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  1. Cotton, Water, empty crates. My tools I have always with me and also my tent.
  2. On Melody i did see some wild horses running around and swimming in the waters to (Overture Area). On Harmony I did also see some wild horses (South of Harmony). So the spawn might be better already?
  3. Server Crossing

    Probably because you can swim over to if i remember right... if you get next to it with full stamina (dropped of the boat) but you can not plot a course so next server is random.
  4. I liked the ability in WOW, to play in RP guilds, and even RP servers. Most of the time I had a character just for RP with a character story and everything. Here in Wurm, the possibilities are better than in any other game I've tried before. Here someone can really express what he is in his role, be it with clothes, objects or actions. It's not about forcing all the people you meet to role-play, but rather creating an atmosphere in which someone can simply enjoy in-game interactions that differ from the usual chat on site about what is happening with deed building or grinding. What I missed was the overhead speech we have now. Now that it's there, it makes sense to sit down and chat. Now we can see for example if someone is shouting something and where this person is sitting in a pub. We can put these cool beer mugs on the tables, get drunk together or ride a crocodile into the water. We can do it to enjoy the game mechanics, but we could also use all of that to create a gaming experience that creates memories. Sometimes RP can be too much after a long day at work or a stressful day, but other times it's exciting and fun, and creates a completely different gaming experience. In-game window for a character description would be great. RP chat isn't that necessary to me because I think local chat is fine for roleplaying, but if it's optional and still showing speech above the heads, why not? RP Voice Chat would not be my personal preference. And I also think voice chat would lead to conversations that people standing nearby but didn't turn it on would simply miss. So for my taste, people should be heard talking to each other and standing around others. It's also part of the fun of seeing other people interact with each other and creating opportunities to get involved.
  5. Just a heads up to an already excisting possibility for you: Found an alliance. There you would have at least a chat option ingame for one server. Sadly its not Freedom wide then.
  6. Settlement: Whispering Shadows [549, 971] Thank you ♥️
  7. I think as skills on Nothern Island rise and the deeds grow and the economic gets mature, the gap between skills/deeds/economics of Nothern and Southern Islands will get smaller and smaller. A new player then will not really see a difference anymore between nothern and southern servers and maybe some come directly to the older servers then. Not today since Nothern is shiney new but that will wear off.
  8. As a ship builder on the old servers, I can tell you: I would never build a ship there again, because I would not give it away for the prices people pay over there. So I stopped building ships long ago, use my skill only to imp on impalongs. The amount of work that goes into ship building is worth a lot more than the 50c for rowboats, 2s for corbita (or even less) and so on. And as an economist I can tell you: If prices are to high, they will not find a customer, so as long as people want to have those first corbitas or even willow tree sprouts and dont mind to pay those prices... then people can and will market their products with this price. If you would say: make a price cap for things, then it would be like first person gets the item, all others don´t. AND seller would loose interest in producing those items which, with the price cap would just be not available anymore. Take the ships in my first example: If you would cap the price at 1s for a corbita for example and all ship builder would refuse to build them anymore, then no corbitas would excist in the game. And for ships it is a bit like that: People buy them once. Point. If someone bought a knarr, then its probably the ship this person will have for years. So the ship selling market is florishing now but will dry out very fast.
  9. Not only, flatten destroys a big chunk of tundra, more than one tile at once.
  10. I will come with Aristarchus and would like to help imping: shipbuilding, blacksmithing
  11. Are we not all happy about the higher player population in Wurm now? I am and I would never deed over a place that looks like someone wants to settle. If you want open lands with no one living on the shore: Go to the old servers. To all those newbies reading here: Build a little house and people can not deed over it. Doesnt need a roof, just 4 walls and you are save. You can even have grass inside for your cow or horse. Thats a save way to live without a deed for a beginning, but check the walls for decay and repair them regularly. Every newbie that enjoys the game is a potential deed owner later on... if you bully them away, well then you should ask yourself why you even started on such a populated server? Is it the hope for business? Then you need customers who stay on the server and buy from you, right?
  12. only one hour until it starts - bump
  13. I love the trailer so much! And really, if you didnt before, put headphones on, or use a good speaker and rewatch this trailer! All those wurm scenes are so beautiful and this music is escalating so nice and emotional touching...