of favor from the fail. 20% I think? (is it already doing this alternate option? Not 100% sure, as I am not completely sure how full my battery was when I fail-casted it)
  11. these are the Christmas gift saddle sacks on horses: https://prnt.sc/wgc8oh
  12. Snowman statues 3s Saddle Sacks 3s Festive Bedrolls 3s Soft Cap (santa hat) 2s Reindeer 1s Yule Goat 1s These are the prices I am offering and am just asking for interested sellers, not commentary on my price offers. If you feel your items are worth more, that is fine. No need to sell If you do wish to sell, no need to contact me first, just... COD to Lugian