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Found 11 results

  1. I really could use somewhere to store all my large barrels (full and empty), it's getting difficult to reach the door, not to mention a health and safety issue, I am sure some experts would call it 'hoarding' and have some kind of therapy in mind. So how about some of these racks? I could start being proud of my workshop again! Post your 'hoarding' pictures below! If enough of us have a problem with hoarding maybe they will move the thread to a part of the forum where we can get help!
  2. Small Wine Barrels must be completed on the ground. If you have more than 16 on a single tile you can not add them to crafting window, at 17 of them, they turn into a flat graphic of started items. You can not add them to crafting window and can only continue by manually ( or using a hot key, select component ) Continue Building option. - don't see any reason why they can't be added to crafting window if you can continue building them manually -
  3. I put 2 full sealed barrels of honey on my merchant when sealed barrels were first allowed on merchants. The barrel of 13ql honey - now weighs 2kg (it's empty) The barrel of 52ql honey - on removing the seal and checking it, the honey had decayed by around 28 dam The barrels have never been off deed and were sealed before putting on the merchant. This was a test to see if I could sell food liquids on merchants - it appears it is not ready for this. The worry is that until decay reaches 100, the barrels do not show any outward indication of the contents decay - I noticed the 1st barrel was 2kg, but it was only by 'tasting' that I noticed that the QL of the 2nd barrel had dropped to 'acceptable'. I think customers currently need to be aware of this when purchasing liquids in sealed barrels so that they do not purchase decayed products.
  4. Looked at the other topics on pickles...but I just wanted to add a short note. Saw the mention of Sauerkraut and Pickles but you could use the Large Barrels in game, say 100 cucumbers(pickles) or 50 heads of cabbage(sauerkraut) sealed with the wax to preserve them....using a Rock Salt/Vinegar solution...? Just an idea.
  5. Wagoners were designed as an alternative way to ship bulk items, but as I understand it they're only currently capable of transporting crates. Bulk items can also come in liquid form, so it seems reasonable to suggest that perhaps wagoners and their containers should be modified to also allow at least small barrels (and maybe other types of liquid container) to be shipped.
  6. Hey so this is a new shop i just stared going to rifts and making stuff to sell. Pm Materbebe or Sweetpeas if you would like to buy something. I will ask you how much would you pay for what ever you want and then we make a deal. I will listen to what you want and how much you want it for. I will be adding stuff to the list.
  7. We have wine barrels. Small wine barrels. The thing is... they are too small. Just about pocket size, anyone can grab and carry around. Yet with bigger demand for wine and other stuff cellars looks too crammed, like this: And each season more and more barrels... How about barrels like those big one used for oil, with capacity 500L or more? Please?
  8. I recently ordered a small barrel that the player was charging me for filled with sheep milk. I agreed to the price of 50 copper and waited. When it showed up in the mail I saw the low ql barrel (9) the wood type and nothing else. I waited and if any contents still did not show. I do not know the player and they logged off right after they shipped, this made me hesitant to purchase and on top of that they might have been new because that added that 1copper extra to the price because I’m guessing they didn't want to be shorted that on their end...or did they know?. Anyway, I had a friend mail me a similar set up and sure enough ...the same thing, close ql and same goat milk and no contents tag. I purchase paid for my friends shipment and then is listed the contents in the mailbox after it was paid. Could someone check into this? I am still hesitant on the first delivery. Thank you.
  9. In Item.Poll(), specifically the section related to wine's "positive decay", there is a bonus value based on the wine being in a small wine barrel, that barrel's rarity, and whether or not that barrel is made out of oak. However, that variable never seems to be used! The variable ought to be declared at the beginning of the "if (this.template.positiveDecay)" block, so that it can be used in the "positive decay" call to setQualityLevel(). That function call then would need to be modified to take that bonus into account. This is, of course, all assuming that this bonus is intended to work, and has not been dummied out intentionally.
  10. before i get bombed with tons of -1's or just use a ______ "fill in the blank this is for function and decoration Barrel Rack "insert my crappy copy pate art" Cost to build 4 Large nails - 20 Planks - 12 Shafts Creation Large nail + Plank "Planks are Frame - Shafts to hold the barrels off the ground - nails to hold it together" Function a clean and organized CONTAINER that holds barrels that Looks like it a barrel storage device this is intended for Small barrels but im thinking it would work with small wine barrels figuring they can be picked up, Limits this should not be a container that accepts loose items "tools,backpacks,others" Reasons Dye Storage, Lye Storage, somewhere for your mass amounts of small barrels laying on the ground cluttering the floor and just looks sloppy PLEASE leave comments if you like or dislike this idea
  11. i know its been requested before so just bumping it Barrel racks for storing barrels and getting them off my floor. 4 or 6 barrels per rack? make a large barrel rack for the larger barrels too perhaps?