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  1. Please rename Huntington Castle at o22 to Isle of Sirens. Thank you.
  2. I am in with my char Aristarchus. I can do Ship building, Blacksmithing, Carpentry. My favorite task is shipbuilding (making one rare last impalong made me so happy).
  3. OMG OMG OMG "in-world text for local chat " I canĀ“t wait for that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This will make the meeting other people experience so so much more immersive! Love it! And the UI looks wonderful to.
  4. Hm... I would be the kind of player that would take a short look around and would walk into the portal to see the "real deal" very fast... I dont think a lot of player want to stay long in a non persistent world.
  5. Hello, I could come and help with the ship imping. My char Aristarchus can imp to lvl 70.
  6. Totally essential we need this
  7. Shoot me a PM on forums if you would like a new starter set, I am off the game now.
  8. You can contact me ingame, my character is called Sirene and I just logged in.
  9. Hi, I can make you a restart pack of tools if this helps. Where are you at? Is it the newbie stuff you lost? I could easily mail you such items to a mailbox.
  10. -1 I would be really concerned about painting bridges being a thing, because ... well, imagine you have a bridge near your place and someone would decide to paint it a very unnatural ugly looking color like neon-pink or violet or neon green. And you would have to look at it if you want or not. Bridges are visible long distances and can destroy the look of a whole landscape. If people paint their deeds in strange colors well, you can always plant some high trees between you and your neighbor's place but not so with bridges.
  11. Nice old posts you brought back. I don't think in servers when I think about places I like in Wurm, I think about areas of different servers I used to virtually exist. There are areas at very north and very south Xanadu, North Independence, West Release and my Island on Pristine and the area around it, who I feel like I really was there, I have memories there. But more than that I met people in Wurm who overwhelmed me with kindness and helpfulness, which I will remember always when I think about Wurm as a game. I think most people grow a little attachment or sentimentality when they had a deed in one area and they come back after some time and see this place again. That happens with me and I tend to travel back to all the places I once settled (which were a lot) sometimes. Sometimes it's sad to see an area that was once full of deeds now as flat paved empty areas with some leftover bulk containers.
  12. A new rug design that is very plain and dyable, that would allow us to put more of them together would be nice, so we could create own floors with different colored carpets and could do things like red carpet walk ways or or...
  13. Rest in peace dear Tich, you wont be forgotten. I was proud to be a member of your Alliance and next door neighbour on Release. Will miss you a lot :(.
  14. Does that mean the time a hellhorse is able to be hitched got shortened again?