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  1. New Server Hunting Only

    +1 Premium only access. No permanent construction at all. Fast decay on anything dropped, even tents. Your boat is your refuge. No paving, at all, ever, for any reason. Very fast decaying (like 3 wurm days or less) wooden defense (bashable by baddies): Ruins. Maybe some original artwork related such as: Angry gorillas Associated cm/gm created archaeology Native champ troll and uber goblin of Libilic helldom fortifications / encampments. Forests of enchanted trees that can't be affected by players. etc. And if you can make it to the very center of the map, you must face:
  2. Full crates/bsbs/containers change colour

    I like the idea a lot, +1 for the idea but not sure about adding colors. I'd rather see something about the icon indicate which are full. Even just a red X over it or something. In the meantime, don't forget you can right-click on 'name' and 'expand all'.
  3. Makes sense, +1, though with one caveat Need to make sure walls aren't blown up by mistake. Not a fan of confirmation boxes, so maybe require something like a crow bar? A tool that isn't often used so the player has to be deliberate in activating it.
  4. Allow carrying empty crates

    +1 though it bypasses the loading body strength requirement. More consistent with the list of things we can carry currently though.
  5. As the title says. Currently, if I place a fork on top of my oven, I hear the sound as if I'm pushing a large chest across the floor. Seems a bit out of place. Let me know if there's a reason for having it that I may have overlooked, but it seems unnecessary to me and immersion breaking.
  6. +1 and that's a really well designed, good looking town!
  7. QOL - Meditation

    I'm merely answering your stated problem. The reason you stated for wanting to change meditation is not a reason to change meditation. It's a reason to fix your problem,but for some reason you don't want to do that. The "other side" you're talking about is the devs. They implemented it as it exists. Their reasoning would obviously be interesting but I don't think we're owed an explanation. As I've said before though, "PITA" has been a good enough reason to change something in the past though so who knows! Could happen. I wouldn't be all that surprised if it did, would you?
  8. QOL - Meditation

    My bad, I should have bolded the part where I say (again) you can choose which windows stay open and when. It's pretty simple to lock and unlock windows right? Similar type of thing. Of course, now it's not about the windows anymore. It was, literally two posts ago. ******************************************************************** Since it's not about windows for the moment... Instead of having to move ten tiles, add a mini-game that requires attention for the two minutes of meditation rather than having to move. Maybe maintaining a flame within a circle of random diameter using your mouse. (random to each meditation) Not unlike the way some people meditate IRL.
  9. QOL - Meditation

    but then why are we still talking about meditation instead of solutions that let you keep the windows you choose open when you choose to keep them open? You didn't seem remotely interested in that, even though it would serve you beyond just the ten-tiles-for-meditation problem. I think the people giving you a +1 misunderstood the problem you're having. Might make more sense to lock this thread and open up a thread about how to keep your multiple windows open when you need to step away for only a brief moment.
  10. Suggestion: red fletching arrows

    +1 There's the option of dropping stuff on tiles so they'll appear in that crate but colored fletching would be cool. Maybe use dye rather than materials though?
  11. I want to burry a chest.

    For some folks in Wurm, dirt is gold!
  12. Stepladder for reaching tall shelves etc.

    +1 new items are always fun, and no telling what creative uses others may come up with for it.
  13. Is wrapping meals a thing in WO? Seems like wrapping them on WU then larder helps a lot. Suppose we could scrape some of the mold off with a knife but you'd have to be pretty desperate.
  14. I want to burry a chest.

    Imagine terraforming your new deed and finding a small chest full of gold! +1
  15. Wurm is too expensive for devalued currencies!

    Wouldn't it be up to CCAB where they want to charge more, or less? Say it's a demographics question. It's a Swedish game offered internationally. Could they not decide they want more players from South America represented and offer a sale? What if they decide as a Swedish company, they want to offer a discount to anyone from Sweden? In my apartment complex, there are many apartments like mine. There's little doubt we're all charged different rents though according to whatever calculations the landlord makes on the day it is rented. Colleges in the US have different tuitions depending on what state you come from. You go buy a guitar and the shop owner says, "hey man, I used to have a jacket just like that. I'm gonna give you a discount." Next customer? No discount. Car dealerships... "you're a nice family, have a discount." "You're obviously rich, and remind me of my mother in law. No discount for you." Perhaps not the best examples but the general point is that pricing is at the discretion of the proprietor and as a customer you really can only worry about if the price you're paying is worth it to you. I don't really think fairness is a business concern. Far as VPN, using purely the IP addy to figure out the price is likely too simplistic, sure. Does it have to be that simplistic though? We go through financial institutions. The money gets converted. The address is verified. Does none of that information ever make it back to CCAB? I honestly don't know, but it seems like there is probably something a bit more reliable than purely a spoofed IP... Seems to me the spoofed IP thing requires no thought. You're in IT. You really can't think of any other way to address it? Anyway... just participating in the mental exercise. How CCAB chooses to market and price their product is so far beyond anything I need to worry about.