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  1. i'm coming \o/
  2. i'll died
  3. damn what happen, ?? http://www.wurmonline.com/server-status/ Deliverance players 0/0
  4. yay ...... thank you
  5. aha..... finally, !!! i cant login
  6. nice... i need more mining potions for my pickaxe
  7. we make pen at dock j24 for free horse
  8. we'll try to gather some horse and pen them at dock, hope that will give a little help to help us kill this thing
  9. its so detailed
  10. ^^ TIMER ^^
  11. count me and alt in
  12. if timer correct, its ~07:00 morning for me
  13. got them back, nice service
  14. hi.... i've send to you 2x bow, sender is mylulv thank you
  15. thank you.... will sail my priest there as soon as i finish build sailboat for her