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Found 71 results

  1. Hello, For sale: A Nahjo priest - Argustin the sicko, no prem atm. Pm me offers
  2. I saw someone request this elsewhere. I don't want to maintain Javassist/Hookmanager based mods so wrote the code and am putting it here. In addition to the code below, which handles sowing, you'd need to make something almost identical for the TileFieldBehaviour.class so raking is possible. All you need to do is copy the code and change the CtClass's path to reflect "com.wurmonline.server.behaviours.TileFieldBehaviour".
  3. Farm barrel is a tool to sow seeds over a square area of configurable size. You harvest crops directly into the barrel and it can hold a lot, probably more then you can carry. You never have to deal with where to put crops because your inventory only holds 100 items. You can only harvest ripe crops. I tried to maintain overall time required and skill-gained-per-time-spent from farming. I wanted to remove a lot of tedious clicking, dragging and sorting. :Required: Most recient tested version Ago's WurmServerModLauncher. :Install: *Get one of the archive releases and unpack it into the mods folder. The folder path should look something like this: ~Steam\SteamApps\common\Wurm Unlimited Dedicated Server\mods * Releases are at github: * Open the properties file and choose what options you want. a few notes: 1. Concerning the container-like-behaviour and item movement that goes on with this mod. I use this rather strange container-like setup in order to avoid having to do a bunch of bytecode changes to WU base container and item movement code. 2. the barrel rounds qualities down to the nearest whole number. (coding issue, let me know if there is a better way) 3. When the barrel's name changes it will deactivate it. If I can figure out how to make it stay active, I will. 4. I tried to make skill gain be uniform for all actions, just like yield. 5. There is a configure option to set the minimum action time. for default WU this is like 3s or 30 for mod's settings. If you have a server with a larger action speed multiplier, I have 10, you may want to use a smaller minimum time. 6. the only lasting effect this mod has is adding a new item, the seed barrel. Disabling it shouldn't do anything more then leave a missing item template behind. 7. To make things easier for me you can't work with seeds or crops in their normal item state. You'll need to empty the barrel into a bulk container and then, using the normal way, withdraw the items. 8. speed runes, woa, rare barrel, and rare action all speed up the action timer. Specifically: woa and runes are like normal, 10% speed reduction per item rarity level, 33% speed reduction per action rarity level. Sowing * Sow a square shaped area with seeds. Activate the barrel containing farm seed, use it on a dirt or farm tile, and choose sow from the menu. It will sow an area based on its configuration settings. * Each time a tile is sown the barrel's weight is reduced. If all of the seeds are used up the barrel's name will rename itself so it no longer has the custom crop tag. * sowing radius is configured with the configure action. The max radius this will support is 15 and that would make a 31x31 square. You can configure the max radius and at what skill levels those unlock in the properties file. You could easily set it up to say a max of 2, so a 5x5 area, at 90 skill if you wanted something more restrictive. Harvesting *Activate the barrel, use it on a ripe farm tile (there are two ripe stages), and choose "harvest" from the menu. You don't need a scythe to harvest grain with this mod. The normal harvest method will also be on the list for non-grain crops. My harvest is listed towards the bottom. I may rename the action to avoid confusion. Harvested crops go directly into the seed barrel and each time you harvest the barrel's weight will go up. If the barrel is empty and after the first harvest it's name will update with a custom naming tag. Basicly, you harvest crops with the barrel and then empty it into the appropriate bulk bin (food in FSB, all else in BSB). The empty action will transfer what is in the barrel into the bin all at once. Farm yield is different then default WU. The idea is to have a uniform yield per a farm action(sow, rake harvest). It's better explained here: Configure Open a r-click menu on the barrel (regardless of what is active) and there should be "configure" in the list. This will open a window that lets you set how large of a sow radius the barrel will use. There aren't any restrictions on settings here other then the max values supported. It's when a toon goes to sow that the skill checks, available seed, compatible tiles available....etc come into play. The supply value is how many seeds will be put in the barrel for the supply action. Supply Activate the barrel and use it on a crop (seed state or crop state) in a bulk container. In other words, target the crop inside a bulk container. It will transfer the lesser of the set supply quantity or the available crop count minus one. (I subtract one because I'm lazy; I don't have to deal with partial item nor deal with destroying the bulk item in the bin). The barrel will be renamed to have a custom tag for whatever the seed is inside it. The farm barrel automatically converts crops to their seed equivalent. If you click on a pumpkin it will put pumpkin seed in the barrel and reduce the pumpkin count in the bin all the while preserving the proper item counts for both seed and crop. You can only have one type of crop in the barrel at once (it's a code restriction problem, let me know if there is a better way). You can have seeds in a barrel and then target the same type of crop to fill it with more of the same seeds. You can also target seeds of the same crop type. Empty This will put the crops inside the barrel directly into the bulk container. The barrel will rename itself and remove the custom crop tag. Examine Works like the normal examine [16:14:30] A tool used to sow seed over an area. You can barely make out the signature of its maker, '.ac.'. [16:14:30] The barrel is set to sow a 1 square area and the supply amount is 50. It has 28 of sugar beet at 26 quality. [16:14:30] It could be improved with a log. I'm not sure about these: * Harvesting an area has an issue I'm not sure how to deal with. Crops don't get ripe at the same time always. I could make it so the harvest barrel only harvests ripe crops...idk * Raking an area could be done but it's likely the toon would often run out of stamina. I could extend the rake times for area rake to offset the times we'd wait for stamina regeneration...idk. * I'd like to figure out a way to harvest crops and put them directly into a harvest barrel that is inside a dragged vehicle. Likewise, it would be good if the same thing could be done for the seed barrel, sow with seeds that are in a barrel that's inside a dragged vehicle. source:
  4. for the first item, I'd like to have a plain and trimmed narrow stone archway. This would help make some of the interior rooms easier to separate without needing doors or huge open arches. The second item would be useful for farmers with large fields. Activate the seed spreader, and you can use it to sow your fields without having to activate every seed. would still be limited to 100 seed count.
  5. I think if you reworked the art some for the FSB's you could make them into chicken coops where you could put the chickens and they could graze like all the other animals and the eggs would appear the the coop's inventory. I think this would make the point of having chickens good and aesthetically appealing. If anything you could make them kind of the same concept as the bee hives, where you would make the coop on a grass tile, put a chicken inside with some food until it can graze (like bees do for honey) and the eggs would appear in the inventory and stay like honey does in the bee hives. This way you could make it to where the coop has eggs in the spring, summer, fall, but hibernates in the winter like the bees. Also you could make it have either animations of chicken by the coop or just chicken sounds coming from the coop like you have the buzzing from the bee hives to save on animation and processing power.
  6. Since you can rune a scythe to improve your farming of grains, how about we add a Garden Glove for harvesting the rest? Then we could add runes to those.
  7. Thanks for the Price Check, it gave me an idea where to start Starting Bid: $300 USD Buyout offers via PM accepted There is a Reserve Verified Paypal Only 1 hour sniper protection Siegfried Level 10 POL [12:08:43] You entered through the portal to Wurm on day of Awakening, week 1 of the starfall of Omens, 1005. That's 2520 days, 15 hours and 36 minutes ago. [12:08:43] You have played 540 days, 17 hours and 10 minutes. [12:08:43] You have been premium a total of 40 months until Dec 2013. [12:08:43] You have been premium a total of 38 since Dec 2013. [12:08:43] You have been premium consecutively for 0 months since Dec 2013. [12:08:43] You have not paid for premium time. Reasonable offers will be considered.
  8. Hello Wurmians and today harvestmoon is recruiting. We have good stuff that inclides: 1. Farms you are free to take from [u get farmer rank if you choose the job farmer and u have to farm.] 2. Animals 3. Jobs 4. Water 5. Closest town on island is Valiheim 6. Boathouse with boats to build on. 7. Friendly staff [Farmboybello and Ultradude] 8. Free cart shuttle service 9. Farms ship supply store. Your number one Place to buy boat materials for the boats! 10. Free houses. you can choose from one of your vacant houses or build your own! If for some reason the town isn't big enough for your house, we will gladly expand our town for you. 11. Farm is strict BEWARE! 12. We have a mancave that has free materials for you to take [Farm will soon be looting it for any boat materials] 13. Fun 24/7 Thanks for reading this me and ultra hope to see you soon in harvestmoon lagoon . Harvestmoon Lagoon is a copywritten by Band Organ Town CO. Band Organ CO. the company with many companys. Band Organ co is a trademark company of Band Organ INC. all rights reserved use with permission.
  9. I would like to suggest the ability to grow mushrooms in mines. A lot of large mines have open unused space, why not set up mushroom farms. This would allow players to grow there own mushrooms for healing covers, instead of having to forage for them randomly. You could crush the mushroom like Wemp and just spread it on the rock tile for planting. You could use the farm action to remove bugs and worms instead of weeds, or add some type of fertilizer.
  10. I was wondering if it's intended that you seem to sometimes get a critical success, if you'd call it that, when harvesting crops? I've had multiple instances (with 83.xx Farming), where I got 21 yield of easy crops like potato, or sugar beet. I'm uncertain whether or not those were fields that I never failed to tend at any growth stage, which is possible. It did strike me as odd though, because 21 is about double of a normal "good" harvest. Not complaining, but I'd rather not line in with the questionable moral of shutting up about something odd, and then winch when it gets "fixed" two years later
  11. As some know, the newly implemented ability to craft runes and "imbue" them onto your tools, weapons, armor and other items has added another flavor of uniqueness to customizing the in-game items that we use on a daily basis. One such rune, the gold rune of Fo, increases the effect of tending fields (with a rake) and harvesting trees (with a sickle). I have logs that prove otherwise. Today I put on my farmer's hat and harvested about an 800 tile farm. Half of it was wemp, half of it was corn, and a 3 tile wide stripe of onion separated them. One of my alliance mates was kind enough to apply a gold rune of Fo to my supreme 90 ql rake, and off I went farming my fields. The event logs in the spoiler below have been significantly trimmed to make it easier on the human eyes to read. As a 98.30 farmer, I normally get 7-8 crops per yield by tending the fields once (right before I harvest the tile). I do not normally tend my fields on a daily basis, but if I did, my crops would yield up to 14, depending on the crop difficulty. For those that do not know, the event message you receive when you complete the "farm" action on a field dictates whether you succeeded or failed to increase your yield. They are: The field is tended. (You fail, no skill tick, and your yield will not increase). [13:38:45] The field is now tended. (You barely succeeded, like making a 1-20 ql item, you would get a skill tick) [13:38:40] The field looks better after your tending. (Marginal succes) [13:41:45] The field is now groomed. (You succeeded, 40-60 ql, NO skill ticks here). [13:40:47] The field is now nicely groomed. (You succeeded, 60+ ql, NO skill ticks here). From my own experience farming, the first three outcomes do not result in an increase in crop yield. The bottom two do. This is why I sometimes get 7 per harvest and most other tiles I get 8. With a 90 ql supreme rake and 98+ farming skill, it is rare that I get "failures" on easy crops like wemp and corn. Happens a little more often with onions, obviously. In these logs, you will see that every time I "groom" a field, I get 8 crops. If I don't "groom" the field, I get 7-8. This is the exact same yield that I was getting before this rune was put on my rake, so I am convinced it does not work.
  12. Hi, It would be SO very nice if crops ripened at the same time. Currently, it takes me 3 real life days to harvest 108 fields, all of which were planted at the same time, well at least within the same hour or so. I find this incredibly annoying, as no doubt most farmers do. Surely this would not be a difficult thing to fix? It would make the life of farmers a whole lot better. And it would be a small compensation for them not having the chance to receive anything at all when they have a "moment of inspiration" when farming, harvesting, sowing, etc.... Thank you, in advance, fellow players, for your support on this one - and to the Devs, IF they listen... Cheers, Baloo
  13. Since we will soon :-) have cabbage to grow, why not have saurkraut too, and perhaps other vegetables could be pickled? Maybe even make cabbage and other leafy vegetables unbinnable, but capable of preservation and storage by pickling.
  14. When you have a scythe activated and use it to harvest crops that don't have to be harvested with a scythe (not grains), you get no scythe skill (expected, because harvesting with rake doesn't give rake skill), BUT you do get damage on the scythe, which is unexpected, because a rake doesn't take damage when harvesting. I think scythe should only take damage on the harvests that depend on scythe and give scythe skill. Steps to reproduce: activate a scythe, harvest crops that are not barley/oat/rye/wheat.
  15. I was replanting a field while farming. I queued up 2 actions for sowing, and my remaining two actions for harvesting some fields. When the sowing actions finished, my character stopped, even though I had queued up the harvesting actions. I tried the inverse, which is sowing after harvesting, which worked fine. So, the bug is that you cannot queue up harvest actions after sowing.
  16. Currently we can use rowboats, sailboats and Knarrs in the water of 5 or more dirts deep, and sow reed and rice in the water of 1 to 4 dirts deep. But maybe it is time for a change? Allowing rice to grow 5 dirts deep and thus sailing across ricefields would add to fun potential and deed design possibilities. It might be not very realistic, and of course Knarr on a rice field... is hilarious, but there're workarounds, i believe. What do you think?
  17. I feel that this would help to remove a good chunk of the animal-related tedium from the game, particularly for those of us who are into breeding them. None of my animals have the hunger trait, but it seems like despite keeping them alone in 1x2 stalls, the majority of my horses and bison will end up reducing their feed to dirt every day, and sometimes multiple times a day.
  18. As the title says, I've been looking around and haven't come a crossed anything. I'm not sure if this would require a small tweak or a full blown mod. Small rolling hills for farmlands would be awesome.
  19. The default server setting means that players on the server are not getting enough time to sleep and work the field - in my own experience I planted the seeds as one of the last things I did then logged in less than 12 hours later to fields of weeds from having missed the harvest time. Could someone please help by explaining the Field Growth setting? Ideally I'd like a field to last at least 24 hours so players have chance to do various things but I've no idea how to configure the setting to achieve this. Thanks in advance.
  20. Although the fact that you need to be near the sea level/water level to be able to farm rice is somewhat cool for specialized rice farmers, some maps in WU make it quite hard. Also i think most would like this idea even if it would make rice farmers obsolete. Rice patties/fields as a buildable construct. Lets say you use bricks/stone to start building it, and its dropped just like a charcoal pile, then you add more dirt and rock to finish it. The stone would be to help support the dirt walls you would be making as a dam to hold water in. Basically you create a farm area with a dirt dam around the edges to hold water in. Since its a "building" im not sure if the normal way of sowing and harvesting would work, but that would be ideal. The patty itself you would open and fill with water like any container. Then as its not a real waterproof dam, lets say the water drains at some set speed. Should come in 3 sizes. Small, medium and large. If having farmable tiles within a structure that would also have to check for water in the patty container is hard to make, maybe the patties would have the rice seeds as a building part, so you would have to actually use the rice as a part for finishing the patties, then when its ripe. You open it and take out the harvestable rice, breaking the patty back down to the stage where it needs new seeds and new water to start over. (this seems harder though, as the rice would not be an actual field tile. Though you could maybe add the "farm option to the patty itself then?) Hope thats not to messy and you understand what i mean. Pluss one if anyone is interested guys, also feel free to add your own ideas for how it would work in comments.
  21. The oldest bulk supplier on Deliverance is back in business! Status: OPEN ( ) Contact in game: Krivak, Smokus, LeeLord Bulk Masonry: 500 Bricks for 1s500 Mortar for 1.5s100 Slabs for 1s500 Colossus Bricks for 2sBulk Carpentry: 500 planks for 75c500 shafts for 50c500 Arrowshafts for 1s10 Support Beams* for 50c10 Floorboards* for 1s10 Large Crate for 1,5s10 Small Crate for 1s1k Ash for 3s*Unfinished, last piece separately. Ship Building Materials: 100 tenons for 20c100 pegs for 20c100 hull planks for 20c (pick up only)1 Anchor for 30c (30ql+)Bulk Blacksmithing: 100 small nails for 15c100 large nails for 20c100 ribbons for 1.5s100 fence bars for 2.5s100 rivets for 20c100 frying pans for 2sDigging Materials: 1000 clay for 1s1000 tar for 1sRopes (Over 50ql, Cordage over 30ql): Rope for 5cMooring Rope for 8cThick Rope for 15cCordage Rope for 10c10 Bowstrings for 5cBulk Cloth Tailoring (low ql): 10 kg Strings of clothes for 50c10 kg Square pieces of clothes for 75c20 satchels for 1sCloth Tailoring - Sails (over 30ql): Small Square Sail for 15cTriangular Sail for 30cSquare Sail for 50cBulk Leather (20ql+) 10 backpacks for 50c10 quivers for 50c10 waterskins for 50c50 leather for 1sFurniture (unfinished, last piece included): BSB/FSB for 15cLarge Chest for 10cSmall Chest for 5cSmall Barrel for 5cSmall Bucket for 5cWeapon, Bow, Armour Rake - 15cBed - 20cShipbuilding (any woodtype): 1 raft for 8cRowboat for 50cSmall Sailing Boat for 1s Corbita 4sCog 5sKnarr 12s (NEW option Knarr with 40 large crates 15s !!)Caravel 15sAll ships are with option of choosing wood type, imped to 70ql with lock and anchor. Delivery option depends of location of buyer. FARMING (QL90+)* 500 Barlery____- 50c 500 Corn______- 50c 500 Cotton_____- 1s 500 Garlic______- 50c 500 Oat________- 50c 500 Orion_______- 50c 500 Potato______- 50c 500 Pumpkin____- 50c 500 Reed_______- 50c 500 Rye________- 50c 500 Strawberry___- 50c 500 Wemp_______- 1s 500 Wheat______- 50c * completion time of order can be up to 6 days (If You are in hurry please ask about accessibility of commodity in priv msg on forum) Woodcuting 100 logs (24kg) >QL 25 - 30c10 Log (24kg) - QL 40 - 10c10 Log (24kg) - QL 50 - 30c10 Log (24kg) - QL 60 - 50c10 Log (24kg) - QL 70 - 65c10 Log (24kg) - QL 80 - 70c10 Log (24kg) - QL 85 - 75c10 Log (24kg) - QL90+ - 1sChain smithing (full set with cap): 70ql for 1s80ql for 3s85ql for 5s90ql for 7sAnimals (Only Deliverance): 5 speed - horses - 1s MAGNARON PRIEST services STRONGWALL spell minimum amount of tiles to collapse is 7 (1s each), next walls are 80c each required mag priest altar nearby (priest will have his own door locks to sacrifice for favor). DELIVERY Deliverance Delivery by sea (20c) Delivery by land (40c) Independence (only by boat) _______________________________________________ __________|The minimum | | | __________|_value of the |__FREE__| cost of delivery | __________| contract | | | __________|____________|_________|_______________| ZONE 1 ___| 2s 9s+ 1s __________|____________|_________|_______________| ZONE 2 ___| 2s 7s+ 50c __________|____________|_________|_______________| ZONE 3 ___| 2s 9s+ 1s __________|____________|_________|_______________| ZONE 4 ___| 2s 7s+ 50c __________|____________|_________|_______________| Exodus (only by boat) _______________________________________________ __________|The minimum | | | __________|_value of the |__FREE__| cost of delivery | __________| contract | | | __________|____________|_________|_______________| ZONE 5 ___| __________|_____2s_____|___5s+ _ _|_______35c_____| ZONE 6 ___| __________|_____2s_____|___5s+___|_______50c_____| Celebration (only by boat) _______________________________________________ __________|The minimum | | | __________|_value of the |__FREE__| cost of delivery | __________| contract | | | __________|____________|_________|_______________| ZONE 9 ___| 3s 7s 75c __________|____________|_________|_______________| ZONE 10 __| 3s 9s 1s __________|____________|_________|_______________| ZONE 11 __| 3s 7s 75c __________|____________|_________|_______________| ZONE 12 __| 3s 9s 1s __________|____________|_________|_______________| Xanadu (only by boat) _______________________________________________ __________|The minimum | | | __________|_value of the |__FREE__| cost of delivery | __________| contract | | | __________|____________|_________|_______________| ZONE 13 __| 3s 9s 1,5s __________|____________|_________|_______________| ZONE 14 __| 5s 12s 2,5s __________|____________|_________|_______________| ZONE 15 __| 7s 15s 3,5s __________|____________|_________|_______________| ZONE 16 __| 3s 9s 1s __________|____________|_________|_______________| ZONE 17 __| 9s 20s 10s __________|____________|_________|_______________| ZONE 18 __| 7s 15s 5s __________|____________|_________|_______________| ZONE 19 __| 3s 9s 1,5s __________|____________|_________|_______________| ZONE 20 __| 5s 12s 2,5s __________|____________|_________|_______________| ZONE 21 __| 7s 15s 3,5s __________|____________|_________|_______________| Release (only by boat) Calculations in progress, prices of delivery will be added soon. Pristine (only by boat) Calculations in progress, prices of delivery will be added soon.
  22. Lost Shores Smithy, Tailory, Carpentry, and Farm Grand Opening 20% Off For the rest of this month everything is 20% off the listed price. Get your items soon, this is a limited time offer. Map location: Xanadu, s15 Map Location Lost Shores Thanks for visiting with us today. We have a lot of items to offer. Everything from the bulk items to plate sets. Take a look and see if you like anything. Buyer pays CoD on all items or pickup can be arranged at s15, Lost Shores, Xanadu. *Tools* Iron Steel 20ql - 5c 20ql 15c 30ql - 10c 30ql - 20c 40ql - 15c 40ql - 25c 50ql - 25c 50ql - 35c *Custom qualities available *Ask about our imping prices *Carpenty* 20ql - 5c 30ql - 10c 40ql - 15c 50ql - 25c 60ql - 35c *Custom qualities available *Ask about our imping prices *Tailory* 20ql - 5c 30ql - 10c 40ql - 15c 50ql - 25c *Custom qualities available *Ask about our imping prices *Metallurgy* prices and quantities will be discussed upon order Steel Brass Bronze *Bulk* Bulk Veg Pumpkins - 1s/1k Wemp - 1s/1k Corn 1s/1k Wheat - 1s/1k Cotton - 1s/1k Garlic - 1s/1k Onion - 1s/1k *Hold on all veggies until further notice Bulk Mats Tar - 1s/1k Clay - 1s/1k Planks 1s/1k Small/Large Nails - 1s/500 Ore - 1.50s/1k (iron, slate, zinc, gold, lead, silver - max ql being 56ql) *Plate Sets* 42ql - 1.50s 52ql - 2s 62ql - 3s *70+ql coming soon Individual Pieces: 42ql - 20c 52ql - 30c 62ql - 40c *70+ql coming soon