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  1. It seems to me this might be more of an orange test, rather than green message. I'm trying to think of all the different colors to see if this is in the same theme as the others.
  2. Do you have anyting like MSI Afterburner or Riva Tuner running? Something that could possibly capping FPS outside of Wurm? How many displays are you running?
  3. Yes. Our our priests so inept at magic that they can't even discern what spells they are targeting?
  4. this system bit me hard on ESO. I set myself up for a 6 month auto renewal and then put a calendar reminder for 3 days before the 6 "calendar" months were up and the day before my reminder, Zenimax auto billed me for another 6. I could not get a refund, even disputing it with paypal. All game companies should be very clear on subs to say 30 days or 360 days etc, rather than fudge it by calling it actual months or years.
  5. "taking citizens" time to tighten up security at my deed and place more guards, to fend off these "citizen takers"!! Lol, just kidding. Sounds like a really nice deed for folks to come join. Good luck and I hope you get lots of new players to join
  6. I've seen Sklo solve some really difficult problems in Wurm, specifically with the WU code. I don't know who all the others are that might want to take a crack at this, but I can't imagine Sklo not having great success with the project. I have absolutely loved this tool and when NFI was started, it was so exciting to run compares daily, to see how I stacked up to the competition for best farmer, LW, rope maker, etc. This tool is such a big part of Wurm for me now. It would be so sad to see it gone. Thank you for keeping it going so many years!
  7. indeed. This is what most do, but either you have a Mag prem account, have a good close friend or you pay (priest or store) for the collapsing. This seems like such a simple QoL addition.
  8. Post from Elentari a few hours ago, which for moderator reasons was deleted I believe. I am reposting with a tiny edit to hopefully fix the issue that caused it to be removed. Part of the change that CAN be implemented would be to drop dragon hide / dragon scales in difficult treasure chests. At least that is something that can do to mitigate the frustration single players have about never getting scales and the prices they have on the market. That being said, I was never / will never be a fan of any sort of game design that gates content behind RNG (randomly spawning uniques) + encouraging an elitist, tribal mindset with a greediness factor and motivation behind it. Years of playing Wurm has revealed this type of game design promotes the most awful toxicity imagined. Couple that with the previous existence of RMT and dragons literally being cash cows, no wonder so many (...deleted words here...), WU was datamined and now the scale/ hide market is at an all time high. It's an issue of game design no matter how you phrase it. We have 6-8 threads popping up every year about the same issue for the past decade. Something needs to change. The devs need to decide on a course of action and stick to it. And the question you really want to ask, as a game designer is simple : "Do we want to make a piece of content based on pure RNG or based on static elements but with a difficulty curve?" The former is the current system which has had issues for years. It will always encourage private slayings, people trying to find tricks or use 3rd party resources to maximise their profits. This always leads to players, the good ones becoming increasingly frustrated to the point some will simply quit the game seeing as nothing is being changed. This system leads to players quitting. It's not a good system. It's one that leaves you without customers while pandering to a small elite. That's not how you want a game to grow, both culturally and financially. The latter implies static uniques but killing them is a challenge that rewards participants based on their contribution. This gives players equality of opportunity, the outcome will depends on their skills in game but also as players how they handle the situation. Until the devs answer the important question, threads like this will keep popping up, players will look for more map hacks, toxicity will still be there, drama will pop up yearly, more players will be encouraged to quit and Wurm will be given more black eyes.
  9. If you pave a reinforced floor with a brick, before you prep with mortar, it let's you do it, eats your brick and nothing happens. I think that must be a bug. Should not even allow paving until it is prepped with a mortar.
  10. The fact that the Unique hunt threads keep coming back, full of controversy, probably twice a year, should be enough to show that something is not balanced the right way. Wurm devs should be focused on the happiness of the many, over the few. It is the best bang for the buck on the limited time they have to work on the game.
  11. I love a good Unique mechanic change thread! In most games, there are top rewards that only a few very dedicated people achieve. The people willing to put in the time and effort to make it happen. Wurm is hardly different in that respect. However, our unique hunts still leave a lot to be desired. It is very hard for the average player to get in the action. First, you have to learn the mechanics and not everyone is willing to share. Second, you have to build a team of ~20 strong players (less once you dial in your strategy) and the average player doesn't know that many other players, let alone ones that are strong enough and online enough to form a slayer group. THis is a HUGE barrier for the average player and makes it near impossible for them to participate in anything but a public slaying. Event messages on or off will NOT make much difference. When on, it just means the hunt groups will be catching them even faster, because they are the ones that know where to look, can handle the capture and make the kill. Magaric's idea of turning them into a "Rift like" public event is one of the better solutions I've seen, but potentially makes for a lot of dev work to set it up. Without making a huge code changes, I think we could fix most of the issue by simply making hide/scale drops a fixed amount per premium player that is in local. Make it small. Small enough that it takes ages to accumulate enough for any single player to get enough for a full armor set, so the best option is to go public for maximum scale/hide accumulation per kill. Lots of trading will happen, allowing new players to profit and others to complete their sets of armor. But the hunt groups may still choose to go private, to keep their existing sets massively inflated in value right? What does a scale set go for in NFI right now? 12-15 gold? If we still had RMT, that is the price of a decent gaming laptop. Quite ridiculous. So to discourage that, make one more small change: Unique's become invulnerable with less than 80 in local for dragons. Not sure that is really required as almost all non-dragon uniques go public. The hunt groups could hoard those to elevate potion prices, but they aren't. They aren't evil, just opportunistic and they probably would be happy to do public on dragons, once the massive hide/scale drop advantages went away. We do need more change to eliminate the exclusive nature of these hunts.
  12. I have a pile of statuettes on my altar and they are so dull and dingy looking, like I just dug them up out of the ground and haven't bothered to polish them up at all. Any chance a Wurm artist could apply little polish to them one day, between new skin projects? The silver ones look like lead. Gold is slightly better. Doesn't seem like we care much about the deity we are worshiping.
  13. I'd really like to have the option to open a tunnel by tunneling down, flat or up, just like when inside a mine, doing normal mining. Thank you for listening to an old lazy Wurmian.
  14. I'd be happy to stand, leaning on my shovel and watch. That should make it look like a legitimate highway project