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Found 245 results

  1. contact via this thread, ingame, or via discord (Xelexya#3763) available for delivery via the xanadu wagoner only. (crates are free) if I can make/gather a bulk item with my skill (listed below) you can order if I have a slot open! made to order slots Open Open Digging - 90 skill sand / dirt, 3k / 6k in stock - 80c /1k clay, 8k in stock - 1s /1k Masonry - 65 skill mortar, 2k in stock - 2s /1k stone bricks, 2k in stock - 2s /1k Mining - 62 skill Iron Lumps, no stock ~50 QL - 10c /100 Blacksmithing - 47 skill iron small nails, no stock - 10c /100 iron large nails, 400 stock - 10c /100 iron ribbons, no stock - 50c /100
  2. Location: Bulk Stock: Services: Bowyery imps up to 90ql 50c (PM Acrisius). Carpentry imps up to 90ql 50c (PM Acrisius). Fine Carpentry imps up to 80ql 40c(PM Acrisius) Delivery: Wagoner(Xanadu, cod). Pickup at B19 coast Xanadu. Delivery negotiable(PM Acrisius). Notes: No extra cost for crates unless you choose wagoner delivery. In that case it is 1c per crate. Client can keep any items that turn rare or better for no extra cost. We only sell what we have in stock. Contact: Acrisius in game or forum (in game preferred, forum reply might be slower). Mimma in game (wagoner or pickup orders only). Special offers: Colossus build kits (2k clay, 2k colossus bricks) - 4s picked up or through wagoner
  3. Welcome to Syhl's Shop ! *** CURRENT AVAILABLE STOCK *** (list updated everyday): Price evolution since last update: Decreased / Increased / Equal ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- new! 5k Wemp - 100QL - Price: 5s (refilling) 0 Cotton - 100QL - Price: 0s new! 103k Garlics - 100QL - Price: 51,5s (50c/k if you buy all) 3k Sugar Beets - 100QL - Price: 3s 14k Corn - 100QL - Price: 14s (refilling) 0 Reed - 100QL - Price: 0s 100 Oak Sprouts - 69QL - Price: 1s (1c each) 100 Willow Sprouts - 66QL - Price: 1s (1c each) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *** PICKUP self-service*** It's very easy: You buy a key from Merchant Veggie, you unlock the FSB/BSB you want and you pickup what it contains. Be careful: You need to bring your own container because you won't be able to load the FSB/BSB, only what it contains. There is a Public Settlement Token you can use to withdraw from your bank. *** DELIVERY *** I can deliver all to your deed for free on Freedom cluster except Chaos. *** ORDERS *** (I don't take any orders for now but i still deliver custom quantities from the current stock list below) I'm taking any order except Reed / Rice / Sprouts If you want to have an order of idea of the waiting time for an order here below are my ongoing orders. But don't worry ! Sometimes i i can arrange things to fill an order despite of working on another one ! For example, if i have a 50k Wemp order and you want 2k Garlics i can keep an area to fill quickly your Garlic order while i don't loose time on the Wemp order ! Mmmmh yes i realize it should be complex to understand... so the best is not to be shy and PM me to have a clear answer and delay Location: Very accessible ! South West Independence Corner closest location ! (see below for map) !!! Deed name: Territoire Nolife Albia Map: 7x 60y - Ingame Map: S9
  4. Welcome to Nomads Market As for now we don't have wide list of specialities, from time to time we will update of what we offer to the public. We'll try to do the best possible service, updating our stocks and providing information about the products. Items which can be sent via mailbox will be sent at buyers expense. Wagoner Delivery available in Independence. Currently Collection only or via Indy wagoner delivery. You can buy any amount and type you want. Leave your order here, contact me by PM or just drop me a message in game to Ksss Thank you. Taking Trade-ins for my goods/services. Items wanted in Supreme are: Horseshoes, Saddles, Weapons, Tools , Armours, Shields, Drake Hide, Dragon Scale, Some PMK Wagons(normal and rare++) , Merchant Contracts. Contact me by PM so we can discuss about trade-ins. Karma , Gems and miscellaneous items: Foresters Corner: Complete Almanac with most 90 QL+ reports 1.5s each. sold out 90ql+ of Reports will provide a utmost accuracy on seasons. The best way to preserve the Almanac is to store it in your inventory or your magic chest. Fruits: Nuts: Acorns: Maple Sap: Sprouts / Seedlings: Flowers: Cookers Corner: Wrapped Full House Pizza 94ql+ , Full CCFP , Nutrition over 94++ , 11KG+ , Random Affinity 10+hrs - 25c each. Pizza can be sliced with activated knife it will give 2kg portions, can be stored in Lunchbox which reduces decay or taken on the journey to avoid spoiling full pizza. Lunchboxes can be made on demand 40c each. Endurance Sandwiches - 50 to 90++ Quality available from as low as 1c. Cooking Supplies: Archaeology Corner: Archaeology journals underway. Papyrus Sheets for archaeology journals, once added to the journal they will become blank reports: 50+ql - 15i per sheet , 77+ql - 50i per sheet , 90+ql - 1c per sheet. Fragments: Containers , Light Sources , Burners , Furniture & Decoration: Construction Materials & Other Bulky Items:
  5. STOCK ONLY- Currently building up stock. Top 3 Ordered Items: 1.) Terraforming Services 2.) Support Beams 3.)Colly boxes Bulk Resources Price(S) In Stock Clay 1s/K Tar 1s/K Ash 1s/large crate Peat 1s/K Sand 1s/K Dirt 1s/K Rock Shards 1s/k Lump (most) 1s/K Support Beams 4s/100 made to order/stock: 0 Wooden Beams 4s/1k War arrows/hunting arrows 3s/k Shafts 2s/K Planks 2s/K Pegs 1s/k Arrow shafts 2.5s/k Marble Brick/Slate Brick 2.5/K Stone Brick 2s/K Pottery Brick 3.5s/k Mortar 2.5s/K Colossus Brick 2s/K Fence bars 1s/100 stock only Chain Links 15c/100 Iron Ribbon 1.2s/300 Sm Nails 1.5s/k Lg Nails 1.5s/k Rivets 1.5s/1k War arrows/hunting arrows 3s/k (testing waters, at creation ql) Metal Sheets(special-copper, silver, gold) 1.5s/10 sheets (under consideration) Catseyes (10ql) 4s/1k Strings of cloth 2s/k Meat 1s/k Log(Oak/Willow/small outputs) 2s/300 stock only Log(most others) 1s/300 Sprouts(Oak/Willow) 2s/100 Sprouts(any other) 1s/100 Flowers(most) 1s/100 Mixed Grass 1s/k kindling 1.5s/k BSB's 10c per Large crates 8c per Creation QL Small crates 4c per Crate Racks 8c per Rare Items Quantity Price Rare Clay X0 Rare Dirt X0 Rare Sand X0 Rare Large Nail X0 Rare Flower X0 Rare Iron Lump X18 Rare Sand X0 Rare Rock Shard X11 Rare Sprout X0 Rare Flower X0 Rare Peat X0 Rare Mortar X0 Rare Stone Brick X0 Rare Marble brick X0 Rare Slate Brick X0 Rare Colossus Brick X7 Rare Strings of cloth X1 Rare Sq PC of Cloth X0 Supreme Items Quantity Price Supreme heap of sand X0 Supreme square piece of cloth X0 Supreme lump of tin X0 Supreme Sprout X0 Supreme iron Lump X0 Supreme Dirt X0 Gems Star gems x0 2.5s Source crystal X0 offer Special Items Sleep Powder X0 1s per Seryl Lump X0 3s per Glimmer Lump X0 1.2s per 0.4kg Valrei Items X0 10c per Small Magical chest X0 20s Will also accept trade of equal value in resources, depending if said resources/items are needed! Flexibility....gotta love it! Willing to trade for the following items at said value: Dragon hide or scale pieces Hota Statues for reasonable value Kingdom Wagons, flags, banners, tall banners for reasonable value Rare Mallet, pickaxe, shovel, axe(hatchet), trowel, hammer, small/large anvil 3s Rare Chisel, sickle, rake, saw 2.5s Rare Awl, File, Needle, Spindle, Scissors, grooming brush 2s Rock shards in bulk 50+ql 50c/k Slate/Marble Shards 40+Ql 70c/k Dirt/sand/clay 50c/k Large Crates for 5 copper per Brass Hanging Lamps any 50+ql of reasonable value Rare/supreme/fantastic construction mats. most value depending on current market value Trading 1k Slate/Marble my brick for 2k your shards similar type. Imp my tools to 90+ql trade value for trade value Repairing service-free!! bring me all your old decaying stuff while youre in the neighborhood and ill take the time to repair the damage for you! pick up after you finish errands! ***Open*** Special Services and Job Orders Price(S) Digging Service 1s/K OR 50c/K +Haul Land Filling 50c/1k your dirt 1-1.5s/k my dirt (depending on going market value/k) Digging + Landfilling combo. 2s/k (1s/k dig + 1s/k drop) Guard Tower Service 5s my mats 3s your mats, offer? I have some Mol Rehan and black tower blueprints for an extra 2s Mining (in caves) 1s/20 walls OR 1s/50 walls + Haul (subject to change) *Busting Veins= 1s/k mined or 50c/k +haul Surface Mining 1.5s/bsb (subject to change) Transportation Service "TIPS (recommended)" Dependent on location(coastal): free any coast on 8x8, Indy: 25 copper outer and 50c central, Xanadu: 50s outer coast, 1s inner coast, anywhere inland is NOT available. Personal Transport Need a lift somewhere let me know! Donations Colossus (any) Libila 5s your mats, my mats (colossus in a box available for order 7s+1s for the sheets) Wacky Woodsmen Management: Smwoodburn, Wraithshadow Assistants: Gavias, Anteiku Crew: Zeddicus(on leave), Soul Reaper, Kingdrew, Mimibear Smwoodburn's work: ***1 order at a time 2 in que*** In Progress: 1) Lagston Terraforming Que: 2)Hulk's Terraforming Wraithshadow's Work: ***1 order at a time 1 in que*** In Progress: 1) Kunibert's Order Que: 2)Taking a break Aneiku's/SoulReaper's Work: ***1 order at a time*** In Progress: 1) taking a break Kingdrew's Work: In Progress: 1) Vein busting Que: 2) Mimibear: ***1 order at a time*** Greenhorn Wurmian show some love! In Progress: 1) Wraith Asssist Located on coast on Xanadu at I 11 Lion's Gate Xanadu ( All orders will need to be placed in advance and please give time for response thank you. I will be updating this as much as possible to follow current trade value, as well as, building up stock as to decrease the waiting period. Thank you for your visit and I personally thank you for your patience. PM Smwoodburn through forum(preferred), or in game for special requests or questions, thank you. In the event that materials are provided, the labor fee will be all that remains. Please leave comments and any requests you may have. Also, in the event that orders start backing up I will let you know ahead of time before placing you on the waiting list. If you like the service you received please be sure to leave something nice on my page! Thank you and have a fantastic day! WTS Looking for your BULK resources, greenery and services look no further! at WTB Rare/Supreme: planks, shafts, small nails. Rare: clay, brick(any type), pegs, large nails, square cloth, cloth sheets, sprouts, bladders, ribbon, and more pm what you have! Disclaimer: If you are reading this then you have completely read my ad to the fullest and have gone above and beyond to enjoy its contents to the fullest!! thank you for your time! You are a valued customer and friend! Us at Wacky Woody's Workshop would like to thank you by giving you a one time 10% discount on your next order of 30s or more and the usual free delivery! We would also like to add you to our Hall of Heroes building if you would be so kind as to send us a yellow potion with your name attached to it! Thank you for all your time and for being one of our MOST valued customers! Please use the code: WackyLion upon putting in your order to recieve your discount!
  6. Mist Sanctuary Horse sale! Important Changes! We are relocating the horse market! We still have horses for sale, but the self service will be down, so all the horses will be listed here. You will need to contact me (Sylrona) here on the forum or in game to buy horses. Pick up is free at Harmony Bay or at deed Im looking forward to opening the NEW horse market, and looking forward to being able to offer a lot more than I have! I am still offer delivery for up to 4 horses, in some cases I can deliver more in one trip, feel free to contact for arrangement or questions! Prices on delivery is, Harmony Bay free, any location on Harmony 1s, any Costal location on all servers 1s, any in-land location Cadence or Melody 2s. - Horses updated 25 February 2022 - Draft 4 Draft, Young Fleaduke, Ebony Black | Strong body, Carry more, Strong legs, Easy on gear | 1s 4 Draft, Foal Childjaw, Brown Male | Strong body, Carry more, Strong legs, Easy on gear | 40c 4 Draft, Foal Fleahard, Buckskin Male | Strong body, Carry more, Strong legs, Easy on gear | 70c Speed 4 speed, Aged Westbom, Ebony Black Male | Fleeter, Lightning, Strong legs, Accustomed to water | 1s 4 speed, Aged Emilfast, Ebony Black Male | Fleeter, Lightning, Strong leg, Accustomed to water | 1s 4 speed, Aged Greycopper, Ebony Black Male | Fleeter, Lightning, Strong leg, Accustomed to water + Pick up stuff | 1s 4 speed, Foal Coffeegold, Ebony Black Male | Fleeter, Lightning, Strong legs, Accustomed to water + Stationary | 1s 4 Speed, Foal Ziprythhm, Silver Black Male | Fleeter, Lightning, Strong leg, Accustomed to water + Graceful eater| 50c SOLD 4 Speed, Adolescent Sadsouth, Ebony Black Male | Fleeter, Lightning, Strong leg, Accustomed to water |1s 4 speed, Aged Haltsimeon, Black Silver Male | Fleeter, Lightning, Strong leg, Accustomed to water | 50c 4 speed, Aged Raidstrong, Black Silver Male | Fleeter, Lightning, Strong leg, Accustomed to water | 50c 4 Speed, Adolescent Eclipsechaser, Black Silver Male | Fleeter, Lightning, Strong leg, Accustomed to water | 50c 4 speed, Aged Baronosio, Black Silver Male | Fleeter, Lightning, Strong leg, Accustomed to water | 50c 4 Speed, Young Warriorraven, Black Silver Male | Fleeter, Lightning, Strong leg, Accustomed to water + Slow metabolism 50c 4 Speed, Foal Hastebaxter, Silver Black Male | Fleeter, Lightning, Strong leg, Accustomed to water | 50c SALE 4 speed, Old Kickerajax, Brown Female | Fleeter, Lightning, Strong leg, Accustomed to water | 10c SOLD 4 speed, Aged Hopzafir, White Female | Fleeter, Lightning, Strong leg, Accustomed to water | 20c SOLD 4 Speed, Adolescent Warriorkicker, Grey Female| Fleeter, Lightning, Strong leg, Accustomed to water + Strong and Healthy 20c SOLD 4 speed, Aged Hoperik, Piebald Male | Fleeter, Lightning, Strong leg, Accustomed to water | 50c 4 Speed, Foal Dancestrider, Buckskin Male | Fleeter, Lightning, Strong leg, Accustomed to water + Strong and Healthy | 50c 4 Speed, Foal Tearpie, Chestnut Male | Fleeter, Lightning, Strong leg, Accustomed to water + Strong and Healthy | 50c 4 speed, Foal Fighterecho, Black Silver Male | Fleeter, Lightning, Strong leg, Accustomed to water + Strong and Healthy | 50c NEW 4 speed, Adolescent Seawild, Buckskin Male | Fleeter, Lightning, Strong leg, Accustomed to water | 50c NEW 4 speed, Foal Pepperdance, Brown Male | Fleeter, Lightning, Strong leg, Accustomed to water + Stationary | 20c SALE 4 speed, Old Childlightning, Appaloosa Male | Fleeter, Lightning, Strong leg, Accustomed to water | 25c Hell Horses! Hell horses does not work the same way as regular horses, they can be a hassle to deal with since they are aggressive creatures and can sometimes attack you, when you are near them. They also need to be replaced about every 3 months from when they reached hitch-able age, since they will become "unruly" and unhitch when they reach the last aged stage (29 in-game months) You also need to be aware that they will be attacked by templars, unless they are branded, so make sure to brand them so nothing bad will happen! It's also worth mentioning that you do need 31 in Body control to ride one, and unless its tamed it will attack you while riding it. If you dont mind dealing with the hassle that sadly comes with the Hell horses, you will be "rewarded" with some fast travel companions! NEW 4 speed, Foal Ironbrisk, Ash Male | Fleeter, Lightning, Strong legs, Accustomed to water + Certain spark | 75c NEW 4 speed, Foal Fleahans, Ash Male | Fleeter, Lightning, Strong legs, Accustomed to water + Graceful eater | 75c NEW 4 speed, Foal Childryhme, Ash Male | Fleeter, Lightning, Strong legs, Accustomed to water | 75c Mist Sanctuary Bulk sale! Mist Sanctuary is offering bulk sales, feel free to put in an order if we dont have what you seek in stock already! We want fair prices for both parties, so instead of only selling x-amount you can buy everything in a smaller quantity than listed. But just to make it easy, most prices will be listed as 1k sale. We offer delivery with: wagoner you pay delivery cost and 10c or crate, crates can be returned for money back. personal delivery any location on Harmony 1s, any Costal location on all servers 1s, any in-land location Cadence or Melody 2s. or you can come and pick it up at Mist Sanctuary at N20 on Harmony. In game name Sylrona. - Stock updated 22 February 2022 - Building Materials minimum, 20 QL. Stone bricks - 2s/k | 2 k in stock Rounded stones - 2s/k | Restocking Small Nails -2s/k | Restocking Large Nails - 2s/k | Restocking Ribbons - 1s/100 | Restocking Fence Bars - 3s/100 | Restocking Mortar - 4s/k | Restocking Sand - 1.5s/k | Restocking Dirt - 1.5s/k | 3k in stock Clay - 1.5s/k | Restocking Shafts - 2s/k | Restocking Planks - 2s/k | 1k Cedarwood Crops 80 QL Barley 1s/k | 2.3k in stock Cotton 1s/k | 13.6k in stock Garlic 1s/k | 3k in stock Lettuce 1s/k | 2k in stock Oats 1s/k | 3k in stock Onion 1s/k | 3k in stock Rice 1s/k | 2.7k in stock Strawberries 1s/k | 3k in stock Sugar Beet 1s/k | 3.6k in stock Wheat 1s/k | 2k in stock 90 QL Cabbage 1s/k | 5.5k in stock Carrot 1s/k | 3.2k in stock Corn 1s/k | 3.8k in stock Cotton 1s/k | 9.4k in stock Cucumber 1s/k | 3.8k in stock Garlic 1s/k | 3.3k in stock Lettuce 1s/k | 2.4k in stock Oats 1s/k | 2.4k in stock Onion 1s/k | 3.7k in stock Pea pods 1s/k | 6.4k in stock Potato 1s/k | 4.4k in stock Pumpkin 1s/k | 1.8k in stock Strawberries 1s/k | 1k in stock Tomato 1s/k | 4.2k in stock Wemp 1s/k | 3k in stock Wheat 1s/k | 1.6k in stock Sprouts All sprouts can be provided, but oak and willow is more expensive than the rest. Blueberry 1s/100 | 200 in stock Camellia 1s/100 | 100 in stock Cedar 1s/100 | 400 in stock Cherry 1s/100 | 500 in stock Grape 1s/100 | 100 in stock Lavender 1s/100 | 400 in stock Lemon 1s/100 | 100 in stock Maple 1s/100 | 200 in stock Oleander 1s/100 | 200 in stock Olive 1s/100 | 300 in stock Orange1s/100 | 200 in stock Raspberry 1s/100 | 100 in stock Rose 1s/100 | 200 in stock
  7. πŸ…’πŸ…ŸπŸ…˜πŸ…’πŸ… πŸ…’πŸ…€πŸ…ŸπŸ…ŸπŸ…›πŸ…˜πŸ…”πŸ…’ Greetings Everyone, Welcome to my store Feel free to browse what i have in stock. Its updated daily ! Delivery Wagoner or Self Pickup @ (Tempest) C10 Northwest Coast island Cadence -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CURRENT STATUS IN GAME Online Now Offline Now Buzz me in-game for immediate reply - Spica or order here and ill get back to you asap. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Item Rate Price Per Large Crate Large Crate Available Mortar 1k/4s 1.2s 16 Clay 1k/1.5s 45c 9 Stone Brick 1k/2s 60c 14 Sandstone Brick 1k/4s 1.2s 15 Marble Brick 1k/4s 1.2s 14 Pottery Brick 1k/4s 1.2s booked . I will charge only 10c per large crate with refundable when returned. I also do BULK items which is not on the list above such as Support Beams, Planks, Shafts, carpentry etc (base on order) Nails, Ribbon, blacksmithing etc (base on order) Thank You & Happy Wurming Guys !
  8. Atm there is a plethora of bulk storage options: bulk bins, racks for empty bulk bins, and bulk storage units. However, we still have just food storage bins. It would be nice for both functionality and aesthetics to have similar options for food storage as we have for bulk storage. Not to mention other food storage options, such as keeping and perhaps even raising live fish. Sacks for keeping large amounts of seed, flour, and other low volume items. What else may come to mind? Edit: Oh neglected to mention the development work can theoretically be relatively easier as most of the code work was already done with bulk storage unit development. Granted the gfx devs would have more work, and of course there's always debugging.
  9. Recent move so bulk orders will often be made upon request so please allow some extra time for the order to fill. Metal bulk items Blacksmithing imps (for now iron only unless metal is provided) Chain Armor imps CoD item with your name and desired QL to Fhinnion. CoD bulk orders on paper or post below.
  10. Came to Wurm looking for an MMO, and what a MMO i've found! I am a RL Greatsword enthusiast, So I thought I could perhaps make some sort of a Blademaster/Barbarian trope! Focusing on Leatherwork (36) and WeaponSmithing (12) (yes, I know it's long) at the moment. I've been on for 3 weeks but an introduction is never bad. As I always say, happy grinding! NicolΓ‘s.
  11. Newbie but on the rise. Low budget but high hopes.Call it however you want. I come to offer you high quantities of low-QL items. Just one thing... DIRT CHEAP. Dirt, Smithing, Stonecutting; even Carpentry and Leatherwork if needed. Need 1000 stone bricks? Anyone can get them Need 1000 *cheapo* stone bricks? NIC'S GOT 'EM. ...or will get 'em. I'll find the way, I promise. Be Smart, hire a Nic.
  12. speaking of quality of life updates, this seems like a very simple one, you already did it with keel sections, seats and oars, so why not allow masts and sails to be put into bulk storage containers? it wouldn't cause any problems just make the life of ship builders easier.
  13. Shadows Vale Market Blacksmithing Items that turn rare will be returned to owner, tips appreciated not required prices negotiable for large orders Add 50% to price for large anvil 70 QL Tools and Imps 30c 80 QL Tools and Imps 50c 85 QL Tools and Imps 65c 90 QL Tools and Imps 1.5s Iron or Copper Lamps/Hanging Lamps - 20c EA Small / Large nails - 2s per 1k Iron ribbons - 1s per 100 Masonry 50ql Smelter - 4s Bulk Goods Order On Demand All Prices Are Per 1k Unless otherwise Stated Delivery to costal areas available 1s for smaller orders, might discount on larger orders Crates NOT Included, can be for extra cost Clay - 1s Clay 70+QL - 1.5s Mortar - 4s Concrete - 3s per 100 Can work out deals for other items if needed these are just the common jobs I have done. Message me here or in game @ShadowsKing Skills Blacksmithing - 90+ Digging - 83+ Masonry - 60+ Mining - 55+ Carpentry - 45+
  14. Welcome to FoxxCO/RockCO, we love you!! Welcome to this one-of-a-kind auction on wholesale rare steel picks! 37 total, take a peek. Good for bulk casting, these are low QL so excellent for skilling mining and prospecting !!! Start Bid: 74s Minimum Increase: 1s Sniper Protect: 2h **Please don't shoot the auctioneer! If you have a question/concern/comment about the item please feel free to pm me here on the forums, or in game as Sugarfoxx.** **All friendly bumps and bids welcome!** **Comments that are unrelated/rude/considered hostile will be reported to mods ** P.s. This is SFI auction, NFI please no bids, ty
  15. Starting bid: 11s Increment (minimum): 50c Reserve: No Buyout: 22s Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: Not accepted Auction comes with delivery to a coast. Send me a PM if you have any questions.
  16. If you need any jobs done such as an order or stone bricks clay mortar planks ect let me know. This is for bulk orders like 1k bricks ect.
  17. Looking for any work making bulk, your material or my material. Your material= 75c=1k (generally) My material= 1s=1k (generally) See exact prices below. I can travel to you for work, I can deliver coastal Any orders with my material is made to order, expect wait time for production. Notes: Fairly new player, lower skill levels yield lower ql items. I am working to pay for my premium time via in game Silver. My mats: Your mats: Bricks 1k = 2s Bricks 1k = 1s Planks 1k = 1s Planks 1k = 75c Hull Planks 1k=1s Hull Planks 1k=75c Tenons 1k = 1s Tenons 1k = 75c Pegs 1k = 1s Pegs 1k = 75c Mortar 1k = 2.5s Mortar 1k = 1.5s Brick+mortar 1k=4s Brick+Mortar 1k=2.5s Pottery Brick 1k=3.5s Pottery Brick 1k=1.5s 10c per large crate to keep, 4s for full knarr of crates. If you have other bulk mats you want made contact me and I will see if it is within my skill to produce and what the price per 1k would be. skill dump available here:
  18. (At the Northern Opening of the Western River Divide) Our Discord Reviews Introduction At Emberwynn Harbor we aim to provide a more personalized experience with Market Trade. We aim to offer a wide variety of items and do so with both a Custom Order function as well as Merchant Sellers found on site. Unlike larger Markets who may produce in bulk and only offer their services based on Supply rather than Request, we're looking forward to working with each and every customer individually with their needs and requests. You are our Top Priority and we aim to make sure that you are not only pleased with your transactions with us and you are rewarded for your repeat business with our Loyalty program. Place an Order on our Discord for Live-Order tracking! Many items can be created upon request. For a complete pricing list Click Here! Loyalty Program Our loyalty program provides 10% Discount to Total Order at entry level as well as other Perks to frequent/regular customers! Due to Merchant behavior we are unable to respect our Loyalty Program perks when Merchant Purchases are made. Merchant purchases are not counted towards our Loyalty Program qualification or rewards. Take advantage of our Loyalty Program by using our Discord to place a custom order request at a Discounted Price and Order Priority. Animals Our animals are born and raised in a free roam paddock and retired at 'Old' from Cart/Transportation labor. We care about our Animals, you can trust that we care about yours too! We will never sell anything with negative traits, guaranteed! We do not deliver animals! (If you've place another order, we can bring animals along in which you wish to purchase. However we do not solely deliver animals) Trait Key: Horses: Bison: Untraited/No Speed-Traits: 1s Speed Trait: +1s (Per Trait) Certain Spark/Unusually Healthy: +10c Self-Serve Stock: Trade-in Recommended: Sunbury Stables - Can't find what you're looking for, or the trip to the West Coast just not feasible? Contact Carla for your East Coast Horse needs.
  19. Available for now: Bulks: Stone bricks 1.9s/k (out of stock currently) Mortar 1.9s/k (out of stock currently) Sandstone slabs 50c/100 (out of stock currently) Stone slabs 50c/100 (out of stock currently) 900 Concrete 1s/100 Support beam 3.9s/100 (out of stock currently) Crates are always included with order. Delivery available by wagoner on Xan. Delivery to other freedom servers possible (except Chaos of course). Few other things: 2 x Metallic liquid 5.5s each 3 x Salve of frost 50c each Contact by forum pm, response to this thread or by pm ingame. Forum and ign same. Have a nice day. - Nestangol (Mayor of Northwind Cove, owner of Hermit's Rest, Maker of West Hammer Lake Canals etc.)
  20. Running out of room for your many wurmish projects? Cat got your Carp? Or just love to hoard? I never know when you will need it? : ) Look no further! 101 new Crates should keep you in business for at least a week....maybe even longer! ; ) Delivery included and will generally be handled within 24 to 48 hours of the auction ending. You will be contacted to set up a time shortly after it ends. *Choice of Standard Wood Type IF Desired - Walnut, Chestnut, Pine, Cedar, Fir, Birch (Crates are 1 Plank from Complete) *Other On Location, High Level(90+) Carp/FC/WC services are available during the visit (Please ask ahead of delivery if needed) Starting bid: 18 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Buyout: 32 s Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: not accepted
  21. Running out of room for your many wurmish projects? Cat got your Carp? Or just love to hoard? I never know when you will need it? : ) Look no further! 101 new Crates should keep you in business for at least a week....maybe even longer! ; ) Delivery included and will generally be handled within 24 to 48 hours of the auction ending. You will be contacted to set up a time shortly after it ends. *Choice of Standard Wood Type IF Desired - Walnut, Chestnut, Pine, Cedar, Fir, Birch (Crates are 1 Plank from Complete) *Other On Location, High Level(90+) Carp/FC/WC services are available during the visit (Please ask ahead of delivery if needed) Starting bid: 10 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Buyout: 30 s Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: not accepted
  22. Hey guys, it's Marxismo (typo in my forum name lol). I can offer blacksmithing services or enchantments. Just pm me here, or ingame, or message me at GreyPowerVan#1822 on discord. Crafting (pm me for imping, can do it for less depending on starting ql) 50ql - 25c 60ql - 30c 70ql - 35c Full set of Horseshoes 50ql - 46c 60ql - 66c 70ql - 80c I can do low level enchanting on any tool of your choice. CoC and WoA 54-60 cast - 45c In-Stock items Fire Protection Jewelry (The effectiveness is equal to ql + enchant power, so a 80ql ring with fire prot 5 is equal to a 1ql ring with fire prot 84.) Rings Silver Ring, 71ql FiProt 71 - 95c Silver Ring, 71ql FiProt 72 - 95c Silver Ring, 72ql FiProt 72 - 95c Silver Ring, 72ql FiProt 75 - 95c Silver Ring, 71ql FiProt 76 - 1s Silver Ring, 71ql FiProt 91 - 1.2s Necklaces Silver Necklace, 69ql FiProt 65 - 95c Silver Necklace, 72ql FiProt 69 - 95c Silver Necklace, 71ql FiProt 86 - 1.1s Silver Necklace, 73ql FiProt 82 - 1.1s Tools Hatchet, 1ql CoC68 - 37c Shovel, 1ql Coc62 - 35c Pickaxe, 1ql CoC60 - 35c Archeology Shafts Raspberrywood - 80c Pegs Thornwood - 14c Lavenderwood - 14c Tenons Thorn - 14c Hazelnut - 14c Branches Grapewood - 1.6s Arrow Shaft Rose - 4c Oleanderwood - 4c Thorn - 4c Bulk Zinc 30ql 1k/1.1s 50ql 1k/1.3s Bulk Iron creation ql 1k/1.1s PM me for list of statue fragments
  23. Breakfastbergur's Support Beams is now open! Taking orders now! All items are currently to be made on order, will be done and ready for pickup within 24-48 hours! Currently available are the following: 7c per Support Beam | 7s per 100 Support Beams in Small Crates (provided for free) [Pick-up Only] Pick-up ONLY at O-15 at Eden. Map Location Below:
  24. Grammar error in the following message when you drive your cart away from a bsb whilst transferring bulk items into your loaded crate: Typo: [20:34:57] You are now too far away to transferring bulk items. Should be either: [20:34:57] You are now too far away to transfer bulk items. OR [20:34:57] You are now too far away to continue transferring bulk items. OR [20:34:57] You are now too far away for bulk item transfer. OR [20:34:57] You are now too far away for the transference of bulk items. OR (if really necessary) [20:34:57] You are now too far away for transferring bulk items.
  25. Providing Brick, Mortar, Concrete, and Support Beam Services. Your satisfaction is my focus. Taking and filling orders. My stockpile is continuously increasing. I follow through and deliver. Ask any of the players below. Mortar: 1.75s per 1k [1k in-stock] Stockpiling. Shafts: 1s per 1k [1k in-stock] Planks: 1.5s per 1k [1k in-stock] Clay: 1s per 1k [1k in-stock] Bricks: 1.75s per 1k Stone: [10k in-stock] 1.75s Round Stone: [500 in-stock] Sandstone: [Taking Orders] Marble: [5k in-stock] 2s per k Slate: [Taking Orders] Slabs: 1s per 100 Sandstone: [70 in-stock] 1s per 100 Marble: [Taking Orders] Concrete: 1s per 100 [Out of Stock] Support Beams: 3.5s per 100 [Taking Orders] I deliver for free usually. I do crate swaps or will deliver to a BSB. ** Need more than what I have in stock? Put in an order request and I will provide you with delivery time-table** Iron Construction Items: Blank Bulk Tools/Weapons: For Enchanters Tools: Weapons & Shields: Meditation Rugs: PM me in game @ Mrzodiac