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  1. i'll start 1s
  2. can i come with my alt
  3. oh man .... grats for that fantastic, seems "creates fantastic item" personal goals no more hard
  4. X37-X38 Y19 if i'm not wrong
  5. oh man ..... you forgot to tell us which server we'll slay that TK
  6. L O L
  7. 1s 50c
  8. we are very sorry about this, we did not prepare this correctly, we did not prepare sign or anything to slay place...... next time we'll try to prepare the slay (info, etc) so no people get lost and very sorry i cant answer all PM in game, because i got too much lags .... crashed several times
  9. i park my knarr (orangewood knarr) and a rare cart (rare large orangewood cart) at coastal as sign
  10. i forgot about the rift at xanadu, but i sure you can do both
  11. hello fellow wurmians .... we have found and pen the venerable "starving" scared forest giant at release the slay will be public, all welcome to get a cup of blood to make woodcutting potion (but ofcourse the loots is private ) the even wil start in : and timezone converter https://notime.zone/KrWTI-RDKwTUY meeting point at G15 Release dont forget to attends the slay place will be at I16 from coast just go up to main road (highway) you can drop tent at that highway and left alt stay at boat
  12. send my main there .....
  13. i'm coming ..... but with my priest only