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  1. +1 this needs to so be in the game
  2. Please let there be an option to use the "level" ability when surface mining on Freedom servers. The already have this option for dirt, sand, clay and using cement in mines, they need the same option for terraforming rock so people can terraform better.
  3. Ok I am not talking about the alts that are premium nor the priest alts, what gets me going is the alts that are never prim'd and are use for bulk items as slave labor. No one benefits from this honestly, if you want to prim your alt then fine go for it but dont just have them so you can use them to make as much silver as possible and undercut other sellers because you can have 10 alts making bricks and such. In my opinion this is what killed most of the market on the old server.
  4. I am a veteran player and have been playing for 5 yrs, I have seen what an economy made of alts is like and it sucks. That was one main reason I was happy to see it coming out on Steam since they only allow one character on at a time. I was hopping they would fix the old server to do the same but sadly that is not true. Unfortunately the new Steam community is going to go the same way as the old community in that the economy will be over ran with alts and people will leave the game again because they cant keep up to joe smo and his 16 alts.
  5. I agree they need to fix the alt problem, either make it to where you can have only one character on each server so they can help friends on other servers but either way only one character on at a time per client. So if you are on the Steam client you can have a character on at the same time as a character that is on the old client. But only one character on at a time per client.
  6. I am sad to say that you can't have alts on at the same time as your main character if you do Steam. I think to reflect the fairness and what was hoped for when the new servers came out, I think the old client need to not be able to have alts on it at the same time as well. Otherwise this puts new players on the Steam servers at a disadvantage and makes the Steam client less appealing to players. Also I hate to say it but alts do kind of destroy economies as not one want to pay for labor if their computer can just handle more accounts at the same time. I know old time players may think this is a bad idea but please leave constructive comments and suggestion on how do fix this issue or the new servers may end up looking like the old servers do in any a few months.
  7. I went to get a premium reward from my deed token and all I see is the marks I have but I don't see anything I could buy with those marks. What do I do since I need a shaker orb?
  8. I made a lot of campfire so I could do ash and they are not giving ash when they go out. I did check by dropping 4 other items on the same tile to create a pile of stuff to see if it was hiding and it was not in the pile of stuff
  9. I think the idea to treat it like epic would be a great way to help players. I am like many and have an attachment to my original character. We could treat the new servers like a new adventure for them and they would have to start over in this new land. We did it for Jackel and other places, why not here. This way the change may not be so hard on a lot of the players since they can take their original characters and visit the new lands.
  10. well that really has no bearing on the concrete issue. I still think changing the concrete to say -35 or -40 would be best for all then people have more options. Who knows it might help the economy some as well.
  11. I don't see why the dev's complained that the player gods made the old gods watered down and that it is time to return to the lore of the old god. What lore? There really isn't a story or lore in the game, unless you hunt in the forum for it and let face it people are not going to go do that really. Now if there were quests or stuff that told the story in the game, then the switch would make more sense, but there isn't any of that either so I don't see what "lore" the dev's would be wanting to get back to honestly. May be someone can enlighten us since the game has had a lot of features that seem to be slated to be taken out that have been here since the start of the game and are now (over 12yr later) being addressed. I mean shouldn't these have already been addressed if they needed to be fixed unless no one really knows how they actually want the game to function. It sounds like the dev's tried to placated too many players that are not here any more and are now doing the changes since the players are gone. I think they are trying to fix it all and hope the new Steam release will get the player base they want since all the new changes may kill the existing player base for the most part. After all those on Steam will play the game and many may not even be aware of the baggage that came with the game that existing player know about. Basically it feels like they are trying to make the Steam release a "clean slate" and not caring to much about the existing player base. I mean how long have we been gripping about concrete and that still didn't get fixed and chicken coops where ask for for more than 4 yrs and finally got that done but have to have a Carpentry skill of 60 to be made, I mean really 60! I could go on but it seems like the dev's are preparing for the Steam release and not caring to much about the existing players, it almost seems like they are hoping to replace them with Steam people and try to restart the game like a new Grand Opening. I feel like the Wurm Online now was just over 12yrs of testing for the game they actually want to release on Steam. Will we face the same fate as WU, where it will end up becoming to much to keep the original WO and Steam updated at the same time and so they will just go with the new and shiny compared to the old and broken? I was thinking about going to try the Steam stuff but now I am not so sure.
  12. Congrats Wulfgar and welcome to the team. So about that concrete.....it would count as a quality of life fix if we could get it to -35 or -40 instead of -25. I know it has been one of those things that a lot of players have complained about but lived with since it did not seem to be important to the devs. Do you think we may be able to fix this or add something that can help people with deed projects that are below -25? All it would mean is finding the class/program in the overall programming (unless it is indexed) and changing the variables to go to -35 or -40 instead of -25.
  13. So only 3 more days till Christmas, does anyone else have any ideas? I know they probably won't happen this year but they could be ideas for next year as well. Post what you think or hope for as a Christmas present.
  14. I would be willing to give up on this idea if they would just change the values for concrete, I know I am not the only one who thinks this needs to be done. As a programmer, it would be easy to change the values of concrete and then people would have more options for doing their deeds. I know from reading in the forums that I am not the only one who has ran into this problem and would love to see it fixed so I could do more with my deed. Also I don't want to move because I love where my deed is and I like the people around me, if I moved then I would not be around my "community".