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  1. Darquan - Back in the 70s, when I discovered Dungeons and Dragons as a kid in middle school. It was the name I gave my main character back then. Dark One. Sadly over the years, most games I join have a hundred other Darquan's running around, so it isn't very original anymore. Now I have a hundred other "main" character names I use in those more popular games. One thing I really love about Wurm is NONE of my favorite names are ever taken.
  2. This is probably my favorite suggestion of the last 5 years. +1
  3. So there is still some hack that lets server admins show high player counts? Didn't our devs fix this a while back, or was that a bug they put on hold?
  4. I was surprised to see something with more than Sklotopolis, so I logged in, just to investigate. Could not see any signs of teraforming, building or raise any players in any channels. The 234 active player count sure seems fake. Also, when you type /who, it seems that command is disabled (big surprise).
  5. Just curious. Hoping we don't have to use the Steam Community garbage. I don't like the Steam interface at all. I only use Steam to access games when needed, or get mods for game servers.
  6. So I restarted my WU server and updated all of my mods and was trying to figure out what all updates WO has received that WU has not received, so I can tell what is working as intended and what I might want to add in via more mods (if possible). I think it was within the last year when Retro announced the end of WU development? I was looking in this WU forum and saw his thread with all the WU updates and patch notes, but the last entry is 2017. Has it really been that long since an update in WU? -Wurmhole/Darquan
  7. nice rendering! Thank you for the fight!
  8. I think maybe it was a disconnection of different locations? When I got back in, the same players in my alliance were still logged in.
  9. got disconnected and can't log into either Pristine or Xan
  10. Considering this is a higher profile account, I wanted (with Ob's permission) to inform everyone that the account has traded to me. I live primarily on Pristine. Was a clean trade (thank you Ob!) Anyone has questions, please reach out to me here on forums, or PM my mains Shaylie and Darquan ingame. -Wurmhole
  11. I should not have been so fancy in my offer, but yes, I did 25e on the first day of auction. Sorry for the confusion. I repost it here for clarification. Bid: 25e