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Found 8 results

  1. Because I was talking to someone about the new barrel racks while building a small crate.
  2. *************************************** Were working to replenish our stock, can take orders for Large Crates please allow time for construction. Any enquiries re future orders PM Zetzu or myself in-game *************************************** WTS Building Materials Bricks 2,000 20ql 2s per K SOLD Mortar 3,000 10ql 2s per K Dirt 2,000 1s per K Concrete 100 11ql 1s Support Beams 100 5s Metal Lumps Gold lumps 1,000 1ql 1s SOLD Gold lumps 1,000 20ql 1s SOLD Tin lumps 5,000 25ql 1s per K Iron lumps 2,000 40ql 1s per K Iron lumps 1,000 75ql 3s Zinc lumps 1,000 65ql 2s Fruit & Veg Onions 92ql 1s per K Apples 2,000 1s per 100 Storage 64 Small Crates 3c each 20 Large Crates Cedar 10c each SOLD Will make more Tools Saws 70ql 15c SOLD If you need tool/tools made PM Zetzu for custom order Info I live on Xanadu server R14 Can deliver on any server coast (except Chaos) Orders 3s or more free delivery PM me or Zetzu here or in game Any C.O,D, items will be mailed via our 100 enchant mailbox
  3. I just noticed the initial sound when starting out a small crate the code points another sound which is the sound making a blacksmith item with anvil.. I havent checked unstable cient but did notice it on the stable one..the later on sounds are ok with the action but starting on isnt.. Thanks.. />salamon
  4. Pretty straight forward merchant. You want storage containers, and I want to make them for you. Delivery is free on orders of 1s or more, except to Xanadu where I'll deliver to coastal regions only for orders of 3s or more. I will not deliver to Chaos. If you order less than 1s worth of goods delivery will cost you 50 copper. Let me specify that Xanadu deliveries will only be made if you order at least 3s worth of goods. Container Price Bulk storage bin 15c Food storage bin 15c Large crate 10c Small crate 5c I'll also come build forges, ovens, and smelters and imp them to a minimum of 50 quality. Container Price Forge 1s Oven 1s Smelter 3s
  5. I remember seeing this idea a long time ago and I would like to expand on it a bit... Wouldn't it be nice to be able to fold empty crates (small and large) to put them away when you don't need them? I mean even regular crates can be broken down to panels with a hammer then nailed back together when needed... This way you can store say...100 empty folded crates in a raft? And when you want to put them together they require 1 large nail to keep it realistic. Much easier carrying around 100 empty crates in a raft and a satchel with 100 nails than.....oh wait, there isn't any container that can hold 100 crates And while we are on the about stackable crates? you in a real storage facility....use ropes and winches (BS item?) to haul them up and down (or use the current hauling system) PS: not just my OCD, but the fact that when you don't have them in a container there is no way to store them to look nice...cause they are all on top of each other or you need ample space to store them....
  6. Located at P25 (A small island due north of Esteron spawn) Water access available for all ship sizes. COD deliveries (buyer pays postage of 10c per item for deliveries to Xanadu, 20c to everywhere else - I think). Currently In Stock - Currently nothing is stocked because of the move Merchant Clara now has the following on her shelves (04/16/2014) Stock is being improved to match skill gains. Please PM here with your order details. Improvement services available for core carpentry items at 50i per QL up to QL70 Tools All items sold are Oak Wood for best durabilityQL50 is 15c and QL70 is 25c on Spindles, Clay Shapers, Spatulas, Fine Fishing Rods (Willow) and Grooming Brushes.QL50 is 10c and QL70 20c on Mallets. Ship Supplies Mooring Rope: 10cThick Rope: 15cCordage Rope: 20c Marble Braziers At creation QL (QL may vary): 2sAt QL50: 3.5s Storage Large Crates: 15c. Small Crates: 10c.BSBs: 15c. Coming soon! Roof thatching services. For my bulk needs, I visit The Gnome Depot. Also offering Landscaping Services, Ship Sales, and Guard Tower Construction. Click here for a current listing of stock. Edit: Closeout items updated.
  7. Large crate and small crate should be added to the containers page.
  8. Order here for your wagon and crate needs! I'm located at Storm's End at 43x33y if you wish to place an order and pickup. If you'd like your order delivered, there is a minimum requirement of 1s worth of items bought. Any delivery location within 10 map tiles North/South or East/West of my deed will need to pay a 50c delivery fee. Anything outside of that range will be a 1s delivery fee. Large Crate - 10c Small Crate - 5c Ship Transporter - 3s (50ql) Wagon - 5s (50ql) *If you'd like your item(s) to be a specific wood type please specify that when placing your order.