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  1. +1 Maybe we could also have some new animals that spawn in meadows, like rabbits and foxes. Lairs could be rabbit or fox hole.
  2. It would make sense to be able to tame whales if we're going to be able to milk them. If we could tame them, we could lead them into water pens rather than chasing them around with a bucket and hoping they stand still long enough to be milked. They could be bred for milk rather than having to constantly find new ones if you want more
  3. +1 only if we can first tame whales
  4. YES YES YES rainbow conditioned unicorns!! Grey wolves. Brown rats. Purple goblins? Definitely gold dragons. Lighter colours for conditioned animals. Can we dye white horses to be any colour too?
  5. Yes please!! I'd love to see some more conditions and colours for unicorns
  6. +1 yes please! I've lost track of the number of times my alliance has had to retrieve corpses from mountain tops for me because I died trying to climb up to get an animal...
  7. That comment by Retrograde was made a month ago, surely there's been some progress since then?
  8. Bump, bump, bump! When are we going to see this?
  9. +1
  10. If the animals spawn as much as every hour as suggested, I couldn't possibly take enough to make a difference to hunting even if I tried. And I wouldn't be trying, I'd only be taking a male and female of each condition.
  11. If the hunting server could have new tameable animals that fit in animal crates and can be taken to other servers, then I'm all for it
  12. +1 to keeping all the old animals and adding everything in the alternative column
  13. +1
  14. +1 for more colours in everything!