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Found 10 results

  1. From my understanding there is not any implemented way to store incomplete surveys. They don't fit in an Atlas, so maybe you could add support for books to hold incomplete surveys until such time as they could be finished.
  2. (created 1.10.2022, finished 1.13.2022) Presentational Video Here:
  3. I wish bookshelf's had a use like maybe let us store almanacs in them or even add a new item so us as players can write books
  4. Crafting: 2 strips of leather, string and 10 sheets of paper. Records the number of fragments you've uncovered and from which deeds (if you were able to tell) and what artifacts you completed and when.
  5. New Book: Alliance Encyclopedia Contains a list of alliance members, the read option has 2 menu options: Sort by Deed or Sort by Rank. Sort by Deed lists alliance deeds alphabetically, then lists the mayor then all other members. Alpha Village Mayor Ray Adam Betty Carl Bravo Town, Alliance Capitol etc. Sort by Rank lists the alliance leader, then all mayors, then everyone else. Henry, Alliance Leader Mayor Ray Mayor Sally Adam Betty etc Notes can be attached to each person, and this privilege restricted by alliance rules. By default only the alliance leader and mayors could add notes, but this could be just the leader or expanded to everyone. Each person can add one note which has their name attached, but can have multiple notes from different people. Mayor Ray I borrowed your horse. Adam We need to talk about connecting you to the highway. Betty His love of cheese is a thing of legend. Carl Information is only shown for the alliance you are in. Crafting pattern: string, 2 leather strips, 10 sheets of paper. EDIT: Could also work for a Village Encyclopedia
  6. "Trade Record, Leather" I suggest that there should be an item in-game that tracks transactions your character makes with other players. Example: A few weeks ago, I purchased some sprouts from the in-game trade channel. It was a good deal, and I may be interested in more, but I have no idea who the trade was with. In real life, I could go back into my check book or online transaction summaries and see who I bought them from. In game, no such feature exists(aside from physically recording it in real time). With an item like this in game, every time we accept a trade a record of it would be recorded automatically for future reference. Features: -Records the name of the person you traded with -Records what you gave, and what you got -Records the time and date of the trade -Option to record manually via papyrus/reed for bulk sales, etc Pros: -Promotes the economy -Encourages individual merchants to make a name for themselves -Adds another book-like item to the game (like the Almanac) Cons: -Records "magically" (could be interpreted as unrealistic for game immersion) -More clutter to carry around in-game So, Trade Records? Pros outweigh the cons in my book! What do you all think!?
  7. Literacy Idea- Literacy skill that allows you to write books for others to learn a skill Because 50 skill earns a title, that means the player had experience, not only read a book, so max possible skill gain from a book would be 40 skill. Writer’s skill in Literacy and the topic he writes about determines the maximum a reader can learn from it by the following formula: (Literacy+TopicSkill)/5 if and only if TopicSkill >= 70. Which means you can’t write a book about blacksmithing if your skill in it is 69. EX: 50 Literacy skill and 80 weaponsmithing → (50+80)/5 = 26. Writing speed would be determined by quality of the reed pen. Ql of the book would not matter (Book is made by 1 leather and 50 sheets). Writing only begins when the blank book is made. Takes 50 actions in order to finish completing a book, each taking about 5 minutes if the person is 0 in Literacy skill and 1ql pen (to give an idea of how difficult). With really high Woa +ql pens, and Literacy around 90+, people should be able to finish a page within 60 seconds Usage of the books would be a buff that increases the skill continuously. The increments would be lower the closer you make it to 40 (not the closer to the max of the book can possibly get, the book only limits how far it can go, not the speed of learning). This buff would be canceled if ANY action would take place. teleporting onto a crate or sitting on a chair should interrupt this. The book’s ql should also decay over the time is it read (not for logical reasons, only wogical. Keeping things non-op-ish) until the max use out of it is destroyed. How to grind Literacy? Another option to gain skill rather than writing terrible books to learn from is to write yourself. To prevent people from making books titled (asdf) and topics related to “ajsdon fgpaewufnasdpfnapsgdjap ksdanf” it can instead be a prompt that you must rewrite. Skill would be gained every time you finish a prompt and it would take the use of 1 page from a book. This, imo, would actually be one of the only skills that would depend on a skill the actual player has.. Typing speed :D. For fun purposes it could be Wurm lore, or fun little folk tales (wurm related) made by players submitted in forums. Just make sure we can’t copy and paste the prompt and any errors would be a slight penalty to our skill. Ex: starting off maybe .8 increase in literacy would occur if all the text is correct, but if you got 50% of the letters wrong trying to rush the grind then only .4 skill gain would be rewarded. Why would this Benefit wurm? The best part about wurm isn’t how you do this, its the result of it. Grinding blacksmithing isn’t fun, but getting the tools and using those tools to help out in the wurm universe is much more fun. This basically gives a boost to the people who are new and gives a nice jump start. They can venture along the roads that they live nearby as they read and not have to worry too much, or read a book while they go out for dinner. Note: If books are made too quickly, then have a cooldown for how many books made in a week. The only benefit in terms of speed would be less time spent making a(or several) book(s) each week Sorry if this is messy and out of order
  8. How about a mechanism that allows us to bind a "study" action on a bookshelf to a short list of wiki links. Examining the bookshelf would tell you something like "the books in this shelf cover the subjects of Fine Carpentry, Fletching, and War Machines." The study action could present a menu of those topics; choosing the topic would open the wiki page. We would need "add book" and "remove book" functions for editing the lists. High bookshelf would hold more "books" (twice as many?) than the low bookshelf. And maybe quality should matter for capacity too?
  9. In this forum post right here I would like to proudly announce that one of your fellow wurmians has published his first book! My very own Lemenius (aka Lemen on the forums) has published the first book "Who Walks With Death" from the series Infinite Domain. As the one who edited it, I can personally vouch to its sheer brilliance. I am so proud. Link for those who want it: I'm so excited.
  10. Books: It would be nice if there were books in wurm. A book should either have it's own AI when opened or be managed by chat commands. A new AI would be the best. You can write in books. When done you can give it a title and sign it. When managed by chat you can read it by examining, if by own AI just right click the book and click read. A book could be made by making paper out of wood scraps and leather. You need 3 items. A needle, 1 x leather, 5 x paper. First you use your carving knife on the wood scraps to make wood pulp. This will turn the wood scraps into soaked wood pulp. Then you make a page mold out of a log (with a saw or carving knife). Select the soaked wood pulp and put it in the page mold. This will create paper. Repeat 5 times. Make some leather. Use the needle on the pages. This will make an unfinished book. Add the leather to the unfinished book. Your book is finished. There could also be bookcases that can hold up to 15 books. These should be attached to walls. Books would be nice because you would be able to make a guide or write a story. It would make the game at least a little more fun . Any suggestions? I also found two other threads about books: and