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  1. Interested in buying in bulk, but not at that price, sorry. Let me know if you don't manage to sell them and want to discuss.
  2. Yeah, well that's a whole other suggestion in itself but an important one I think people have made before. Why there isn't a confirm button for attacking a branded, tamed or saddled creature, I don't know - but I do know a lot of people who've accidentally misclicked and attacked a beloved pet which can often be fatal in one swing.
  3. Possibly interested in concrete, but you don't say pickup from where, which is an important factor in my willingness to travel. Server + in-game coords?
  4. One of two things, for me. Either: Getting stuck into a new project which isn't going to be a repetitive grind. So new highways and mines don't do it for me, but what has is: making a new deed inspired by a particular thing, collecting animals for a wildlife park, going on the road with a horse and my tent and exploring unknown servers, going to stay with in-game friends on their deeds for a few weeks and using that holiday from my own deed to explore their bit of the world or get to know their community. or Scaling back the aspects of Wurm that require regular maintenance and can feel like a chore (like keeping animals that don't graze, keeping farms farmed, keeping my orchards pruned and in shape, maintaining fences for off-deed pastures) and sometimes that means giving some animals away, or letting something you spent money and resources on go, finishing up a farm or orchard and letting it go wild for a while, or moving off-deed animals on-deed or to an allied deed for a while to just let the fences decay. AND THEN picking two or three new skills to try in Wurm - like cooking and discovering recipes, or forestry, or toy-making, or fishing, or archaeology, or jewelsmithing - that I can explore from the comfort of my established deed without the pressure of daily and weekly chores that I *have* to log in for or else. With the chores removed, I'm then free to only log in because I want to, not because I feel I have to. It takes me back to the low-pressure chilled out discovery process that I so enjoyed in the beginning when I was a member of someone else's village and didn't have a bunch of things I was responsible for maintaining.
  5. Two suggestions in one, I know, but let me separate them out. Every server is full of non-aggressive mob corpses within a tile or two of dry land. The nice GM spawns this Christmas that centred around starter deeds - many of which are close by water - were also littered with dead Beefalo and Pillow Mints and so forth. It's a crying shame, can actually become pretty saddenning if not distressing for those of us who love animals and don't like seeing and hearing digital ones dying needlessly any more than real ones, and also just doesn't make sense. Creatures who accidentally end up in or flee to water to escape a mob would make for dry land if it was within reach. Instead you see them two tiles off shore just taking damage ticks with little blood splurt animations unless and until someone jumps in the water to trigger their flee response (which may or may not be back to land). Worse still, since they can't swim, you can't even lead them back to dry land with a rope because they become un-led as soon as the game sees you're trying to move them through a water tile. I know this involves more fiddling with creature movement and AI mechanics, but it would make servers nicer places for those of us who aren't impervious to poor dead creatures if they were coded to just head for land when they hit water, and would reduce corpse clutter considerably. Second point - less crucial but related and also involves fiddling with the same code presumably so I'll squeeze it in here: non-agg creatures were re-coded with fleeing mechanics a few years back, but they don't seem to flee when it's most obvious they would take flight - when attacked. Granted, a new player can be taken down by a provoked non-agg of sufficient FS, but in the vast majority of cases, non-agg creatures are being attacked by mobs or players that will kill them with ease. Chickens and pheasants just stand there being beaten to death. Running away wouldn't save non-aggs from death, probably, but it would be more realistic, would save the occasional new player from an embarrassing end when they're learning the game, and people who hunt them for sport (who I'm not really here for anyway, but I don't want to get into a fight with those people) will quickly become strong enough to take any non-agg out in one to a few hits anyway, so their attempt at fleeing, particularly when wounded, shouldn't prove too much of an obstacle. I can see and would concede the argument for not coding fleeing behaviour into sea-creatures, but I don't know if they're coded differently or if it's one code for all. I know I'm gonna get people sneering at these suggestions - a lot of folk seem to find it ridiculous and over-sensitive that we don't all want to play a game surrounded by the corpses of gentle, non-aggressive creatures that look like our real world pets and farm animals so maybe the realism argument holds more weight: So many of the in-game mechanics that the devs have worked tirelessly on go to great depths to mimic a realistic simulation of crafting processes and plant propagation and so on; perhaps we could have more realistic non-agg creature behaviour to go with it and less corpse clutter as a bonus?
  6. Thank you. Wasn't my feedback but I see the merit in it, and more importantly, I think both this early but considered responsiveness to critique and as the person above me said, taking the time to lay out very clearly how the new systems work are both really positive moves. Credit where it's due, because I know there's a lot of negativity flung at you folk at the moment. Thanks Retro and the dev team. Good job!
  7. !!! I took 'on the ground' to mean ground level only, but perhaps not! Roof gardens, here we come! Edit: Ah, they said built - meaning crafted - rather than 'stationed'. As in, like fireplaces, you add to the build on the ground instead of in your inventory, but you can build it on any level of a house. MAGNIFICENT!
  8. Hooray. Good stuff devs! Am sad that we will not get to have rooftop gardens just yet, but grateful to have bigger better planters in nonetheless. Also super appreciate the books update. Thank you!
  9. Sent over an assortment of ql40-60 tools for you, all of which are impable as your skills improve (higher ql won't help you a great deal right now since your skills are capped and your repair skill won't be high enough to make super high ql last too long). Only thing I didn't have was impable hatchets, so I sent you a couple of starter ones you can wear down, and hopefully someone else will send you a decent hatchet that can be imped.
  10. Okay, well the good news is that when you get yourself a boat, you're in a good position for travel and trade - corners of maps are easiest for both delivering and collecting materials from. If you've got access to a mine of any kind, then it's perfectly acceptable to offer bricks without mortar. Bear in mind people buy materials by the 1000 generally, so you'll want to make yourself a few bsbs to store materials for selling in. Looks like the servers are shutting down right now but when they're back up, I'll pop on in my lunch hour and dig out some tools for you. The standard price for bricks is 2s/1000 at the moment, and for planks, 1-1.25s/1000 but you're competing with bigger traders pushing out higher ql stuff at those prices. If you can crack out, say, 2500 planks even at low ql, you should be able to sell them for 2s with ease, particularly if you can get a buyer to collect. (Given time, you could sell them at market price for 2.5 silver, but if you want to make silver faster to pay for prem, which it sounds like is a priority for you, consider taking a bit less to earn your coin faster while you're finding your feet). If you have some iron veins in there, small and large nails are also one of those mats that usually sell pretty easily. The going rate for those is anywhere from 1.2-1.5s/1000, so again, you could pitch at the lower end or go slightly cheaper to try and sell them faster if blacksmithing is something you'd like to skill up. Also, try foraging and botanising. You have to do quite a lot of it to make enough coin for that first premium, but you have a chance of finding a coin while foraging and botanising which can be anything from 1 copper all the way up to 1 silver each time. Some herb foraging sessions I've come back from an hour or so's foraging with 1.5 silver, sometimes I've come back with only a couple of copper or nothing at all. It's not a reliable way to get coin for premium, but for that first 2s it can be super helpful in making up the shortfall while you try and earn the rest, and the bonus is you're finding loads of seeds, sprouts and helpful fruit and veg while you're at it. In my experience, there is not much of a market for animals - most folk who keep them and breed them do it for the love of keeping and breeding animals. There is a bit of a market for 5 speed horses, hell horses and unicorns, and an even smaller one for 5-speed bison and champion-trait animals) but there are a lot of horse breeders in that market, so it could be a longer term goal for you but probably won't make you money before you've skilled up a way past your premium caps. Do it for love and interest now, and keep an eye on the trade channel over the next few weeks to see if there seems to be people buying animals and what kind.
  11. Also worth considering offering up paid labour for ingame silver - you only need 2s to buy your first month's premium at a settlement token. Setting up to trade can be a hard start, particularly if you haven't yet got a great idea of what people are buying right now, but in the last month I've paid out silver to a bunch of different folks for a whole lot of mats made, including easy starter mats like planks, bricks and mortar. Once you've got your basic tool set sorted, well worth considering that kind of labour route to get your premium paid, which gives you more time to gather other tools and skills and figure out what you'd like to specialise in in-game. Suggest making a list of tools you need right now, too, so folk know what it is you're asking for. (There's way too many tools in game to be guessing). Give us specifics and I'm sure folk will help where they can.
  12. I mean... the name is not encouraging. >.> Seriously, though, post your ingame name in the thread (even if its the same as your forum name) and your server and map location (because posting stuff can get pricey but some people might live nearby) so folks can message you in game. Might try the freedom chat tab for your server too - there's plenty of folks who will help out where they see someone in need. You just gotta get them to see the request. I'm not gonna be online for a few hours yet, but I always have spare tools sitting unloved in coffins on my deed and know others do too.
  13. If it's the Cele one, I did the same about 18 hours ago but evidently also made the wrong kind. As Evening said, these missions are missing the crucial bit of info about what kind needs creating.
  14. Main post updated with new markets. Alas, Delish seems to have been abandoned.
  15. Thanks Shrimpiie and friends for a great impalong. I missed the fireworks at the close but was there on and off throughout the week and both did an imp and got imped (ooh err!) and took part in games and shenangians. Lovely to actually spend some time with other folks in the comunity. 10/10 would imp again.