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Found 23 results

  1. I've just been watching a new player stream their first experience of Wurm Online. Another player asked them to take some items out of a BSB, but they were unable to work out how do it. Neither Left or Right clicking on the items in the BSB brought any kind of options except Examine icon, Wurmpedia and Emote. I would have expected at least a 'Take' option on the items in bulk containers, but there is no such option. Of course as experienced players we *know* we can drag items out of the BSB into our inventory, but this was at no time obvious to the new player, who reported back that the BSB was not working. Please add a right click 'Take' option to the items in bulk containers, which brings up the usual 'Removing items' dialog pop-up. Sometimes right clicking the contents of the BSB to take them is more intuitive to a new player.
  2. Retrograde Posted September 8, 2017 in Valrei International. 035 Bulk Container Unit The bulk container unit is the next level in bsb technology (I did want to name it the bsb 2000). This unit not only has the capacity of 4 bsbs, but also has them as shelves inside, meaning you can store and sort based on any attribute you desire. This functionality does come at a price though, not only does it take 4 finished bulk storage bins to build, it also requires a minimum of 50 fine carpentry. It's also quite difficult to build, so get those parts high quality before you try! Rack for empty bsb The rack for empty bsb's also comes in with this update. With all the new racks and containers, many bsb's are left lying around, unfilled and unloved. We can't help much with the unloved, but we can provide a save place to store them without cluttering up the place (and also improving performance by not having to render them all!). The rack for empty bsbs' is easier to make than its bulk container unit partner, and will happily hold up to 30 bsbs until you need to use them. Additions and changes A new rack can be crafted for the storage of empty Bulk Storage Bins. This rack can hold 30 empty bulk storage bins. A new storage unit can be crafted which contains 4 bulk storage bins inside which can be filled. These units will require 50 fine carpentry to build. But but but Im still waiting for the Food Container Unit & Rack for empty fsb, why havnt we got that yet??? And many other wait for this too. Have we lost the maker of Bulk Container Unit & Rack for empty bsb? (I have no idea how the maker is, retros post didnt say) Or he just got busy with other stuff? I know you all are busy with making Wurm great for us all, for us that still is left here ? and making those Food Container Unit and Rack for empty fsb would help make wurm alot more beutiful for us all ? Please devs cant you please take the time and help us get those Food Container Unit & Rack for empty fsb too??? Waiting patiently ? Maiya
  3. Hellu, so currently we require 5.4kgs to paint a sailboat, 26kgs to paint a large cart and 66kgs to paint a colossus. Seems about right... But then to paint bulk storage bins and food storage bins, we need 128kgs of dye to paint just one. Seems a bit 2 much for this items. Any chance of reducing that amount so we can actually start seeing painted bsbs and fsbs in our homes pls?
  4. I would like to ask that wagons be allowed to load 1 FSB or BSB for the sake of trade. Maybe even require the Capacity expansion rune to make it possible? As a person who hopes to expand trade in Wurm, the ability to load BSB's and FSB's on ships is amazing! However the inability to transport a single loaded one on a wagon is a great hindrance to trade as not everyone has a port side city. Alternatively this could be fixed by allowing unlimited or repeated action transfers of goods from BSB/FSB to crates and vice versa.
  5. Some servers have this, I thought I would find this mod here but nothing. Store raw meat, fish, filets into the fsb Thanks
  6. For some reason, catfish that has not been filleted won't store in my FSB. I've tried it in more than one and it won't budge or give me a message. Other fish I caught are storing just fine however.
  7. Pretty straight forward merchant. You want storage containers, and I want to make them for you. Delivery is free on orders of 1s or more, except to Xanadu where I'll deliver to coastal regions only for orders of 3s or more. I will not deliver to Chaos. If you order less than 1s worth of goods delivery will cost you 50 copper. Let me specify that Xanadu deliveries will only be made if you order at least 3s worth of goods. Container Price Bulk storage bin 15c Food storage bin 15c Large crate 10c Small crate 5c I'll also come build forges, ovens, and smelters and imp them to a minimum of 50 quality. Container Price Forge 1s Oven 1s Smelter 3s
  8. Seem that a bug could occur that block other people from take item put on a planted container in a location (deed or house) where they have permissions. (that affect mayor too) There is a simple workaround to fix it yourself a permission issue with container. Issue: Containers doesn't allow other people to take from it (ondeed or in house), also with the correct permissions set. Workaround: Put a padlock to it and set the permission for each containers. I hope this workaround could help you. Regards, Gaea (Game Master)
  9. (Some) problems with current bulk storage: 1. Need multiple containers for every type of storage, to sort QLs. 2. Because of #1, we have container clutter. 3. Because of #2, it is a nightmare trying to keep our craft shops organized - we build ships and wagons in them and make tons of suggestion posts for crate racks and Storage vaults. 4. Can't store fish! 5. Can't more more than your personal inventory when dragging out of it to another container. Possible solution - New storage container that: 1. Auto combines and groups items (like now), but does it in 5QL increments, so I can have QL95, QL90... QL5 iron, all in the same container 2. Holds all the material we can throw at it. 3. Doesn't have an image change when more than half full, because there is no longer a max full or half full point. Does show different if empty though, like crates. 4. Can hold metal or food or even FISH. Eliminate the BSB vs FSB needs. 5. Can drag from container to container at much higher volumes than personal inventory allows. Maybe 1000? I think that is still within the safe range to prevent a server crash? 6. Can be created in 3-4 different styles, for decorating purposes, which can be changed with a hammer or pliers. This lets you keep a theme of different container look for a different purpose, but functionally the same for each visual model. Why do this change? It makes our lives a whole lot easier, when planning craft shops, kitchens and farms. It makes server load a whole lot less. It makes client performance much better, when entering local of a deed that normally had 200+ bulk containers to render. Make the new containers take a ton of planks and nails if you want, but let's get rid of unsightly clutter. On the old servers, when you run across an old collapsed deed, what do you always find? 10+ BSBs of rocks, wood scrap, dirt and low QL crap.
  10. I was reading the 'Tragedy at Silent Hill' thread over in Town Square and realizing that one of the reasons I'm worried about letting a villager join my deed is because I've noticed that even though I 'plant' BSB's or FSB's...shortly after a server reset they stop being 'planted' and lose their 'firmly attached to the ground' tag. I don't want to even hire some person to make bricks or something on deed because I'm worried I'd have to allow pickup and they could just waltz off with any BSB's/FSB's that aren't locked down in a building...I've witnessed my BSB's/FSB's go unplanted numerous times, and asked around, and most people say it's caused by the server resets. The whole point in being able to 'plant' items is so someone can't come up and take them, but if after planting and throwing piles of things in them, they go have to fully unload them, re-plant to get the 'firmly attached to the ground' tag on them again...and shortly after another reset the tag disappears again, it basically defeats the purpose in the 'plant'. Is this a known issue that is being worked on?
  11. I get so frustrated when I have to unload 20k lumps from one BSB, just so I can move it to the next tile, because there is already a BSB on that tile. I mean, what is the point? I can plant 50 BSBs on one tile, so why can't I just push 2 of them together onto a single tile? Was there some game breaker that made this restriction get put in the game? If you won't give in on this point, then PLEASE let us drag entire BSB/FSB contents from one to the other and not just the amount we can hold in inventory, or is that in place because of some game breaker? If we can't do these things because of PvP, then by the gods, split the code!! (please)
  12. The current FSB model is huge, literally massive in comparison to most things. It takes up more than half a tile, width wise, and fitting one of these in your structure can be an absolutely miserable challenge if you want it to look nice. So why don't we get something more compact, something nicer and less clunky like the huge, ugly behemoths of a container we currently have?
  13. As title says. make it so if you push Take keybind on an item on bsb or crate it will take max you can carry. What ya think?
  14. Its annoying carrying tons of backpacks or barrels to be able transport meats or seed or whatever feedable. Could be good if you are out hunting on a boat and want to storage meat. Something like crate or it could even be crate.
  15. Hi - several client bugs: - had to relog several times yesterday to get over various bugs, e.g. suddenly not being able to go through farm gates. - not being able to see a visitor in his cart - relogged and then could see him. This happens quite often. - now today selecting 10 onions from FSB to put in satchel in inventory - and it does not happen. [16:07:32] You selected 10. - but they dont leave the FSB and appear in my inventory However, once i put some onions into the FSB, i can then select 10 and put them in inventory and also directly into satchel - weird. So a minor glitch but annoying nonetheless... Thanks
  16. On deli, willing to come pick it up from any server(cept chaos >_<). Please pm me on the forums or ingame with price!
  17. Currently fish cannot currently be stored long term, meat however can if you cook it and put it in an FSB. Smoking fish was one of the earliest ways of preserving meat aside from salt curing. Therefore, I suggest a structure, much like a coalpile, that would allow you to create a store-able fish product. The structure would take 12 logs, 4 peat, and 1 kindling to create (of course another kindling to light just like coal piles). Creating these structures would increase your "meat smoking" skill, the QL of these structures would be dependent on the meat smoking skill. After creation you would be able to open the structure and put X number of "fillet of fishtype" inside and after about 24 hours real time a percentage of the fillets would all become a generic "smoked fish". The rest of the fillets would become some generally worthless item such as "pig food" or "charred meat" and the structure would burn out leaving behind tar and ash. The percentage chance of becoming smoked fish versus charred fish would be dependent on pile QL or fillet QL, whichever is lower. The only difference between smoked fish and non-smoked fish fillets is smoked fish could be stored in FSB's (possibly smoked fish take 1/2 damage in inventory as well). This would allow storing of fish, but the increase in stored meat on the market should be limited by the difficulty to create large quantities. Not to mention it would take 3k "smoked fish" to equal 1k "cooked meat" as fish fillet (and thus the smoked fish) weighs 0.3 kg and cooked meat from an FSB weighs 0.9 kg and fillets in to 3 meat fillet. This could be expanded in the future to smoke meat and allow meat fillets to be put in an FSB, or instead maybe smoke meat fillets into "jerky" which is not storeable, but has an 1/10 decay rate (in inventory only) and a low nutritional value. Upon further thought this part is not all that useful, and merely makes the idea more cumbersome.
  18. I would like to see a change to the storage of fish. Fish at the moment is pretty useless compared to meat, as it cant be stored, cooked or much of any thing else. Idea: give fish the same property of meat. once in a FSB give it a generic item like "Fish 5kg..." just to keep it simple. You should be able to cook fish and store it as well, then Filet them as needed. so Cooked Fish would be 5kg. and it would make 15 Fillets or something like that.
  19. I think we should be able to stick mushrooms in a FSB or a Bsb since they are classed as Food after all and they should not lose the type of mushrooms they are keep them in order from yellow, black, green, red, blue, and brown.
  20. Bug: You can plant multiple containers on the same tile. Steps: Planted a bsb on a tile. Planted a second bsb on the very same tile. Planted an fsb on the same tile. Expected: Only 1 container to be planted on a single tile. Reproducible: Yes
  21. happy biding ! [21:20:09] A storage bin made from planks and strengthened with iron ribbons. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. Start bid: 3s Increments: 0.5s Ends: 72 hours from started topic Sniper protection: 1 hour Delivery: Free on exodus, other servers pick up at x23 y43 White Pearl Exodus Reserve: -- Buyout: --
  22. Whispering Glade Market is now open for business. We are located at 27, AO on Darkmalice’s map and x22,y19 on Tpikol’s map. We currently have 8 merchant spots (3 filled and 5 vacant), which are placed on the dock for your convenience. Instead of merchant stalls, we have provided arched buildings for a different look from the standard marketplace and to provide the sellers the opportunity to decorate and customize their spot. We also have a trader open to the public, 2 mailboxes with 95 & 82 courier enchants, and off deed spots to place BSB’s and FSB’s for bulk items. There are currently plans for 26 merchant spots. However, 26 is not necessarily the limit. If there is a demand, accommodations can be made to fit more merchants. Current merchants: Merchant Dawnshroud ironworks –lamps and metal tools Merchant Tallowyn - Misc. sprouts 3. Merchant Ayala- Maple and Lavender Sprouts 4. Merchant Joseph – BSB’s, FSB’s, wood tools, fine carpentry items, and bulk wood items We need more merchants. If you wish to place a merchant please send me a PM here or in game. Hope to see you soon!!! -Uian
  23. Archived suggestion that I can't bump: http://forum.wurmonl.../page__hl__bulk - To add to this old thread, it seems moving huge quantities of items between containers is taxing on the server. Otherwise we wouldn't have seen the change to limit item deposit into bulk bin of 100 items. I feel this would greatly improve trade, guessing a reduction in server strain, and would reduce the boring task of moving items between containers. - Another option similar in nature is a much smaller and portable version of the bulk bin. Its weight would need to reflect its contents. I know from my experience of depositing wemp bundles that bulk deposits work well. Make sure a portable bin stocked with goods can be placed on merchants only taking up one spot for the bin.