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  1. I'm interested in WU stuff, DD and Ebonaura. Let me know what sort of prices you're looking to sell them at?
  2. May be because deer had conditions previously in the game's history but afaik seals, sheep etc never did? So there are still a number of conditioned holdover deer from old times kicking about with their colours and the conditioned deer for the holy sites were a reintroduction of an existing model rather than a first introduction of a model. Dunno - but that seems to make sense.
  3. Yesyesyesplease! (And also yes that if unicorns are one of the things spawning, pretty please can we have something else instead). I have also been hankering after conditioned cows and I'd go nuts for conditioned chickens too >.> - I'm excited by the seals we've had the Vyn shrines but sad they're not showing their colours (yet?). Tbh, I thought (and from talking to some other folks investigating the sites I've been haunting, at least some folks other than me also thought) that the unusual spawns special to the holy sites that were being hinted at would be mostly the passive ones anyway - since we already have conditioned versions of almost all agg mobs (plus conditioned unicorns which are less rare than bison and wild horses). Go to any impalong and it's clear that even slightly special versions of domestic creatures are crowd-pleasers - loads of people enjoy taking them home and keeping them as pets - so I'm really hoping there are/will be more domestic specials from the holy sites than we've seen so far. Honestly, the possibility of conditioned creatures is entirely what had me premming up a second priest and dropping my three premium toons at holy sites to pray round the clock for days at a time when I am otherwise usually Wurm-dormant, so I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed for more holy creatures. ❤️
  4. Yeah, I was so excited for rainbow seals, but none of the holy seals seem to be tinted either . Please give us consistent condition colours, devs - it makes no sense to have them for some creatures and not others! (Also please give us cows. We don't need more unicorns, we're already overrun with them. Plz and thank you.)
  5. Yes please! Could use your village stamp on an arch token and then on a map to copy across the info in the token. Would be a massively helpful and cool integration of the two skills - if I wasn't already interested in doing it just for it's own sake for wall maps and war tables, I'd learn cartography just to augment archaeology given a good option for doing that.
  6. Yesssss - I also came here to ask for it to be a ledger. Or perhaps a portfolio? Adjacent QoL tweak I wildly desire is not to have 30+ 'your x contract will not leave the server' warnings in orange flooding my feed every five seconds as I approach a border, swallowing up any other event info or warnings I might actually need to see. Perhaps a collective ledger/portfolio/whatever could help address that by just give you one line of warning for anything contained within it, e.g. 'some of the contracts in your possession will not leave the server'? My border hops got so much nicer when I handed all of my merchant contracts off to a dedicated market-manager alt who doesn't have to travel.
  7. Merry Christmas and a happy new year, all! Apologies, I have been restocking but forgetting to post; thank you to all my repeat customers and first timers alike - Little Venice pays for my Brambleheim wildlife park (200+ differently named GM spawns and counting) - if you haven't seen it yet (because I'm even worse at advertising that than this :D) drop by next time you're over at LV. The wildlife park is just south a little way down the coast from Little Venice at L24 with big well-marked entraceways - if you come in the next couple of weeks though, forgive the temporary pens by the docks while I care for and house the remaining 30ish creatures from this Christmas in the park! I got off topic, however. PMK shop and dye shop both restocked (again), gift shop restocked with prices reduced due to increased stock availability (we've got Christmas gifts, valentines gifts, puzzle balls, medallions, halloween drops and more), Rareshop and skinshop restocked, archwood prices dropped aaaaand there are over a dozen differently named GM-spawns in the pens available free to anyone who would like them - mostly grazers with no taming necessary! I haven't yet updated the arch shop with this year's new frags and more statue frag-clusters but will post when I do, and I'm working on a cartography shop that I hope to have open soon(ish) too, so watch this space!
  8. I'm a non-Steam player, but evidently Steam players are getting it too:
  9. Getting in low, med and high resolution mode - only for the cluster selection screen in tutorial; noticed it a couple of weeks ago but forgot to report it then - apologies.
  10. Saw @Berris/Jennykellon and Dentarthur (irl friends of mine I'd met some years before through LARP) posting screenies on social media of their brand spankin' new deed on Release around New Years, a week or so after the server opened, and was immediately like 'What is that? I want that.' They invited me to come play, told me where to get the game and what server to join etc and I was so eager to get in, I had downloaded it, shot through the tutorial and was already chopping trees and hoarding logs like a noob around Sloping Sands before they even got home from work for the day. Was super reluctant to part with my brand new stack of logs and tried swimming to get away from a spider with a full inventory and we all know how that goes. After a couple of abortive attempts to find their deed myself, I made a campfire on the shore where I could watch out for wandering eight-legged threats and cooked some meat I'd found on someone else's abandoned mob-kill and waited super impatiently for someone to come online. Dentarthur ran all the way to Sloping Sands (on foot, no horses or boats yet) to find me late that evening, persuaded me to leave my precious logs behind, and then led me on a running/swimming/mob-dodging sprint back down the shore of spawn lake with wolves and spiders and bear sharks on our heels. It took forever. I remember the palpable sense of relief and cosy-homeness I felt when we finally made it safely onto their little deed (Poolsclosed, which is still there after all this time). Berris mostly did (and still does) play on Indy so gave me free rein to try all the different skills out with their stuff, build whatever buildings I liked etc. I learned how to dodge trolls on the steppe (who were tall green slender man-like things then), made myself a load of horse tack and then realised I wouldn't be able to ride a horse without premium, so I premmed up, started skilling up towards horse riding, knocked up a small inn and a cottage for myself and started bringing chooks and bison home off the steppe and... that was it. That was me hooked. Had me at 'build houses and bring home chickens' tbh, and honestly that's still what most of my Wurm-life is spent doing
  11. Goblin camps is a super idea and this kind of mid-level combat encounter has a lot of life and scope for Wurm, I think. Super pleased to see development going into this idea and I'm looking forward to the whole Exploration update. Great work dev team - I'm excited for the upcoming roll-outs! There's a 'but' from my perspective on this one, though. Gotta say, this is the main thing that's gonna keep me clear of goblin camps I think. Favourite horse or not, I don't want to lead any mount into a slaughter and unmounted I know I'm much more likely to die myself if I get into trouble with no stamina left. Happy to see how they're implemented and how it plays out but this is the difference (for me) between this being the best and most exciting thing about the exploration update vs a thing that misses the mark and that in practice I'm not going to engage with as much as I'd really like to in its current form. Skill up another whole new skill tree? Sure thing. Horses squealing and dying everywhere and risking losing yet another mount any time I engage with one. Sadface, but nope, not for me. Might be that engaging with these on foot is manageable with player camps nearby (similar to rift pens) to retreat and heal and a more cautious approach than I take for rifts given the lack of a mount, but I'm not going to be riding animals (or pets, but I avoid tamed animals for this reason anyway) into a multi-enemy camp with things specifically looking to target them. It was tbh the thing that drove me away from Wurm for a couple of years on one of my two earlier prolonged breaks back when mobs would target and cripple your horse all the time. One too many dead horses that I was fond of swiftly followed by 0-stamina deaths just killed my enjoyment of it, and I'll actively avoid anything that's likely to reintroduce that experience for me; it's a frustratingly powerless way to go down and get kicked while you're down and no fun. Mount targeting concern aside, though? Goblin camps looks super cool! ❤️
  12. Dyes and bulks restocked again, and most other shops topped up. ❤️
  13. Rune would work too, though the problem here is specifically for things which aren't *just* deco, but also tools which a lot of pottery items seem to fall into the middle ground of. Teapots and coffee pots are tools, but suspect they're used for deco more than tea-making. In fairness, I hadn't realised when I wrote my original post that *all* skinned items no longer take decay on-deed, so I guess I can rest easy about my cactus and my flowers. Still super sad about my decaying rare tea and coffee set though...
  14. Item bought with marks (not limited to 1 per player) and/or from a trader to glaze a single pottery item to prevent it decaying whilst on deed. I would like my supreme little cactus friend and rare flowers to live long and healthy lives, and my beautiful plum and rose coloured rare tea and coffee pots too. I don't mind paying for the privilege of protecting a few items; but honestly keeping track of displayable decayable things and which placement options will and won't lead to decay gives me adhd anxiety I could do without. I'm resigned to not being able to display pretty skinned weapons and tools without decay, but pottery decay is brutal and relentless. Please and thank you. Also:
  15. Dyeshop, rareshop, arch finds, arch frags + woods, runeshop and skins shop all restocked! Thank you, as always, for supporting my little island market! ❤️