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  1. I think with the release of the new highway system, if the lamp is on the "protected" highway and blessed, it should not take damage.
  2. I like where this is going. +1
  3. This would be nice. Something we can do to be social in the game
  4. Another thought I had, was to make the mark an "owners mark" and not so much a created by mark. Let the created by marks be reserved for rare, supreme and fantastic items. Just a thought.
  5. I kinda agree with this. It gets really frustrating and doesn't really serve a point. If a tool is made, and someone else improves it from 5ql to 90ql, who should get the signature? I would imagine the master who worked it from a piece of crap to the beauty that it now is, should get the hype. But alas, no. So let the marks matter for people who get the item over 50ql, of just show it always.
  6. Alright, No one favors it. Or offers any constructive changes.... Topic is now removed.
  7. Post Removed.
  8. There could be a possible way of doing if, if there was a special wall and liner used to designate where it would "fill" with water.
  9. Post Removed.
  10. Post Removed.
  11. Post Removed.
  12. Topic Removed.
  13. I have a suggestion that would allow us to have our cake and eat it too. Could the dev's not make an action-repeat timer, that would allow a person to transfer a max # of carry-able items, and then repeat until the # requested has been transferred or there are no more contents to transfer? If tied to a stamina limitation, i believe it would work nicely I would imagine. I think a similar mechanic is used like Leveling for digging would fit the bill nicely
  14. an acid potion should also be useful in breaking off locks on off deed properties. a frost potion applied to an object could allow for it to take more bashing damage for a period of time.
  15. I would love to see a re-work of fountains and wells as a whole. Wells: I would like wells to be built on a tile, like guard towers. Not be restricted to "water tiles" Have a building cost based on how far down to water level the tile is. (similar to how bridges calculate supports) Not have a standing amount of water. Produce 12 Liters of water per "Draw water" action Have speed of "Draw water" action improved by well Quality and Body Strength of user. "Draw water" action should improve Body, Body Strength, and Body Stamina. Damage of well would lower water quality Fountains: I would like fountains to be built on a tile, like guard towers. Restricted to water tiles. Should be able to maintain their large amounts of water. Would fill 1-10 liters based on strength of water tile they are on. Have a fill speed improved by fountain Quality (basically full strength at 50QL, double(x2) at 70QL, quadruple(x4) at 90ql, and Octuple(x8) with 100ql) Damage on fountain would degrade quality of water added Quality of fountain would determine "evaporation level" how much water is lost per tick. (or amount of damage water takes over time) Now I certainly don't think this is a definitive set of rules for improving things, but I just wanted to get the ball rolling for a better more robust system. Thanks for listening.