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  1. This is pretty epic! I was one of the few that really enjoyed AC2. I can still clearly hear the burun shouting "alert the clutch!" I tried AC1 again a couple months ago. I loved the sounds. The game play ok, but graphics were tough to get back into. I wish they would get the AC2 emulator up and running. On NFI, Olthoi is one of my priests.
  2. Most of my gaming life is spent trying to get back the amazing feeling I had when playing AC. It was amazing (first graphical MMO for me) to be in a game world that was so alive. All the ambient sounds around me as I explored. The incredibly complex world of spell casting, with the hundreds of components needed. Crafting thousands of different armors. I think my first wife was about left me over AC. Wurm is pretty great though and a decent way to distract me, while waiting for that AC successor. Probably never get that first MMO love feeling again, but I'll keep hoping. Also I'm in the "old" group. At our age, gaming is a great social tool, especially with so many bugs floating around. Just make sure you get outside and do some walking. Old farts can't afford to be glued to their chairs for 16hrs a day. You won't last long if so.
  3. This is sad news and doubly so on the holidays. Rest in peace and be fondly remembered in Wurm.
  4. Wurm - you never stop learning new tricks.
  5. I honestly feel the addition of this is a bit of needless complexity to the game. It feels like the goal of devs have shifted away from an interest in gaining new players, to finding ways to keep old players from drifting away. Optimizing skill gains is turning into stacking stacks of stacks on top of stacks of skill boosts. It is a bit silly at this point. I remember a day when getting from 1 to 90 was something you spent a year working on. Now it can be done in a few days, if you fully understand all the code behind gains. It isn't a benefit to the new player so much, but confusing and frustrating. What is happening is veterans are getting new tricks to help stretch their advantage. Just look at how many have 99 channel now on NFI. Not too long ago, a 90 channel priest was considered an amazing accomplishment on SFI. I myself took an alt from 50 to 80 in Blacksmithing in a day. In my early days of Wurm, that would have been 6 months of work or more. Personally, I don't believe faster gains are wrong and would like to have the faster gains as a way for new players to get themselves up to much more useful skill levels, but not like it is now, where there are so many pieces to the puzzle for them to achieve those gains: 1. Undertanding how to achieve optimal skill ticks (items QLs, difficulty levels vs current skill). 2. Tool enchants/imbues. 3. Affinities 4. Sleep Bonus and all the ways to gain it. 5. Coffee. 6. Sweet Spot 7. Meditation 8. Diety bonus 9. Holy site buffs So a new player starts out with only one of those immediately at their disposal - Sleep Bonus. Everything else they have to learn over time. Yes, in theory they have access to all of it, but it isn't realistic to think they will be able to understand the scope of what it takes to maximize skill gains. I really don't know any other games that show so much love to the veteran population, at the expense of bring in new players and making them feel like they have a chance to be competitive. Sleep Bonus should revert back to something that is generated by sleeping. Only sleeping. No missions for it. No Powder. Sleep Powder just eliminated completely. SB was created as a way to help narrow the skill gap between the player that puts in 16 hours a day and the one that can't do more than an hour or two. Coffee now makes a lot more sense, as it magnifies the SB, further helping those that can't spend all day skilling. I think this was the intended use of SB and coffee in the first place? If not, why have restrictions on how long you can run on caffeine? Diety rites for SB? Get rid of it. Change it to some other buff, like for Mag, make it a mining speed or QL buff. Maybe Fo gets a farm crop QL buff, etc. Meditation? I know there is some grant plan for med changes, so I'll wait to hear what that is. Sweet Spot and the complexity of tool QL, skill level etc for maxing skill gains? Just absurd mechanics that allow for creating an even larger skill gap between veterans and new players. This only favors veterans. I guess this is a very long winded way of saying to keep skill gains out of the holy sites. Let's find ways to simplify skill gains. If you want complexity to finding new treasure or crafts, fine. Just don't make skill gains so complex that only the most hard core players can get the full benefit.
  6. Please no. No special rewards for PvP. That has caused no end of unbalance to the game. Split PvP off from PvE completely and then have all the special stuff you want. I don't want PvP servers bringing their Uber loot, custom gear, jacked up skills back to PvE.
  7. I agree with this. I prem and unprem so many different accounts. Quite hard to manage them all, but send heaps with this game. Several are sitting on awards that can't be used. They do have a right to set whatever restrictions on it they choose, but it sucks. At least they aren't on a timer and all expire after a month.
  8. Yussssss! I'm only premming on one server cluster going forward. Not giving up double the cash for all main alts on both clusters, until I can play those alts on both
  9. Currently, you can use a cat to replace a waystone and pick it up, but only when it is a waystone you placed (on or off deed). Waystones placed by someone else have to be bashed, deed or no deed. Please allow a waystone inside of a deed to be replaced with a catseye for those that have deed permissions, regardless of who placed the waystone.
  10. Ah that's cool Deyjan. Thank you and ty Lovelie. Will come pick up tomorrow.
  11. Thank you. I should have thought of this and will double check. It was an alt of the deed holder and not sure if they ever set restrictions for other villagers they may have once had.