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  1. NO. No glowing doors. Next you’ll want glowing walls and roof’s. So just no. Now as to a rare door having better stats, YES. I however believe it should be plus 10%, 25% or 50%. For the effective strengths of these items, in addition to a damage resistance bonus of the above stated.
  2. I think that perhaps the inclusion of some Barn mechanics, where as animals kept in barns, fed, watered, and groomed, would actually "live" longer. Maybe even have to clean out the stalls periodically? (I'm thinking once a week average.)
  3. don't forget to block chaos, elevation and all the epic servers.... cause we don't want their feelings hurt if these new players accidentally get killed. -1
  4. I think the concept is still sound, advancement before "moar!"
  5. I like what Roccandil is on to here. Animals should nest, mate, and hunt. Trolls should possibly start small tribes.
  6. interesting
  7. I gotta side with @JakeRiverson this one. There are a number of tools available. If you don't like them, mark them on your calendar in your house, or use a sticky note. On another note, entirely.... you can access your deed info panel, anywhere while online. If you can't plan with this tool, I think you should just stop.....everything.
  8. I could totally see something for patch jobs, but not improving after it's been fired. To much stuff in wurm lasts to long.
  9. for prospecting, I don't know what you're on about. I went from 45 to 60 in 1 day with a lq pickaxe with an 83 Coc and sleep bonus. I only had to cycle back and forth via a few tiles in a small area. I think its working just fine. The other possibility is to have limits like meditation or prayer. no thank you.
  10. oh my
  11. exactly, let the fungus grow if there is influence, and it spreads based on the strength of that influence... no influence and it starts dying off. if you want large range of influence, blessed colossus
  12. I thought it was restricted to domain of a god at some point, I think it would be cool for a corrupted domain to happen. along with corrupted versions of animals and monsters.
  13. i want fungus among us... mycelium on pve in requisite domains
  14. I’d like quality of cart to effect the speed of the wagon more than anything. I think that a road a paved road tile should reduce damage to a cart or wagon passing over it. Suggestion: Basically damage on unpaved tile should be like 0.001 per tile traversed. Multiplied by tile slope. Divided by quality of the cart/wagon. a paved road would give a 1 in 6 chance of no damage whatsoever. *wagons should receive x2 damage off road for the longer bodies, dual axles and additional horse rigging. imho
  15. like Yiraia said... this world is different... also "dragging a caravel" in water is really towing it. If you could drag it over ground, that would be amazing.