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  1. this is becoming a much needed proper feature list for wurm
  2. I think seasons is a big thing I know it's already mentioned...but how many games have season based game elements (mostly in regards to crops and harvesting seasons, but also snow etc.) and seasons that are also visual in general?
  3. persistency of what players build/how they changed the world is what I would find is most unique. Due to wurms slow nature it's not just taking time to do things, but it also takes time for them to go away, ruins, items, containers etc. as well as changed landscape from past and present players can be found in a lot of places and it makes each player having an actual impact on the world itself. Especially now with archaeology it has added even another layer of permanency. I could even say that the decay in this game is vastly different to other games, it rewards those with high skills to be present longer and due to resources being spread far and wide, there is no real need for competition, allowing players to wander into whatever corners of the world they wish to, leaving behind legacies in maybe unexpected places I find it soothing that things don't just vanish as the one controlling steps down and replaces with someone new....and that with the addition of the players creativities, how in a way, the game, for explorers, stays exciting
  4. "[Timestamp] you start drinking coffee. It is energizing." alternatively "you start drinking hot beverage.you feel more lively"
  5. not really doing them atm ^^ it's more of a "we come and go whenever we like"
  6. I'm interested in getting involved in this project. I have 95 digging and 65 mining. Please contact me with details of how to get started.

  7. by the waaaaaaayyy the south half of the scar is finished ? sadly, looking downwards from the bridge is not very great view due to rendering ?
  8. somewhat I heard the south side is about 50 tiles from being finished ^^
  9. #1 but replace big rose with the cross and add generally a thicker white border to the cross so it's shape can be better distinguished from the thorns and leaves behind it. I think
  10. I do like the random chance of a unique spawning at a rift event -would increase participation -is a well known place throughout a server with enough time ahead to know about it -makes sense as rifts are sort of our endgame content and already spawn very hard creatures -rifts are supposed to be invasions, wouldn't mind if the uniques in them would be like corrupted versions of current uniques
  11. of course, the only maps i can't see is independence XD the one server im most interested in lol nevermind XD
  12. +1 though i feel like they might decay before i can reach 100 XD
  13. "you have a moment of inspiration" *swirl magics and pops startling the ###### out of me* and then I might not even get a rare! ....<----i hate that, I think it would be far better to only have it do the "event" of a rare when you actually get something....like fireworks to celebrate it and make you aware of it happened, not making me feel like I just lost a great opportunity for something awesome I then only get when mining digging or farming...>.>