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Found 26 results

  1. Here you will find some rares and supremes to improve your crafting time and to decorate your toon and your deed. If you are interested in any of these items, please, contact me or Davih via PM in the forum (Luttuosa and Davih) or send us a message in game (Luttuosaa and Davihh). Have a nice day and happy wurming **TOOLS** Supreme oak rope tool 92ql w102 c101 85s. Supreme unfinished rounded stone forge 85s. Supreme oak fruit press 92ql w105 c103 68s. Supreme oak spatula 50s. Supreme oak spindle 85s. Supreme oak fruit press 50s. Supreme unfinished cheese drill 50s. Rare hammer 94ql c100 w100 35s. Rare oak mallet 95ql c106 w100 30s. Rare scissors 93ql c96 w96 28.8s. Rare oak mallet 95ql c106 w98 28s. Rare steel knife 91ql c100 w98 27.8s Rare trowel 92ql c96 w95 27s. Rare Carving Knife 92 ql c100 w100 26.3s. Rare hammer ql 91 c101 w97 26s. Rare pickaxe 93ql w97 c95 25.6s. Rare oak mallet 94ql c103 w101 24s. Rare oak mallet 95ql c97 w96 22s. Rare oak spindle 92ql c92 w86 15.85s. Rare oak spindle 75ql c80 w77 16s. Rare oak rope tool 80ql c93 w93 15.4s. Rare oak clay shaper 82 ql c95 w94 14.4s. Rare oak clay shaper 82 ql c93 w90 13.2s. Rare oak spinning wheel 15s. Rare oak rope tool 13s. Rare oak spindle 12s. Rare oak spatula 10s. Rare oak clay shaper 10s. Rare oak fruit press 8s. Rare oak chees drill 8s. **DECORATIONS** Supreme marble wall fountain 50s. Rare unfinished larder 25s. Rare slate wall fountain 20s. Rare rosewood lounge chair 16s. Rare unfinished marble open fireplace 15s. Rare unfinished PvP portal 15s. Rare statue of worg fragment (1/93) 12s. **WEARABLE** Rare lead breast plate 3s. Rare iron plate gauntlet 4s. Rare oak large shield 13s. Rare oak small shield 10s. Rare brown striped breeches 3s. Rare black cloth set (belted vest + pants + 2 sleeves) 12s. Rare green cloth set (belted vest + pants + 2 sleeves) 12s. Rare common wool hat 3s. **TREASURE MAPS** Supreme treasure map 31 ql 3s. Supreme treasure map 30 ql 3s. Rare treasure map 76ql 6.5s. Rare treasure map 56ql 4.5s. Rare treasure map 24ql 2s. Rare treasure map 16ql 1.8s. Rare treasure map 7ql 1.5s. **SKINS** Spiked club skin 3s. Masterwork small axe skin 3s.
  2. Taxidermy is the preserving of an animal's body via mounting (over an armature) or stuffing, for the purpose of display or study. This could be cool, there are so many nice mob models in wurm that would look cool if they could be mounted on walls or turned into stuffed statues. Just imagine a goblin standing in every house on Xanadu. Could even use the same model of the statues just with the skins of the actual mob.
  3. Are you the owner of a large draughty castle? or maybe just a tumbledown shack where the wind rattles through each crack? It's time to use up those scrap materials and make an anaconda or crocodile draught excluder/floor cushion to lie across those draughty doorways and halls. You will need: An anaconda skin* or crocodile hide: 10 balls of cotton or wool (rare+ balls of cotton or wool have a chance to turn the draught excluder rare+) Some cotton string or wool yarn *Maybe Soon (TM) Instructions: Stuff the anaconda skin/croc hide with the balls of cotton or wool and sew up the skin or hide with the string or yarn. Difficulty: Easy Difficulty of obtaining the anaconda skin or croc hide in the first place - could be problematic. Result: Sit back in the warmth and admire your draught-free sitting room If anyone else has any good or funny ideas on how to make good use of rare balls of wool or cotton - please add your ideas below!
  4. Yxunomei from Unicorn Ranch, Harmony has created her first rare item! She is hoping the sale of this item will help her get some better tools and I am putting up this post on her behalf. If the winner is a Blacksmith/Enchanter or has one in village please let me know. Starting bid: 5s Increment (minimum): 25c Reserve: None Sniper protection: 1 Hour Buyout: 10s Private bids: Not Accepted
  5. Hey folks, So I don't know about you, but sometimes I feel like I don't have a grasp of all the items you can build and decorate your deed/home with, just because Wurm has SO much stuff! And unlike most other MMOs out there, in Wurm you can actually drop stuff on the ground and see a 3d model of it which is utterly delightful and amazing. I love it! It's a decorators paradise! So I've always yearned for a visual list of all the stuff, all on one page and have been asking around if anything like that exists. But apparently not? So I went ahead and made one. It's mostly for myself and I was originally going to keep it private because I didn't want to take on the burden of keeping it truthful and up to date. But by the time I was half way done, I started to realize just how handy it is and thought that I might as well share it with the rest of you. So feel free to use it but keep in mind that it will probably have some mistakes and be missing stuff. And I'm probably not going to go to too much trouble updating it either. As you can imagine, the biggest thanks goes to Wurmpedia, as making a list like this would have been pretty much impossible otherwise. Enjoy! Edit: The list used to be on google docs, but I've now moved it to it's new and final location under my own domain:
  6. Painting walls adds a lot to cosmetic options for structures, and being able to paint fences/parapets now is a really nice addition. What about floors and roofs, though? And bridges? People use these all the time in constructing their buildings and their deeds, and options are rather limited when you can paint the walls of your building a certain color but not the floor or roof, or when you can paint a stone building except for the stone bridge used as part of the design. I don't know if there are any technical reasons why doing this would be difficult, but it would certainly be a very nice thing to have!
  7. Wurm is blessed to have a plethora of different and unique models, almost every item can be seen as something! But sadly for most of us, the view of these items will be rare, just piling up stacks of items like wood scraps and dirt. But I have an idea (I believe there is a mod for this in WU) where you can lock items to a certain position, and where they will not eventually be clustered into the o so dreaded "pile of items" imagine how awesome it would look to have a nightstand with a small torch and a cup of water, or a bank, with paper and coins lying about or even a smithy with a anvil that has a hammer ontop. These items could be locked similar to a post or could behave like placeables such as bsb's. But overall I personally believe if we could have this power (within reason max 10 times per tile) it could be utilised to imagine endless creativity.
  8. Well with the new stuff i have been busy decorating for the last few days on my new house. I will post my screenshots below but feel free to post your house designs too i want to see what everyone is doing and get more ideas.
  9. Similar to how you can rename most items, give another menu option to items called "Drop Height" (name negotiable). Drop height will be, in dirts, the height at which the model will appear when the item is dropped on the ground. What "Drop Height" will do: Items with a drop height not equal to 0 will not "pile" with other items. They will always show their model. The model will appear at the "Drop Height" height in dirt, which can contain two decimal places. They can then be pushed, pulled, and rotated. It is all purely decorative. There would be a maximum height that you can put items, probably the height of a standard building wall? Or aligned with some stat. Items dropped with this variable would still count against the 100 dropped items maximum per tile. When opening a "Pile of items" on the same tile as "positioned" items, all the dropped items would appear, even those that are not technically contained in that pile. In addition, tiles could have a "View dropped items" option to see all the dropped items in absence of a "pile" When dropping items "On the ground", the drop height of those items should reset to 0. A new option, "Drop, at specific height" would drop items from your inventory without resetting their drop height to 0 This option could be gated behind some stat or skill to prevent early game abuse. Use Cases: This will allow you to put silverware on tables, put planters on benches, put lamp posts on top of stone walls/fences. You could even put a meal, on top of a plate, on top of a mediation rug (placemat?), on top of a table. Or assemble many fruits/vegetables to make a fancy centerpiece. Place champagne or yellow potions on tables as well. Or position them on "medium" height hedges, as if they are being used as archery targets. Think of all the potion models on a table, right next to eyeballs and other assorted "parts", and you can truly have an alchemy shop. Picture pulling up to a dock on a deed and you crates stacked on top of each other, 3-4 high. Barrels stacked in a pyramid formation. You could raise lanterns and torches to higher elevations when planting inside of walls. You could raise a shop sign so that it appears at second-level height instead of first level height. You could raise statues to give the appearance that they are sitting on the corner pieces of your iron fences, or on the roof of your house. This will alleviate the need to make tables and other items "containers" so that items can appear on them. Maybe now you could highlight items in your inventory and right click a table and "Drop at table height" Rather than have 5 rafts clipping inside each other, you can give the appearance that they are stacked on each other by using incrementing drop heights. I could lay out all my armor pieces on top of my bed or dresser. You could position your almanac to sit on top of your bookshelf You could set the drop height of several piles of "sand" to give the appearance that the pile is much bigger than the default model allows. Then drop a sign, raise it so it looks like it is on top of the pile, and write "Free Sand!" Pointed arrow signs could be clipped inside each other and raised to have multi-directional signs, or multiple arrows pointing the same direction, just at different heights. Role Playing: I can now stack all the chairs in my bar on top of the tables when I close for the night and start sweeping the floors. (I won't, but I *could*) First I would have to round up all the empty bottles patrons left on the tables. A small chest could be elevated and rotated to be used as a mailbox for a house. Flower pots could be elevated to give the appearance that they are sitting on a window sill Drop some crates and barrels in the water offshore, then raise them to roughly water level, and you have flotsam, or shipwrecks! You can drop coins on the floor inside an ornate fountain, and elevate them to give the appearance that the fountain is a wishing well. This has the potential to positively impact the appearance of everything in the game. No more empty tables! No more silverware on the floor! No more crates clipped inside each other because I don't have room to spread them out, and I can just stack them now. Disadvantages: Without proper positioning, items could appear in weird situations, such as floating in air, or clipped into other objects. Items on a table will look very odd once that table decays (which would then cause those items to appear to have been "abused" to position there) "Some people just want to watch the world burn." They will have items floating in mid air for no reason at all, or just to look goofy. There is almost certainly a possibility for abuse. I.E. Raising a chair as high as you can, and then sitting on it Could also have implications on PvP servers, although not sure what... Hiding coins by giving a drop height that clips them into a crate or something... I don't know, I don't PvP.. Rendering all the items instead of a single "pile" would cause more stress on servers (I mean, it has to right? It would definitely put more strain on the clients to render it all) Maybe make it so people who abuse the system could lose the ability to do it.... Example Images: <This area contains photoshopped images of all the examples above to properly illustrate my point, at which you should definitely "ooh" and "aah". You will need to use your imagination to see them though, as my photoshop skills are very lacking. Feel free to "photoshop" your own use cases in the comments below> Completely off-topic addendum "Manage Animals" should be a settlement permission. I am really tired of naming all the baby horses and sheep on our deed. Give me the ability to let someone else do that, preferably the person mating the things in the first place. Feel free to post photoshopped example images below, or your own use cases, and/or your own concerns for abuse, and I can add them to this post.
  10. Since the update I increasingly noticed how big and bulky alot of the bulk storage bins are and how few options we have in terms of small bulk containers (I think smallest currently is the small crate) I would like to suggest some smaller "cupboards", shelves, boxes, that could be used as bulk storage bins (and food storage bins) that hold a significantly smaller amount of items, but would make it possible to easier organize kitchens and other workstations AND make them look good and make use of the bulk storage system. Also...I would love to see a wooden style coffin, that would look more like a squarish box, as a variant for that rather non workshop looking coffin
  11. A retaining wall is basically a wooden or stone or brick design. Built vertically to hold back dirt and create usable area in otherwise difficult slopped places. I feel Wurm Online has a need for such a thing. Flat-raising and building slabs comes close, but leaves much to be desired visually in my opinion. Retaining walls would be a PERFECT addition to the game imo. There are so many uses for it, and we have no actual alternative. What do you guys think?
  12. We got armor racks, weapon racks, bow racks, and even pole-arm racks, but what about shields? It would be nice to have a container specifically for shields, or maybe the ability to hang them on the wall with a weapon or two like a coat of arms display.
  13. So every lamp created will have its Kingdom specified banner hanging from those hooks. Or from Kane's idea to add flags later on as decoration once imperial lamps are done.
  14. Want to Sell Supreme decorations and Yule goat ! Supreme small chest, pretty applewood - SOLD Price: 4s50c -4s Supreme birch wood pointing sign SOLD Price: 4s50c Yule Goat This years fad is a goat made from straw. To be placed by the Christmas tree. Ql: 99.0, Dam: 0.0. Price: 3s -2s50c All items can be mailed ! Buyer pays COD Server: Xanadu
  15. Not sure this is exactly the right subforum ... but ... I was wondering if people would be interested in sharing their quick and dirty decorating work. I have a few humble examples to share. 1. The Chamber Pot / Low FC Night Stand At the left (a pottery smelting pot) and right, respectively. 2. An Afternoon's Fishing Spare fishing pole, pottery flask, bam. 3. Unfinished Pillar One brick, one clay! There you have it, the ruins of an ancient civilization. 4. Crude Wooden Fence Gate Nothing groundbreaking here, but these deserve some love. They look ridiculous in mass quantities but have a certain charm. Not to mention strewing flowers around the deed, etc.
  16. Non-harvestable decorations to compliment new trellises. Allow bush sprouts to be planted in flowerpot with appropriate graphic scale. New item: Tub; scaled down graphic of huge tub, allow tree sprouts to be planted, scaled down graphic of adult tree = bonsai trees Also please, climbing-rose seedling for trellis.
  17. I would like to make the suggestion to add some very simple options to make caves look nicer and to allow for some form of structure changes without the need of adding borders to cave tiles. it would be awesome if we could "pave" Cave walls and Floors, which can act similar as support beams or can be attached over support beams and veins as some form of decoration (Can be destroyed easily?) They would allow us for some Variation in Caves without intruding cave code too much kind of just adding new textures to cave walls and floors We could make walls made of marble (that dont look similar to marble veins) or made of gold sheet
  18. I just wanted to say thank you to whoever put the move function on meditation rugs it really helps when decorating. It would be nice to have it on everything because it really makes things so much easier. I have been decorating my new house tonight and i can't count the number of times i wish an item had a move function. Even on the things you would not ever think like cauldrons not many people think of them as decoration but they can be quite nice in the right places but dropping them to get them there is a pain for sure. I was thinking the same on the silver statuettes for priests they are another great example of an item that could use the move function. I guess what i am trying to say is just put move on everything, lol
  19. I want in on the Elite: Dangerous final beta, it's gonna set me back £50 and i haven't got it so.. I'm selling my Rare Knarr and Lady of the Lake statue. The statue is going first in case it doesn't sell though you can have them both for £50 (60 Euros) Lady of the Lake Statue €31 / 35s Can be lit, eternal glow, red. (stays lit during day) Heats up food that is put into it Delivery - Free to every coast except Pristine / Release / East Xan Send interest in game (stevelee), on this post or in a forum pm. Paypal Thank you
  20. Use your house writ on the Mimic block and it morphs into scaled down replica of that house. I want these to be craftable so we can collect houses. Its construction should require magic, I prefer Vynora. How difficult should be to make these? I'm leaning toward very difficult. It just feels more like something a skilled house builder would seek out. I'm intentionally not putting lots of details here.
  21. Not a really complicated idea. Allow us to plant tree saplings in plantpots for a mini version of the tree. Needs watering like normal plantpot goods. That's it. Seriously, why has this not been added yet?
  22. I was wondering whether it could be added into the game: Create string of cloth out of cotton, then use cotton spindle again to create some ribbon which can be worn, e.g. in hair, or on chest. We can dye this in different colours, e.g. for festivals, to give as presents, or to show allegiance. We could also wear it as decoration. The option to create different kids of ribbons could be added e.g. for your hair, for your chest, for your horse's mane, for your horse's tail, etc. Thanks
  23. Rate my aesthetics. Feel free to post your own interior design skills. This is built on the Epic server cluster.
  24. I would like to see stone tombstones/headstones.1 Players could place them as a memorial to other players who've come and gone over the years, and/or keep a graveyard. It'd be a simple and fun decoration to add on a rainy weekend. 1. This isn't more important than Multistory Buildings. Nothing on earth, not even the Geneva Conventions, not even Miley Cyrus's new haircut, is more important that Multistory Buildings. This is one of those "save for later" ideas. EDIT: This has been implemented. Thank you, CCAB! http://forum.wurmonl...ll-stone-walls/
  25. So, things like tables and other decorations could be used to hold objects such as Cooking items, Cloth items, And / or one corpse (Max weight 50.00 It can hold)