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Found 7 results

  1. Hey! Have idea about new racks. I have already caught tendency of the appearance with new racks and shelves, and I want to offer such a useless idea for consideration. On the Internet, a lot of pictures of such things: Forged, wooden, beautiful and practical, large for outdor use and small for fireplace in the house. I'm not sure that the new racks for firewood will meet everyone with a bang, but with them more possibilities to diversify the interior and exterior views.
  2. Starting Bid: 5s Minimum Increments: 1s Reserve: None Buyout: PM Offers
  3. A bee farm should not be formed from a single hive, but it should be an agglomeration of multiple bee hives, all together.. So my suggestion would be a bee farm rack, just like the barrel rack where we can stack a maximum of 10? bee hives, and each hive quality adds to the radius of the area covered by all the hives, without any problems of overlapping or domains. The base radius of the farm can be set to the radius of the highest quality from the farm, and the rest adding extra 1,2 tiles to that radius based on the quality they have, let's say, 1 tile for below 66ql, 2 tiles over 66ql hives. What the rack will do : - allow for multiple bee hives to coexist all together without having to spread them over a huge area - all bees share the same area, flowers, farms, trees - secure your queens inside the rack so there is no way for an empty bee hive to 'steal' a queen What the rack will not do: - bee hives that are placed in a rack will not give any queen the ability to migrate, so you still have to remove the ones that you want to transfer queens from and do it the same as you do now, with separate bee hives Just an idea... open to any kind of feedback and/or improvement. As i was looking for the actual radius for single hives, i saw that @Zigozag already mentioned something similar in the Town Square Bee thread, so kudos to him
  4. Because I was talking to someone about the new barrel racks while building a small crate.
  5. Could we add this to the next update rolf? Detailed item requested here. Just needs your fancy development team to get this rolling. Just an image needed and I have an idea for that too. But im sure you can handle this with out any trouble. Hope this grabs your attention ** ::::::: Creation::::::::: Activate ::::: small nails Right-click :::: plank Open submenu :::: Create > Storage ::::::::Total materials :::::: 02x :::::: Small nails 13x :::::: Planks 13x :::::: Pegs 02x :::::: Shafts ::::::::: Result ::::::::: Fishing Pole Rack / Case maybe? (25.00 kg) ::::::::: Skill and improvement ::::::::::: Uses ---> Fine carpentry ::::::: Description upon Examining ::::::::: A fisherman's pole rack, it will hold and display most fishing rods. (Used for storing fishing rods and fine fishing rods) Other information for this item? The wood type of the fishing pole rack / case is determined by the last piece of wooden material added during construction either plank or shaft or peg. If a nail is used last it will turn the wood type your started with example: (unfinished maple fisherman's pole rack / case) needs 1 nail to complete this.. 1 nail will the unfinished fishermans pole rack maple but if a cedar or other wood type of wooden material is used as the last required piece it will change to cedar wood type or which ever wood type you choose to use as the last item on creation. Can hold 100 fishing rods or 50 Fine fishing rods To continue building it, it must be on the ground. It cannot be picked up once finished, though it can be push/pull/rotated Loadable? Yes ::: by large cart, wagon, boats Tools needed to improve this fisherman's pole rack / case File, pelt, carving knife, and mallet Materials would be logs to improve as well. Please like this request and bump often we can do this ! This is long over due....
  6. I want to auction a Supreme Oakenwood Bow rack I didnt saw any other Rare or Supreme bow rack on the Market I start it to 5s 1s min increment no Buyout 2 hour snipe protection. I dont take any ingame Bid.
  7. With more uses for fish like feeding seals i suggest a new tool to be made craftable the drying rack. This can be used to hang fish on to dry them creating a fish meat that can be stored in a fsb. This drying rack can also server for more things as time goes on like maybe with the new sheep it can be incorporated to be used with the wool somehow. Maybe wool+dye dried on a rack creates a colored wool for making clothes or something..idk Anyway i would like to see it added and give us a way to keep fish and store them in a fsb.