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  1. If I were running the show, I'd consider this your resignation letter. How can you set the bar so low? I guess in one way, a couple hundred = doubling the current player base, so percentage wise it is a win? But no. That is not a success. Not at all. I really think CC/GC needs to think about revenue & profitability as priority #1, then existing players wants/needs second. If not, the game is over and there are no players. If Wurm were not the most maximum awesomeness grindelicious of sandbox games, but still pretty enjoyable, would all the existing players quit? If the WO business model has proven to be a dead end, you really just need to put it in maintenance mode and try something drastically different. WU was and it pulled in huge numbers in comparison to WO. Sounds like WU is on the chopping block now and if it isn't worth further development, then maintenance mode it and let the modders keep it going for the next few decades. Go bold CC is digging it's own grave.
  2. Thank you for saying this. Me responding would have been counter productive and you summed it up perfectly. Retrograde does make a valid point, that it would take great effort to create a cash shop model. It is a catch 22. Go the easy route and stay with a subscription model, thus killing the possibility of gaining a large influx of net new players, or go fully free, with a proposed cash shop "on the way", allowing droves of net new players to join the game, without fears of a subscription model. Sometimes a business needs to roll the dice and take risks. The current proposal to go Steam is fairly risk free, with very minimal potential gains. Why bother if you ask me. It is just postponing all the other game development, while it rolls out. However, if they wanted to take more risks and hope for a really big win for the company, they could go free in a Beta release, with the promise of a cash shop in the works, but with an asterisk that says they will switch to a subscription model, if the net new player count never reaches a certain milestone that makes the cash shop development worthwhile. Honestly, if the goal of the steam release is to get net new players, it has to be in hopes of a significant number of new players, otherwise it is nothing more than a veiled classic "new server cash grab". So assuming this isn't the cash grab, then the most important thing here is the net new player count. What better way to get them than a free version of WO? If there isn't a significant number that come to play when totally free, then there was never any hope of it happening with a subscription. Then WO's last chapter can be finished and the book retired. This is the live or die moment. Doing what was done before with poor results will result in poor results. Can they not see this?
  3. And? I'll gladly sacrifice all my alts, deeds and hoards of shiny junk for the possibility of Wurm growth. WO has been on life support for ages. Little changes won't keep it alive.
  4. Subscriptions are a scam. Think about all the free offers you get for things. "Try free for one month, then we will just auto bill you unless you cancel". How many times have people tried free, decided they didn't like it and completely forgot about the service, until BAM, there it is on your credit card bill. There are so many subscriptions for things now. As a consumer, it is a nightmare. Need to move to a model where people can pay one time for a thing they want.
  5. Opening a new server on Steam, just doing the same game mechanics and same subscription model as current WO will end is complete failure. almost every sub you get there will be from existing players on WO. Some will keep going on the old WO servers, but many will abandon them completely. This would just be a money transfer to a new platform, where you also have to give some of it to Steam. Having the possibility of a merge from WO to the Steam servers is a horrible idea, UNLESS the merge is simply moving the WO cluster to Steam, but keeping it completely isolated from any of the new servers. Saying the merge is a possibility is sending a message to everyone that "at some point, we will destroy the market completely and make your hard earned skills pointless". Launching a new server on steam will get some additional traction, but tell me, what do you think a new person will choose, when presented with WU or WO on Steam? I'm all for making the move to Steam, but drop the subscription model. Just deploy it on the WU platform and come up with an alternate form of revenue than the dead subscription model. Also, congrats on the new role! I've always loved your work on the game. I just feel bad that you might be in a more visible position as the execs head down this path of darkness.
  6. We are all very closely connected with staff here. It would be very unprofessional NOT to mention a staff change like this. If this were a business like Sony or Blizzard, where there are hundreds of devs, having one manager get replaced by another would not need mentioning. Here it is quite polite to the community to announce the change. If Rolf said. Budda was fired and replaced, that would not have been politically correct. Contract was up means lots of possibilities, but not anything bad. No need to try and stir up problems.
  7. You really should rethink this. This is a chance to make a few significant changes, such as no class restrictions and no multiboxing. I multibox because I can as do most players here now. If I didn't, I'd be crippled in capability, compared to my fellow Wurmians. Just remove it from the equation and remove the need for it. Removing restrictions removes the player need for it. Removing account subscriptions removes your (Game Chest) need for it. Back fill the revenue with other methods that other successful games are using today. Death to subscriptions. In fact, to show how much I think subscriptions are wrong, from this point forward, I will never pay another subscription for Wurm again. I've had as many as 48 (I believe) subs active at one time and regularly do 6-8 when active. #nomoresubs
  8. You really should let players go all the way to 100 with no subscription and no penalty in skill gain. Out with subscriptions. It is not the right business model these days. Make the cash from deeds, items, cosmetics, etc. Make deeds significantly more expensive and people will be less inclined to gobble up huge tracts of land, which should make the server more available for players to get around and find their own deed spaces. I'd suffer from this big time, but I also probably should not be hogging so much land for myself. Create a fee structure for vehicles and animals. Base account can have x number of each and if someone wants a massive shipyard or scatter carts all over the server, they need to pay a small fee to increase. Look at DDO (Dungeons and Dragons Online). Pay to increase storage capacity. Pay to increase bank storage. Lots of conveniences you can buy for an account, but once bought and paid for, you own that capability forever. Yeah, lots of transactions to slowly drain you over time, but ONLY when you choose to and AT ALL TIMES, you can play the game without a subscription. When you are too poor to afford a sub, you can still play and not get a penalty. When you get grandma's xmas check, go crazy and buy up all the extra storage, features, etc. The number one reason I take long breaks from this game, is because it always requires I buckle down and drop a ton on subscriptions. WHat is worse is that when I need to take a break shortly after subbing, I get really angry with myself for wasting all that money, because most of the subscription goes to waste. Subscription MMOs are only good for the people that are always available to play all the time. For everyone else, it feels like our characters are being held hostage. PLEASE move forward with the Steam MMO option, but make it really free to play, not free to 20, or free with skill speed penalties. Either is a sure way to fail this project. Even if you charge nothing for anything, it would be good to at least test how much you can grow the player base. If it grows a ton, slip in a small fee for some feature, then later add another, etc. Get the players first. Don't do anything that will limit how many players might sign up. You need an addicted player first, before you can squeeze a dime out of them.
  9. I really don't know what the concern is all about. Anyone still playing already knows the game was barely on life support and leading to an inevitable extinction. BUT, we keep playing (for the most part) and riding it to the bitter end. NOW the game has a very real hope of change, with a potential boost to it's life expectancy. It could die quicker, but it was dying anyway, but at least this gives it a chance to survive. Game Chest just made a big investment and they certainly would not have done so, if they thought it was going to end in failure. While it does sometimes work that way, we at least have hope that Game Chest has a plan to make things better. Wurm could lose the ability to sell with real cash transactions. It could just become a set of officially run WU servers. It could turn into micro transactions, but knowing the players here, I suspect that would not fly well and backfire. I'd honestly been considering selling off accounts and even opened some chats with potential buyers, but just could not pull the trigger. Now I am glad I didn't. I'd like to stick around long enough to see what Game Chest has in store for us.
  10. Most of the mega mine tunnel projects are probably done, as all servers are pretty old now. I doubt anyone will feel the need to do 1000 tile mines on Jackel, since it reboots every 6 months. So the suggestion is a bit late to the show. Totally agree with Finn about goal depletion. Didn't think of that, since the goals came out when I was (still am) away from the game.
  11. Your character is ugly, but so is mine and everyone else's, so it is all relative. I can't see any updates with the current engine that will significantly change anything. Mostly we just get prettier clothes.
  12. Mine out veins or rock in fewer actions (1/2? 1/3? or 1/5?) and rather than it creating piles or rock and ore, it makes "usless debris", which rots within a few minutes. Maybe with rock, it should still take 50 actions, but veins could drop to 1/3 or 1/5 the normal actions. Another way could be an RNG with a small percent chance for every action to totally destroy the vein. Maybe 1 in 500 chance, so rocks would generally still take 50 actions, but veins would likely go faster. Obviously makes tunneling and canals faster work, but you get no rewards of materials in the process. I imagine most people would use primarily for sandstone veins.
  13. Pelts!!!

    A couple years ago I was really getting into playing on GV (starter server from long ago) and the critters there have long since all been hunted out. No pelts at all. Trick was to just spam new tools and weapons and hope one of them would not require a pelt for a long time. Royal pain, but it worked for quite some time. Eventually after a few months, another GV player logged in and offered me an old pelt. I still have that pelt
  14. It should. I certainly hope it does.
  15. The ability to ignore the beast directly attacking me, while I keep focused on the one I passed an hour earlier... Unjumping. Jumping can be dangerous. Level vehicles - never worry about spilling your beer on a Wurm cart. No pesky web based account management. Since we spend 24/7 ingame skilling up, it is much easier to do all account management within the client. No email spam, telling us to add to deed upkeep or that our free alts are about to get deleted. I love making new deeds and alts. Everyone knows this. I'm not joking here, I really do! I have something like 15 active deeds and 70 alts. No other MMO I know of has these unique features. But kidding aside, most of what is mentioned above is what keeps me coming back, year after year. Owning land, items, vehicles and animals... Nothing really beats it. Making changes to the landscape, building roads that last years. Canals that dramatically improve travel, opening up new lands to settle - how can you beat that feeling? Playing a game to reach max level and win the game for yourself just has no appeal anymore. Having a permanent, positive influence that effect many players for many years is the best gaming experience I could ask for.