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  1. Valrei International. 061

    Maaan... every time I think I'm out, they pull me back in! @Absygreat looking deed, I like the variety of textures you used in building material and that brick castle... I must haz it. @dev team great job with these new updates, and the forward momentum on upcoming animal cages. I'd say these changes and upgrades you're making are on par with adding second stories, bridges, cooking... etc. It's amazing what a small team can accomplish with dedication and perseverance. Twelve years and going strong. Congrats!
  2. 2018 Horseback Sprout-picking [Implemented]

    Would this happen to mean what I think it might happen to mean?
  3. Wild Foods and Herb Patches

    I agree, but that's what makes me give it a +1. It's already entirely possible to grind close to, and on, deed depending how large it is. I think the suggestion would give added reason to head out into the unknown looking for these patches of herb and wild food. It reminds me of ppl in real life going out to look for wild truffles. Nice to take a walk in the woods, even nicer when you have a secondary objective such as finding cool stuff that can really only be found out there. tl;dr +1
  4. Dragging Liquids into stills

    The Wurmiac Temperance Movement is appalled!! +1
  5. Name and Shame - Necroedarkslayer

    I asked "who's the toxic player?" because he posted that right after my post... I genuinely was asking if he meant I was toxic for some reason. I mean, what I say isn't always going to be popular and while I don't necessarily need to be popular, I would rather think people don't find me toxic. Insecurity on my part but Jeebus man, we need a shield overhead just to post in these forums sometimes. I actually was literally asking if he was saying I was toxic! In any case, I should have put more thought into how the OP must be feeling after what he just went through and how my ideas would affect him. Welcome to ABA, great for pigeons, kinda cold for humans. I'd offer to buy you a beer but, Miami prices... lemme check the 401k first.
  6. Name and Shame - Necroedarkslayer

    Yes, wrong and immoral. That's not even a point of discussion. I don't mind discussing anything I post, so long as it is accurately and genuinely characterized. If you're just going to make stuff up and pass it off as something I'm saying then no, that is not ok. The OP himself has no problem with anything I've said. He's pointed out there's precedent for how to handle this and handled it'll be. Alyeska points out the rule is somewhat of a cover your ass policy in case a solution can't be determined. No problem with what I've said, yet able to discuss it just fine which we have. No issue whatsoever and I appreciate the dialogue. You, on the other hand, say I don't see anything wrong with things being stolen. Considering that's completely your own invention and not remotely close to who I am or my own personal ethics, yes, that is personal. You say just because one can do something doesn't mean they should while quoting me as if the two are related... implying I somehow don't subscribe to the notion. Again, complete fabrication of your own. Yes, I do take it personally when people put words in my mouth for their own vanity. If you wish to discuss my points, then understand my points and stick to my points. Otherwise, take it elsewhere.
  7. Name and Shame - Necroedarkslayer

    There's no Ergo. Just because you say Ergo doesn't make it so. You're looking to involve yourself in drama of your own making here. I happened to take the same sentiment and included the rule stating exactly the same thing you are. Feel free to argue with yourself if you're desperate for drama of some kind. You are discussing GM actions. Just because you happen to not know or not care about the actual rule doesn't mean you get to discuss things while simultaneously telling other people not to. At no time did I say Necroe should not be punished. Not once. Find someone else to argue with rather than having to make things up with me. You're having a problem where there is none for the sake of having a problem. Find another target, it's Friday.
  8. Name and Shame - Necroedarkslayer

    I get what you're saying but the rules don't read as such... Or at least I'm not seeing it. I'd then rather see a rule that better reflects how GMs want to handle these things. All efforts will be made type of thing. Or not even have it be a rule but just a disclaimer that solutions may not always be found. Still, I think it's asking for trouble. It's fine on a private server, but on a public server with personal relationships between players and GM's.... it's just a whole whoop ass can of worms. Not so hard to corral on a small population but I'd imagine CC would operate on a different level. Maybe it's because I've been studying a lot of Applied Behavior Analysis recently and it can be kind of harsh about consequences, but I really can't help thinking if there were no bailouts, at all, ever, for shared password issues... there might just be fewer shared password issues. @Angelklaine Angel, I think something was lost in translation as much of what you're saying has no relation to what you've quoted from me. Assume I am not attacking you, anyone you care about, or protecting anyone you don't like... then maybe take another glance at what you quoted. You're ascribing some rather unfortunate thoughts to me that I never said, not in this thread, or ever in any other thread. I'd prefer it if you didn't do that. It's as if I said, Stop saying baby dolphins should die!!! You never said that, but anyone who reads only that and not what you said may just believe you want baby dolphins killed. That simply wouldn't be fair at all. Which kinda does beckon the question though, how did he wind up with the password to begin with then? That is what we're talking about here right? A shared password?
  9. Name and Shame - Necroedarkslayer

    Who's the toxic player? Either way, TPS just makes me think of Tire Pressure Sensor... Disagreeable Player Syndrome, DPS... no, that won't work, Unpopular Player Syndrome... also makes great deliveries...
  10. Name and Shame - Necroedarkslayer

    @Enki What determines GM involvement? I don't have an opinion on this or other cases, but I just wonder if it wouldn't be wiser to let the consequences be the consequences... or update the rules to indicate Code Club's willingness to rectify these types of situations. If I tell a kid he cannot have any candy from the checkout aisle, but then just buy him whatever he grabs, my making a rule does more harm than good. All the kid really learns is that my rules don't really mean a whole lot. If I buy him the candy, but not his sister, it's even worse. Now he's learned that he in particular doesn't need to worry about the rules, but the rules will still apply to others. What's even worse than that, is that now if I later want to actually make the rule count, I'm going to get tantrum after tantrum from the kid. (Extinction Burst) Simplest solution? Ban the sharing of accounts and passwords. If someone makes the mistake of sharing a password and gets bit... they can name and shame, but the lesson is pretty simple... do not share your passwords. End of story, isn't it? This particular case is somewhat peculiar in that the actually aggrieved party couldn't seem to care less, and @Xalloeven apologizes for even bringing it up. How did @necroeactually get the password? Is this a case of hacking? Who gave him the password? Is that the aggrieved party? Would that person be reprimanded for sharing a password to an account that wasn't his/hers to share? Seems more complicated than "we don't like this guy, and here's a chance to get him in trouble." That's petty player stuff that GM's might want to stay above of, imho, for what little that may be worth.
  11. Why nobody pvps in wurm.

  12. Why nobody pvps in wurm.

    I feel like there were times over the years when Chaos was in the teens so yeah, it's definitely grown. Can't help but think of: "The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated." -Mark Twain
  13. Priests creating altars

    That's a really cool idea. Maybe they carry a bowl, and a cloth table runner, then build a base to place them on from local materials where they are? They can pick up the bowl and cloth runner when they're ready to go.