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Found 3 results

  1. I think if you reworked the art some for the FSB's you could make them into chicken coops where you could put the chickens and they could graze like all the other animals and the eggs would appear the the coop's inventory. I think this would make the point of having chickens good and aesthetically appealing. If anything you could make them kind of the same concept as the bee hives, where you would make the coop on a grass tile, put a chicken inside with some food until it can graze (like bees do for honey) and the eggs would appear in the inventory and stay like honey does in the bee hives. This way you could make it to where the coop has eggs in the spring, summer, fall, but hibernates in the winter like the bees. Also you could make it have either animations of chicken by the coop or just chicken sounds coming from the coop like you have the buzzing from the bee hives to save on animation and processing power.
  2. It would be really great if we could have some new tameable animals added to Wurm. Here's a list of things I'd love to see new lairs for: Badgers (can help players dig when tamed) Moose (rideable, hitchable) Salamanders (rideable) Polar bears (winter spawns) Snow leopards (winter spawns) Phoenixes (must be kept inside a house with a roof if you want to stop them flying away, have healing powers when tamed) Panthers Ducks/swans Doves Flamingos Sea horses Foxes Rabbits Minotaurs Raccoons Monkeys Camels (spawn in deserts) Pangolins / armadillos Bats Beavers Pandas / red pandas Mammoths Owls Mini dragons (smaller, cuter versions of normal dragons, not nearly as strong and can be tamed and penned without bashing fences; maybe give tiny amounts of loot; can be bred like normal animals) Fairies (prettier versions of goblins, with wings but maybe can't fly) Goats If adding animals is going to be too difficult, it may be easier to change current animals so that they have more functions or variety in the game. Option one: Let more animals spawn from lairs (thus giving champions and other conditions) and bring back old animal lairs that have been missed since they stopped spawning. Here are my ideas: Dogs (bring back lairs) Deer (bring back lairs) Tortoises (new lairs, plus increased spawns) Pigs (new lairs) Sheep (new lairs) Hens/roosters (new lairs) Pheasants (new lairs) Hell hounds (new lairs) Lava fiends (new lairs) Better yet, let all animals spawn from lairs! Option 2: Let more of the current animals be tamed/charmed or dominated. Suggestions: Spiders (tame/charm) Lava spiders (tame/charm) Whales (tame/charm) Anacondas (tame/charm) Dolphins (tame/charm) Octopi (tame/charm) Huge sharks (tame/charm) Sea serpents (dominate) Option 3: Make or bring back more types/colours. Ideas: Unicorns (multi-coloured for different conditions) Dogs (different breeds) Cats (different breeds, including a non-aggressive house cat (white and fluffy) that can eat fish and meat from unlocked fsbs) Wolves (different colours) Dragons (different colours: gold, pink, purple, silver, etc.) Option 4: More conditions. Maybe make these apply to animals that don't spawn from lairs rather than animals that do. Speedy: extra speed trait, like fleeter movement. Ghostly: can move through walls like fog spiders, though maybe make it just certain types of walls so they don't become a complete pain. Super: champion size but without the extra strength, size applies to rideable animals too. Shy: flees from people like bison, hard to catch. Rare: shiny like rare objects. Helpful: has a random chance of repairing nearby objects. Fertile: males and females can pass on the trait rather than just females. Docile: non-aggressive even for animals that are normally naturally aggro. Chameleon: blends in with background (not including outline, and maybe make the blending not perfect so they're not completely invisible). Option 5: Bring back the lighter colours for conditioned animals! It would be great if each condition had its own subtly different colour, but if that'll be too difficult, I'd be happy to have them back to being slightly lighter than normal - it makes them more interesting and easier to spot. Option 6: Make Christmas animals a yearly thing! I'd love to see more French hens and ring rams, plus some new ones! Additional idea: Create some common, non-aggressive animals that can be killed with low FS. That'll be helpful for new players.
  3. I want a rack that you could place at-least 3 Bulk Storage Bins on. I think that would be a fair amount without going overboard, it would also help with the clutter problems some people have (like me).