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  1. @totties If you click on your name at the top right of the forums, you'll see a drop-down option for "Ignored Users." Click on that, and you'll be able to enter a name you wish to ignore. I haven't used it, so not 100% sure if it removes the offending player from your view entirely, or still lets you know they posted but hides the post. It might be worth a shot though if someone is purposely trolling you. There is, of course, also the option of reporting them. That I do from time to time when the trolling is just really obvious, or someone uses language that would make the whole community look bad to potential new players checking out the forums, or if it's a Prince from a far away land looking to borrow a bank account. Ignoring them here won't cause you to ignore them in-game, but there is an option for it in game as well. From Wurmpedia Chat Commands: /ignore <player> makes you unable to hear that player. It also adds to mute vote if used by many people at the same time. /ignore shows your ignore list.
  2. You do realize all this talk about people "crying," which comes across and is likely completely meant as pejorative, just as easily applies to you. For instance, you're crying over a name on a fence. Think about that. It's your name, and you're crying over it. Why are you crying over your name appearing on a fence, that you built, with good intentions? The issue is much like this thread. You build a fence. It's in my way. Rather than give a hoot about anyone else, I just pummel it, because I only care about me. You come along, see your fence has been pummeled. You only care about you, so you rebuild. Up the QL this time. Maybe put a second fence. I come back along, I see that nuisance of a human being has only cared about himself when clearly the world revolves around me, so I pummel the fence. yadda yadda. Your world is very tiring, inefficient, and just generally a pain in the arse. Me, I'd much rather just have a chat with someone before getting into all that wasted time above. Presumably someone built that fence for a good reason.
  3. Yeah... Dialogue with the -1ers isn't terribly likely, always kind of unfortunate but no longer surprising. /shrug. I have no problem at all letting people know what I've built. Not out to bother anyone, anywhere, so... +1. In fact, if my fence did cause another player issues, I'd rather they have the ability to contact me and have a friendly chat about it. Not rocket science.
  4. I don't think Ayes is suggesting his gaming area be further reduced, relegating players who enjoy a different side of Wurm to nothing but roads and deeds. On the contrary, avoiding that is precisely his point. Dungeons and caves have been suggested in the past. It's generally been shot down with derisive comments about World of Warcraft and such. There's a lot of down sides to that approach though. Not instanced, so not simultaneous use by more than one group. "aw man, it's Friday night and the previous group already wiped out 5 of these dungeons." or "we're already here! get outta mah dungeon!" etc. Not instanced, so limited in geographic scope, and presumably eats up existing real estate. Not instanced, so limited in variation. By the third time it's run, people would be bored to tears. I don't think it would be very easy to wipe and rework like, say, a server with no construction on it. Instanced dungeons and caves have potential similar to a server. It's essentially a hunting server on location. /shrug, why not. Could even be fun to hold competitions. Players designing the Dungeon of the Month or some such. Just plopping down harder mobs and calling it a day would only be reminiscent of the lazy hackjob I mentioned earlier. Hope they don't do that.
  5. I'd second the notion of not getting involved, but I'd also add: One option would be to seek out a Wurm Unlimited server with a community more similar to your approach to Wurm. If you prefer a better humored approach to your gaming than the various "rah rah rah" tykes, you can absolutely find such a community on various WU servers. Depending on admin, the ruder ones get shut down and out pretty quickly. Just find a place that's more to your liking and more your style. The people you relax with can really make or break the Wurm experience. Don't play with people who make you unhappy.
  6. I could have sworn roads already reverted back to nature if not traveled for a period of time. Would like to see it for roads as well as landscape. Not sure how this would affect archaeology? Is a previously terraformed area an important clue? As an aside, there is a mechanic for tossing around landscapes related to rifts I think. Maybe that can be leveraged if needed.
  7. aaand, now we get to "pvp is superior to pve!" Observe, in their natural environment, how the Online Wurmian begins their reconciliation ritual.
  8. Great minds think alike! I'm not one of them though, I'm merely copy pasting from 2 posts I remembered @Malena making From the link above (many more pics in the link) And, From the link above
  9. Tell you what, I'll agree with you. If the devs implement a hunting server as you envision it? It would totally suck. It'd be a lazy hackjob devoid of anything remotely innovative or worthwhile. Like you, I hope they don't do that. On the other hand, if they got past the two "hunting server" words and looked at some of the suggestions in this thread, I think they could create something unique that they could have fun with. They could even have fun with it on a regular basis going forward thanks to the easily reset-able nature of the suggestion. No doubt they have a mountain of things on their wooden plates already. We're more than 10 years into Wurm though, and all kinds of crazy cool stuff is still being added. Maybe in 10 years we'll be enjoying a new hunting server from our autopilot Tesla hovercrafts as it drives us to pick up deep-fried bacon donuts. And yes, that's a thing.
  10. We didn't need more horse colors, beautiful water, different hedges, etc. etc. Some things are just fun, and appreciated for just being fun.
  11. Do you mean something like this? Maybe it could just automatically go in there if you're wearing it without needing a different command? Not sure if you meant a new item or not
  12. Yes, I was thinking the "set price" would be input by the player for a catalog type thing Updated life stage is a great idea. Thanks for the suggestion. That is indeed a good looking horse! Had never heard of the game , unfortunately the graphics (aside from the horse above) aren't really my style anymore. Does remind me of really old school Sierra games when color screens first came out though. King's quest, Space Quest, Police Quest, etc. Good times. Still, I'd rather just continue playing and enjoying Wurm.
  13. Like the almanac, but for horses (or animal being bred) When a foal is born (or maybe before second young stage?), you take your reed pen, some dye and some paper over. Examine. On the paper, it lists: Traits... with a line appearing through it later if genesis is cast. Like this. Date of birth... with updated lifestage** Weight (random) Coloring Hot/Warm/Cold blooded Parents in green ink if alive... appearing in red ink later if parent dies. A picture of the foal. Could perhaps include a "set price" but not sure if that's pushing it. Might be nice for it to serve as sales catalog though. Also allows extended breeding histories. **courtesy of Brash_Endeavors
  14. hence the playground reference. CCAB's business model is above both our paygrades. Besides, if pop is low and there's no interest he can run it on a toaster oven in his closet.