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  1. Yeah, that sums it up. I can see where the fruit trees could have been the cause of this. In my house, I had Brazilian cherrywood floors. So maybe they just tried to keep everything uniform. But it just isn't needed and seems like a very easy tweak to resolve. I've made a ton of suggestions over the years and most require a significant amount of dev work, which generally removes it from consideration. This one has a shot
  2. yes! Exactly this. I go down to the lake with a pair of 5 gallon buckets to get water (in winter) for the toilets (for flushing). I can run down with empties, but when full, I can't run back. I can only walk slowly back. However, I could walk Faster if I really pushed myself, but I would end up splashing water all over myself and the ground. It would be a big fail to attempt going fast. So maybe add sprint, but for every second of sprinting, you have some inventory loss? JK. Nobody wants to have that feature! Reality is, I want to have go faster options ALL THE TIME. Anything that can make the game faster is fine by me. In WU, with mods, we can farm from our carts. Impractical in RL it would seem, but then look at any modern farm. They are farming from vehicles. So not really such a big stretch after all. Farming in WO is one of my least favorite things. Farming in WU, I do all the time, because the biggest hassle is gone. When you get up in the morning, think about logging into your game and if that game makes you heave a sigh, because of the mind numbing slow chores you have to do, it is entirely worth considering some QoL improvements.
  3. I like the part where he says this. Can we have more updates like this? Then can we just have two games? A PvP game and a PvE game? Then neither will be held back by the other. Could add all kinds of QoL to PvE and QoW (quality of war) to PvP. Just a thought. I know the answer, but I like to dream.
  4. What if we have a toggle for Sleep Bonus to either enable skill gain or action speed?
  5. And if we do get to a real overhaul on roofing, PLEASE do ceilings at the same time. Our fancy houses look like barns or storage buildings with their unfinished ceilings.
  6. Well, it doesn't do what I'd hoped. I tried that before adding my suggestion. Below are two pics. First is with the setting enabled and second is with it disabled.
  7. I personally "wood" like to see the material types as an option that could be enabled or disabled in settings. When you have your gear and know what it is, we don't need the extra info. Only during trades and treasure hunting would those really matter I suppose.
  8. Oak = Oakenwood Pine = pinewood Why? Do we not already know they are wood? It just makes the names longer and our inventory windows bigger to accommodate. I don't see iron items labeled as Pickaxe, ironmetal, so why for wood? Hey, you are deleting wood from the UI (Ironwood), so how about deleting it from our items too (please please please!)
  9. That is good to hear Sklo. My new WU server is running on a new nvme storage. I don't have many users though, but 50k critters and every click feels instant. I also run a Conan Exiles server from the same box and not a problem with either.
  10. Big fan of most of it. Not sure if the wheel barrow is needed, but not a bad idea. The rest is a huge QoL improvement. I really enjoy teraforming to and from containers on WU. So much less clicky than here in WO. Adding in the craft to and from containers would be amazing. There was a time when I thought it was fun to see how many alts I could run simultaneously making bricks, planks, mortar, etc. Now my fingers and mouse hand just get horribly fatigued. I have a ton of construction projects party done because I dread making more supplies. For those that really love constant clicking, maybe devs could make a mouse & keyboard rapid clicking mini game, designed to maximize mouse and finger joint wear.
  11. Etherdrifter.... I am speechless, so here is my speech: Thank you so much! I have been creating my own spreadsheet maps manually for about 7 years now, for all my deeds and mines. I've always had a disconnect between each deed cluster, because I just wasn't willing to count all the tiles between deeds to get them lined up perfectly. Now roads and tunnels between deeds will be flawless. Certainly over time, the surrounding map areas will change, but I'll be able to successfully cut and paste my edits into any future versions of these you happen to make. This is an exponential leap forward in my mapping capabilities and am so grateful for this! -Wurmhole
  12. But rotate would be great, if it isn't a feature already (much like the ladder openings). I don't use market stalls, but I do +1 the idea of loading them.
  13. UI scaling: Can each element of the UI be scaled individually? I have begged for a resizable craft window since day one and now would be the time to make it happen You know how wee can make tool belts, compasses and fight UIs large or small? More of that, but with more granular control of the sizes PLEASE oh PLEASE. I am super excited about the action key bind. Most other games I play work exactly like this. Use it to open a door, pick up a tool, chop a tree, etc. Chat tabs: Will we finally get a custom chat channel/tab so we can host group events that aren't just alliance, local or server? In-world Text: Can you make the tool tips, chat and emotes all look different? For the actual full client window, would it be at all possible to leave the upper left corner free of any interactions? I'm talking about the window frame, where the upper right has "- x" to minimize and close and the upper left has the Wurm "W". It used to be inert, but for the last year or two, you get a menu if you click there. Why do I ask? When you stack 10 clients on top of each other, you need a corner you can click on to select the window of the client you wish to use. There are a good number of players that run multiple clients (most players?) and that last update made it a bit more difficult to do so. Huge issue? No. Nice to have? You bet. http://prntscr.com/rxveyw