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Found 2733 results

  1. I have a rare Mask of the Shadow! (It's ql23.) Who wants it? (It would look really great with a rare cloth hood!) I like it too, so cannot accept anything under 15s for it. Starting bid: 15s Increment: 1s No Buyout No Reserve No Sniper No Private Bids
  2. Merchants (Pepejot, Tris) TOOLS (iron, steel) TOOLS (wood) WEAPONS ARMOURS AND SHIELDS HORSE GEAR MISC ITEMS MATERIALS If you need something else, just PM Pepejot or Tris HERE coordinates
  3. WTB Rare human skull shoulder pad
  4. WTS Rares and Supremes Offer Prices Rare Forge
  5. Tools Leatherwork Picnic baskets 2,5s (2 left) Left layered shoulder pad, ql 75, 75c Planks 2s/1000 Dirt 1s/1000 If you got request for black smithing or leatherworking thats not listed, feel free to PM me on forum or in-game (/t Willslaphansien or /t Rgr) Will update with more stuff as soon as I got control on what tools I got where
  6. Starting Bid: 3s Increment: 25c Sniper: 1 hour Edit: Just screwing with tags
  7. Selling all this off, offer me a price and if I like it its yours, can do silver or paypal (trusted people only) Also have a Couple Rare Black Cloth Sets (Creation QL) - 4s each Also Selling Silver, PM me the amount you need. 1s/USD - Unavailable until I get more
  8. I am selling a Rare Glimmer Longsword 86.86 QL [07:12:14] Mind stealer has been cast on it, so it will steal knowledge from non-players. [92] [07:12:14] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [93] [07:12:14] A single tin rune of Vynora has been attached to it, so it will increase the chance of increasing rarity when improved (10%) [07:12:14] Frostbrand has been cast on it, so it will cause frost wounds. [92] [07:12:14] Nimbleness has been cast on it, so it increase the chance to hit. [94] Start bid: 25s/u Bid inc: 1 Snipe protect: 1hour Buyout: 40 No reserve. 7 day
  9. Providing Brick, Mortar, Concrete, and Support Beam Services. Your satisfaction is my focus. Taking and filling orders. My stockpile is continuously increasing. I follow through and deliver. Ask any of the players below. Mortar: 2.5s per 1k [1k in-stock] Stockpiling. Shafts: 1.5s per 1k [1k in-stock] Planks: 1.5s per 1k [1k in-stock] Clay: 1s per 1k [2k in-stock] Bricks: 2s per 1k Stone: [4k in-stock] Round Stone: [1k in-stock] Sandstone: [1k in-stock] Marble: [2k in-stock] @ 2.5s per k Slate: [2k in-stock] @ 2.5s per k Slabs: 1s per 100 Sandstone: [100 in-stock] 1s per 100 Marble: [Taking Orders] Concrete: 1s per 100 [Taking Orders] Support Beams: 4s per 100 [Taking Orders] I deliver for free usually. I do crate swaps or will deliver to a BSB. ** Need more than what I have in stock? Put in an order request and I will provide you with delivery time-table** Iron Construction Items: Blank Bulk Tools/Weapons: For Enchanters Tools: Weapons & Shields: Meditation Rugs: PM me in game @ Mrzodiac
  10. supreme iron lamp 7s rare iron lamp 2s both for 8s
  11. [19:55:50] A dark mask concealing its wearers features. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. [19:55:50] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Sh.t.e.'. It DOES glow when wearing it Starting Bid: 10s Increment: 1s Sniper: 2 hour Buyout: N/A
  12. Make sacrificing rare/supreme items give you Calories Carbs Fats and Proteins. Rare 50% supreme 100% or Rare 33% Supreme 66% fantastic 100%
  13. 92.79QL rare huge axe, iron, no enchants. 7s
  14. Hello I am selling a set of 95 QL Rare set of Chain armor Start bid: 15s/u Bid inc: 1 Snipe protect: 1hour Buyout: none No reserve. 7 day
  15. These things don't have much use for most people and I am sure a few of you are holding on to one or two here and there that you can't offload. I am paying 1.5s for all your Cauldrons. I need quite a few of them. Don't need to message me. If you have a Cauldron you'd like offloaded, mail it to me for 1.5s and I'll take it off your hands for as long as I keep this thread bumped.
  16. WTS Shoulder pads 1x Dragon shoulder pad 75ql 1s 2x Crafted shoulder pad 75ql 50c each 2x Boar shoulder pad 75ql 50c 1x Exquisite shoulder pad 75ql 50c 1x Left elaborate shoulder pad 75ql 50c 1x Smal shoulder pad 50ql 15c 1x Reight layered shoulder pad 25ql 10c Potion on woodcutting 77ql 2s 73ql 2s Oil of weapon smith 88ql 1,5s 86ql 1,5s 82ql 1,5s 78ql 1,2s 71ql 1,2s 68ql 1s 60ql 1s 2x picknik basket (christmas gift 2016) 1s/each 1x Yule reindeer (christmas gift 2015) 1s Glimmer 84ql 0,34kg 3s Rare 1x Rare fruitpress camelliawood 78,87ql 4s Answer here, send a pm on forum or to Freddykrueger ingame
  17. random items saddle seat 2c small chest ql 16 10c file ql 24 5c gold items gold ring ql21 20c gems and stones sapphire 74ql 2s 77c sapphire ql54 1s 5c 20i im only mailing items
  18. Looking to trade white rare jacket for non rare piece of any color and for silver. Offer a price. [21:26:02] A jacket made from finest drake hide with brass husks. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. Colors: R=255, G=255, B=255. The white drake hide jacket has some holes and must be tailored with an iron needle to improve.
  19. WTA Rare huge axe, iron 93Ql 96Nimb 92Lt 95Coc 94MS Start bid: 10s/e Bid inc: 0,5s Snipe protect: 1hour Buyout: none No reserve.
  20. WTS 50ql Rare Small Anvil 3s and 50ql Rare Large Anvil 4
  21. 85ql rare chain coif 2s
  22. The ever growing supply list of Jellyfish Incorporated, drop a message here or contact me ingame: Need something you don't see in the list? Just ask, we got a lot more than is listed! VERY HIGH COC & WOA casted TOOLS (almost all 90+casts): For the full available list, look here: Support Beams, Dirt, Mortar, Bricks, Concrete, Meat, Animal parts, Hides, Sprouts: RARES/SUPREMES/SPECIALS: Birdcage 75c Adamantine Great helm 75ql 96AosP 14s 2025kg of 50ql Lye (45 small barrels full!) 30c per small barrel Marble planters 15c Large Amphoras 10C Rare needle 2s Rare chain gauntlet 1.5s Rare Fine High Chair 2s Rare small barrel 2s Rare sign 1.5s Rare oakenwood loom 6s Rare Unfinished Fireplace 2.5s Rare Unfinished Kiln 6s Rare Marble planter 2s Supreme Unfinished Fireplace 6s Supreme red squire wool cap 5s Supreme Winebarrel rack 12s Rare Saccables: 5c each (37 available) SERYLL, ADAMANTINE AND GLIMMER LUMPS: POTIONS & OINTMENTS: RIFT DROPS: COC casted materials: Runes: NEW PRICING SYSTEM!! (lower pricing) Prices are based on a formula) (more runes will comes soon) NEW! Runing service! Got low Souldepth and tired of too many attaching failures? We offer a guaranteed runing service on all mailable items for just 75 copper! (for all runes except for the moonmetal ones) Simply mail your item, renamed to your name + desired rune to: Macoofer and we rune it and cod it back for 75 copper Magranon Runes: Vynora Runes: Fo Runes: Libila Runes: Jackal Runes:
  23. I know it was a bug that caused some animals to go rare or supreme, but please could we have it back?? Shiny rare animals would be awesome
  24. 7x rare mortar 1x supreme mortar pm in game @ mrzodiac
  25. Looking to sell a 90ql Rare Exquisite Meditation Rug for 5s. Reply on this thread or PM me if interested. Thanks. Edit: Sold. Lock, please.