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  1. Confirmed on a third PC + player. Patch server appears to be down.
  2. I'm getting the same error as well (not Indy based). Managed to log on an hour ago, but now won't let me.
  3. Will you do the Lib, Vyn, Fo, Hellhorse and Unicorn frags for 10s all in?
  4. My cozy little reading nook.
  5. I think you're overthinking it, Zera. All that's being asked for is for the sleep bonus bar to fill based on a percentage of total possible bonus, rather than a percentage of 5hrs. It wouldn't look any different to anyone with the usual 5 hour cap, but would prevent it looking full to anyone with a 6 or 7hr cap as soon as it hits 5hrs.
  6. Can you put all the milk and 1 barrel each of malt and rice wine vinegar aside for me, and pop me a message with times you're online and available for pickup, please.
  7. Hello - Who do we contact ingame? And is that the only location you sell from?
  8. CoD mine to crimsonearth please
  9. Rare chain sleeve 1.5s Rare rope tool 2s
  10. One of the shops in my brand new marketplace on Release. Also - please hold some of your streams earlier again! It is 2.30am over in the UK. *snooze*
  11. (From today's bugfix) Client change: Reduced default sound and music volume It's like they heard what you were plotting, Stan...
  12. Yes please to any/all of these. Would happily spend coin on either functional or decorative NPCs for villages and settlements.