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  1. I've been out of the loop for a week or so, so apologies if I've missed it somewhere else, but has there been an answer on the skinned pottery jar decay issue yet?
  2. A little bump as I did a sail around of all the markets in the past couple of weeks, updated info where needed, and added a couple more listings!
  3. Caring for a creature only prevents death by old age; so they can absolutely still starve, die from combat, lava etc. In this case, though, Yldrania's deed covers an island and she has no immediate neighbours (people in local affects how fast animals go hungry) so it's unlikely to be starvation.
  4. Hooray, fancy colour bardings! I'd love some, Sid - CoD me some delicious spring energy please.
  5. Do you have a merchant on PVE we can come and buy from or is it by forum order only?
  6. PMK, Bulks, Skins and Gift shops all restocked again! Aaaaaaand the lovely@Josuhacalvertsailed over to Release for his stream a few days ago and paid Little Venice a visit! You can watch his stream here: - the visit to Little Venice starts about 1 hour in, so you can get a really good tour of the place if you've not managed to make it over to visit, but keep watching because after LV, he also pays a visit to another local site in our neighbourhood that's dear to all of us - Tich's Memorial. Check out his other streams too - the Thallspring Scouts travel far and wide!
  7. Could she only pick up the items she'd dropped off for you last time? Might be something to do with prox perms; if you haven't interacted with the items since she dropped them, the game may still think they're hers and so when she's close, she can pick them up again. I sometimes I encounter what I assume is the same/a similar thing regarding perms with crates someone has loaded into my boats. I can't rename them because they're not 'mine' yet, but if I unload them, then I can - I think maybe interacting with them triggers an ownership transfer mechanic on the back end.
  8. They shouldn't, but I have been warned before that sometimes there's a glitch when server resets happen - I know a few people who've lost cared for creatures that way (I lost a GM-named wildcat that way too, once). It sucks, but might explain what's happened here assuming it didn't starve (which caring for doesn't prevent).
  9. Hey Bratty, Interested in the rare planter racks, crate rack, weapons rack, and fire turret if you can give me an idea of price for those. May also be happy to hoover up any rare small barrels and crates depending on price. Can you give me a ballpark for the supreme wine barrel rack?
  10. This was wonderful to watch, Josuha, thanks so much for visiting! Can I pop a link to this YouTube video in the LV thread too?
  11. My continued thanks to everyone who comes to visit! Every week I pop over to do a little restock and a happy dance when I come back with pockets of silver. I'm super pleased folks are enjoying the aesthetics too; it took... some hours, and I'm really enjoying the upsurge in in-game markets again - I am visiting them all! On that note: skins, PMK shop, rareshop and giftshop all restocked today. I'm aware the furnitureshop and bulks shop both need some restocking and will get to that as soon as I can!
  12. Great stuff Fraskesa! Brambleheim seems to have regained its market icon which was removed when Little Venice was added. No rush for it, but maybe with the next update you could take that off again? Don't want people going there looking for merchants and being baffled by the petting zoo
  13. Magnificent, can I order 3k large chain links, 2k small nails, 2k clay and 1k wooden beams, for delivery to Brambleheim L23/24 Release (inner side of that eastern peninsula), please?
  14. Hullo, Can you give me a price on large chain links in bulk? Gets missed off most ironworks bulk lists (but I seem to build literally thousands of chain fences >.>).