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  1. Why not make these objects “packable”. Where it becomes a market stall kit. this kit could be picked up or loaded. Then placed on a tile and assembled. this would also work well with racks of various types.
  2. ore

    Support beams should be the difference between an open tunnel and a collapse within 1-3 months
  3. I just want to throw this out there.... Why? Why do we need more bigger harvests? What are we going to do with them? How will they make an impact on wurm other than filling FSB's and helping people to grind out cooking?
  4. I would suggest that a large container, such as the "huge tub, would be perfect for mixing of things. Thus a container with enough material for 1 batch of mortar would be standard difficulty, but larger batches would increase difficulty and have a harder time being high quality at first.
  5. Why not make it so that a cart, wagon or ship would take damage if left off deed and the owner is not logged in for more than 30 days.
  6. +1 if we can light it on fire while loaded into a catapult or trebuchet.
  7. placing a deed or being an ass and building a very strong wall. Jerks will be jerks, if they trap you the GM's can and should correct as necessary.
  8. Well if you take joy in being an ######, that's where the GM's can analyze the situation and deal with you accordingly. I don't see the points you've made above as something that would really conflict with my suggestion. I would simply add to GM's the power to forcibly disband an offending deed after all the necessary warnings. If you decide to keep spending money on new deeds and spirit guards, all the better.
  9. Fog

    How about a Fog lamp, that is blessed and then has morning fog cast on it. The power of the cast will determine radius and thickness of the fog. This would allow people to have mist shrouded lands at will... maybe needing candles for fuel?
  10. Personally, I have pitched an idea behind the scenes to separate deeds into a tile by tile arrangement, so that these gaps could be closed and towns with districts (individual deeds) could be formed. The gist of this concept is simple. Deed cost is increased based on border edges, just like building a building. The # of tiles + exterior edges increases the cost of the deed claim. Which would allow for a great amount of freedom for players to craft very specific deeds.
  11. Some thoughts on how to add some additional benefits to existing spells. Flaming Aura - Can be cast on a Smelter, Forge or Oven, food compartment. Would cause target to heat to quality level of the cast. <30 would be warm, 30.01 - 60 would be hot, 60.01 - 90 would be very hot, 90.01 < would be glowing hot (smelting level). The enchant would decay over time, as it would be using the magic to fuel the heat. The object would count as "lit" when adding fuel, so a forge would start at the enchant heat level, and the fuel would allow it to go above that point. Frostbrand - Can be cast on Larder, Water skin, flask, jar Would "chill" materials inside said container, to help preserve it. Mend - can be enchanted onto storage containers to prevent decay of the item and its contents. Strongwall - Could be used to repair a stone wall or fence. Possibly improve a fence if the cast is higher than quality of current wall/fence. Ward - Can be cast on deed token, to cause non-branded, neutral animals to leave the deed after wandering on.
  12. While I've already pointed out a simple yet critical change IMHO. I think many things need to be acknowledge and reviewed. Most people do not like the idea of dual supporting 2 separate toons, and not be able to use them. People can only focus on 1 toon at a time. This includes all of you dual-, tri-, quad-, etc -boxers. Even if you do it, it takes focus away from other toons. I tried dual boxing for a year and it was a great deal or frustration as my non-primary toon would spend hours daydreaming of doing an action while slowly starving. Many people are used to Other MMO's where they are forced to specialize a toon. being able to specialize a toon would be great, however the current system actual punishes any kind of specialist. These specialty toons have guaranteed roles to fill. Wurm's one toon can do it all, really demands players do it themselves. Due to a lack of quick trade mechanisms in game, co-operative work is hampered. Wurm has no organized external threat or conflict. Right now, unless you PvP with the current system. There is no challenge. The two non-player intelligence races (Goblins and Trolls) do nothing other than randomly wander. NPC camp's, villages, forts would give players something to test their skills. Deeds do not provide any personal security short of dictatorship. Everything you have on a deed is only truly protected if you are the sole owner. (this pushes people away) Any real thought of control on a deed by a non-owner is an illusion. I'm not saying deed owners should have their authority, this just hinders a lot of people being able to join together under 1 banner. Deeds will never be cohesive unless you can remove a perimeter so that 2 deeds can be flush together. I was certain that I listed this awhile ago, but in case it's lost to the abyss. If we want to build towns, then deeds NEED to be able to annex their bordering tiles with a neighbor. Perhaps requiring both deeds to close the gaps with paid perimeter would make a "common area" for the connected deeds? Ability to rent out a building. Another function that would be rather amazing is the ability to rent out real estate on a deed. Have a mailbox that could be placed on an exterior wall that would also be the focus for renters and landlords? Some sort of in game lease/rent system. Building Specialty bonuses. Right now, there is nothing more than aesthetics (looking good and not like crap.) A system that would check for clutter near a crafting station, and penalize accordingly. The same system would provide bonuses for crafting with associated equipment. This same system could be used to make tools in player's tile or adjacent be used for improve/crafting/repair actions. This would allow people to not have to carry every tool they own thus opening up more role playing options. Ok, well I'm a bit bored or tired of brainstorming without feedback (not sure which). Compliment, Rip, Flame, and Extol at your discretion. Thanks all!
  13. No, it is a dynamic point at which low quality items can be bought and sold, which would help to facilitate and establish a fluid point of transaction. The economy would not revolve around 30 quality items. The ability to obtain basic items would become easier by establishing points where they could be bought and sold accordingly. Additionally 30 quality is by the dev's own design "decent", and is out of the range of free toons, but not high as to where it would compare to what a craftsman could do. Codeclub or the Dev's getting a 20% fee on both sides of a sales transaction which has to happen in coins which can only be purchased through the website would increase income even if everyone bought strictly in the larges bulk containers. Lastly, the market would still be "Free" as you would be fully able to obtain your materials via private transaction, private merchant or purchasing from the NPC merchants. This allows more actions to accomplish the same thing, and can help raise funds for the game itself. If you cannot understand these things, I recommend you take an economics course.