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Found 47 results

  1. I made a little software tool that I'd like to share with you. It is called "WurmSkills" and can be used to create nice diagrams from your skill dumps. Here is a short description, taken from the help file: This is an example: The program will make use of your skill dumps, so it is necessary that you have skill dumping enabled. While you are able to create a single skill dump using a console command, the best way of enabling regular skill dumps is: - Start Wurm client - Click "Settings" - Change to the "Text" tab - Find the line saying "Dump skills at exit" - Tick the check box. You will then get a skill dump every time you exit the client. (To obtain useful charts you should have dump files for a larger period of time - at least a couple of weeks.) WurmSkills has been successfully tested with Windows Vista and Windows 7, but will probably also run with Windows XP. (You need .NET Framework 4.5) To install and use the program, just download this zip file: Unzip the contents (WurmSkills.exe and WurmSkills.chm) to any folder you like and run the executable. (I found that some antivirus products may classify the program as "suspicious" - I have no idea why! Ask Microsoft... Be assured that this is not malware!) I hope you like this little tool - have fun using it. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please check my other tools: Wurmclock, WurmDate, WurmStatus, DPMapAssist -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EDIT: Update 1.02 (see below)
  2. Misc. Items

    Will the tool pitchfork be added to Misc. Items skills list at all? I just noticed it wasn't there.
  3. Love Effect should turn all hostile creatures around you into friendly. From Wurmpedia: "If you are fighting an animal and use this ability while sticking around, you will auto-attack back, which makes it continue fighting. Backing off and no-targeting should fix it" I've had the following situation: Near a troll but not in combat yet. Troll noticed me and before he start running towards me, I used Love Effect, backed off and did no-target. He then turned green (outlined), waited for a second, turned red again and start running towards me. When he turned green for a second, there was no combat disturbing the Love Effect nor did the troll hit/attack me once or vice verca so it had no reason to go hostile (red) again.
  4. Recruiting frequent friends for my deed! Deed location : Harmony J12 I am looking for 1 to 5 people who would like to join my deed, I will not charge anything, only in the future if there is an increase in the size of the deed I will ask you to contribute with the maintenance amount which is minimal .. Reason for recruitment: I am currently alone in my deed, just a friend who only enters the weekend sometimes, and as I am frequent, I am opening these vacancies for everyone to help themselves to have everything Expectations and commitments: So whoever you want, I hope you commit to helping everyone and especially the deed, being frequent (the available time you can and enjoy playing). The goal is to grow and everyone at deed has the resources of the skills that each will specialize in. Rules? : This is simple, I just ask you to live in harmony with everyone, helping in whatever you need, and I will not stipulate ski obligations, do whatever you like, and I advise that sharing skills within a deed is essential for everyone to have much more benefits in the game in fast time. what do i have to offer? A Vynora priest in progress, fixed housing, a large deed with no upfront costs (there will only be some cost in the future if there is a need for expansion, but I will only charge for the monthly maintenance which is much lower and shared by all) lots of materials, all the resources around , space to expand as much as you want. There will be a free boat, since I have high ship, woodcut, carpentry skills for now ... If anyone is interested, leave your comment and get in touch, or call me in the game: Lordneto
  5. I've noticed that I don't get any passive beverages or cooking skillgain when distilling moonshine, although Wurmpedia says that I should. Does anyone know if this is a bug, or is Wurmpedia just wrong?
  6. Some minor confusion regarding the naming of Mauls and Axes in respect to their respective skills. Maul types available are Small, Maul and Large Maul, skills are small maul, medium maul, and large maul. Axe types available are small, axe and huge axe, skills are small axe, large axe and huge axe. There is sometimes confusion when trying to explain that medium maul or large axe are not named consistently with skills that are associated with them, where the other skills match the items available. Swords are fine, the items match the skill names.
  7. This is a chance to tell everyone what skill you're good at, what you want to get good at, and what you enjoy doing. Out of the 138 skills, it doesn't have to be your highest skill, but maybe the one you enjoy the most even if that's completely different. This could also be a chance to imagine what kind of skills Wurm could have in the future. My suggestions of Morris Dancing, Yoga and Tiddly-Winks have all been thrown out already unfortunately, so have your say! So..what's your favourite skill?
  8. ToolAdvice

    Hi, Made a little tool to suggest what tool QL you should use for skilling. Tool ql is calculated from this formula: QL=(difficulty+20)*2-skill Click the SoT checkbox to toggle Stay on Top
  9. Hey all, I've migrated my server from one provider to another but on migration I had issues loading the SQL Databases. I've fixed most of the issues but the only issue remaining is for existing players whereby their skills do not load. If they login and start building their skills any progression is also lost which is really frustrating for them. The error which appears is: [11:03:39 AM] WARNING com.wurmonline.server.creatures.Creature: Failed to load and create skills for creature with name Dummy:null java.lang.NullPointerException at com.wurmonline.server.skills.SkillSystem.getTypeFor( at com.wurmonline.server.skills.Skill.<init>( at com.wurmonline.server.skills.DbSkill.<init>( at com.wurmonline.server.skills.DbSkills.load( at com.wurmonline.server.creatures.Creature.loadSkills( at com.wurmonline.server.LoginHandler.handleLogin( at com.wurmonline.server.LoginHandler.login( at com.wurmonline.server.LoginHandler.reallyHandle( at com.wurmonline.communication.SocketConnection.tick( at com.wurmonline.communication.SocketServer.tick( at at java.util.TimerThread.mainLoop( at Any thoughts how to fix this? Many Thanks R
  10. Quick question (checked the Affinities wurmpedia article but it didn't say): If a character has an affinity in a skill that has subskills (for example, Smithing), does the skillgain boost also apply to the subskills beneath it (for example, Weapon smithing)? Thank you in advance!
  11. As a RL archer I'm trying to be purely an archer in-game but it seems very hard (too hard TBH) and brings some questions that aren't answered by the wiki and quite a few searches here. What exactly is the shot difficulty? E.g. "willow bow decreases shot difficulty by 5" - what does it mean? Why are there restrictions on minimal bow shooting distance (instead of e.g. required BS which would be more accurate)? Is it a part of grievers prevention? Will it change with the skill increase? I'm 42 Archery / 31 Long Bow on vanilla server, have 50ql rare willow long bow, using 30-35ql hunting arrows and killing anything above a cat feels like a chore and takes at least 2 quivers when in RL it should take a novice archer one, maybe two arrows in most cases... How do I increase effectiveness (accuracy/damage)? will it somehow noticeably increase with my skill? How exactly? Are there some kind of steps, e.g. will some extra power kick in on 50 Archery? what's the difference between Archery and its subskills like Long Bow - which one is responsible for what exactly? does quiver quality matter at all? Any other ways to increase shooting speed? I noticed increasing the skill helps but I'm looking for a more now solution. I know there's a spell but I hate magic and would gladly avoid it if possible. What is Quick Shot? It seems to be exactly the same as normal shot. Why is there a Shoot but no Quick Shot icon in the Select bar? Is that a bug? Any way to just keep shooting? I tried both, Ranged fighting option and Autofight quickbar's icon (in any combination) but it doesn't work. Is that a bug? Are there any not obvious skills I should train to be a better archer? Other member kindly asked about Fighting for me and according to the answer it's not related. Shooting increases BC but does BC change archer's effectiveness in any way? Does archery increase BS at all? It does in real life, that's how you progress from light bows to the ones with heavier draw weight but it doesn't seem to in-game. Does BS influence archery at all? Higher damage maybe? Every point in BS increases damage by 1%, got it. How do I use Focus when shooting a bow? The game says I'm not attacking anyone. Is that a bug? Am I doing something wrong? Can't use focus with long bow, got it. Do fighting options have any influence on Archery? I have Aggressive selected because wiki says it increases attack to 130% and I don't really need defense as an archer. It's been said on the forums elevation is important. Does it influence anything other than range? How accurate is the model? Do gravity and arrow weight play a role? Elevation affects only damage, got it. Does the wind have any influence on shooting? a. does my character somehow take it into account for better accuracy with higher skill? b. is my range / arrow speed / damage dealt in any way better when shooting with the wind and nurfed when shooting against it? Wind doesn't influence shooting, got it. Shouldn't I hear a buzz of a released bowstring cutting through the air and a whistle of a flying arrow instead of the sound of a draw? Is that a bug? When I want to use Shoot keybinding it requires me to point the mouse cursor at my target (even though the target is active in Target window and in Select bar). Is that a bug? Do I have to / should I / does it change anything at all to actually attack the target when shooting at it? I mean to put it in Target window, e.g. by clicking the Attack icon in the Select bar. "height can affect damage by up to 20%, with every 10 dirt difference being 1%" - does that work both ways, i.e. is that -20% when 200 or more dirt below the target? Can't use focus with long bow, need to be in melee range, can e.g. punch my horse to get it to work. Come on, it has to be a bug, no? Fighting skill influences Combat Rating. Does the Combat Rating influence archery? If you can answer only some questions or direct me to a thread in the forum discussing similar matters it would still be helpful. Thanks to anyone willing to clear these uncertainties for me.
  12. Tracking key binding doesn't work on floors of buildings. It is possible to track on floor tiles if the tile is selected and no item is active. If the tile is selected but any item is active, there's no Tracking icon. Tested on vanilla server.
  13. will be nice if there will be possibility to use "float" optionn at "skill tab", the same way as in "friends tab" i like to observer when my skills grow by 0,000008, but when i'm doing that, sometimes i realise i have in event tab tons of useless logs like "you are too busy" the same with combat tab...
  14. So I went GM mode, Skills -> learn and raised a skill to 99. Then after my test, I lowered it back to what it was. Unfortunately it now has the x3 multiplier, like when you get skill loss from death. How do I get rid of the x3 multiplier? Thank you!
  15. Alright, I so while playing I got to thinking, that it'd be neat to have more than one skill tracker window open at a time... Honestly, wish I could have the skill window open all the time instead... But due to the way it's presently setup, that isn't very practical, so then I had the idea... What if the "Skill Window" had a swap mode on it for players that wanted to keep it open all the time, to swap the text style of the window, over to "Skill Icons" instead, that they could mouse over for info about that skill, such as it's name, current level, and level progress of this current session. Original idea stems from how "Runescape" does their skill interface (I know this is from "Old School Runescape", but the point still stands this is still how they do their skill interface ) Just wanted to get this suggestion out there before we have a UI Overhaul, so that if others like it... There may be a chance for such a thing to be incorperated into it Btw, will be more than happy to undertake making skill icons for it, but would have to wait till said UI Overhaul happens to know how they'd have to appear on it and all, and if they'd have to scale and such
  16. The game should provide us ways to live out of any skill. Who wants to be a Fisherman for a living? Well I'd want, if only I could sell fishes or retrieve valuable stuff from a fish. My point is, there are tons of skills but while some are highly profitable and/or have high demand, there are some with almost zero demand. We should be able to choose a skill, any skill, grind it up and really make a living out of it, otherwise there's little to no reason to have such a vast skill list.
  17. As I mentioned in a previous topic me and Slinky were working on a Wurm skills dump to SQL tool. While working on getting the dump to SQL we had to find an easy way to parse the data and put it in to an easy form for making SQL queries... so we made a skills2CSV converter. Since then the tool(s) have evolved and they do a bit more than just convert the raw skill dump to an SQL file. The online tool: Forum post about our Wurm Database Spreadsheet: Download the Tool To download the tool for further development or testing locally we have now decided to release the tool: temporary URL Neither of us are pros at PHP/Javascript/SQLite so please excuse the quality of scripting. Most of it is commented so you should be able to understand what is doing what from where, etc. If you have any advice or input it would be greatly appreciated. The tool is provided as is and neither me nor Slinky will take any responsibility for you using the files. To use the tool simply upload to a PHP 5 enabled web site/server and extract the contents. You can name the WUChar directory to anything you like. All the rest is pretty self explanatory for people who understand PHP. It would be nice if someone could improve the security and/or convert this to Java so a portable version is available. If you know Java and understand PHP/Javascript/HTML forms and fancy having a crack at making a Java application out of this tool - please do! PLEASE NOTE: Do NOT use the SQL queries on a live server yet. If you do - you do so at your own discretion. There are warnings on the tools but I thought I'd just warn you beforehand. It's still a work in progress but I need people to test it. So far we've had no problem importing our own skills and adding attributes on to our test server and the skills work/update/degrade when you die just fine. To import the SQL file created: Shut down the server to avoid conflicts. If you are hosting the server yourself (or single player) then navigate to "DirectoryForWurmOrServer\<Mapname>\sqlite" e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Wurm Unlimited\WurmServerLauncher\Adventure\sqlite Copy the UpdateSkills.sql file created with these tools in to this directory. Within this directory is an application called sqlite3.exe. Just double click this application and a command prompt-like window will open with sqlite> displayed. Type in the following, pressing return after each line: .open wurmplayers.db .read Update_Yourplayername_.sql The application will seem unresponsive for a second or two, then return back to the sqlite> prompt. Type the following then press Return: .exit (Thanks to epel for making this point) It should now have now completed the SQL queries and you should now be able to start the server or game again DONE: Insert affinities Insert Faith, Favor, Alignment, Karma and Priest/Follower status along with deity Add to inventory SQL queries (someone is going to have to help with item IDs /rarity/material/etc) - The inventories are kept in a different database, however should you develop a tool that connects to the wurmitems.db file, item ids can be found here on the item_data sheet. Set other character attributes Added so far: Kingdom GM status Bank balance Priest/Follower and Deity status Sleep bonus Karma Grant titles Only grants titles that are given by skills. Gives titles based on gender (which you must specify). Does not add Epic titles. Meditation path. Tested this with changing the server system time, adding time to the server time, and it gives questions dependant on level correctly for all paths, lets you advance properly, special abilities all work, server leaders show up for the paths, everything works as far as we can see... We would like some feedback on this as we've never been really high level on the paths before. We made it so that it generates the SQL file with an "update_", "max_" or "reset_" prefix so you can tell at a glance what the SQL file will do. Just in case you generated a few files. Credit for the inspiration and starting code for the CSV generator (first part of the tool) goes to
  18. Hello there! By default skill effective is x2 from skill. If I mine shards its look like a mining * effectives.. Any ideas hwo to disable this for all skills?
  19. Hi, I had trouble last week with my toon Garlock, I only had 2 ticks for faith in a 24 hour period (once). Now I haven't been able to increase my meditation skill since I've been to chaos (about 3 days). I never had this problem with my main toon Kijani. [23:20:19] You drop a beautiful meditation rug. [23:20:22] You start meditating. [23:20:26] You fail to relax. [23:20:34] You get a beautiful meditation rug. [23:20:37] You drop a beautiful meditation rug. [23:20:39] You start meditating. [23:20:43] You fail to relax. [23:20:49] The server has been up 3 hours and 21 minutes. [23:21:03] You start meditating. [23:21:07] You fail to relax. [23:21:11] You start meditating. [23:21:15] You fall into a trance. The sky lifts your heart. [23:23:05] You finish your meditation. [23:23:13] You get a beautiful meditation rug. [23:24:01] You wear a quiver. [23:24:19] You start to pray at the altar of Vynora. [23:24:47] You finish your prayer to Vynora. [23:24:47] You are relying on Vynora to help you. [23:26:08] The water is refreshing and it cools you down. [23:27:13] You hold a short bow in your two hands.
  20. I understand that speed is king in Wurm Unlimited, and that difficulty doesn't seem to matter, when it comes to grinding your skill as efficient as possible. However, I've heard that HFC is an exception? Can anyone confirm this to be true or not? Currently I've pan filled about 1000 pans with 1 garlic + 1 onion for stews. On my particular server, this took me from 20 to 50 skill using SB. I'm wondering if it would make any difference if I now switch over to a more difficult meal in each pan or just continue with whatever materials I have on hand?
  21. My fiancee and I play together on our own locally hosted adventure server, and we decided to set up in our kingdom. Some areas of the kingdom have some abandoned houses in them we'd like to use and such, but with the lockpicking skill timer it's taking SOOOO long to be able to increase my lockpicking in order to get some of these things. Thanks
  22. [13:35:43] Body increased by 0.000 to 58.434 is a curious tick that doesnt seem to be affecting just me and seems harmless. Skilltracker is still lighting up when a tick is gained. Edit: my ticks are set to all so it should show [13:35:43] Body increased by 0.000??? to 58.434???.
  23. Niarja Issue

    I think this skill dump is wrong. People are easily editing and destroying the purpose of a good thing.
  24. howdy again boys and girls! more questions for yall! where is a good point to stop delaying and go ahead and priest? only skill i want to improve on is ropemaking, still only like 18 before priesting. like to get to at least 40 before priesting up. thanks to Wargasm for the ropemaking thread he started recently. but what should i be aiming at for mind logic, body stats, and soul stats before making the change? is there one skill (any skill not just characteristics) that needs to be x level before changing? thanks in advance!