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  1. Concrete in Water

    I just wanted something that could be used to raise rock tiles underwater that are deeper then the -25 slope. I don't think I am the only one either, I have read other posts where people where complaining that the concrete needed to be able to go further underwater. They weren't making it a suggestion, just commenting on another post. So I decided to see what others though as a suggestion since I am doing a long term project and ran into a few small area that are lower than the -25 slope under water.
  2. Concrete in Water

    Could we get concrete to be usable at maybe -40 so we can raise rock tiles farther? We could make it to where it is usable only on PvE if people don't want it on PvP. You would still have to clear all the dirt to raise the rock like normal but this would help in case some rock tiles are below the -25 slope that concrete stops at.
  3. Dirt to Stone Wand or Orb

    except the Ebony Wand doesn't work on Wurm Online unless you are the developer. Maybe they could make concrete go farther under water without diluting and that could help with the problem.
  4. Dirt to Stone Wand or Orb

    what about if it can't be used on anything that is above a 10 slope going out of water since I know concrete has some problems with slopes and water?
  5. Dirt to Stone Wand or Orb

    but how far can you really raise the area with concrete?
  6. I still think this is a good idea. Either this one or something like it would be very helpful.
  7. Dirt to Stone Wand or Orb

    this is just an idea, but we need something that can change dirt to stone and vice versa. It would help tremendously with terraforming projects and such.
  8. Dirt to Stone Wand or Orb

  9. I had something similar posted but it used a wand. I think this is a great idea, it would help alot. Also yeah make it for PvE only then it shouldn't be to much of a hassle hopefully. +10