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  1. Taking Offers
  2. All Blank Tools are 10c per Taking offers on all other items feel free to pm me in game or on forum 2s 7s
  3. Note i dont want to start this up again but what azraiel said was nothing but "claims" without any sort of proof Ex Event logs of said items being taken
  4. Are there actual screenshots are any sort of proof to support your claims?
  5. if you believe my response to a post was derailing a thread feel free to report my post and people also have the right to not be harassed
  6. Name and shame threads are used by spiteful people to harass and dont worry i also reported all the posts in question
  7. and in this post several users from this post intentionally de-railed a thread with non-related content which is against another set of forum rules TrollingDefinition: Inflammatory or off-topic messages intended to provoke other members into a desired emotional response or to otherwise disrupt the topic. Rules can be found here
  8. The alliance has Grown we have people on the north coast, east coast and central near greendog