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  1. PC: Conditioned Unicorns

    I breed for free, in exchange I just ask you to keep a lookout for any named GM spawns, traitors or new mission champs (I have hell hounds, hell scorps, tortoises and lava fiends, as well as all the naturally spawning champs, but I still need everything else) and let me know where if you see one Or any unusual/unique animals, really. I have champion, hardened, raging, slow and scared unicorns, as well as normal 5 speed unicorns. Which conditions are you looking for? Male or female?
  2. Champion Hell Hounds

    I have a female champ hell hound, I will breed you one Do you want male or female?
  3. Slave Labour

    If you still need help, I've got some channels that need to be dredged out on Exo...
  4. I haven't had anything die yet, but I've had alts waiting on the new server to care for the moment the animals are unloaded. Just in case, I'm breeding young ones of anything I can that I need to move, but for the things that can't be bred, I'm just keeping my fingers crossed!
  5. Halloween idea alien seals

    Not as creepy as those horror show pumpkin spider monsters
  6. Request for flat map

    It makes it really easy to find traitor animals, impossible to die falling off slopes and easy to get around
  7. Halloween idea alien seals

    +1 Let's have special alien seals spawning around Halloween that you can capture and breed And please could these replace the pumpkin spider monsters??
  8. If I take a venerable cared for animal across, will I have time to unload it and re-care for it on the new server before it dies? They'll stay tame/dominated when they cross, right?
  9. I'm guessing you don't have deeds spread across servers with animals that have been waiting for months to be taken to your main deed. Trust me, if you're an animal collector, animal crates are huge @Retrograde Will animals be uncared for when they cross servers?
  10. Notification for 'stopped caring for'

    A player without a forum account stops playing. Their deed disbands and you take their animals. They no longer play, so you cannot message them ingame, and you can't contact them on the forums because they don't have an account. Or they do have a forum account, but they stop checking the forums when they stop playing.
  11. Notification for 'stopped caring for'

    Yes, but not all animals can reproduce their conditions. I had a male slow dog that died (cared for by someone else, so I assume they uncared for it), and males can't pass on conditions, so I was never able to breed more of them. GM spawns with special names can't produce animals with the same names either.
  12. Valrei International. 060

    We should be able to transport trolls, goblins and champions. Please please please?? Don't tell me I've waited so long for animal crates for nothing... Everything I want to transport is trolls and champions!