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  1. I second the again +1
  2. yup, always worthy of a +1 edit: ps. @Fizziepopyour avatar, Oldenburg paint horse?
  3. +1 Have you considered hydroponics and bat guano? I've heard good things.
  4. @RetrogradeThe issue wasn't that anyone doesn't understand how the system works: I think the issue is the arbitrary nature of the number 10, which without some comprehensible method by which you may have arrived at that number, would indeed appear to be arbitrary. This kind of thing isn't so much an art as it is a science. There's lots of research out there regarding how many times people will click something before giving up, and how often a reward needs to occur for them to keep clicking. You must also have metrics on how many items are found, how often, locations, which people, etc. "Meh, 10 sounds good." doesn't really inspire confidence in the methodology is all. Hope that explains the question a bit, as an explanation of how the system works as a response would suggest miscommunication. That said, Hooray for rain occlusion!! \o/
  5. +1 never heard of such a thing, but it looks cool.
  6. This is only for crocs being ridden, right? Crocs are already evil enough otherwise, particularly for new to intermediate players. +1 if only when ridden though, sure.
  7. For those familiar with WO skill gains, there's tips and tricks to maximize it. I think the skill gain per action (which is apparently not what they're doing? whatever) is more intuitive for new players. Doesn't seem intuitive to turn on climbing while grinding blacksmithing (for example) to ensure the longest timer, or making sure your tools aren't particularly good rather than getting the best tools you can, etc. No particular opinion on whether or not it needs to happen, but I can see the value in it.
  8. Or, you know, put a temporary portal down and everybody can just do what they want. Problem solved!
  9. Don't take this the wrong way, but +1 Not sure to what extent "pave nearest side" would work, kind of like we do corner. Probably wouldn't, but just a thought. (might not give a rough enough look) Adding wood chips to paving options for paths would be cool too. stone curbs option if at all possible. Or log border. Or beam border. Or not.
  10. Everyone in possession of cake should get to eat their cake. Why would you keep someone who has cake from eating it? That's not faulty logic, that's just wrong! Let them eat cake.... oh, wait,
  11. I don't know how scalable Wurm is. I've heard of businesses using virtual machines to increase capacity during holidays while they need it, then being able to bring things back to a more economical level when the frenzy dies down. I'm guessing it's not that easy with Wurm (or they'd be doing that already). Otherwise, a potential option might be to make the temporary portal premium only to travel through? I think that would stop masses of freshly created alts... if those would even be of value at an impalong (guess it could be an easy way to outfit a new alt). I'm thinking anyone wanting to go to an Impalong likely has at least one premium character so a premium only temp portal wouldn't be too limiting, but maybe limiting enough to avoid what you're bringing up. Either way, thanks for answering. Nobody likes lag. **************************************************************** As far as the concern that some will want portals everywhere because of temporary event portals... plenty of us remember SWG and wouldn't want a repeat of what instant transpo did there. I'd have to think most people would understand if something is only for special occasions... but then again... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. and the fact that someone portaled over to the maze affected you how?
  13. Promoting the most inclusive opportunities for participation in one of the most social events of the year does not go against the very spirit of the game. The community can't teleport players that die in events back either, yet that's happening courtesy of GM's. A temporary portal would stop literally no one from asking for a ride if they prefer.
  14. And a part I really like, and would choose over a portal or plotted course on many occasions. A temporary portal to an impalong is different. I don't see why so many people are all gung ho on wanting to limit the ways others get to these awesome community events. We're not talking about permanent portals to change the feel of the game, we're talking about a portal for the duration of an impalong to allow as many people to get there as possible. Good in theory, and likely much more fun than a portal. However... Question: Is it that important we force people to do it? Would it really ruin your experience if the person you say hi to at an Impalong got there via portal? I'd rather they be there if they wanted to go. How they got there doesn't affect me. That's not really the point though. Why would you care how someone gets to an impalong? Why would you rather say no, and not have them there, than say "yes, for the impalong" and have them there? Isn't the point of an impalong to give as many people from the community a chance to be there? Seems like the busier they are, the better they are. Minus lag I suppose, but then just pen the impalong and make it private.