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  1. Pumpkin Fields looks fantastic by the way This looks like a great project and hope it benefits many. I'd add my name, but I haven't learned any recipes because I hate to cook.
  2. You are awesome! I feel like I can practically assemble a Pristine map out of all my hand drawn excel maping, but I do make mistakes, so this is fantastic. Harmony will be great as I can copy and paste my work right into this and have it complete going forward.
  3. Yeah. I do hope they make the call to go forward with it. We watch the world around get prettier and prettier, but our faces and shapes are still 1990s quality. In most games, they make a check box option to hide helmets, to see the pretty faces and hair styles. In Wurm, I don't think anyone has ever made that request. Your volunteer work is incredibly appreciated! One thing that comes to mind is the skins phase we are in. Lots of art development on that project, which is fun and makes for some really neat looking items, but could time and effort be pulled from that and focus it on character models I wonder? How about this VR fiasco? Shouldn't we at least have more realistic characters before anyone considers VR for this game? I think the way we look at our characters on Wurm is quite different than so many other games. In Wurm, characters tend to be a list of stats, rather than a visual representation. When I make a new character in Wurm, I usually just skip the customization process - a process I absolutely love in almost every other game I play. I sure hope Samool and dev team really do put it up on the road map. I can't think of anyone that would be sad to hear it
  4. Ok, now that I have been schooled on stealth, I'd like to point out that it would be pretty easy to pop out of stealth right before a death blow to the dragon, wouldn't it? Do you just click your stealth button to leave stealth mode? I guess the kill team should then always make sure the kills are in locked caves, to prevent a stealther from targeting the dragon? What if you just make it a team thing? Get everyone added to the team to qualify for drops? Isn't that pretty much what virtually all other games do?
  5. A player who has used the stealth option in the same place you would find your climb option. What the heck. Been in here for a decade and never realized it was there. I suppose if I'd ever tried PvP it might have been something I'd have looked into. I never get tired of learning how much I still don't know about this game.
  6. what is a stealthed player anyway?
  7. I am running Windows and get this exact same error on my crash. This crash just started about a week ago and I can't track down what changed to cause it. It is specific to me as my cousin is still able to log into the server. Additionally, I am able to log into other WU servers, but not my own. I connect for about 1 second then crash out. Edit: After a bit more work, I discovered I had some mods in my client: After removing all of it from my client mods folder, it let me into the server with no issues. I had no idea those were there as I do not ever remember playing with a client mod.
  8. I have burned all my social media, buried it, stabbed it, drowned it and then burned it again. Worst curse on the world today.
  9. I am pretty sure UI scale causes it. Also, I put it in client bugs months ago. I really do hope this gets fixed. For me, it mainly causes me to think my heavily used tool doesn't need repair, because I am accidentally hovering the mouse over the wrong one when looking for damage.
  10. This has happened a few times when I drop dirt under a light source.
  11. since I just spent hours gathering abandoned vehicles from around my deed group on Pristine and pushing them onto my lava, I support this feature! +1
  12. I have only ever bought 1 skin - sickle. I am going to get this and actually consider using a staff now. If the wings break off, I expect a refund.
  13. A full merge is the only kind that makes sense, if it is to be done. NFI skillers have pushed up their skills to similar levels to SFI, at least as far as crafting goes. Lots of 99s all over NFI. Prices have been dropping in NFI and have recovered quite a bit on SFI. It will very likely disrupt the high end craft businesses of both SFI and NFI a bit, but markets always change and it requires flexibility to adapt to the competition and continue earning your customer's business. How many players would quit vs how many would return? I believe you would get more returning players, who are interested in the new servers, but not interested in starting new characters all over again. Where I see the biggest boon for the game is in deeds. A merge would set off a pretty large scale run on deeding (I think), as players set up outposts on new servers available to them. I don't think there is much downside for Wurm in a merge. The biggest hit will be for players that have exclusive niches like the uniques markets. There are some very strong groups on both clusters, which may or may not be the same people, with multiple alts on both clusters, so it might not even matter that much there. SFI unique equipment will increase in value and NFI will drop. No question. But considering that the popultion of NFI is so much higher, the SFI unique gear will get snatched up with some pretty aggressive bidding. Is it time to merge? I don't really know. I have lots of deeds on both and lots of alts on both. I created a ton of new prems on NFI for the launch, but will only renew 4 when their subs expire. Same as the 4 I keep on SFI. I don't think that would change if they merged, because I don't like sailing between servers to work on projects, so I'd keep each group at their home base to work on what I have going in each place. I think I'd be fine with a merge now, but also fine with it happening in another year. But merging will happen eventually. PVP? I think this may be the biggest problem. Legacy PVPrs stats and tomes will unbalance PVP on NFI. I personally don't care for it at all, but that is a community that would get completely screwed. I think you would have to put a block on legacy players from using the NFI PvP portals. I see no issues with NFI players sailing to chaos though, but this isn't my area of experience.
  14. We need an overhaul on this archaic spell as well (like Genesis suggestion).
  15. With all the traits now, one quick change to genesis would sure take a ton of headaches out of AH. I call it a quick change, but I'm sure there would be a lot of UI work. Either way, it would be way more appreciated and far less work that silly VR.