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  1. yeah, I thought I'd read a long time ago that we were already in process of migrating everything to AWS? Was that only the forums? Forums have been running really well and I never think about delays and such when on them anymore.
  2. Any luck on the investigations?
  3. I know this could be a separate suggestion, but I think a bunch of Mag upgrade threads might get some lost. What about "raise rock", like concrete, but no restrictions on slope or depth of water. Also, the amount raised could be done like leveling. Each tick uses 10 favor?
  4. I have 11 Merchant contracts available. 7s or USD each. 70s/USD if you buy all 11.
  5. Following are several screen shots of item lists that have damage. What I care about are the items that can't be imped with iron or easily replaced - lumps, spyglasses, knapsack. Pelts, rare rocks, logs, bricks and such, I am just tossing. I know some folks like them, but at this point, it just isn't worth hoarding that stuff. Some stuff in the images is impable and a lot of items I did not even post, because too many! Mainly I wanted you to see the variety of decay I received for the bug report and then the critical things like the moon metal lumps and gear, which I'd dearly love getting restored to undamaged glory.
  6. I have a pool of batteries from a project I did in 2016. Referals are used, but the Priest Transfers have not been used. They have no skills, just faith from sermons. They live on Pristine, East side. They all are named after horses I had on my Xanadu deed, where I created the Darq Passage Canal. They are 15 Silver/USD each and roughly 25-30 of them are available for sale.
  7. I totally understand I threw a bunch of stuff away like pelts and whetstones, because I honestly didn't need them anyway. Had just been saving for new players, but it has been ages since I've needed to give handouts for new folks. I'll take some time over the next couple days to capture and post the remaining items that I believe were damaged in the mail. What I can't post is the items that may have decayed completely. For instance, I have a ql 20 lump at damage 97. Did I have other low lumps that vanished? I guess I would like to know if there is a log file that shows when my 11 merchants went on strike and what the items were that got sent to the mail system? It seems like a game transaction that is recorded somewhere and could be reviewed for verification, allowing us to figure out at which point the items decayed. Did they decay the moment I checked mail? Did it happen with decay ticks normally while in mail? Did they somehow have all that decay when they left the merchants, meaning merchants no longer protect goods like they used to? This will help me(everyone) understand what I need to do in the future, when I store things long term and end up taking a vacation from the game.
  8. Thanks Ohana for the confirmation. This must be a bug then, unless they intentionally changed the code. That being the case, what recourse do we have for getting compensated for the damage and loss to rare and valuable items? There must be logs somewhere of all the merchant items at the time they were packed up and added to the mail system, right? My account that owned the merchants is Mordor and the deed they were on is Mordor, if that helps anyone to look into the logs. I still have tons of items in the mail system, since I stopped pulling them after seeing how much damage I was getting. My character Shaylie was the one to actually remove from the physical mail box, after Mordor "received" the mail. Thank you for the help!
  9. I have 2 years of upkeep left on the deed. Sorry Retro for tagging you. The game I mostly play now (Conan Exiles) has a pretty open communication with the CRMs. I'll refrain from involving you in the future.
  10. Also, this is the 3rd time my merchants left from inactivity. The first time all my goods decayed like this though, so someone changed something in the decay code. So a question I have is can I get my decayed items recovered? I don't care too much about pelts and whetstones, but I do care about moon metal items and lumps. It is pretty expensive imping armor. I paid a lot for both the armor pieces and lumps. I hate to see that investment lost because of a bug.
  11. I returned after many months, to find all my merchants on vacation again. So I checked my mail and found all my gear - well, most of it. I lost a number of whetstones and pelts, plus had several others with really high decay. Also a few other items had decay when I did not expect any. One med rug was at 70% and I am pretty sure I did not put it on the merchant at 70. Tons of high end moon metal lumps are near destroyed, or gone completely. Much of my high end armor is in various states of decay. This is not how I left it on my merchants. @Samool@Retrograde Thought you guys should see this, per someone's suggestion that I tag you.
  12. Well, I've simmered down a bit, after getting some news that made me incredibly happy about how Uniques are no longer easy to find in 5 minutes. One thing I have hoped for, for quite some time. That and further reading on priests, how Mag is getting more useful spells. I may have to at least try them out now, which I can't do if I sell off everything and leave. Anyway. Needed to pop in to say that.
  13. Not staying. Sorry. Too much disappointment with the direction of this game now. EoL for WU support, priest changes, going back to the dark ages, after all he time investment. Just have zero faith in management now.