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  1. +1 I know we can pave bridges now with the pavements we already have, but I also like how making the bridge "bricks" to paving, is seemingly tying together buildings and walkways alot more, especially that cave on your image, it almost feels like it's part of a building inside of it being a paved wall like it alot ^^
  2. Ship Building Legend Title

    white whale
  3. Winter Effects

    also footprints in snow would also be interesting for hunting ^^
  4. *marble statues are possible and since they are white they can be dyed quite well (bottom are dyed stone statues and top one is dyed marble statue) otherwise I agree....I would love to have things like wooden coffins, benches or with other materials at some point
  5. oh, i found out the next diagonal cateye is protecting those tiles, so now it's only the transition between 2 tiles somehow switching
  6. I was wanting to remove some corner pavements I made that are near a highway, but only touching it and I can't remove them. Not only can I not remove them (without removing the cateye) they also transition switching the materials on where they are touching? I'm not even sure what of this is exactly a bug or if I need to expect to not be able to change pavement adjacent to a highway. It works fine to destroy pavement adjacent to the protection like that on my deed, just not in my perimeter.
  7. low wooden wall (fence) and gate

    yeah exactly also sometimes I want to use wooden fences that look less crude than the current ones and more closed, visually like the stone walls have, but only remotely option would be wooden parapet, which for obvious reasons can't be used as normal fencing either ^^"
  8. Vein bashing/destroying

    (btw. if you don't want to wait for something like this, there is still the option to go on the meditating path "path of power" and learn how to erupt and freeze, creating a lavatile in place of a vein is turning it into plain rock after freezing it)
  9. I would love to have some non see through and more professional looking fences for as example making stables and such it could be using same textures as current wood walls, just cut in half and with a dark top border to close it up ^^ and it would be perfect with an equally high and smaller gate (like the low roundpole fence gate)
  10. Exodus Community Map

    x42, y17 (H23) Port Monito Outpost, also has a mailbox and is connected to the Highway network https://prnt.sc/kkcyz1
  11. 1. absolutely +1. also I feel like "moor to dock" (or whatever the name is of those things they use to moor ships to) sounds like a missing wurm feature it could even "place" the ship along the dock, so bad ship parking would be a thing of the past XD 2. they actually did that at some point and I understood they wanted to bring it back also? but last time they did it was quite obnoxious around animal hoarders Xd
  12. blank wagons + dyeable

    added some visualization
  13. blank wagons + dyeable

    while I agree that patterns might be too much and I wouldn't want to challenge any PMK designs with it, I was merely thinking of simple shapes like stripes, dots, basic outlining etc. nothing too fancy a bit similar to how crest backgrounds work, simple shapes and only 1-2 colors usually
  14. blank wagons + dyeable

    forgot tents aswell
  15. blank wagons + dyeable

    I would love to see a bit more variety for wagons, besides trying to get wagons from different kingdoms. Making them blank like ship sails, that can then be dyed would add a way of personalizing wagons, much like people do with carts also, having some basic patterns to choose from that can be dyed, would be nice as well and would be nice for ship sails as well. decided to make some overlay in photoshop