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  1. Magranons Scar - Highway Project

    somewhat I heard the south side is about 50 tiles from being finished ^^
  2. #1 but replace big rose with the cross and add generally a thicker white border to the cross so it's shape can be better distinguished from the thorns and leaves behind it. I think
  3. The new way of uniques!

    I do like the random chance of a unique spawning at a rift event -would increase participation -is a well known place throughout a server with enough time ahead to know about it -makes sense as rifts are sort of our endgame content and already spawn very hard creatures -rifts are supposed to be invasions, wouldn't mind if the uniques in them would be like corrupted versions of current uniques
  4. New Year, New Map Dumps 2019!

    of course, the only maps i can't see is independence XD the one server im most interested in lol nevermind XD
  5. Useless rare solution

    +1 though i feel like they might decay before i can reach 100 XD
  6. What has made you hate Wurm?

    "you have a moment of inspiration" *swirl magics and pops startling the ###### out of me* and then I might not even get a rare! ....<----i hate that, I think it would be far better to only have it do the "event" of a rare when you actually get something....like fireworks to celebrate it and make you aware of it happened, not making me feel like I just lost a great opportunity for something awesome I then only get when mining digging or farming...>.>
  7. You have a moment of inspiration...

    I think for me it's my friends and people who surround me in wurm, their projects and dedication to those and then there is also my own project, which, whenever I look at it I feel in awe of all the work that has been put into it, of how it changed over the years and how it continued on and on even if I wasn't having time for wurm
  8. 45 Degree Wall/Fence

    +1 would be interesting if there was an option to rightclick a tile (instead of border) to create a diagonal wall. rotating it, to change which way it's diagonal and "flip" for changing the facing of a wall/fence
  9. Gone Fishing, Catch You Later - Tich / Pifa / Epona

    I didn't get to talk much to her, but I remember her name being around for a long time, that she touched alot of places I have been around and left her mark on people I'm spending every day with....just yesterday I was thinking about asking her out to come to our little meet up at the scar, because I thought she would fit in so well I also remember she was one prominent name responding to my support tickets...probably not just coincidence.... this makes me sad
  10. +1 I know we can pave bridges now with the pavements we already have, but I also like how making the bridge "bricks" to paving, is seemingly tying together buildings and walkways alot more, especially that cave on your image, it almost feels like it's part of a building inside of it being a paved wall like it alot ^^
  11. Winter Effects

    also footprints in snow would also be interesting for hunting ^^
  12. *marble statues are possible and since they are white they can be dyed quite well (bottom are dyed stone statues and top one is dyed marble statue) otherwise I agree....I would love to have things like wooden coffins, benches or with other materials at some point
  13. oh, i found out the next diagonal cateye is protecting those tiles, so now it's only the transition between 2 tiles somehow switching