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Found 108 results

  1. Leveling (hot food) cooking skill is currently very click-drag-intensive and very dull, requiring you to make the same dish over and over. This suggestion is about adding an additional way to gain skill that trades simple, dull work for complicated, interesting gameplay. With this change, when you discover a new cooking recipe, you get a guaranteed skill tick which is a lot bigger than normal (how big would be up to the devs, but I'm thinking it should be considerable). The idea is that if you'd rather gather lots of different ingredients and experiment with cooking to find different recipes you should be rewarded for it and at the same time lessening the pain-staking cooking grind (saving everyone's fingers). If the food you discover gives baking, beverages skill etc. then the bonus would be towards that skill, of course. Since you can only discover each recipe once I feel like this should not make leveling cooking skills too easy.
  2. While trying to discover new recipes I came across what appears to be a bug. Here is what I did. - put a piece of dough in a fry pan and click on lore * game suggesst adding corn - put a piece of corn in the fry pan and click on lore * game suggests adding some raw raspberries - put in some raspberries (1 piece) and click on lore * game suggests adding a fried meat - fry up a piece of meat (tried unnamed and also named meat), add that to the pan then click on lore * game tells me that the items inside do not make any known recipe. I have tried adding items in different orders but once the fried meat is added the whole thing comes to a grinding halt. Thanks, Skyefox
  3. Remember back in the day when the cooking update came out and devs held a tiny competition with the players where people could send in a recipe using ingredients already found in wurm, and at the end they chose a few of those recipes and added them to our wurm cookbook? I do, and I would love to see this sort of thing happen more often, Maybe once a year, have the comp and add 3 recipes to our amazing cookbook. Sure a lot of players took the Meta route and only live on meals, Bangers & Mash and Pizza but there are some of us that actually enjoy cooking different things and experiment with recipes
  4. Steps: 1. Open "Cooking recipes" window 2. Enter "casserole" in search textbox 3. Press "Clear" button 4. Check "Snow favorites only" checkbox 5. Uncheck "Snow favorites only" checkbox Result: List of recipes contains not all recipes. Only casseroles in list. Expected: List of recipes contains all recipes.
  5. Brython's Pretty Patties Apprentice Carpentry, Cooking, and Dyemaking! Situated in Bay of Twelve (E15), Harmony, right off the northern Heartland highway, Brython's Pretty Patties is here to help with any carpentry, cooking, and dyemaking orders! While less skilled than your standard shops, I have a heart filled with gold and determination, and will give an exceptional experience at a price that works for you! I take commissions for the following skillsets: Carpentry (Lvl 46.72) Fine Carpentry (Lvl 35.84) Hot Food Cooking (Lvl 50.01) Cooking (Lvl 23.33) The following skills are in progress and also for sale, but likely not the quality you desire: Natural Substances (Lvl 16.24) Beverages (Lvl 10.20) (Last Updated: 2021-12-13 at 13:48 EST) Prices for work are negotiated with your budget and wishes in mind, and not from a pre-defined list! Please contact: Brython (Usually on Afternoons and Evenings EST) If you cannot reach me, please reply on this thread with your character name and desired work, and I will try to get to you as soon as possible!
  6. After cooking Belrindor's Maple Bacon Pancakes, when I move it to my inventory it displays the message: "You get an omelette."
  7. Hello. I will offer my services for money. I am living on an island called Cadence, but can travel all around the northern isles as long as my services are needed. I can do every task you need done. My skills are not yet the highest, but i work hard mostly every day. Digging(60), Woodcutting (50), Mining(60), Panfilling, Transporting, Planting, Cooking(40), Farming(40), Harvesting, Milking, Brushing, Singing (85), Dancing (90). I do everything as long as i get paid. If you are interested contact me here or send me a letter. Noclown, Sandefjord, Cadence
  8. The Webpage is LIve.. With alot of work from KaztheGreat. We give you Log in and you can save your char's and meals for use later use. Web page may be little behind the database part. but that will be fixed soon. (spreadsheet will be keep updated and working for all thows that want to use it till everything on webpage then i may turn it off if no one is useing it) Some of your may have seen i made a meal maker spreadsheet. i feel at this time. i should post it here so more can use it and injoy wurm cooking. i made a small be ez tutorial inside the spreadsheet to help people along. Hope you all Injoy it feed back welcome Beta... Use at your Own risk... hehe Link This sheet is the one i am actively updating it can be wrong or even broken your more then welcome to check it out. added a lot more things to it. A lot of Untested things.. All Untested things are know labeled with zItemName Old outdated Comment always welcome. errors and prob Welcome to Want Put a Huge Shout Out and Thanks to Stanlee Galatyn Others that want to remain nameless Icbash.
  9. The idea is pretty simple : Once per year, on your birthday ( the date you entered when making your account ) you are allowed, as a premium player, to bake a special Birthday Cake listed in the cooking recipes! This birthday cake is special in a sense that: - You can only make it once every year - It can be traded and sold for a good price since it will be a rare baked product - You can slice it in 4 pieces, each piece giving 15 minutes of Sleep Bonus, total of 60mins sleep bonus with 1 whole Birthday Cake - This way you can bake and share ( if you're not greedy ) your birthday cake with your village/alliance - It adds a good amount to CCFP values next to providing sleep bonus. - The ingredients can be more or less the same as other cakes I think gifting (premium) players 1h of sleep bonus on their birthday in this way adds something special/personal to it and won't disrupt the balance of Silver/Premium/Sleep Powder sales. You still need to get the ingredient and bake it to get that 1h sleep bonus, instead of just handing out sleeping powder for example.
  10. Currently if I have a meal/pizza/cookie/whatever.. giving me 10hours of axes affinity.. and I bite once.. I get the 10 hours; * BUT if I have several minutes left on that affinity and I bite once.. I get insignificant few minutes added to the timer, forcing me to eat whole meal and probably still not reaching same aff timer like from first bite before having the buff (issue) - as it is.. it forces players to stay and wait a timer to go away completely.. to rebuff / boring, time consuming, just annoying to be a thing../ Could next bite reset the timer to max like initial 1st bite? Just as with beverages... once we reach the cap of the hunger bar.. we're unable to eat more, buff up etc.. Could we have the alcohol override - letting us buff up on affinity foods we have and want to use for a grind, even if hunger bar is full?
  11. Food CCFP

    I'm not sure this is a bug, but I was recommended in Discord to post this as a bug here, as another Wurm player, SquishJess, also had a similar (but opposite) problem. I am trying to make a pizza which gives carbs, since the pizzas I have made so far fill up the calories, fats and proteins, but gives 0% to carbs, even though you'd think the ingredients would give carbs. My experiments are as follows: All of the variations give the same buffs (calories, fats and proteins), but no carbs. However, SquishJess made a pizza with lots of different ingredients which gave full calories and carbs, but no fats and proteins. Of course we don't want to spoil any internal mechanics of cooking, but is this working as intended, i.e. should food usually give a huge buff in one or several CCFPs, but 0 in others?
  12. I've noticed that I don't get any passive beverages or cooking skillgain when distilling moonshine, although Wurmpedia says that I should. Does anyone know if this is a bug, or is Wurmpedia just wrong?
  13. It has come to my attention that we don't have peanuts in Wurm, which is a great injustice against the greatest nut in the universe. We have coconuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, so why not peanuts? Wouldn't it be great to put peanut butter on your sandwich? I suggest adding peanuts, made by combining peas with a nut, possibly walnut or acorn, since pinenuts and hazelnuts are used in creating pineapple and coconut. Feel free to add suggestions for recipes with peanuts.
  14. I would love to see rose hips, rose petals, rose oil, rose water, rose hip tea, and rose water desserts added to the game. The rose hips could be used to make tea. The rose petals could be used to make rose water and rose oil. The rose oil can be used in healing and the rose water can be used in cooking.
  15. I'm not entirely certain if this is a bug or not but eating a hog roast gives you nothing but nutrition and food. No carbs, calories, fats, or proteins are gained from eating it what-so-ever. If this is intended please delete this thread.
  16. Currently not offering panfilling. Do you need higher ql food? Do you fail attaching runes to your stuff? Or would you like a longer action queue? Then you've come to the right place! With panfilling you can easily raise your cooking, HFC, mind logic and soul depth. I offer fast panfilling at affordable prices. Prices Filling 1s/1k pans Filling+materials 2s/1k pans Baking grinding 2s/k No longer offering baking grinding until cooking times are better, Payment methods I accept payments in silver, Paypal payments at 1€/s and Bitcoin payments. Location My cookhouse is located at F22 on Xanadu. For 50c I can bring my cookhouse to your place, all you need is forges. For orders over 10k outside Xanadu delivery is free. Skillgain and data If you're wondering how much pans is needed to reach a specific HFC skill you could take a look at the table below. For ML/SD/cooking skillgain predictions you could PM me. HFC skillgain, using sleep bonus, no affinity and not Vynora/Nahjo: The usual method My method 1-70 5k 5 70-90 9k 7.5k 90-95 9k 5k 95-99 29-30k 12-13k As you can see in the table I can save you a lot of money if you're looking to grind HFC at high skill. The bad thing with my method is that it reduces characteristics skillgain, which you may not want. The method doesn't require any extra effort when filling, so you decide which method you want to use, no extra fees added. Reviews [19:35:08] <Coastis> hmm, not sure what to say other than the man is a beast If you have any questions contact RobZ ingame.
  17. I think if you reworked the art some for the FSB's you could make them into chicken coops where you could put the chickens and they could graze like all the other animals and the eggs would appear the the coop's inventory. I think this would make the point of having chickens good and aesthetically appealing. If anything you could make them kind of the same concept as the bee hives, where you would make the coop on a grass tile, put a chicken inside with some food until it can graze (like bees do for honey) and the eggs would appear in the inventory and stay like honey does in the bee hives. This way you could make it to where the coop has eggs in the spring, summer, fall, but hibernates in the winter like the bees. Also you could make it have either animations of chicken by the coop or just chicken sounds coming from the coop like you have the buzzing from the bee hives to save on animation and processing power.
  18. I would love to see either the vanilla measuring jug or a better version of it able to set the measurement to a customizeable volume
  19. Hey, I thought it was kind of simple to buy in trade chat, but it seems that nope Im looking for a good meal with affinity in Cloth Tailoring for a decent time! Please PM me ingame or comment here the Weight, Time of the buff, and your price Tyvm!
  20. I am not sure if it exists yet...but there should be a "Fantastic Recipe: Stone Soup". Atfer the story of the 3 soldiers who came to a town and got the village to help make a soup from a stone. You would need three people to make it in a cauldron. It would start with a stone or marble ..."stone" (even of a certain more/less kg) with three people in attendance to start the recipe. You would then continue on the one or all three people to add the normal base of water, potatoes, carrots, and an onion then or more herbs/milk/honey to finish the recipe. I would like see this in honor of the gift of giving...maybe allow a +5 to one or more characteristics or such...determined by Wurm. Please.
  21. So one thing that always bugged me was the fact that leather knapsacks don't take damage when you put them in an oven/forge - they just heat up like anything else. However, this is a widely used method of sorting things in said forge/oven as well as fast skilling of various cooking skills so such a change on its own would be widely reviled. This is why I wanted to suggest a new type of oven (and possibly a new type of forge as well) that would incorporate 3 or 4 'shelves' to allow for separation of goods and projects and increase the capacity of these items. While I haven't thought of a name for these, I would suggest the following characteristics: 1) 20% slower heating time, 10% longer fuel time - It's big and takes a while to heat up but once it does it retains heat pretty well 2) 3 or 4 'shelves' in the oven/forge itself, made of either iron or steel (this would require a new item available to make on a large anvil, the metal grill/shelf or we can incorporate iron bars somehow). These shelves would have 50 to 75 percent of the capacity of a regular oven/forge. 3) Larger footprint - maybe 75% of the size of a BSB container but having more depth. Thoughts?
  22. I would like to suggest that the cooking system get changed so that recipes/cooking work based on proportions/weight instead of item count. I know that somethings do already work like this such as moonshine and other beverages, but it would be nice and a HUGE QoL improvement if other things worked this way such as cooked rice. I definitely think this should be something to consider, if it is not already, for down the road after more important/need changes.
  23. To me, the biggest gap in the new cooking system is the lack of complexity and variety in drinks. Most of them are relatively straightforward, and some of those can be flavored/distilled, but... that's about it. It just seems like beverages got the short end of the stick here, aside from the basic fermenting/distillation mechanics. There's so much more that can be done with this! Liquor cocktails Non-alcoholic mixed drinks (e.g. Arnold Palmer) Sangria Mulled wine Wassail Various forms of fruit punch Flavored lemonades Masala chai and other more complex tea varieties Horchata New drink components, such as nut milks I'll also take this opportunity to mention, as I did during the cooking update's development, that alcohol is still sort of broken. It still hydrates you (even though stronger liquors definitely should not), so you can't drink much before being too "bloated". This means that not only does the reed pen/measuring jug exploit still exist (taking smaller sips for the same alcohol content), it's basically required. It's hardly ideal when a system like this requires the use of counterintuitive, buggy behavior in order to function, but from a game design and player QoL perspective.
  24. Ok let me give you the stats then what is going on. My cooking is 15.63 My hotfoods is 21.11 My nutrition starts at 79 sauce pan used 21 ql or roughly there about I have several of them around the same QL Using an Oven is 50 ql Stews it does not matter which one, and no water is added non is called for in the recipe in the wurm cookbook.. But each time I make one and eat it my Nutrition starts at 79 then tanks some where in the 60's..... the last one I made as fillet fish stew... difficulty 23 .....ql was 41.41.....and weight was 3.37 I had the fish... the quality of the food was descent I use all the same ingredients in other recipes but only in stews do I have this problem. The other food I had in the stew was potato, carrots, cabbage, onion, peas and oh yes corn with the fish fillet..................and yet my nutrition tanked .. If any one has any suggestions or is this a bug... any help would be appreciated...thank you.
  25. When I try to make Cherries Jubilee, I get the message: "You start to work on the pottery bowl." but nothing actually happens. There is no progress bar and it is not working on making anything. I have tried using my hand and an iron fork of 2.15ql with 1.40 damage on it to try to make this recipe. Nothing has worked. This is a recipe that is not yet in my cookbook. Further, now the bowl and the fork are tied up in the creation process that is not happening. I tried to put my fork away and got this message: "You are working with that item." I have not used that fork since trying to make this recipe.