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  1. Name Change Tokens

  2. Name Change Tokens

    I agree a lot of accounts do change hands a lot and many people go along time (sometimes years) between playing the game, so there is kind of a loss in community feel anyways. I think this may add some benefit, also lets not forget that peoples tastes change over the years as we get older and some one who may have named there character years ago may not really like the name now, but does not want to start over and so their interest may wain or they may only get on the character 1-3 times a year. How would this kind of play add to the community when maybe if they got a name change instead they may be on everyday because now they actually like there characters again.
  3. Name Change Tokens

    I want constructive options on this please. I was thinking either the Store or Traders could sell change name tokens, this way if people wanted to change their names they could, especially if they have had them for years and want a change without having to make new character. This could also be restricted to only being done once a year or so. Let me know what you all think of this idea.
  4. Dirt to Stone Wand or Orb

    I know it could be exploited on the PvP servers but if that is the case we could have something that just works on Freedom then, not sure. I was trying to come up with an idea that would help to where we didn't have so many cliffs from people trying to uncover the stone. Heck I would be ok if it was even a priest spell that could do it. I understand we have spells like erupt and freeze but not really sure if that would be good honestly, don't know many who actually cast those spells.
  5. Dirt to Stone Wand or Orb

    do you think the aspects of the wand of the sea would work and just make it to where it turns a certain amount of area into rock? dont know much about the wand since not much is mentioned about it.
  6. Dirt to Stone Wand or Orb

    yes it would be like the transmutation liquid in that it changes all the tiles under the first tile the liquid is used on except it would turn dirt into rock instead of like dirt to clay.
  7. Dirt to Stone Wand or Orb

    I was thinking it would just work on the tile and the ones under it so it could be usable
  8. I don't know if this is something that was already thought of but discarded so here goes. I want a wand or orb or something that can turn dirt to stone. It can be sold by the traders and go for between 5-50 silver per tile if anything, then maybe we can have places that are not shear cliffs on the PvE server because people dug out looking for stone. I think this would help the game a lot after all I know I cant be the only one that has fallen in to random pits because people dug for stone and never put the dirt back, this could help with some server problems (I think at least).
  9. Chicken Coops

  10. Priest overhaul testing

    So can Fo please get the WoA spell at least as an enchant since it can be used on saddles and horse shoes so it would make sense for him.
  11. Chicken Coops

  12. I know there is a rod of transmutation that is for miners since it changes metal types in mines and such but could we get something that is the same price but changes ground types like dirt to clay or clay to something. I know there is the fluid but most don't need a lot of things changed and so can't see trying to get the skill up to make it and there are also other special things with it that make it hard to sell. The traders could sell them for 50 silver just like the other ones are being sold for.
  13. Priest overhaul testing

    I am sorry but the last couple of pages seems to have turned into an LT debate instead of constructive feedback about the overall priest overhaul. What doe people think would make the priests better without talk of LT for a while. Some people have come up with good suggestions. I thought that it may be a good time to go through the thread and see who came up with some good stuff and maybe give it a thumbs up so people could compare and maybe get more ideas that may help the Devs. ALSO I THINK THE LT HORSE IS DEAD PLEASE LET IT REST IN PEACE.
  14. Priest overhaul testing

    having one class that can craft everything and enchant everything doesn't make sense. if you failed to read my post before priests would be the best in every aspect of the game if they were able to imp. you haven't fixed the problem with that you've just shifted it around slightly. Then look at the post by Roccandil and my reply and see if that would make priests more open to different play styles while making sure they were not Op because they would work like the rest of Wurm does.