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  1. FWIW the stars are still rotating from west to east when they should be going north to south to be consistent with the motion of Sol. And the orbital planes of the moons differ greatly from those on the stable client (although I suppose that might be intentional). In case anyone cares.
  2. I noticed that the stars are rising in the East and setting in the West. That would be appropriate for Earth but it is incompatible with the motion of Sol in the sky of Wurm; it rotates around a point in the western sky.
  3. Am I the only person getting a Not Found response? It cleared up a while ago
  4. The .MAP file generated by Export from the village plan encodes pottery brick walls the same as wooden walls. The first sample below is an export showing a tile with wooden walls on all levels. Actually the walls on the two lower levels are pottery brick. The second sample shows the same tile as it was originally planned in DeedPlanner. Note that the lower story pottery brick walls are saved with a "pb" prefix. Export <tile height="-977.0" x="33" y="27"> <ground id="pl"/> <level value="0"> <hWall id="wArch"/> <vWall id="wArch"/> </level> <level value="1"> <hWall id="wArch"/> <vWall id="wArch"/> <floor id="wFloor" orientation="UP"/> </level> <level value="2"> <hWall id="wwWindow"/> <vWall id="wWall"/> <floor id="wFloor" orientation="UP"/> </level> <level value="3"> <roof id="wRoof"/> </level> </tile> DeedPlanner <tile caveHeight="5.0" caveSize="30.0" height="229.0" x="33" y="27"> <ground id="pl"/> <cave id="sw"/> <level value="1"> <hWall id="pbWindow" reversed="true"/> <vWall id="wArch" reversed="false"/> <Floor id="wFloor" orientation="RIGHT"/> </level> <level value="2"> <vWall id="wWall" reversed="false"/> <Floor id="wFloor" orientation="RIGHT"/> <hWall id="wwWindow" reversed="false"/> </level> <level value="3"> <roof id="wRoof"/> </level> <level value="0"> <vWall id="pbWindow" reversed="true"/> <hWall id="pblArch" reversed="false"/> </level> </tile>
  5. Well, the moons are moving apart now. Any risk of geological disturbance, which was probably low, is probably past. Be assured that your likelihood of dying in agony trapped in a collapsed mine is now barely any greater than usual. I will not publish any more forecasts for astronomical phenomena until some clarity emerges about the behavior of moons exhibited in the new client. And for that I have high hopes! Will we some day be able to pick out the constellations for which the Starfalls are named? Will tiny dim orbs, presumed sister planets to our own ,some discernable perhaps only by spyglass, wander slowly among the stars? Will fiery comets blaze in terrifying splendor across the sky? And what could it all mean to us lowly Wurm-bound beings? Will our Philosophers after diligent study compose tomes of Lore recording the effects these changes in the heavens necessarily must exert upon our daily lives?
  6. Three moons rising.
  7. Yes, please don't assume that other people will be able to get good screen shots. Wurm weather is terrible this time of year. If you get a good view please capture and share it. The moons have already bunched up pretty nicely and will continue to close in on each other for the next three hours or so. Just before sunrise is the best time to watch. One more thing - the moon motions are different on the unstable client so you will need to use the production client to view this conjunction.
  8. One more thing ... since the almanac is a container it must be empty to be sold on a merchant. What's that? Merchant. It's a ... never mind.
  9. +1, decay of loose pages seems reasonable but decay of pages bound into a book is just bizarre. Some of my reports already have 5 damage on them. These are items with an initial Q of 60, stored inside a book, that inside a chest, inside a house, on deed with full upkeep. I am pretty sure I wrote those reports on paper rather than slabs of raw meat. Even the cheapest, most acidic paper takes years to brown. I own paperback books more than 30 years old, of the cheapest construction, with perhaps "10 damage" on them. Generally I like the almanac mechanic and would enjoy more of the same. Animal husbandry, butchering, mining/prospecting, astronomy, mapmaking; you name the subject and I will be right there with ink, paper, and pen to make a book for it. Just please remove or greatly reduce damage on bound pages.
  10. It has come to our attention that some Wurmians are feeling anxiety about this simple astronomical occurrence. We astronomers here at the University feel compelled to assure everyone that this unusual conjunction will probably not precipitate the end of the world. It is simply a matter of some large rocks orbiting in space. Aligning their gravitational masses so as to induce freakish distorting tidal forces of unprecedented strength upon the crust of our planet. Really there is hardly any danger at all of rupture or ... more severe consequences. And besides, if worst should indeed come to worst, our Philosophers remind us that death, be it even the most protracted and agonizing, gasping for thinning air as enormous volcanic fissures gape and the ground crumbles from beneath one's feet, is merely a new beginning.
  11. This is coming up in less than a week. This one ought to be really spectacular with all three of the moons within a diameter of one another.
  12. Reduced decay for structures on a highway seems like it could be used to maliciously prevent deed expansion and/or make areas near highways undeedable. Such activity is of course possible now but no need to make it worse.
  13. The way I see it, underground bridges provide alot of the benefits of true 3D mines. Got a dropshaft problem? That's no problem, that's an awesome chasm crying out to be bridged! Now please we need wizard hats and robes so we can stand on our bridges and shout at champion lava fiends "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!"
  14. I hear ducks all the time, they must lay eggs somewhere.
  15. +1, and perhaps make some resource(s) forageable in marsh. Maybe crayfish or waterfowl eggs. "You find crayfish!"