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  1. 79 hammer, 77 scissors, 78 rake and 77 pickaxe CoD to crimsonearth please
  2. Yes, I've had this too - but only since the last patch. Swings anywhere from 90-180 degrees.
  3. I've helped, advised and in some cases commissioned work from a number of new players to their first 2s purchase in Freedom and Global chat, just in the past three or four months - so it was clearly an incentive for some. As other have said, 2s was reachable in play for those who weren't invested enough 'yet' to part with real money, but invested enough to do some work to try prem (and those have got to be the ones mostly likely to convert to longer term players, surely; the ones not daunted by the hard work?) 5s is a lot more to earn without premium skills already or a good knowledge of the game and buys just half the amount of game time for a new person for more than twice the price of the 2s system. That feels fsr less achievable. For me, never having had a priest, my small handful of 2s alts allowed me to make mayors for other deeds I founded and planned to found who weren't at risk of disappearing and could gain enough caring slots in the month to keep a wagon's worth of horses and a pet indefinitely. I'm probably in the minority here, I realise, but basically the two 2s alts on my side, even if they never premmed again, each guaranteed another deed with longterm upkeep. They brought in more money for CC than just their initial prem price and weren't just depriving you of my money in SMCs and LMCs as cheap storage (which I don't buy either way). The higher price prem option won't stop me if I really want another, but it'll sure make me think a lot more carefully about it, since what used to be a mere 7s to explore a new whim or community endeavour or nice use for a particular bit of land will now be almost double that each time. Just... adding an alternative use to the much debated sermon alt and storage alt losses here.
  4. Right hand turn using 'D' key for me. I play on a laptop with a trackpad, so no mice here.
  5. I've just had this happen too. Sailing at full speed, not touching any keys, then did a 90 degree turn into a canal (in shallow water in a knarr if it makes any difference) and was dropped in the water. Event log just said 'You leave the Bandersnatch' and when I reboarded, I was still at full speed sailing.
  6. Did you intend this to end after the deadline for RMT by the way? Only asking as, if you're leaving Wurm, you may want to cash out any remaining silver before the end of tomorrow?
  7. Thanks for the sapphire; will bounce the oils back to you when I log on, though.
  8. will do them 50c ea No good for me, but thanks all the same.
  9. WIll pay 20c per item for any 90+woa horseshoes and any fireworks you're left with at the end. CoD to crimsonearth
  10. Will pay 50c each for any remaining of the following: picnic baskets, snow lanterns, fantastic champagne, 90+ql star sapphire, rare toolbelt, seryll helm and 20c each for any remaining soft caps and sub-80ql oil of the armoursmiths that you're left with when time's up. CoD to crimsonearth
  11. I love in-game markets! Where will it be and when can we expect to start visiting with our coin?