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  1. Exodus Community Map

    x42, y17 (H23) Port Monito Outpost, also has a mailbox and is connected to the Highway network https://prnt.sc/kkcyz1
  2. 1. absolutely +1. also I feel like "moor to dock" (or whatever the name is of those things they use to moor ships to) sounds like a missing wurm feature it could even "place" the ship along the dock, so bad ship parking would be a thing of the past XD 2. they actually did that at some point and I understood they wanted to bring it back also? but last time they did it was quite obnoxious around animal hoarders Xd
  3. blank wagons + dyeable

    added some visualization
  4. blank wagons + dyeable

    while I agree that patterns might be too much and I wouldn't want to challenge any PMK designs with it, I was merely thinking of simple shapes like stripes, dots, basic outlining etc. nothing too fancy a bit similar to how crest backgrounds work, simple shapes and only 1-2 colors usually
  5. blank wagons + dyeable

    forgot tents aswell
  6. blank wagons + dyeable

    I would love to see a bit more variety for wagons, besides trying to get wagons from different kingdoms. Making them blank like ship sails, that can then be dyed would add a way of personalizing wagons, much like people do with carts also, having some basic patterns to choose from that can be dyed, would be nice as well and would be nice for ship sails as well. decided to make some overlay in photoshop
  7. Share your titles

    Fearless Excavator
  8. Graphics rollback?

    for me it is ticked and i can report same problem
  9. Patch Notes 26/JUL/18

    I'm not seeing any mention of the "picking up distance" outside buildings being fixed? Is it in the update or delayed to another update?
  10. Mobile Merchant Wagon

    I would prefer if that wagon would just "open up" into something like this when secured: (this would also add some variety to market stalls in general )
  11. Bulk Item Merchant

    one of those things I have been wanting for a long time was also thinking it would be great if players were allowed to setup "requests" for other players, which depending on contribution of an individual would be paid off (how man items are being deposited for a currently running order)
  12. Camping Expansion - Exploration Encouragement

    i'm not quite sure which purpose a protected area would have as far as I'm aware you could go and travel with a wagon and carry all those things with you and "deploy" everything by placing it on the ground except for campfires, you should be able to pick up everything else (load it in wagon) and the wagon itself should be locked anyway...so your wagon is safe space unless you are on a pvp server
  13. Change to the selection outlines

    you can also turn off outlines completely and you are able to change the color of outlines in the settings aswell you are even able to change opacity if using custom color
  14. Easier COMBINE function

    you can also activate one item from a pile and then rightclick on the most top one to combine (similar to selecting all but not needing to use shift)
  15. Just because it sucks so much

    tbh what bothers me the most about this, is that the "open" option shows up on the rightclickmenu even when it's out of range to open...