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  1. I have low quality with no reflections on and it looks like that (btw the knarr is painted to that color is fine): unstable client: vs. stable client:
  2. +1 would be fun to have.
  3. I have the yellow or reddish tint to, so if i use the unstable client with the low water setting, the water is deep green... while in stable client it is turkoise. But worse than that the performance of the unstable client is unplayable laggy and it does crash in the first 30 minutes. My system is a Core i5 with 8GB Ram, RADEONHD6850M 1GB Graphic.
  4. Oh yea, this will give me back space in my ships.... great!
  5. Great job! One of the first things I will do as soon as animals can be brought over server borders.... travel Xanadu once again.
  6. My boats do decay on deed. I think it might only be slowed down a bit.
  7. -1 I see alliances not as kingdom who needs a leader... who brushes its ego with acting as a moderator. If people dont behave, they can be kicked out of an alliance... that should be enough.
  8. Hello, I am sorry I had a full week last week ;-). Now I am online the next 3 days a lot. I try to get in touch.
  9. Hello, I want to sell my deed at C20/21 (north coast) if Independence. Its a small deed, that has a gold/iron mine. It comes with 1 3x3 house equipped with some storage containers and forges, 3 horse pens with some 5 and 4 speed horses and enchanted grass tiles. It has a big mine with forges and a smelter, a ship transporter that is in my ownership and can be transfered. Mailbox has a 84 cast on it and a HOTS tower called "Nordhafen". No decorations so far (no lamps). It has 6 silver in its coffers and I am asking for 15s or make an offer. More infos in the screenshots below. You can contact Aristarchus ingame, or PM me here.
  10. I was +1 but apparently some people adore the animation, and it doesnt bother me that much to vote for a non wiggely hive. So i dont vote now ;).
  11. Caption: Hey UK players, in WO we are driving on the right side of the road!