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Found 214 results

  1. 10% DISCOUNT THIS WEEKEND ONLY!!! We offer all Libila and Vynora enchants. We also offer custom casting on your already made items, although this is done at your risk. There is a much higher chance of your item shattering if it is low quality. Our priests have over 70 channelling. Payment Options: Silver is preffered payment method. Sleep powder at a rate of 1 sleep powder = 1.5s Gems at a rate of 1.5c/per 1q Services Offered: Blacksmithing up to 75 Quality Weaponsmithing up to 75 Quality Carpentry up to 70 Quality Leatherworking up to 60 Quality Chainsmithing up to 80 Quality Logs up to 75 Quality Masonry Goods up to 70 Quality(Pickup only for Forges/Ovens/Smelters) Platesmithing up to 50 Quality Cloth Tailoring up to 70 Quality Libila and Vynora Enchantments!(Magranon and Fo Coming Soon!) Bulk Ore, Wood, Flowers and Clay/Tar/Peat Note: All bulk orders that cannot bemailed to be picked up from Asgard L8/9 Cadence or one of our Alliance deeds Ships(Coming Soon!) Flat Rate BOTD Pricing! This spell is the equivalent of wind of ages/circle of cunning in one spell. 3c per power up to 39 40-49 Cast for just 1.00s 50-59 Cast for just 2.50s 60-69 Cast for just 4.00s 70-79 Cast for just 6.00s 80-89 Cast for just 8.00s STOCK (All blades and heads can be attached and imped for you to your desired quality for the appropriate price): Butchering Knives(Blades) 47 BOTD - 1.00s 48 BOTD - 1.00s 61 COC - 1s Carving Knives(Completed): 50.97QL 72 BOTD - 6.50s 61.38QL 43 COC - 1.00s Carving Knives(Blades): 48 BOTD - 1.00s 50 BOTD - 2.50s 53 BOTD - 2.50s 54 BOTD - 2.50s 69 BOTD - 4.00s 70 BOTD - 6.00s 44 COC - 50c Chisels(Blades): 57 BOTD - 2.50s Fine Meditation Rugs: 39.84QL 64 BOTD - 4.50s 40.81QL 44 BOTD - 2.00s 40.98QL 48 BOTD - 2.00s 50.08QL 47 BOTD - 2.50s 50.47QL 49 BOTD - 2.50s Grooming Brush(Oak) 45 BOTD - 1.00s 46 BOTD - 1.00s 47 BOTD x3 - 1.00s 54 BOTD - 2.50s 57 BOTD - 2.50s 59 BOTD x2 - 2.50s 65 BOTD - 4.00s 66 BOTD - 4.00s 67 BOTD - 4.00s 69 BOTD - 4.00s Hammer(Heads): 45 BOTD - 1.00s 50 BOTD - 2.50s 55 BOTD - 2.50s 61 BOTD x 2 - 4.00s 63 BOTD - 4.00s 64 COC - 1s Hatchet(Heads): 44 BOTD - 1.00s 47 BOTD - 1.00s 52 BOTD - 2.50s 55 BOTD - 2.50s 59 BOTD - 2.50s 70 BOTD - 6.00s Iron Lump(Activate and combine with more iron to keep enchant) 93 BOTD - 10.00s 80 BOTD - 8.00s 70 BOTD - 6.00s 66 BOTD - 4.00s 65 BOTD x 2 - 4.00s 63 BOTD - 4.00s 52 BOTD - 2.50s 51 BOTD 2.50s 47 BOTD - 1.00s 46 BOTD - 1.00s 43 BOTD - 1.00s 41 BOTD - 1.00s Mallets(Oak): 57.12QL 33 COC - 50c 52.34QL 43 COC - 1.00s 52.07QL 56 COC - 1.50s 57.73QL 61 COC - 2.50s Meditation Rug: 40.32QL 77 BOTD - 6.50s Pickaxe(Heads): 49 BOTD - 1.00s 50 BOTD - 2.50s 51 BOTD - 2.50s 52 BOTD - 2.50s 67 BOTD - 4.00s 49 COC - 50c 52 COC - 50c 53 COC - 50c Rake(Blades): 45 BOTD - 1.50s 48 BOTD - 1.50s 52 BOTD - 2.50s 59 BOTD - 2.50s 60 BOTD - 4.00s 78 BOTD - 6.00s Shovel(Blades): 67 BOTD - 4.00s 68 BOTD - 4.00s 73 BOTD - 6.00s 37 WOA - 30c 37 WOA - 30c 40 WOA - 40c 42 WOA - 40c 47 WOA - 40c 50 WOA - 50c 68 WOA - 70c 85 WOA - 4.00s 63 COC - 1.50s 67 COC - 2.00s 82 COC - 4.50s Steel Hatchet Head 93 BOTD - 10.00s 85 BOTD - 8.00s 81 BOTD - 8.00s 80 BOTD 8.00s 77 BOTD - 6.00s 63 BOTD - 4.00s 62 BOTD - 4.00s 60 BOTD - 4.00s 57 BOTD - 2.50s 56 BOTD - 2.50s 55 BOTD - 2.50s 48 BOTD - 1.00s 46 BOTD - 1.00s Steel Shovel Blade 86 BOTD - 8.00s 80 BOTD - 8.00s 72 BOTD - 6.00s 71 BOTD - 6.00s 68 BOTD - 4.00s 66 BOTD - 4.00s 62 BOTD - 4.00s 60 BOTD - 4.00s 53 BOTD - 2.50s 51 BOTD x 2 - 2.50s 47 BOTD - 1.00s 46 BOTD - 1.00s 42 BOTD - 1.00s Steel Pickaxe Head 80 BOTD - 8.00s 79 BOTD - 6.00s 75 BOTD - 6.00s 69 BOTD - 4.00s 66 BOTD - 4.00s 62 BOTD - 4.00s 60 BOTD - 4.00s 59 BOTD - 2.50s 56 BOTD - 2.50s 55 BOTD x 3 - 2.50s 51 BOTD - 2.50s 50 BOTD - 2.50s 47 BOTD - 1.00s 44 BOTD - 1.00s 43 BOTD - 1.00s Small Anvils: 43 BOTD - 1.00S 46 BOTD - 1.00S 52 BOTD - 2.50S 54 BOTD - 2.50S 59 BOTD - 2.50S 61 BOTD - 4.00s 65 BOTD - 4.00s Trowel(Blades) 38 WOA - 40c Whetstones: 91.38ql 51 BOTD - 2.00S 91.38QL 52 BOTD - 2.00S 91.38QL 54 BOTD - 2.00S 88.47QL 60 BOTD - 4.00s 87.19QL 71 BOTD - 6.00s 86.47QL 64 BOTD - 4.00s 85.42QL 60 BOTD - 4.00s 85.31QL 59 BOTD - 2.50s Blacksmithing: Weapon Smithing(Iron/Silver): Carpentry: Leather Working: Pottery: Masonry: Cloth Tailoring: Enchants Available: Bulk Goods:
  2. Hello and welcome to Dragon Beard Markets, your friendliest one stop shopping experience in wurm online! Here at D.B.M. there are really only a few things i do not do *yet. Those services are mainly Chain Smithing and over 70q Jewelry Smithing. Other then that you can find almost any Tool, Weapon, Shield, Armor, Custom Cast, and many other services right here on this thread! With my constant service expansions, it seems my old Dragon Beard Markets thread is getting to large to successfully update to a single post anymore as a result i am trying this new format out, basically breaking the thread into multiple posts. Update 4/13/2020: My Vynora Priest now has his Benediction, as a result ive now added a rate for 95+ Power Vynora Spells! Each section below lists the relevant spells that can now be cast to 95+! Most of my work these days are custom jobs, as a result im moving away from keeping pre-casted items in stock and going to custom orders. Since that's typically what I do anyway turn around time for any custom item its almost always a couple hours to a day tops unless there is a large job Q. As a result many pre-casted items are going on sale as of today! All Pre-casted items in the: "Tools, Meditation Rugs and Toolbelts" category are 50% off listed prices. "Pelts and Whetstones" UNDER 100q are 50% off listed prices. 100q stones and pelts are 25% off listed price. "Weapons and Shields" are 25% off listed prices. My Relevant Skills: Customer Bonuses! ALL customers who post a review will be entered in the monthly drawing for a chance to win 3 Silver NOW 4 Silver in store credit, or 2 Silver NOW 3 Silver in Coin! You, the customer keep this thread alive with your feedback. I try not to artificially bump it myself. Shatter Insurance: I will replace standard material Weapons, Tools, Shields, and Armor pieces I can produce up to 90q at no cost to you, as long as said item being casted on is 80q or better. I may replace lower Q items at my discretion but its not implied. Sadly rare+ items cannot be replaced except with a standard tool, nor will I replace any cast not from the current order. NO ONE ELSE OFFERS THIS TO MY KNOWLEDGE No extra cost to you if I turn your item rare+ during imp! I never queue imp actions and only use the best rare+ 95q+ tools to imp with. To maximize the chances of your item turning rare+ I pay COD on all orders! (With very few exception). 10% off purchases of any 5 or tools or more. (excluding items already on special and new suits of armor witch already contain a suit discount over per piece). 10% off re-imps for all Weapons, Shields, Suits of Armor and Bows that were made by Dragon Beard Markets. (Signature of VirusMD or Tulemees) You never pay for an overcast on custom casts! If you ask for 80-84 range, and get 100 you pay the 80-84 rate! All non Gold/Silver/Electrum crafting for Weapons, Shields, Bows, and Suits of armor is free if your item is being imped by Dragon Beard Markets! All Imps are rounded up to the next material imp (greater q than of 80.01 and done). All weapon work come with a free demise cast of choice. Mends are now free all the time! (see spoiler) To place any orders please try to PM me first @ "VirusMD" or my alt "Tulemees" if neither are available please leave your request here or Forum DM me @VirusMD. There are NO other authorized points of contact for Dragon Beard Markets. Payment Options: Silver Coins, Drake Hide bits, Labor/Materials Trade.
  3. Weapon blacksmithing Plate smithing(per peice) Chain(per piece Jewelry Shield smithing 60ql 10c 10c 10c 10c 10c 10c 70ql 15c 15c 15c 15c 15c 15c 80ql 45c 40c 40c 40c 40c 40c 90ql 75c 70c 75c 75c N/a N/a Currently only iron unless we can figure something out. I can do above 90 but just message me and we'll figure out prices. Always mail to Viremental
  4. minimum bid 5s, buyout without bidding for 15s. 1 hour sniper protection
  5. Jasiek's Leatherworks Contact in game: Jasiek Location: Independence, Krotharin (S10) Mail: Buyer pay COD Merchant: Placed in Glasshollow Public Market - Central Market. Feel free to contact me in game or here to get more info! Every order is individual! Every stuff can be imped up to 93ql - ask aboute price if you are intrested. Studded Leather Sets Toolbelts: 50ql - 35c (or 5c pp) 15c 60ql - 60c (or 9c pp) 25c 70ql - 95c (or 12c pp) 35c 80ql - 1,4s (or 20c pp) 55c 90ql - 2,7s (or 35c pp) 95c 91ql - 4,1s (or 50c pp) 92ql - 5,4s (or 65c pp) 93ql - 6,3s (or 75c pp) ~ There is possibility to mix ql of studded parts - for more details and prices pm me ~ Horse equipment: Saddles Bridles Bardings 50ql - 10c 10c 25c 60ql - 15c 15c 35c 70ql - 35c 35c 45c 80ql - 55c 55c 70c 90ql - 1,4s 1,45s x Special Zone Others: Containers (40ql) - backpack/quiver/waterskin - 6c Animal rugs (50ql) lion/bear/wolf - 15c Armor improving - pm me with details of armor ql to get the price Alternative payment methods: Sleep powder - 75c Referral - 5,5s Buying: Drake Hide - 30c per 0,01
  6. New Waterdeep Tannery, Armorer, and Equine Trade *All items made to order from D19, Northern Xanadu, South of Quarry's Canal* Stock Includes: Leather Goods: Saddles (no enchantment): Creation ql - 5c 50ql - 15c 60ql - 20c 70ql - 35c Bridles and Saddle Bags: 30ql - 10c Toolbelts: 50ql (5 slots) - 15c 60ql (6 slots) - 20c 70ql (7 slots) - 35c Leather Armor (studded or plain)(single piece): 50ql - 5c 60ql - 10c 70ql - 15c Leather Armor (studded or plain) (complete set): 50ql - 30c 60ql - 50c 70ql - 75c Horse Shoes and Tools: Horse Shoes (full set of 4 shoes): 50ql - 30c 60ql - 50c Blacksmithed tools (not bladed) 50ql - 10c 60ql - 20c Plate Armour Smithing: Plate helm (iron)(any style): 50ql - 15c 60ql - 20c 70ql - 35c 80ql - 50c Plate helm (steel)(any style) 50ql - 30c 60ql - 40c 70ql - 50c 80ql - 70c Complete Plate Armour Set (iron) 50ql - 60c 60ql - 75c 70ql - 90c 80ql - 1s 25c Complete Plate Armour Set (steel) 50ql - 90c 60ql - 1s 70ql - 1s 50c 80ql - 2s Equine Services: 5 Speed Trait Horses - 15c With Delivery to any coastal deed (not Chaos) - 30c 5 Speed Trait Hell Horses - 40c With Delivery to any coastal deed (not Chaos) - 60c *Inventory of horses as well as color selection may vary. Order in advance to ensure a timely delivery* *Any item sold above is eligible for re-improvement at a pro-rate based on the difference between current ql and ql desired. Please send /tell for quote* *Prices are subject to change at any time and for any reason*
  7. need some nice ethnic armor - Viking - making the axe great again, Samurai - make the sword great again , Aboriginal (for Fo priest) Make Sickles great again, and so on...
  8. Current Backstock: *Prices are now listed in the item's rename where possible. *All weapons can be (re)cast with the demise of buyer's choice, free of charge. *Blacksmithing items can be imped to 90QL for an additional fee. Don't see what you're looking for? I take custom orders for rares! Vynora Casting Services: Don't have the coin? I accept trades!
  9. I was killed last night. attempting to recover body to resume sale Knarr still available
  10. We have an armour stand and a wardrobe, but I use shields and I have to travel with several, and ofcourse there has to be spares, would be a nice addition to an armory room......a shield stand or rack..........and yes sometimes I still train with my birchwood shield
  11. MEGA SALE If an item is not priced make me an offer via pm or in this forum. Happy to negotiate with reasonable offers.
  12. 99QL 4.10 damage and it has 79aosp
  13. Selling a red dragon HOTA for 30s, 30 Euros, or $35 via Verified Paypal, free coastal delivery: Selling silver coins at 1S=1Euro=$1.17 via Verified Paypal, 136 silver currrently available.
  14. Not really sure if this has been brought up on the suggestion thread, from what I've seen there are scraps and bits of this idea posted all around but my idea is simple and quite good for the overall game experience. Ready? Add clothes that grant a %bonus to crafting and skills. Sounds weird? Think about it for a second. A blacksmith's apron that grants you a max of 5% bonus to all smithing branches at 90ql, starting with a 1% bonus at 50ql. These numbers are just a sketch in my mind right now to give you a baseline for such an approach. Or a woodcutter's chequered shirt (stereotypical much? ) that grants you a bonus to your woodcutting skill. A wizard's robes for priests that give you a bonus against physical attacks and to your channeling skills. The sky is the limit on this one. Think about the fact that clothes right now are quite useless in the game, except for the aesthetic purpose. If this were to be implemented , cloth tailoring will become a major skill in the game and people will work on making lots of clothing sets specific to each task. Some farmer's workclothes for farming, or an archer's tunic that gives him a small boost to damage/accuracy/defence against ranged weps, you name it. It will also help out those people who hit 70-80 in some skills and want to get to 90. This game is all about small bonuses that stack with each other, so I really do hope this idea won't get barreled down in the mosh pit of forgotten threads. Also, to promote fairness, those clothing sets should experience a minor rate of decay as you use them. Using a miner's clothing set for example, should slightly decay the more you mine due to wear and tear, dust, humidity and so on. There are a lot of games out there with various pieces of clothing granting small bonuses to skills/traits/stats/etc. Why not in Wurm ? I believe this will be an excellent addition to the game and hope to see it in the near future. Small list of examples . Chef's and bakers uniform Miner's kit (made by using leatherworking) Blacksmiths apron (leatherworking) Carpenter's set with a toolbelts strapped around the waist Fisherman's overalls Hunter's jerkin (made with furs and leather, and maybe a hood) Digger's duds (sleeveless shirt and baggy pants) Alchemical accoutrements (some mystical/grunge/stained robes for those hermits that dabble in the occult arts of making paint) Gardener's garb Tailor's threads ............and whatever strikes your fancy So what do you guys think? Would you like to get these little suckers into the game and have some nice crafting bonuses?
  15. Title says it all. Both pieces are 73 quality and blue. Hoping to get around 36 silver for them.
  16. Auctioning enough Blue Drake Hide to make a full set. 3.24kg. Good opportunity to get a set with your own signature. Start bid: 80s Minimum increments: 1s 1h sniper protection No reserve Buy out: 120s
  17. With the new changes to the metal properties, does this change apply to Studded Lether armor as well. The wiki has not been updated in a year, I checked that before asking the question in case it was answered there.
  18. Shiny, golden plate armor set. QL 81. PM Apotheon or post offers, please
  19. I have a Supreme Iron Great Helm that I've imped to 71QL and am hoping to get about 15s for it. PM me in game on either Bdckoolaid, Holykoolaid, or Borneas in that order of priority ;D and we can discuss the price as well as any further questions you may have.
  20. It would be for Plate armour smiths better to add new thing to reach like Damascus steel which you would be required to combine all the metals that you can mine from regular veins (Wogic = iron+tin+copper+zinc+gold+silver = Damascus steel). And remove Iron plate armours that just makes all the plate armour smiths that are out there think they had golden shower on them. But if not removing could be changed to bigger difference in DEF between steel and iron plate armours.
  21. Hello Wanting to sell; <Sold in-game to `Johnnyrascal`>
  22. I am selling white drake sets with caps unimproved. ~20QL Buy the best LW grinding experience of your whole life in Wurm Online. Where to pickup? Pickup at Blossom on Pristine! How much? NOT SELLING ATM What's drake armor?? Drake hide is the best leatherworking based armor existing in Wurm. Its protection rating is equal with plate, yet more vulnerable to cutting and piercing than chain armor. Drake hide armor has the lowest penalty to attack speed and walking speed (16.97km/h on cobble) and is very lightweight. How does drake armor look like? © Kristel taken by Lotte
  23. 85ql rare chain coif 2s
  24. ALL PICKUPS HAPPEN ON MY DEED LOREWOOD IN H23 SOUTHEAST OF SUMMERHOLT Horseshoe Set #1 - 4s Other things for sale - 4.5s - 5.5s - 3s - 1s - 1.4s - 2s - 75c - 1.5s - 80c - 1s - 70c - 6s Armorsmithing Potion - 1s each Mining Potion - 2.5s - 3s Valentines pottery - 1s each or 2.5 for all 3 Birdcage, brass - 2s each Jenn Kellon tall kingdom banner x7 - 1s each (pickup only) Boar vs Dogs Statue - 7s (pickup only) 6,600 Rock Shards - 6s with crates included (22 large crates - pickup only) 3,471 Clay - 3s (1 bsb pickup only) BUZZ BUZZ! (Pickup ONLY) 11x Noisy Beehive QL80 - 2s each 1x Active Beehive QL 81 - 1s Kinds of milk/honey (there is a 10c mailing fee for small barrels, please order accordingly) Sheep Milk (Small Barrel, Sealed) - 20c each Cow Milk (Small Barrel, Sealed) - 20c each Buffalo Milk (Small Barrel, Sealed) - 20c each Honey (Small Barrel, Sealed) 80 QL - 30c each Maple Syrup (Small Barrel, Sealed) - 30c each Meats - Offers in PM only please QL 80 QL 90 QL 100 Lo QL SPROUTS! 1c each (discounted in large orders (pickup only)) PS: Please ask how much of what is available, this picture only gets updated once I run out of a certain sprout, thanks