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  1. I like the idea of more books to work on and this is definitely a good one to consider.
  2. There's so much beautiful food it would be great to see it displayed more often
  3. From a role playing perspective it really bothers me that I can't sit on the stool at my spinning wheel and use it. It says "You need to be on solid ground to do that".
  4. Summon corpse is very expensive and not an option for newer players. The other one is a priest spell, not a high level one but still. If you have a somewhat new player searching alone, they can spend hours and never find their corpse. It sucks and I think having something more universal that all players know about and can be used by fairly new players would be very valuable. I don't know how many players rage quit over losing their corpse in the wilderness, but I bet it happens.
  5. I think having a version for chain and a version for plate metal would go a long way. If there are a mix of items just default to one or calculate which has more or higher ql or something. I dislike that it's only the weakest armor that is shown.
  6. It would be great if there was an item we could make that would draw smoke from the oven / furnace / fireplace directly below it and move it up to the next story. It's nice to have a fireplace or furnace on the lower floor, but not nice to have smoke up on the second floor, or having the sight of smoke coming out of the side of a building. Preferably you could stack more than one if you had several stories.
  7. The saddle rack is a nice decorative item for the stable but if my saddle is there I want to be able to keep the saddle bags with it.
  8. I really like the idea of camels in general, ones that can be ridden and/or loaded with crates and packs. Also the increased speed in desert terrain. Not sure about the rest of it.
  9. I feel like we might see a lot more use of spears if this was available. Plus I love the historical aspect. So many cultures used this. The medieval period Irish are one of my favorite.
  10. I really wish I could store saddle bags and horse shoes in my saddle rack. I would like to be able to keep these horse items all together. It seems very reasonable to be able to keep them there with the saddle. The saddlebags especially, even if not the horseshoes. Why don't they go in there?
  11. The Tutorial window is still visible though and it's not clear how to get rid of it.
  12. +1 It's super annoying when making an alt. It could have an "are you sure" popup and an explanation on how to restart if for if a new player realizes they really need it later.
  13. I'm interested in getting involved in this project. I have 95 digging and 65 mining. Please contact me with details of how to get started.

  14. oh and can I have a goblin liver and onion too please?