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Found 34 results

  1. Double clicking on an item in inventory activates that item. This allows it to be used as the 'active item' or controlling item when performing timed actions. Unfortunately this 'active item' status still applies to the item even when the timed action does not require an active item, such as when sacrificing or praying. Muse was sacrificing and praying today and could not put away a bunch of flowers in the BSB, because the flowers were currently active (green). [18:29:16] You are working with that item. Because the bunch of flowers was active it was considered 'in use' by the praying action, even though praying does not require an active item. Today, this was just a simple matter of waiting until the sacrifice and pray actions had ended before putting the flowers away, but some long timers such as forage and botanize can be forced to end prematurely (due to full inventory), if the player is unable to drop a heavy or large item that happens to be 'active' when the forage or botanize action begins. Please fix it so that timed actions that do not use or require any active item, do not prevent simple non-timed actions being performed on the active item, such as dropping or placing in a container.
  2. I combined lava fiend statue fragments with 1 remaining piece missing so that I was carrying an unfinished statue weighing 69.18kg. When I moved, the game calculated that I was overburdened, but the UI incorrectly flashed my heaviest the first group instead of the statue fragment. The group was 27.93kg - not anywhere near as heavy as the combined fragment. Update: it seems to flash the first group in the list regardless of weight.
  3. I often use CTRL+Drag to pick up something like a corpse and drag it into my cart. When I pick up a pile of items, for example foraged items or archaeology fragments and CTRL+Drag the item pile to my cart, always exactly 2 items are left on the ground. Because of this I have to use CTRL+Drag three times to pick up all of the items. With archaeology fragments these occupy the same position but are large enough to pickup easily, however, with small foraged items such as acorns or eggs, it's a lot more fiddly. It would be great if CTRL+Drag picked up the whole pile of items, and did not leave two items on the ground.
  4. I got the following message while digging clay: [00:28:41] You find a Beautiful Opal in amongst the dirt. There was no dirt there, it was clay. Maybe it would be possible to use the tile type/name instead of just displaying 'dirt'.
  5. basically places the item where it is showing, not accurate so would like to find a fix, will give any info when needed. So i changed resolution scaling to 200 when the update hit, didn't realize it would affect the placement overlay, realized this might be a reason and switched to 100% and is now working properly. Plz Fix ❤️
  6. Hello. Today I was using my bf toon, Davih. In the morning he had 3 mails, I received all of them, everything worked as usual. A couple of hours ago his toon had a new mail, so I checked the mailbox and it appeared a message of item gone. How is that possible? We check the mail each day, more than one time and on his toon there wasn't no pending mail.
  7. I wish bookshelf's had a use like maybe let us store almanacs in them or even add a new item so us as players can write books
  8. Currently most people play on their own deeds with all villagers being their own alts. When one alt drops and item, another can pick up just fine, if the right permissions are set. However, when renaming something, only the person that picks up and drops something can rename it. This is particularly a bummer when you have multiple alts all helping to decorate a building with containers, etc. Alt-1 drops a BSB and names it QL 1-9. Later, you decide it needs to be 1-49, because your skills are much higher. Gotta find the right alt to rename it now, or if you traded that alt away and if the BSB was planted, you now have to completely unload it, then get your deed holder alt to pick it up and replace it. If the deed holder is too weak, they can't replant it, so gotta get another alt to do that and manage the naming. This turns into a complete nightmare at times. Need a settlement deed permissions setting to allow renaming of all dropped or planted items by all citizens, or possible a check list of citizens, so you can choose all your alts, but not other villagers you invited to the deed.
  9. Hey! So the missions that are going on Xanadu have two sacrificing required missions, the Deadly Quill one for Libila and Black Circlet for Magranon. I found a Deadly Quill and sacrificed it, but got mission progress out of Black Circlet mission. Here's the screenshot of me picking the Deadly Quill on event tab, but got the progression on Black Circlet mission.
  10. I am looking for the following items with no damage on them: PURCHASED One Rare knapsack ( PURCHASED Pair of 75ql stylish shoulder pads ( PURCHASED One Rare lantern, blank, not dyed (QL does not matter) Contact me in-game first. Otherwise, reply to this thread or PM me if I'm not in available in-game.
  11. Boom Coyotes: "Vicious monsters native to Jackal, these things are bad for your health!" These are explosive hell hounds. Can be bred, cannot be tamed, can be dominated and then led. Butchering products are cooked meat and "black powder". If it gets to 30% hp or below, it starts a 7 second timer after which it explodes, killing itself and dealing damage to anyone in combat with it within 5 tiles on PVE servers, and any players, any animals, and any structures on PVP servers. If the coyote is killed within the 7 second timer it will not explode and will give fighting skill. If it explodes, it should not give fighting skill or leave a corpse behind. When it starts the timer it should freeze in place until it dies. Damage should be 2x as much as a troll's mauling attack to non-structures and 50% of a catapult attack to structures. Explosions stun. Black Powder: "It burns!" 1 unit weighs 0.025kg. Can be burned. One powder is equivalent to 1kg of other fuel. Fire Trap: "A dangerous trap that lights everything in the area on fire." 10x black powder, 5x kindling, 10x branch, 1x string of cloth. Uses fire making skill, can be improved with carpentry tools. Damage increases with QL. Effect is similar to Fire Pillar. Requires 30 fire making to create. Moderately difficult to set. Explosive Trap: "A deadly and very damaging trap." 20x black powder, 1x cauldron, 1x steel and flint, 1x string of cloth. Uses blacksmithing skill, can be improved with iron and blacksmithing tools. Damage increases with QL. Effect is similar to Boom Coyote explosion, with damage based on QL. 1QL trap should do as much damage as a bite from a wolf. 100QL trap should do 3x as much damage as a mauling attack from a troll. Radius of effect should be 5 tiles. Difficult to set.
  12. The Ebony Wand is used to modify the world and change it. The Mission ruler adds life. We need some way to on the fly script NPC's. It would be incredibly helpful if NPC's carried with them a parchment of command, a parchment that they followed. GM's could then look and modify NPC's on the fly and test run or fine tune NPC's to perform tasks or interact with players such as quest giving etc.
  13. How many container items can be placed on a tile? Is there a limit? I have a tile with two large chests and potentially a bow rack (the center of it is on a tile border and I'm not sure which tile it is technically on). I tried building an armor stand in the middle of the tile and it disappeared. Unsure, I tried building it on another tile and it worked. I pushed it onto the tile with the chests (and maybe bow rack) and finished it, but once again it disappeared.
  14. Hello, I have a question regarding an item that appeared in my inventory after creating a deed. I received a "settlement deed, pinewood" item in my inventory (pinewood being the type of wood used in deed stake) My question is, how do I remove this item from my inventory due to it having a weight of 0.2, and taking up space? Help in this matter is greatly appreciated.
  15. I have no idea if this has even been reported, but here goes: Dredges consist of a cloth bag on a rope, with steel lips to scrape up dirt. The in-game model, crafting recipe, and skill all reflect this to some degree. However, when you build them, they are all inexplicably made out of birchwood, and thus improve using carpentry materials. This obviously makes no sense. Why does a blacksmithing item made out of steel, cloth, and rope become birchwood upon creation? Solution: Make them out of a more reasonable material involved, like the cloth or the steel (although steel might be annoying to improve).
  16. As part of the Q&A plan there was listing about new items to sell on traders and thought that maybe we should offer up some suggestions for that. I dont really have any of my own right now but i wanted to make a thread so we can start thinking of ideas and list them so that maybe the developers can get an idea of what we are wanting.
  17. all start 5s (chain start 1s bind 1s Deliverance pick up or mailbox
  18. Hello Wurmians, if possible, can anyone explain me or make/link a video how to create a new item? i m not quiet sure, but it should be possible, but ofc correct me if i m wrong. due to thhe fact that i know java a bit it only has to be a item-creation tutorial, not a java one Thanks and save travels, Simju
  19. Hello PPL I have some item to sell i am on deli S18 if you want pick up or Mail send All persons who interested, please send a PM on the forum or contact us in the game "arcipl"
  20. Hi all interested PPL Today, we have 2 Rare auction items specially for you;) 1# Rare Small Anvil Iron 60QL 2# Rare Needle Iron 60QL start 4s bind 1s buy out 15s for all or 8s for one inf: can by trade on deli in puzle plaza market or mail with COD my cords 21/s Deli
  21. Please add a special item for keys, which would work like a satchel for seeds is. You put your bunch of keys there, then put it onto your toolbelt. When you select it from toolbelt, you can remove any lock for which you have the key in that said satchel. Similiar thing for lockpicks could be good as well, but I'll leave that to Chaos guys. Thanks!
  22. Think these have been suggested before, but with bridges coming along it's going to be a very useful tool. I suggest they work in the same way as the spyglass does, but instead of visuals you get a message in event. Suggested Creation Rope + Lead Ball/Anchor - Rope x 10 - Square piece of cloth x 10 - Strip of leather Activation - Must be embarked on a boat, passenger or captain. - Boat must be moored. - Activate the Sounding line - Right click any object > measure - 10s timer, 300 slope max [15:24:00] You start measuring with the Sounding line [15:24:30] You stop measuring. [15:24:30] The depth here is 293 slope from the surface. or [15:24:30] The rope is still hanging, it seems you have not hit the floor. Notes - No gain in any skill when using. - Ropemaking for creation and improvement. - Improved with a rope. - Decays with each use. - WoA, CoC etc has no effect. - ...
  23. Why not have an option on every item to spend some coin to keep it from decaying? Say 10c for 28 decay free days. This way we can put that enchanted huge maul in a weapons rack and not have to create an alt to hold it when we want to switch to fighting with two sickles, for example
  24. WTS 3 Rare Item 1 Rare Leather Knife Iron 50,99QL start : 4s bind 1s 2 Rare Longsword Iron 52,34QL (coc52) start : 5s bind 1s 3 Rare Horse Shoe Iron 55,49QL start : 3s bind 1s Progres : 18.02.2015 17:00 1 Kegan: 6s 2 Osiris : 5s 3 Pinchi: 3s
  25. Foto Items 1 Rare Spindle Waiting to send start: 3s bind: 1s Buy out: 5s 2 Rare Carving Knife Lost start: 5s bind: 1s Buy out: 10s 3 Rare Chain Pants IS OUT start: 1s bind: 50c Buy out: 3s