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  1. I like the game.... [Stan enters the group] Stan: Is my dad still here? Dad: Stanley, my son! [Stan leaves the group]
  2. +applause+
  3. As I was a new player I did see the map and I assumed that the WO world is full of players so I would go best with choosing the biggest server to find a place to be able to settle. I am shure a lot of new players think biggest server is best and choose Xan not knowing that all servers have enough space for everyone yet. I am for a suggested server which changes every month.
  4. Great!!! I am thrilled to see what I will find on old abandoned places...
  5. Maybe that can be prevented like speed must be a certain amound over a certain amound of time... . Something coders need to think about in that case.
  6. Hello, I was thinking about the value of horses and the dead market regarding horse breeding. I was questioning myself, what would make horsebreeding more interesting, what would value time and efford people put into it and I came to one solution: Make horses better with training! If you could train a horse to get more speed, you would give people a) something to work on, b ) something to hire people for, c) horses would become more interesting in comparison to hellhorses because they would be as fast as them without the unhitching/ biting burdens. So they could become more valued means better priced again. People that would put real efford into their horse business would stand out from those that just mass produce. Mass producing would infact make no sense anymore because you would need to much time to train all those horses up to selling status of 7th speed. My idea would mean you train a horse with riding it, (working cart horses should not become automaticly faster without any efford), maybe you would need the skill too, like 60 animal husbandry for 6th and 70 animal husbandry for 7th speed. d) This would give AH a new push because atm most people dont raise it much higher than 50 because this way they get all the speed traits they wanted without breeding useless other traits into the horses. e) You would give even training stables a chance to pop up, where someone could give their horse away for some time and get it back fully trained. f) And people would come out of their deeds more, because they need to train their horses. This way some forgotten landscapes would maybe become racing-grounds and more populated again. What do you think about this? Cheers
  7. Are you shure? Dont want to kill one for reference ;-) you might be right.
  8. Here you see the difference, yours and on my picture the left one is piebald and right one is ebony black
  9. Please add Aristarchus to the blacksmithing workers. Thank you,
  10. If it would change, no one would invest into the town. Atm we have only Glasshollow as really used market, all others are near to empty. At first, no old player would know which the actual starter town is and on the other hand people that did settle around the one town wouldnt meet new players anymore. I think we dont have so many new player that we would get crowded towns that overflow after 6 months. People that stay in the game always move on to other servers if they like to, I dont see a problem to have one server as permanent starter server.... . Better than loosing all those new players in the lonelyness that they are facing nowadays. But your idea still would improve the system we do have right now.
  11. Wait until its another time in the game, I figured its green in the "mornings" and "evenings" but blue in the day. Thats the way my client shows the water.
  12. Hello, I have read the long thread about guided starter towns. I think, that everything that is needed for engaging new players to stay in the game can be provided by the community. I am shure there are a lot player in the game that love to help new arrivers and I mean not only those who want to sell something to them. For my opinion its hard to get in touch with the new players if they dont ask questions in the chat window. So it would be a lot easier to find them if they would start in only one player town on one of the servers. I am shure this would encourage people to even let the markets grow around this town, to gather there often and newbies would place their first deeds around this town which would also allow all those new pleayers to not only meet the old WO gamers but more important: each other. I think its so nice to start a game with other starters, to explore the game together. But at the moment new people just dont meet each other because they are so spreaded over the map. As I started I walked trough the deadly lonely but heavily built Glasshollow and was asking myself if I am the only gamer in this game. If citys are empty I hought... the whole game must be. So the first impression for a new player should be that the game is alive, that other players are around and thats not possible with so many starter towns. I know a lot of players want the new ones to start on -their- server, and that is understandable because they want their server to stay lively. But if people dont stay in the game because they find it to lonely and hard to start... that doesnt help at all. For my opinion, it would help a lot to give new players one only starter town. This would encourage people who want to help newbies to be able to actually meet them. This would help new players to meet other new players in the game. It should be a starter town to which older gamer can travel easily to (reachable by ship not to far from server borders) so that they also are encouraged to go there, use the market there and help the new players. What do you think?
  13. What happened to the animal cages? Are they still coming in the near future or is it not possible to implement them?
  14. +1
  15. You was right, I had the 32bit version and didnt realise it, thanks, problem solved now.