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  1. PLEASE MOVE TO CLIENT BUGS I have a lantern with the Seekers skin applied. The lantern is bright when I hold it in inventory and noticeably less bright when dropped on the floor, which I think is intended. But when the lantern is placed upon any other object the flame becomes extremely dim, as if the flame is about to go out (the same appearance as when it is snuffed). I have tried picking it up and re-placing it, and also snuffing and re-lighting it.
  2. Camouflage Dragon

    Good question! At Gobblin Hut be assured that we follow strict sanitation protocols that include throwing out ingredients at the first sign of mold.
  3. Camouflage Dragon

    The management of Gobblin Hut approves the color of this dragon.
  4. I will be heading over there shortly to fire up the ovens at Gobblin Hut for those who need an affinity meal to boost crafting beforehand.
  5. At village Kush on Release I pushed a small square table through a double door into underground house "Catacombs Gate". The table visually teleported to the surface and now I cannot access it.
  6. I am reasonably convinced that marsh did at one time spread (as recently as the early days of the Release server) but I haven't seen any evidence of it in the past several years. Assuming it ever existed the mechanic appears to be broken, disabled, or configured to happen with negligible probability. I wonder if "spread to grass or dirt" is a behavior that at one time was assigned to both steppe and marsh but is now assigned only to steppe.
  7. iKlops

    Just a short slog through the swamp away, Gobblin Hut will be celebrating its Grand Opening! Prior to the slaying, restaurant owner and kitchen manager Gaffer "Saucier" Boffin will be cooking 90Q meals to fill up your CCFP and nutrition. Custom affinity meals will be made as time allows for attendees who are crafting before the fight. At Gobblin Hut the risk of food poisoning is practically negligible - we don't know the meaning of the word Salmonella! Besides, we throw out the salmon at the first sign of mold. So come on down and stuff your gut at Gobblin Hut! "It's Gobblin Good!"
  8. I put out construction markers delineating a proposed connection between the highways at K9 and M9. The existing single lane roads between those points are patchy and they zig zag due to having been laid out before the introduction of diagonal paving. The proposed replacement is an actual highway consisting of two long north/south segments connected by a short diagonal. The nearest properties are: Fort Ticonderoga (Mayor Quelon) Crazy Eights (Supreme Overlord Ausimus) Ariandel (Mayor Wallstreet) Please contact me with any concerns about this project.
  9. Meadhalla!

    I streamed the event; a recording of it will remain up for about 2 weeks --
  10. I was cutting grass with a sickle on deed on the Cadence server. Not sure whether the crash occurred when clicking on a tile or during the harvesting operation. UPDATE: Got an identical traceback shortly after walking out of my house. I wasn't performing any action at the time. So movement may be relevant and cutting grass is probably not. [21:19:00] Execution aborted at connection 1, iteration 65916 [21:19:00] Run time 31m, local time Tue Oct 27 21:19:00 CDT 2020 [21:19:00] Destroying game window [21:19:00] ====== CLIENT CRASH ====== [21:19:00] Unexpected crash while playing [21:19:00] java.lang.NullPointerException [21:19:00] at class.Z4qnGtGM6r.fgtPPuD8uC(SourceFile:5825) [21:19:00] at class.eGS5OUCxBY.iHOS3zg1KL(SourceFile:918) [21:19:00] at class.r0noDXaeyh.FZOk5L6Gfy(SourceFile:243) [21:19:00] at com.wurmonline.client.WurmClientBase.hzBVpzQFBz(SourceFile:11430) [21:19:00] at [21:19:00] at Source)
  11. When a satchel occupies a toolbar slot, activated items inside the satchel used to be visually overlaid on the satchel icon. This no longer occurs. How to reproduce: 0. Bind number key to a toolbelt slot. I use number 3 myself. 1. Place satchel in toolbelt slot. 2. Put seeds (for example) in satchel. 3. Press the key bound to the satchel slot. This activates one of the seeds in the satchel. 4. Observe that the satchel icon is not updated to show the activated item.
  12. New construction pieces sound exciting! Any chance we can get a plastered skin for interior walls? And ceilings? Particularly on the top story where the walls don't go all the way up to the roof. And more rustic looking skin for thatched roof could be a very popular upgrade to an existing asset.
  13. Cheers:D

    You will always have a reserved box in the Opera House at Castle Island on Release.