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  1. Cheers:D

    You will always have a reserved box in the Opera House at Castle Island on Release.
  2. thank you both, I worked it out
  3. 1. Load frying pan with whole ginger, raspberries, barley dough 2. Lore: [20:12:48] Have you tried adding a fried meat? 3 add fried meat, feline 4. Lore: [20:12:54] The items inside do not make any known recipe. FWIW, started with whole ginger, Lore suggested raspberries, then dough, then fried meat.
  4. It doesn't appear to be entirely fixed. Gaffer just now picked up a Lustrous Quill and it isn't visible in inventory. [00:16:56] You get a Lustrous Quill. After relogging I now see it in inventory.
  5. That has got to be the sexiest map yet. I see you saved the best for last.
  6. Based upon archaeological evidence I propose renaming the canal at X41, Y3-Y32 from Brand Spankin New Canal to Paranor Canal, which is the name of the oldest canal related village I have discovered there so far.
  7. Do I understand correctly that character creation will proceed the same as always, the only difference being the presence of two new destination choices on the Haven portal?
  8. This happened to me yesterday when I mined out a rock tile. It was dark down there so I didn't notice the green color but I did notice the different texture.
  9. Browser UI freezes, details below. Before getting into the details I want to praise the work you have done. Version 3 is really first class, and being able to run it in a browser with no download is beyond first class. I added myself as a Patron and I urge other heavy users to do so if they are able. Program version: 3.1.0 in Chrome Browser How to reproduce: open Walls panel expand Fences What happened: The list of available Fences is displayed but an error popup is also displayed. After dismissing the popup the UI is frozen. Expected behavior: UI should not freeze
  10. The volumetric effects look great and the night sky is top notch! I doubt I will go mad looking for constellations but I likely will fast because that is what happens when Gaffer gets distracted. If possible it would be ideal to get the moons revolving in the same sense as Sol and the stars (as they did before the modern client release) too.
  11. When picking turmeric I got this message: [18:18:58] You aren't sure how that was growing in there. which appears to be an indication that an unplantable herb had been planted via an exploit fixed by the most recent hotfix. I was able to pick a turmeric but the planter transitioned to unplanted. I was able to pick the turmeric seed and replant in the same planter. Rosemary, woad, and lovage seem not to be affected.
  12. I could really use those gardening boxes on some of my flat roofs. If possible pretty please allow them not only above ground but also "indoors" for rooftop placement.
  13. More info - the large cart goes invisible upon disembarking. But not every time, though. I will continue to look for more clues for what is triggering it.
  14. This seems to be a new problem; there have always been infrequent cases of objects going invisible but this is happening frequently now. The problem occurs with hitched carts on upper storeys of multistorey houses. The hitched horses continue to render but the cart does not. I haven't been able to find the cart being rendered on any other storey above or below; it seems to not be rendered at all. Relogging shows the cart exactly where it should be. So far the cart has never disappeared while I have been embarked on it.
  15. First of all, THANK YOU for building and maintaining this tool! I feel fortunate to have been able to use it just the way it is. Really I couldn't ever have built anything at all ambitious without it. That having been said, I do find working with heights to be difficult and I make a lot of mistakes when doing it, but I don't have any positive suggestion for how to make it better. And rendering closer to the real in-game look (which can never be exact) would be nice, including shadows and being able to render for different times of day.