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  1. I've always thought it rather unfair that you can fillet your meat without losing anything, but with fish you lose 50% of its mass. Not to mention that if you're fishing on a special tile, you'll end up losing a lot of weight to the 50 fillets per fish limit. Any marlin above 20ql, maybe less, will max out on fillets. I get that it's a problem with only being allowed 100 items in your inventory, so here's my suggestion. Get rid of the maximum fillets and stop eliminating half the fish when filleting. Make fillets 0.3 kg no matter what, don't decrease the size for fish with large number of fillets. If you don't have enough space in your inventory for all the fillets, make the fish automatically fillet as much as it can, then you have to empty your inventory and re-fillet to finish. For example, say you have space in your inventory for 61 items, and a 24kg fish. That's 80 fillets. When you click fillet, the fish will produce 60 fillets, and you'll have a 6kg catfish left, and a message saying your inventory is full. You'll have to drop the fillets and fillet again to finish filleting the fish.
  2. Can we get an update on animal crates? Can we expect those to be implemented soon?
  3. +1 to scarecrows if we can have birds they scare away.
  4. I like some of the preset colours, but I'd also love to be able to dye clothing any colour I want. It'd be great if we could keep the old colours and have an option to make a white version of every piece of clothing, and dye that.
  5. I just want to be able to imp tortoise shields. Plus have a champion tortoise that gives a huge shell which can be made into the equivalent of a large metal shield
  6. I will set aside a female for when the crates are ready What about you, Alyeska? Big yellow dawg safely delivered home
  7. So does that mean if I breed a male slow dog with a female champion, I'll have a chance at getting a champion, slow or normal offspring?
  8. I've been told by multiple people that males can't pass on conditions, that they increase the chance, but the chance only exists if there is a female with the desired condition to breed with. I've just spoken to someone who has bred a champ crocodile from a champ male and an ordinary female. Did this used to be possible and it was changed? Or perhaps it's always been possible, but the chance with only a male is so much smaller that most people just think it's impossible?
  9. How long ago was this? It's possible it could happen before and was changed before I started playing...
  10. Excellent - thanks so much! Do you want a male or female champ dog?
  11. I don't think this is true. I've been told from multiple sources, including Retrograde, devs, and people in my alliance who've investigated this in WU that you can only pass on conditions from female animals.
  12. This has happened to me about three times now, on different characters. I'll get a referral, select the '20 days of premium time' option, and nothing will happen. If I log onto the Wurm shop, it sometimes displays the correct expiry date of premium time (20 days later than it was before I got the referral), but sometimes it does and then it changes back to the incorrect date. For the last one, I waited over a week, hoping it would come through, but still nothing. Each time I've had to log a support ticket to get the premium time corrected. The staff has always been able to sort it out for me, but I use referrals quite often, and it would be nice just to be able to get the premium time without having to create a ticket. It doesn't happen every time, but it's happened enough that it's starting to bother me now, as it doesn't seem like a once-off random annoyance anymore.