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  1. The server where you verify your email has a certificate error. I know it's Wurm's server because it goes to the shop but it's still not a secure connection. (

    The certificate is only valid for the following names:,,

  2. Account creation confirmation security certificate( is being rejected. "Unable to communicate securely with peer: requested domain name does not match the server’s certificate."
  3. Yes, exactly. But remember that the client in actually nested inside the Wurm Unlimited folder. ..\steamapps\common\Wurm Unlimited\WurmLauncher Also, when you browse for mods, I would suggest using this list: It has the mods listed that are working vs not working in the latest release. Installing outdated mods will most definitely crash your server and/or your client.
  4. Heh yeah, I guess I overkilled the question, eh?
  5. The folder name for the dedicated folder is "Wurm Unlimited Dedicated Server" and it can be found in your "steamapps\common" folder. The WurmLauncher folder is for the client. It is in "steamapps\common\Wurm Unlimited". The client also has a server included with it which can be found WurmServerLauncher in the same location as WurmLauncher. Your client modlauncher must go into the client folder so you will want to extract all the files into the WurmLauncher folder as located above then run "patcher.bat" (on Windows) or "" (linux). The server modlauncher must go into the dedicated server folder or the WurmServerLauncher inside your Wurm Unlimited folder as located above. The same applies to patching the server with either the patcher.bat or It won't harm your files. If at any time you want to remove the modlauncher, you can simply repair your installation from the properties tab via Steam. EDIT: Additional Information You can also pin these folders into File Explorer quick access for fast access without having to navigate to them.
  6. I use a seed generated height map from Budda's Wgen then import it into L3DT to process it. My goal, more so than erosion, is the way you can output biomes based on ground water via a color map and then imported into Tenniel's generator for processing of the biome map. My hope was that forests would follow the ghost streams that caused the erosion but the hard part for me, so far, has been getting L3DT to output a biome map that work's with Tenniel's climate distribution. I could not get an island to work in world machine but that is probably a limitation from myself more than from the software.
  7. I've been playing with some custom map creations using L3DT to give a more realistic natural erosion feel. I haven't gotten the biome generation down yet (as you can tell from the lack of trees) but the channeling and erosion algorithms look pretty good to me. Shots in spoilers.
  8. Yup. I didn't update it. It works fine. :-) I have not played Wurm in any flavor in a couple of months, so it's not surprising that I missed something.
  9. prospecting mod would not load for me server side. toolbelt and livemap client.
  10. These are just the names of the property files I had to disable. The mod names may or may not match the properties files. server: bagofholding, construction, moonmetalminingmod, movetocenter (deprecated?), prospectmod, scriptrunner client: livemap, toolbelt I don't really play any more but noticed that Steam updated it so I thought I would check to see what might have broken. Heh, helps if I run patcher.bat first eh? Crossed out the ones that ran after actually patching it.
  11. If it is over the swimming hole and no pointy rock to use as a diving board...
  12. And I also could have left the conversation while trying to get the forums to work. *shrug* No idea. I was pretty frustrated.
  13. I had all kinds of problems, Wurmhole. I could not log into the shop because it said my password was wrong but I could log into the game with it. I could not log into the forums and I could not change my password in the forums because it said guests do not have access to this area. I had to reset my password before hitting any links on the login page else I was a guest in a registered area. I didn't know the forums were in any way tied to the shop but that's how it turned out. I had to do the same in the shop as with the forums. If I clicked on anything but forgot password, it told me that I am a guest in a registered area. It's all resolved now and water under the bridge but it's kinda crazy what had to be done. LOL
  14. Am I still in the alliance and village? LOL I better long in and see. I might be in a dungeon somewhere.