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  1. I will come with Aristarchus and would like to help imping: shipbuilding, blacksmithing
  2. Are we not all happy about the higher player population in Wurm now? I am and I would never deed over a place that looks like someone wants to settle. If you want open lands with no one living on the shore: Go to the old servers. To all those newbies reading here: Build a little house and people can not deed over it. Doesnt need a roof, just 4 walls and you are save. You can even have grass inside for your cow or horse. Thats a save way to live without a deed for a beginning, but check the walls for decay and repair them regularly. Every newbie that enjoys the game is a potential deed owner later on... if you bully them away, well then you should ask yourself why you even started on such a populated server? Is it the hope for business? Then you need customers who stay on the server and buy from you, right?
  3. only one hour until it starts - bump
  4. I love the trailer so much! And really, if you didnt before, put headphones on, or use a good speaker and rewatch this trailer! All those wurm scenes are so beautiful and this music is escalating so nice and emotional touching...
  5. Congrats to the winner! And horayy for the beautiful artwork Malena did! I can not wait to see the trailer!
  6. 99% invisible - a podcast about just super interesting things and places you normally never hear about, its hard to describe this podcast but is one of those that let me google afterwards and read deeper into it
  7. Please rename Huntington Castle at o22 to Isle of Sirens. Thank you.
  8. I am in with my char Aristarchus. I can do Ship building, Blacksmithing, Carpentry. My favorite task is shipbuilding (making one rare last impalong made me so happy).
  9. OMG OMG OMG "in-world text for local chat " I canĀ“t wait for that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This will make the meeting other people experience so so much more immersive! Love it! And the UI looks wonderful to.
  10. Hm... I would be the kind of player that would take a short look around and would walk into the portal to see the "real deal" very fast... I dont think a lot of player want to stay long in a non persistent world.
  11. Hello, I could come and help with the ship imping. My char Aristarchus can imp to lvl 70.
  12. Totally essential we need this
  13. Shoot me a PM on forums if you would like a new starter set, I am off the game now.