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  1. This is a beautifully complex cooking system, and I love it - but there are a bunch of sub-recipe foods stuffs which are fiddly or time consuming to make which would benefit from an alternative storage method with reduced decay. For example, I can seal my milk and oil and passata in barrels so it will keep, but it'd be really helpful to make better use of existing items (like, say, pottery jars) as longer term storage for things like jams, breadcrumbs and dry pasta and maybe also for less complex snack foods like candy, chocolate and cookie jars. I'm not asking for slower decay of full meals or pizzas or more complex foods with high nutrition and affinity timers - I totally understand why those have higher decay rates without individual wrapping. What I'm asking for is a middle ground solution between liquid storage (forever on deed) and prepped meal storage (hours or days without wrapping) for ingredients which, irl, would last weeks or sometimes months in cupboards so that a) exploring the full breadth of the cooking system and the hundreds of recipes in the game is more rewarding and b) so we can have our kitchen shelves lined with labelled jamjars and biscuit tins and the like. I don't know - if I'm missing on obvious exploit here, please do flag it up - that's not my intention. It'd just be really nice to have additional logical ways to store some part-processed ingredients, outside of a magical chest, that add to the decor and help us cater for guests without offering them mouldy bikkits.
  2. Good stuff, thanks folks! Will the compacted health/stamina bar be a toggle on/off option? The only way I remember to turn my sleep bonus off half the time is when I catch sight of it still being shiny white...
  3. Returning customer here. More larders, fine carp pretties, runes, pretty horses, recipe drops and enchanted armour/weapons/tools plx.
  4. Goodness yes, though I prefer the collar to the branding idea. Ever sinced I accidentally killed my tamed wildcat when its tamed status dropped unexpectedly, I can't bring myself to have them though I am absolutely a house-is-not-a-home-without-pets person irl.
  5. Thanks for trapping him! I'll be there
  6. That is precisely what this post is asking for
  7. It was 2014 they were discontinued I think, so tbh I don't remember. The exploit they were removed from the game for was the reduced/no decay, judging by the announcement I found when I went digging through archives.
  8. X26, Y18 top left corner is a shrine called Long Home of Many. Sancrarium of Spirit is at the top of X26 Y15 on the coast - just one square too far south at the moment.
  9. Yes please! I'd love more shapes and variations, but I'd settle for just being able to dye the models we already have in play.
  10. I was thinking this just yesterday, too. Small change with a big QoL impact for miners.
  11. Hello team, I'm writing to humbly ask whether you might consider reducing the size of Sloping Sands in the westerly direction by 10 tiles, and reducing its overall perimeter from the current 20 to the standard 5 tiles. Here's why: 1) Compared to other servers, Sloping Sands is a pretty bleak area for new folk to spawn into. When I first joined the server back in 2013 it was my first introduction to Wurm Online, and the area around it was built up by players in a beautiful way that inspired me to go and find a patch of countryside and start my own deed. These days, Release is quiet and we've all moved away from the starter deed, which means it's just sand and dirt and mountain as far as the eye can see with a couple of lonely houses on the horizon. Since we can't help to develop and beautify Sloping Sands itself (which comprises three buildings in which new players can't do anything except trade with the public traders), I'd like to, possibly with the help of some other community members, build a small community deed on the west lake there with open access for existing and new players, with an inn with free beds, stables with free horses, a community tavern and so forth, to make Sloping Sands an inviting place to land, and to show what few new players we get there what can be done in Wurm and give them a safe place to sleep, acquire a first horse, and get food past that first 24 hours in game if they're not yet ready to head out in the wilderness completely alone, or until they find an active recruiting village to join elsewhere on the map, like Harvest Moon Lagoon, where there's room for them to build and farm. 2) The deed of Sloping Sands and its perimeter covers almost all of that beautiful little lake to the west, despite the fact that the outer wall of Sloping Sands ends ten tiles inside the deed border on its west side. The 20 tile perimeter has no negative impact on us to the north and east, and is a minor annoyance to the south in that any deed necessarily has 25 tiles of space between it and the end of the developed area of SS, but to the west, the perimeter and excess deed tiles of SS means pretty much that whole lovely lake is consumed. It's a waste of a beautiful space. 3) Larger perimeters no doubt used to serve to protect access to starter deed areas and to prevent over-development in the initial land-grab, but Release is seven years old now and we need to work harder to entice people to stay. In addition, the new highway system means that the roads into and out of SS are well protected from rogue deeders and builders, and reducing the perimeter from 20 to 5 would still leave the highway to the east tunnel safely within perimeter space of deeds, and the highways to the north similarly safely within deed and perimeter space. 4) I'm happy to put in time, resources and silver needed to make the area more inviting. I'd just like to do it in a way that complements and leads naturally on from Sloping Sands, rather than one that hugs the edge of a 20-30 tile stretch of no-man's land to the south and west of SS. I belong to an alliance of kind and generous community-minded players who have built several of the highways, bridges and canals that make Release as accessible as it is, and we're skilled builders and craftspeople who love our server; I'm sure some of them would be willing to help with or take over management of it if for any reason I ended up putting Wurm down for a while. Let us make it more inviting for newer players to join our community.
  12. I think you misunderstood me - I wasn't suggesting you get charged for the wrapping, I'm saying wrapping a satchel full of gifts shouldn't become an exploit to cut down the costs of, say, sending someone a satchel of gems through the mail, so whatever mail costs normally apply to a given amount of items in the mail should still apply whether or not they're gift-wrapped.
  13. I imagine that would have similar issues around exploitation, but I'd far rather have them with no impact on decay than not have them at all. There's already means to preserve foods, so I think all you really want is to know that items won't decay whilst in the mail system, if possible. But, yeah - it's lovely for strengthening community, and its also super nice from a perms point of view to be able to, say, leave a gift for someone that only they can open. I don't know if it causes issues with mail costs (idr if you could wrap satchels with multiple gifts, for example) but presumably this could be overcome in the same way that posting satchels and backpacks is.