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  1. How is the Current State of Wurm?

    honestly, there are so many new things to learn, it is almost like a new game. I take a lot of breaks for RL projects and every time I return, there are so many new things to play with. On the potentially negative side, the population is low and formerly expensive rares are really cheap now. Maybe a good thing too, if you aren't holding a bunch to sell and need to go buy some for a fresh start. The population being low is a plus if you want to hunt for a new deed or two. So many fantastic places to take over.
  2. WTB Vyn - 90 Channel, 50 SD

    Coming back in a month (more or less) and want to get a decent Vyn for my gang. Sold off my last one before my break. Stats don't have to be exact, but hopefully close to the title. PM me your Niarjas
  3. WTS Rare Oven

    Skill dump for Owen?
  4. WTS Garrettwademan - Nahjo Priest 87+chan!

    Legendary account for sure.
  5. pc account plox, because why not

    Damn... I wish I was playing regularly right now, but am on a break, dealing with some RL projects. Will be surprised if you don't land at least 2k
  6. Can close

    I would go at least double that.
  7. wait... does this comment need decryption? Seems like there is also hidden meaning here FYI, creativity is never lame!
  8. I saw the wall, saw the poster (silent T!) and knew it must be foolery. I honestly want to read it for the enjoyment, but if I do, my old brain might start confusing it with reality and in a year or two, I'll be getting mad that they still haven't implemented these cool new features yet, lol.
  9. fix the lag in glasshollow market

    This is a whole different kind of "sandbox", lol. To avoid lag, change your client settings. Turn off the number of lights you can see. Turn on LoD and Contribution culling, then set for short distances. Turn off shadows. Make tree, building and creature render distances really short. These things should help a ton. Russ, if you have animals, buildings and items on your deed, you have no justification to ask anyone else to remove things from their deeds. This is just an argument to create drama and you know it. I have no history with you or Glasshollow, so no grudges here.
  10. Who's online

    well, since you would have to be at a computer to see who is online anyway, opening the client with a GM alt should be a non-issue? I suppose there must be some free tool out there that could run on the server, monitoring the logs for and login and logout info?
  11. This happened to me in RL about 30 years ago. Still waiting for a fix...
  12. PC Phynx

    1500 maybe 3 years ago. Current market I would probably shoot for 900e. Probably the best archer I've seen, a pretty good fighter and a pretty good crafter. Good luck on the sale if you are selling!
  13. Skillgain change via mod

    Skillgaincontroll and Skillmod. The first is to help your characteristics lever up appropriately. WU has them locked down a bit for some reason. The second is very fine tuned, to allow you to set every skill individually. Personally, I boosted weapon smithing to 5x the default rate. I upped a few other skills to help even out the rates. This one stacks on the skill rate settings in the server settings.
  14. This could really be an issue for PvP, giving us views we should not have, but it would be a fantastic thing for all of us that want to share our creations with others. Probably make it something that could be enabled or disabled by the Wurm server (WO and WU). https://www.geforce.com/hardware/technology/ansel