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  1. Why nobody pvps in wurm.

    I can't really talk for everyone or "others" even, but for me personally, I liked playing pvp, but I stopped when personal drama got involved (stuff that was dragged even in to real life), when I noticed how toxic some of the people fighting can be, when I noticed that there is no mercy at all regarding raids and new "cities" trying to build up to even be defendable, that there is also a lot of "we kill all your horses just for fun, because raiding you of all your values alone, isn't good enough, we also have to hinder any progress you could make to stand a chance against us" in total: people being a-holes on another note: for me the experience on chaos was also that it requires a lot of time investment to get anywhere and needing to regularly log in, because you might get raided while offline, this made me hugely anxious since I don't always have time to log in.....so after a while I had to leave chaos again, because it simply didn't feel good. my conclusion: I don't think that wurm pvp is necessarily bad, their could be some improvements be made, but in order for someone like me to benefit from them, it would need to be more drastic and I doubt that will happen (I do like pvp in games where strength of opponents is scaled to fit everyone on the battlefield, so that equipment etc. doesn't matter but only the skill of using said character) also...can't really do anything about player hostility I think....too much is at stake, people get upset if things they worked hard on are being destroyed, some might be fine with it, but not everyone can accept the losses and it generally doesn't feel nice (especially if it happens too often and wurm is a slow paced game, so....the raids could be weeks apart and it still feels like one couldn't rebuild even what was destroyed last time, it gets frustrating)
  2. The Wurm Online Market Overall

    if you want to make business in wurm, you should treat it like real life business and follow where demand is the game will keep changing, the playerbase too, you can't profit forever from one and the same thing, it doesn't work that way. adapt to survive.
  3. Magranons Scar - Highway Project

    hehe the ramp we recently worked on is now visible on the last map dump
  4. I heard a rumor somewhere, that when sealing containers with wax kits, you could sell them but I have no confirmation for that, but maybe worth a try?
  5. Zig-zagging catseyes

    so we have to live with catseyes looking especially horrid on 3 wide highways, cause you can't center them on 3 wide?
  6. My first own blog about game development! :)

    btw. my game released on steam now though it's still heavy in development http://store.steampowered.com/app/717280/Critters__cute_cubs_in_a_cruel_world/
  7. My first own blog about game development! :)

    just uploaded a new demo to itch.io, but it's very crude demo and kind of more broken than the LD version XD https://farelle.itch.io/critters-cute-cubs-in-a-cruel-world
  8. Therra 4096x4096

    it should have tar, since I always meticulously went through all wurm tiles for generation, but I know I made them very small spots (especially when comparing it to the large map), try to look for black pixels on the map http://prntscr.com/gatjt4
  9. "primitive technology" is also one of those youtube channels I'm pretty sure wurm community would enjoy https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAL3JXZSzSm8AlZyD3nQdBA
  10. In Game Wiki ook up

    I have the same issue.
  11. hey, i've see your map named "Riverland" and i really enjoyed it, but lacked dirt, and then i wanted to try your Riverland 2.0, but it wasnt available anymore, do you still have it it is not available on your dropbox link anymore? I would like to use it for my server, Or if you dont have it anymore and like to create maps, could i ask you do dosomething similar?

  12. My first own blog about game development! :)

    oh damn, seems I haven't update this in a while since early 2017 I actually started my own company called Embersparkz and are currently working on Critters to make it a lot more worthwhile to play (more stuffs :D) even got my own website going: http://www.embersparkz.com here some screenshot about current progress Would anyone here be interested in such a game? it's kind of getting a lot more sandboxy now, with mutations and a big world map with different biomes etc. in short, it's a brutally cute fantasy survival game with cubs you take care of them, like in the ludum dare version and with each generation you might get adaptations to the environment (long fur etc.) might get mutated randomly and you can select a direction of development through all generations that goes from different fur colors, patterns, preferred tails etc. otherwise it's gonna be about exploring the world and surviving against the elements (actual storms and other natural dangers instead of enemies).
  13. Magranons Scar - Highway Project

    I know the light is bad in those pictures, but the information is much more important: Thanks to my great workers we now restored the abandoned Highway piece on the South side of the scar to it's natural state, some trees still need growing, but it means no more ugly scar on where the original highway plan was. Also, we continue chipping away