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  1. Pretty please can you consider letting us make a map in game (that counts as deco and doesn't decay)? I don't mean a cartography skill/map-making process as others have outlined in previous suggestions - that's not what I'm after. I want a craftable item (probably waxed cotton + dye, or something?) that makes a reproduction of the in-game map for the server that it's made on. Large enough to fill a large table and, if possible, also mountable on a tapestry stand for use as a wall map. I'd dearly love a map room for my library of my home server and people could do all sorts of fun stuff with an item like this, for example: we could use named chequers counters or statuettes or gems or other small things to mark allied deeds and have grand alliance map-rooms on deed we could have war-tables and use small placed items to mark suspected territory borders or enemy camps those of us who have several deeds on a server could make a nice visual map of our lands explorers could use any number of means to use such maps to track unexplored lands or favourite routes/paths/anything else and to mark arterial canals and highways archaeologists can place our lovely tiny tokens down to mark our favoured sites to go back and revisit, or just to track the places we've already excavated wild foresters can use it to mark public groves or our favourite secluded foraging spots If the crafted map retains the map of the server it was created on (yes please!) - folks who want to could collect and display a map deco item from any/every server they visit (great for alliances that span multiple servers, people who keep deeds across various servers, people who just enjoy exploration). It would give us several potential new tapestries in the game with no additional artwork needed (as it would use existing in-game maps only). I know we have the in-game map function which works to an extent but it's a) unreliable (I've lost my map markers several times over the years), b) limited (I hit the annotation limit all the time and you can only have one 'version' of any given map) and c) it's not a decorative item and it should be goddamnit. Thank you for coming to my TED-talk.
  2. I dunno... I mean I get what you're saying but also - we get Christmas gifts, one for every premium toon who logs in, just days before. It's super nice to have some events that we go out and search for things that are open to all players, ftp or premium. I love scavenger hunts. Kinda sounds like there's no place for them if anything GM-created needs to be distributed equally to everyone. I'd like if one of every GM named creature spawned magically on my doorstep each year but instead, I spend literally weeks hunting all the maps on horseback and by boat and following tips to try and find one of everything for my wildlife park. Particularly since the contents are usually high ql and GM named but they're not, like... whole new items that don't exist in the game otherwise (like Christmas presents). A silver horseshoe or a lantern and a vial of vodka - something fun to go out hunting for, but mostly just a nice to have token or a fancy piece of jewellery and a drink. It's a bit of fun for the folks who aren't off partying with friends and family for whatever reason on New Years to go celebrate in Wurm instead. Eh, it's tricky because they are obviously also sought after enough that they have a fair bit of market value, so I can see the argument. I guess I think something being rare and sought after isn't a bad thing if it has no real in game benefit? If thousands of them exist in the game, do they lose their specialness? I don't know. I also enjoy the Halloween hunts but I don't think turning NY boxes into loot drops solves the problem either because both hunting for loot drops and scavenger hunts for hidden things are enjoyable activities and we need more, not less, of those kinds of things I think. No answers here, just mixed feelings and sympathy.
  3. Hey Vooch, In the same vein, is there somewhere set aside folks can park carts and wagons for imping? I'm happy to spend some of my time doing that this weekend if so?
  4. Nah, hard disagree. I mean, first lets reign in the scathing dismissal of the suggestion this thread was built about - (and of 'Asian MMOs') which is companion animals that aren't targets for mobs. I don't think there's anything silly about non-functional pets - where I live in the UK about 50% of households have pets; I think in the US it's more like 65% - creatures don't need to have a 'function' to add richness and value to life or to games and I can't see how other players in Wurm having a tamed dog with them when they're out riding, for example, is going to spoil anyone's game including yours. What is frustrating is a game that has companion animals in it - like dogs - that aren't targeted by anything on the map until you make friends with them when suddenly they become every mob's #1 target. That right there spoils a lot of people's games - an animal you've taken the time to bring home and care for, perhaps hand-fed for months or years, killed by mobs when they're following you just because that's how it was coded. Years ago it used to be that mobs would attack your riding horse as well as you, so if you died, you'd generally come back to find your horse's corpse too. That was horrible and a decent number of people just avoided exploration in the wilderness because it. Can't tell you the number of new players I've encountered or chatted to over the years who tame their very first dog or wildcat and then discover that it can't really be a pet for them at all, unless they lock it in a house or pen it and retame it every few hours/day til the end of time. You're talking about adjusting taming as it currently stands to make having fighting companions akin to hunters in WoW more viable, which is a different or at least an adjacent suggestion to the one intended here. Sure, I'm not averse to that even though it's not for me personally (and I find the idea of using animals as creature-shields uncomfortable anyway). The difference between Wurm and WoW is when your animal is killed it doesn't get back up, so your alternative will do nothing for the players who like to keep, collect and care for animals because if they continue to be tasty combat targets, most just won't risk it. (And Katrat's original suggestion didn't involve taming at all). TLDR - I don't want a companion cat or dog or sheep or whatever so it can nip at the heels of every mob that attacks me until I step out of its agg range and it turns on my pet; I'd really enjoy one that can keep me company while I potter around my deed building things and grinding skills and maybe take out exploring from time to time though.
  5. Goodness yes please; managing to get flat and neatly sloped mine ceilings in anything other than a tiny mine is a nightmare!
  6. Honestly the tamed-creatiure-being-targeted-first (or even at all) problem is what keeps all my many pets and companion animals safely in pens and keeps my taming skill exclusively for penning, not for actually enjoying them. I too would love a way to have companion animals (and mounts?) that, like horses, aren't a target for mobs and guards - we'd get so much more use and richness from taming were this the case.
  7. Yessssss. I too would like to replace my brass oil lamps and beer steins with actual tea and coffee sets. Also, yes - please consider a way to let us use food as deco items! I can't find my post on this from last year but there have been several across the years. Beeswax to render food functionally inedible but usable as a decoration without decay. Let us make our own breakfast tables and feasts and buffets and julbords!
  8. Happens about 9/10 times for me; I cross servers most days and have been doing so (with this problem) for years; I get thrown to sea level, my boat spins around (anything from 90 - 180 degrees) and I have to disembark and re-embark and put my sails up again. Worse yet is when you have passengers and they occasionally get disembarked and left behind on the server you came from.
  9. Bump - got some more bits covered but still looking for more - particularly good ql (50+) metallurgy lumps.
  10. Thanks!

    Big shoes to be filled there! Thank you for all your hard work over the years, Samool - I hope stepping back gives you time to focus on your health and other things.
  11. Yes! This was the conversation last time I raised it:
  12. Hey Vooch, I'll be there with my Fo priest, Eshri, in toe again! Her channelling isn't high enough for enchanting, but she can heal fighters, humid drizzle away impalong cooties and help with summon souls and sermon loops. Put me down for Blacksmithing primarily (since that's usually where most work is needed) but I can pick up and help with Carp, Fine Carp, and Masonry as and when needed, and happy to help out with Jewellerysmithing, Cloth Tailoring and Leatherworking up to 50+ if we end up stort-staffed there. Could I please have a room at the inn? (Eshri won't need a bed, so it's just for me). Super looking forward to it. I'll try and make all four days again.
  13. Dear Auntie Sid, I wish to purchase two lots of your magical Tar-B-Gone please and thank you! CoD to crimsonearth if you please, with instructions using nice small words about what steps I need to take to rid myself of this sticky black ooze.