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  1. Good point Reylaark. Might already be in the works with the new UI.
  2. none of these links are working for me
  3. There are a ton of upgrades to chat I'd love to see, but this is just a little baby step. Won't make a huge difference, but every new player that starts the game is usually confused by the chat channel naming. Would it be hard to rename the Freedom to whichever server we are actually on? If crossing servers, just create a chat entry, saying "welcome to "x" server!", so people can see what server the chat was coming from.
  4. I don't like the pay to win options, but I like the uniqueness of the idea. I participate in the existing system and enjoy it when I am available for a hunt/kill, but I think we need a major overhaul in some way.
  5. I think it was Ireland
  6. Just saw this on Reddit today and thought I would share:
  7. ^ this please. How strong is the cage? Will it hold uniques? Also, I wonder if this becomes a good way to stop the aging of hell horses, bred specifically for carts and wagons? I'm sure it isn't the intent, but it will get used that way, potentially.
  8. Just logged in and it is not happening on my cart above ground, but I tried a mine opening and it jumbled up my horses pretty good. They are now centered under me, but aiming backwards.
  9. I've relogged and the horses are fine, until I embark again, then this: Cart seems to work just fine. Just looks like I am mounted directly on the pair of horses wearing a cart. Edit: Doesn't happen to me with the Stable client.
  10. You guys are amazing! I'll do just that
  11. If you turn pretty trees off in your stable client, you have no way to turn back on in the unstable client, for that particular config. Puzzled me for a couple days.
  12. I would love to speak with the owner of Kes please. When he was one of my alts, I made a pair of wagons with him. Forgot to change ownership when I traded Kes. Thank you!
  13. Everyone has the issue. They haven't figured out how to solve this one yet. Free month Sub to the dev that solves this Probably a quicker project than trying to earn 10s ingame. Edit: Am I allowed to bribe devs to fix bugs? If not, I'll retract.
  14. I've done it before. Sends the message: Back off, mine mine! Edit: or drunk bidding.
  15. Always +1 for better decoration positioning!