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  1. +2
  2. Log Wall needs a picture
  3. I Recommend Amish Estates Very Friendly Group and Very Helpful. I Enjoyed my time there.
  4. Wish i had money Antonslavick drools over rare large Maul Pm with what u would like for it
  5. +1
  6. +1 Would love to bring a MC feel to this game lol ps the reason I say MC feel is cause MC has that option on some servers
  7. +1 To new boat types for transporting animals
  8. +1
  9. Big 1+
  10. 2 Pocket Suns - 80c (91ql) White Please Cod- Antonslavick
  11. 15x Sleep Powder - 1S Each Please PM If Interested
  12. Deed No Longer There Arstotzka Cords: 6690, -3508
  13. Well the canal was not fully restored to the original design heres a picture of the before work with the canal closed up EAST SIDE WEST SIDE Here's a Picture of what we did we surficed mined the rock down too make it all smooth not including the Second Foot Path on the Right side of the Canal that we had made EAST SIDE WEST SIDE The end of all the work would have looked like this as I don't have picture for ingame I used deed planner
  14. Will miss being apart of NEXA but in the end things didn't work out