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Found 10 results

  1. Expanding on another suggestion today, how about an Apothecary's jar for storage and preservation of certain items. Make it a clay jar large enough to hold 100 HCs or x.xx amount of liquid. There is also a clay lid and a leather gasket. Tar and wire are used to seal it. Once filled and gasket and tar applied, it is heated to searing until sealed. The seal preserves everything inside until the seal is broken. The seal is broken when you open it, or once the decay of the jar hits 50%. The jar is unrepairable or mendable. This would give us a way to preserve not only HCs, but olive oil for compasses, maple syrup, dyes, most of the items we can't put in bsbs or fsbs now. And since the jar decays and can't be fixed, it keeps the idea that nothing lasts forever. You would have to remake your jars from time to time to keep your items preserved. As a side bonus, this could give pottery a big shot in the arm as to usefulness.
  2. While I understand that there are recipes that can use Olive Oil, when a recipe calls for 'Cooking Oil' I cannot use it. I think that should be changed. Stop the discrimination against Olive Oil!!!!
  3. After a long and successful Forestry grind, I have some very high QL items, including a large crate full of 100.00 QL olives. This comes delivered to any outer shoreline other than Chaos. Starting bid: 3s Minimum increase: 50c Reserve: None Buyout: 10s Sniper: None
  4. So for filling of lamps and now fireplaces automatically within a 24 tile perimeter on deed we have the huge oil barrel. This barrel will hold up to 2,250kg's of liquid. Impressive isn't it, what I don't understand is why this mechanic is limited to olives. If you wanted to fill the barrel with olive oil you would need to harvest 12,500 olive tree's, that is assuming each olive tree has a olive during olive season. Chances are, maybe 2 out of 3 olive trees will bear this little fruit and then you must turn this olive into oil, so depending on your skill the amount of olive tree's needed to harvest to fill this barrel to the top could well go beyond requiring a person to harvest 20,000 trees. Don't forget that making olive oil use's the beverage skill, for oil that is not actually used as a beverage. Is this wurm logic at its best? What we need is an alternative fuel, one that is more readily available year around such as tar, and a means to turn this tar into oil and in-turn giving us more options for filling lamps and huge oil barrels. Save the olive's for compass building and of course the martini.
  5. Hello gang! i'm looking for a steady supply of high QL olive oil, several KGs per month, but it needs to be high QL (80+, 90+ is preferred). i believe that when shipping oil you pay once for the container, and once for the shipping of every 1kg of oil, so would prefer xanadu shipping fees. Let me know either in-game, reply to this thread or PM me please. Thanks, ~Smokes
  6. As you can imagine, its taken quite some time to confirm this. (3+ months) I have three lamp posts 2, 4, & 6 tiles off deed which were all filled with olive oil. I have a huge oil barrel on deed (originally with 15.0 of olive oil. It's been decreasing and is now down to 9.19) The lamps continue to burn out, and I continue to refill with olive oil. I thought I should mention my findings. Note: The huge oil barrel is in the mine. But I would think that shouldn't be an issue correct? I have a spirit templar although again, last I heard; Rolf stated that was not required.
  7. Setting up shop, beverages and Lamp oil by the barrel. Independence: Black Dog Isles, near the canal.
  8. Hi there! I have some olives for sale: 5000 olives - 1.5s per 1k or 7s for all of them If you don't want to spend time on making olive oil I can offer 45kg of olive oil (small barrel) for 50c. I live in Hussars Haven [36x, 45y] on Deliverence. I can deliver anywhere on Deli for small fee (depends on distance). North Exodus and South Indy (coastal area) as well. My ingame name is ArcherPL.
  9. So, we got us an oil tub (which is really an oil barrel and should be renamed) and filled it up with about two small barrels full of olive oil. We have no templars and never needed any either...two weeks later the lights are starting to go out, and no oil from the barrel is being used. Either oil barrels are not currently working or we really need to hire templars now to keep our deeds lit. Does anyone know which it is? :S
  10. Hey, bit if a random topic I know but I'm looking to buy the following items and have them delivered - 0 / 15 Barrels of Olive oil - 20c per barrel 7k / 10k Cooked Meat - 4s per 1000 0 / 5k Grains (Rye, oat, wheat etc) - 4s per 1000 2k / 10k Vegetables (Potatoes, pumpkins, onions) - 4s per 1000 I'm currently at Copper Fortress (33x49y) on Independence. Please send me a PM or contact me ingame (Tuvier) before attempting to make a delivery. If i'm not on, please leave the items at the Inn by the front gate and send me a PM with the details of the character you would like the payment sent to. Thanks