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  1. We've all lost animals to the caring for bug - animals that should have been immortal in terms of age, but died when cared for, not pregnant, not diseased, fed, and on a deed with a good ratio. I'm sure the devs are working on fixing this bug, but considering it's been around for years, it seems like it's a hard thing to fix and may take some time. In the meantime, I think there should be an option for us to get back animals that died from this bug. I recently had a Dove traitor traitor die, which is irreplaceable, unlike the other animals I've lost before that I can just breed more of. If we have an animal die under the above circumstances, we should be able to contact the GMs and have them respawn that animal. Either that or fix the bug, but I really would love my dove traitor traitor back.
  2. Can I get an official statement from someone on the Wurm team as to whether the missions spawning cool new champions from animals that don't usually spawn as champions (like tortoises, etc.) is going to stay, or is it going to be taken away with future modifications to the mission system? I'm trying to work out how best to manage my time, and if this awesome feature is going to stay (please yes!), I won't give up my life to search and die on other servers whenever a new champ spawns, as they'll all spawn on my server eventually, where I am much better equipped to look for them. However, if it might be removed in future, I'll have to put significantly more effort into finding them wherever they spawn.
  3. If anyone has seen any of the champ hell scorpions on Release (and left it alive) please let me know! I've been searching for hours, and I can't find any I'm particularly looking for a female, but I'll take a male if that's all I can find.
  4. @RetrogradeIs there any chance of us getting animal crates for Christmas, or is that a bit too ambitious? I'd like to volunteer for the testing round, as long as a GM can respawn my test animal if it dies or goes missing while crossing Can't wait to get my champ tortoise to Exo!
  5. That's alright, you can still have the champ dog Rats are terrible with random dying, but I've managed to find a female champ rat on Exo and have bred 3 now so that random dying won't matter. If you find another animal on my list before animal crates come out, you can trade that for the dog, but I've already bred it for you, so if you come pick it up you can have it regardless. Here's my updated animal list: Some people prefer males if they just want the one and don't want to breed, so I always ask just in case
  6. I'm not sure if this is a bug or intended, but with love effect, you have to be far enough away from the creature when you initiate love effect, or it'll go green but it's not really non-aggro. If something still attacks you, run about 20 tiles away and the attack window should go green, showing that it's non-aggroed, though obviously you'll need to untarget it before coming close again.
  7. +1 to quicker mission expiry!
  8. It's so sad having only three missions at a time, especially now that they take so long to expire. Please could we bring back player god missions?
  9. Personally I'd be happy for any animals crossing server borders abilities, even if it is a bit buggy at first while the devs work out any problems. Any new feature is likely to have some hiccups, but I'd rather have that than nothing.
  10. Cared for animals are supposed to be immortal in terms of age, so if it is age that's killing cared for animals, then it's a bug with the caring for system.
  11. Bump! Let's get animal crates in for Christmas
  12. Any chance of us getting the animal crates by the end of the year? It's be the best Christmas present ever