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  1. ...this brought to you by me accidentally picking up one of my carefully positioned shelves for the billionth time. I need to stop myself picking up my own stuff far more frequently than I need to stop anyone else doing it. (Also, bolt-on suggestion, please let us secure carpets, beds, fireplaces, fountains, small deco items and all the other stuff which should be securable and weirdly isn't.)
  2. My affinity meals (+18 ingredients, no repeats) made with pre-chopped/ground and fsb-ed veg, herbs and spices but freshly minced meat give me approx 3.5-4.5hr timers at around 90something HFC - it's not often I'm doing any one thing for more than 4 hours without a break so that does me just fine. I get much longer affinities out of pizzas, but find them more faff than they're worth for anything but CCFP right now. Haven't tried freshly chopping everything for meals in a while (used to do it for pizzas), but will have a go a little later and see how much of a difference it makes, for science.
  3. WurmNode

    It doesn't seem to have fixed it for me - but I don't know if that's because that wasn't the problem or if it's because unlike the previous, I can't re-generate the circumstances leading up to that bug. Logging out and in again and clicking on the bar still gets me an internal server error for now.
  4. WurmNode

    Allllrighty. Well you'll be pleased to hear that this time when I reset the password, it went through and is now letting me log in. \o/ You might be less pleased to hear that when I click on the little red bar at the top reminding me to verify my email, however, I get another internal server error.
  5. WurmNode

    It now lets me get the right screen on WurmNode to reset my password from the email link, but once I enter the new one and submit it... internal server error again. Those bugs are tricksy!
  6. I love that you're putting more content in the game to make the most of the religious system; that's always seemed like woefully underused lore and I'm excited to see what this update brings.
  7. WurmNode

    Well I tried again, and it said it was successful and to check my email, and my email said there was already an account for my email address so I told it to reset the password, followed the new link the email to change it and got the internal server error again, alas. Appreciate you trying - no hurry from my POV, just thought you'd want some feedback on the next attempt.
  8. I wanted to chime in and join all the others lining up to say thank you for creating and keeping this resource running for so long; like so many of the player-created tools and trackers, we often take for granted that they're there without much active thought to the work and maintenance behind them - it's a tool I use/used daily during busy periods and that historical deed data has been wonderful for archaeology, for nostalgia and for helping me track down half-remembered player and deed names over the years. We appreciate you and your creation - thanks so much for all your work over the years.
  9. WurmNode

    I also seem to be in minority here, but while I've never used Niarja for tracking my skills or anyone else's, I use it almost daily for that historical data about people's public activities and deeds and that's the bit I was most sad to lose - it's a really useful snapshot of information when, for example, considering new alliance members, tracking down former deed owners of archaeology sites, tracking anniversaries of older deeds, finding out who to contact when their settlement drops from upkeep, getting a sense of how experienced or how far back someone's been active in the game etc. The searchable by settlement and player function of Niarja would be super useful, and if if's possible to get that historic data loaded in too, that would save mining Twitter (we hates it) for info. Either way, though, Wurm Node is looking really good. As an aside, I tried to sign up for an account a couple of weeks ago (and have tried again just now) and get an internal server error each time. I'm using Chrome, but if it's a browser issue or a known issue with a workaround, let me know, and keep up the good work.
  10. Truffle-Hunter Horticulturalist (could also work for Gardening) Hedgewitch (could also work for Alchemy) Organic Epicurist Survivalist Wildling Wanderer Berry-Snatcher Herb-Hustler Opportunist Unearthling
  11. Bulks shop and dye shop completely restocked; priests' shop and PMK shop topped up again!
  12. I have a bunch of venerable hens which all show up on my lists. They've never been in a coop, they're all cared for and branded, and - in case it matters (which again, it might) - they're all GM named, so though they're not in the list as 'venerable hen' they're all there by 'venerable [name]'. Hope you manage to get to the bottom of this, Tee!
  13. PMK, rares, skins, enchants, giftshop and runes all restocked! Thanks for bearing with me, folks! (Bulks, animal market, dyeshop, potions and carpentry shops still to go).
  14. Oh, ######. I don't have a more coherent response right now, sorry. Thanks for letting us know; I had no idea.