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Found 32 results

  1. Orders can be placed by responding to this thread, or if you're lucky, you can catch me online as Wort or Ilromov. You can also check out my merchants at Amaranth (F10 on the map on Exodus). They contain everything listed in my inventory. Offering: Leatherworking Items up to 95ql Tailoring Items up to 90ql Carpentry and Fine Carpentry Items up to 85ql Blacksmithing Items up to 70ql 80+ or 70/70+ power Vynora enchants. Special order status: (Open - no current orders; Delayed - a few current orders; Closed - too many current orders) Blanks: Open Enchants: Open Pricing structure: Armors: 70ql – 7c 80ql – 10c 85ql – 15c 90ql – 60c 95ql – 150c Toolbelts, Tools, and Rugs: 50ql - 20c 60ql - 30c 70ql - 40c 80ql - 60c 90ql - 1s Saddles: 50ql - 15c 60ql - 20c 70ql - 40c 80ql - 60c 85ql - 90c 90ql - 1.50s 95ql - 3.50s Barding: 50ql - 30c 60ql - 40c 70ql - 50c 80ql - 80c 85ql - 1.30s 90ql - 2.30s 95ql - 6s Enchants – start at 32c for 70 power 2c for each power between 70-79 (32-50c) 4c for each power between 80-89 (54-90c) 6c for each power between 90-99 (96-150c) 80c for each power between 100-104 (2.3s-5.5s) I tend to imp 70-79 power casts to 70ql, 80-89 power casts to 80ql, 90-94 power casts to 90 power, and 95+ power casts to 95ql (skill permitting). If you want anything in stock imped higher, just let me know when you order it, and I'll add the difference to the price. If you order a complete suit of any armor, say 70ql/70aosp I charge you sort of a midrange price and give you the highest enchants I have in that range. Leather:
  2. Bespoke Carpentry Service I can make for you any Carpentry or Fine Carpentry item at up to 95ql for Carpentry and 93ql for Fine Carpentry. No set prices, just message me with your requirements and suggest the price you want to pay. We can negotiate from there, if needed, and work can start on your items usually the same day. For large orders of items that can't be mailed COD then delivery may be possible, though pick up from Xanadu P22 is an option. Will take animal parts as trade/payment for services. Come to me for all your wooden tool, furniture and storage requirements. Currently have 90ql Oak Rope Tools in stock (including some rares), which can be supplied enchanted with COC and/or WOA if required. Can be imped to 93ql. I can of course also imp your carpentry/fine carpentry items to 95ql/93ql. Message me with your requirements.
  3. Various items for sale, more to come Whatever isn't in stock enough, pm Macoofer ingame or post your demands and it will be filled asap! Bulk price stock Dirt 1s/k 20k Clay 1s/k 3k Mortar 2.5s/k 13k Concrete 1s/100 300 Bricks 2s/k 9k Colossus bricks 2s/k 1k Rockshards 90c/k 20k Mixed grass 1s/k 1k planks 1.5s/k 1k Tar 43QL 1s/k 2k Sand 1s/k 500 Coal 40ql 1s/k 0 Slate 30-50qlmix 1s/k 0 Hides 50ql 3s/k 4k Logs price stock <50ql 1s/1000 1k 50-59ql mix 1.1s/1000 1k 60-69ql mix 1.2s/1000 1k 70-79ql mix 1.5s/1000 500 80-84ql mix 2s/1000 300 85-89ql mix 3s/1000 250 90-94ql mix 5s/1000 100 95-97ql mix 9s/1000 98-100ql mix 15s/1000 Building mats price stock Small nails 1s/k 500 Large nails 20c/100 500 Ribbons 1s/300 200 Rivets 25c/100 - Metal fence bars 2s/300 100 Support Beams 4c 110 Wooden beams 20c/100 300 Metals (crate=Large Crate) <80ql 80-89ql 90-92ql 93-94ql 95-96ql 97-98ql 100ql Iron 1s/k 50c/crate 1.5s/crate 2s/crate 2.5s/crate 3s/crate 3.5S/crate Zinc 1s/k 50c/crate 1.5s/crate 2s/crate 2.5s/crate 3s/crate 3.5s/crate Copper 1s/k 50c/crate 2s/crate 2.5s/crate 3.5s/crate 4s/crate 5s/crate Lead 1s/k 50c/crate 2s/crate 2.5s/crate 4s/crate 5s/crate 6s/crate Tin 1s/k 50c/crate 2s/crate 2.5s/crate 4s/crate 5s/crate 6.5s/crate Silver 1s/k 1s/crate 2.5s/crate 3s/crate 5s/crate 6s/crate 7s/crate Gold 1s/k 1s/crate 2.5s/crate 3s/crate 5s/crate 6s/crate 8s/crate Alloys <50ql 51-60ql 61-70ql 71-79ql 81-84ql 85-89ql 90-92ql 93-94ql 95-96ql 97-96ql Bronze 1.5s/k 2s/k 1s/crate 1.5s/crate 2s/crate 3s/crate 4s/crate 5s/crate 7s/crate 9s/crate Brass 1.5s/k 2s/k 1s/crate 1.5s/crate 2s/crate 3s/crate 4s/crate 5s/crate 7s/crate 9s/crate Steel 2s/k 1s/crate 1.5s/crate 2s/crate 2.5s/crate 4s/crate 6s/crate 8s/crate 11s/crate 15s/crate (For stock on metals/alloys, drop a message or contact Macoofer ingame) Containers Price stock Small crate 4c 15 Large crate 8c 60 Raft 20c 4 BSB 25c 6 Small chest 15c 4 Large chest 25c 6 Coffer 20c 2 Huge oil barrel 60ql 20c 1 Huge tub 60ql 20C - Ropes and anchors Price stock Mooring rope 40-50ql 1c 60 Thick rope 40+ql 10c 10 Cordage rope < 40 ql 1.5c 160 Cordage rope 40-80 ql 3c 70 Mooring anchor 15c 6 Halter Rope (4 horses) 2c 8 Furniture (60ql) Price Stock Canopy bed 1s 0 Wardrobe 40c 2 High chair 25c 1 Fine high chair 30c 1 Paupers high chair 20c 1 Royal Throne 40c 1 Lounge chair 25c Royal Lounge chaise 60c 2 Cupboard 25c Low bookshelf 20c High bookshelf 25c 2 Miscellaneous Stock Explorer tent 25c 2 Pavilion 30c 2 Military tent 35c 2 50ql 60ql 70ql 80ql Iron lamp 15c 20c 30c 50c 10 Iron imperial street lamp 30c 40c 60c 1s 10 Brass lamp 30c 40c 60c 1s Brass hanging lamp 30c 40c 60c 1s Birdcage 1.5s Washing bowl 25c Silver sheets 30ish ql 15c Gold sheets 30ish ql 15c Steel sheet 30ish ql 30c Tools Price stock 70ql dioptra 60c 0 70ql rangepole 20c 6 50ql cake tin 10c 6 Bee smoker 70ql 25c 3 Pottery planters 40ql 5c 10 Gold statuettes 50ql 20c 5 Rares: rare unfinished open fireplace 3S Services: Enchant grass 50c per tile + travel cost (can do 2 per day) Genesis (remove bad traits) 50c per removal + travel cost Magranon Tile collapse/Strongwall 60c per tile + travel cost (if an altar is at the location) Magranon Tile collapse/Strongwall 75c per tile + travel cost (if no altar is at the location) Courier cast 1copper/power + travel cost Altar blessings: Magranon/Fo/Vynora 50c + travel cost Imping: We also provide imping services Blacksmithing: 70ql 20c, 80ql 30c, 90ql 90copper, 91ql 1S, 92ql 1.5, 93 2s Shield smithing 70ql 20c, 80ql 40c, 85ql 50c Jewel smithing 70ql 30c (plus mats, depending on imp) Fine Carpentry 70ql 20c, 80ql 40c, 85ql 50c Ship improvements 70ql 40c (done on our deed) Deliveries: Deliveries to all coastal destinations on all freedom servers: 50c Orders above 5s will have no delivery fee Located at 8/9G on xanadu. Also check out our merchants at the Amish Sanctuary Market near Summerholt, SE corner!!! There are 6 of them, so plenty to choose from
  4. Hi, I'm Forrest and I live in a Forest. I'm opening a small Carpentry and Fine Carpentry store, supplying creation of new goods and imping of existing ones! So whether you need your old, worn down ropetool imped back into life, need a new fishing rod or just want one of those fancy thrones to peer down over your slaves villagers, you've come to the right place. I can currently do both Fine and Regular Carpentry items up to 90ql+. No quality is too low either... if you want something 50ql, I can do that too! (Can do 95ql+ on request) Pricing isn't set in stone yet, just shoot me a PM here or reply down below and we can work something out at a reasonable rate. Oh, did I mention I also accept items in barter? Currently I'm in need of veggies, creation rares, sleep powders and more... I'm open to a lot of things really, don't be afraid to ask!
  5. Moved to:
  6. So i'm pretty sure by now this is a pretty common occurrence and that is "garbage" or just carpentry littering. Maybe it's a villager who quit on you and you suddenly have 5 carts, a lot of chairs, tables, shelves at your disposal just doing nothing but occupying space. Maybe you found some ruins with a lot of furniture, shelves, bsb's , etc. Maybe your whole village quit or disbanded and the place is a mess of ruins or the place you want to deed is so littered with carpentry garbage that you just can't burn it all in forge (or it seems a waste to do so). So what i'm proposing is simple. If you are on deed and own an item, either a cart or wagon, or you are the creator of a bookshelf, chair, etc, you can disassemble it in some base parts like planks and shafts based on your carpentry skill. Maybe you could get 30% back at 90 carpentry let's say, with varying degrees of quality. Makes for fun scavenging trips for those finding old ruins no one has lived in months, or just spring cleaning your deed once in a while and you can get some extra mats while doing so. Maybe even do it for boats as well as long as you own them and Are the original owner of them. What say you wurmians?
  7. CLOSED for business! Carpentry: Why didnt evolution make a giraffe good at carpentry so it could build a ladder? - K. Pilkington Contact: Nordlys Fine carpentry: Where you find quality you'll find a craftsman, not a quality-expert! - R. Brault Contact: Nordlys Blacksmithing: I would love to come up with a quote, but i got too many irons in the fire as it is. - Nordlys Contact: Willslaphansien Leatherworking: You didnt say anything about my armor. Is it not shiny enough? - Sir Lancelot the great Contact: Rgr Cooking: I cook with wine. Sometimes i even add it to the food! - W. C. Fields Contact: Nordlys Package deals: Packages made for your convenience, and you save some coins aswell! Contact: Nordlys, Rgr or Willslaphansien Fruits, nuts, herbs, spices, ingredients: More variety, better food! Contact: Nordlys Bulk: Note: We're only taking bulk orders up to 5s worth at the time, to avoid taking offers we cant deliver in a respective time frame! Contact: Nordlys, Rgr or Willslaphansien Special oddities: Rares, rift items, enchants, deals and such! Contact and complaints: Nordlys, Rgr or Willslaphansien All items will be sent by COD (cash on delivery), the cost is normally 1c per item sent (insert fluid price here), paid by the buyer. All prices are listed without postal fee. Our mailbox got 99 courier cast, and 5% size rune attached (logs, halberds, spears and even some furniture can be mailed). Please write what item, ql of the item, and add recipients ingame name. Legend: Delivery and pickup: Buyers that for some reason wants to be anonymous can send a pm on the forums or ingame, but we appreciate if you write it in this topic. If anything is unclear or some information is missing, please tell us. Note: If we by strange reasons would add an obvious wrong price to an item, or list wrong enchant for example, we may not accept the offer. If you want to pm someone reasonable on the forum about this topic, try Nordlys Happy wurming! - Nordlys
  8. Hello dear people of wurm! Opening my shop again ,knowing im back , its time to get back into the bizz! Carpentry 70ql - 10c 80ql - 40c 90ql - 80c 92ql - 1,1s 93ql - 1,4s (Same prices apply for Fine Carpentry items as for Carpentry, excluding looms which are 3 times the normal rates, this includes traveling and log usage) ps only doing inde in regards of loom improvements for now Mallets 80ql - 20c 90ql - 30c 92ql - 50c 93ql - 60c Blacksmithing 70ql -10c 80ql - 40c 90ql - 80c -------------------------------------- Horse Gear Horse shoes (Are sold as a set of 4, un-enchanted) 70QL -- 30c 80QL -- 1s 85QL -- 2s 90QL -- 3s Improvement rates : 70-90ql - 40c 90-93ql -80c Terms and Waranty 1] I here by am in no obligation to accept a order if it doesnt sound right, or if i know said person doesnt pay/accept the mail or if simply the order is outragous. 2] All premade or any newly made items/tools come un-enchanted unless specified otherwise in the premade stock list. 3] Any Loom improvement jobs have to be paid in advance, no less then 50% of the initial price of said order. 4] When ordering a item i do not have in stock it usualy takes between 1 hour up to 2 days depending how my real life schedule is and if im at work or not, I do mail them out as soon as they are ready and made. 5] Any mallets Wearing my signature have a 2 free imp job waranty back to 90-91ql if they ever drop below 88ql.(excluding mailing fees.)
  9. Brief Information Contact in game: Chemiq About me: I'm a sailor, traveller between servers, alliances, villages just do offer my services, meet new people and chat with old friends. I belong to Xanadu and there's my home island, but I can't stay at one place for long time. I need to sail, only steady flow of waves calms me down. That's very interesting way to play, highly recommended! I take with me full crates of supplies, my tools and my skills to where it's needed. When you need my services let me know on forum or give me a shout in game. I will happily set my sails for a new (and old) direction. Do you wonder why it's so cheap? Well, simply because I love to grind and money is just a side effect not the reason for my actions. Pricing Of Services: Leather Armour Improve (Leather, Studded, Drake Hide): *price per piece **Improvements from 90 to 93 will cost difference only 93 QL - 66c 92 QL - 55c 91 QL - 44c 90 QL - 33c 80 QL - 22c 70 QL - 11c Fine Carpentry Improve: (Approx 1.5h while improving ropetool from 70QL to 92QL) *including any stationary things (floor looms etc.) for extra travel fee **Improvements from 80 to 92 will cost difference only. 92 QL - 155c 91 QL - 118c 90 QL - 80c 80 QL - 28c 70 QL - 17c Carpentry Improve: *including any unmailable items (fishing rods etc.) for extra travel fee **Improvements from 80 to 93 will cost difference only. 93 QL - 155c 92 QL - 122c 91 QL - 95c 90 QL - 77c 80 QL - 25c 70 QL - 12c Woodcutting (Up to 99.99QL): *consulted individually Feel free to send pm with details of your order and we will start negotiating price. Notice: All of my services are provided by tools with 95+ BoTD and 93+ QL atleast on it. Required amount of time for leather armour improvement process is reduced by half of it now! Pricing of items: *strikethrough items are made for order 80QL toolbelt (8 slot) - 40c 90QL toolbelt (9 slot) - 80c Policy Of Rares: I don't charge extra silvers when improved item turns into rare but tips are welcomed i would like to get them in hide if so but any form will be fine I want to thanks to everyone who entrusted their items to improvement. Thanks for trust Congrats to @Shydow for mallet which turned into rare Got also one successfull drum-roll imp on @SmokuS black drake hide jacket but unfortunatelly not this time
  10. Currently wine barrels are very nice decorative items, the trouble is that if you keep wine in a good QL barrel it does not age well at all. A bit of a contradiction really and thus the following two changes are proposed: 1. Allow material contained in wine barrels to decay as if offdeed. 2. Accelerate this decay based on wine barrel QL (QL% increase)
  11. Just another merchant. Welcome. Just another merchant, selling improvements and Vyn enchants. Don't see something you would like? Don't be afraid to PM me here on the forums or in game, Harth. Improvements. Blacksmithing 95ql, Carpentry 95ql and Fine Carpentry 93ql. 70ql - 20c 80ql - 50c 90ql - 85c 91ql - 1s 93ql - 2s 95ql - 3s Armour smithing. 70QL 80QL 90QL Cloth 1s Leather 1s Studded 2s Chain 2s Plate 3s 4s 9s Shields 30c 50c Vyn enchants.
  12. Hello and welcome all to the forestry outpost shop, Where the trees live forever. Place your order in this topic or by sending me a PM On the forums. Pickup on Deliverance near Harbor Of The Gods or COD at buyers expense. All tools will be made out of oaken-wood, Unless stated otherwise. I am near Harbour Of The Gods on Deliverance x8 y 32 I am a master of carpentry and all the sub-skills and and cast on a range of items which will be for sale. I am active person with get a order sent,made up,imped back to you ASAP with great results(when imping to 92ql+ can take some time so please understand this). ) Up to 95ql LOGS (Pm amount for price thanks) carpentry Tools Fine fishing Fishing rod Grooming brush Mallet Wooden spindle Wooden spatula Wooden clay shaper Price 90ql - 80c 92ql - 1s.25c 94ql - 2s.25c Fine carpentry Tools Cheese drill Leggat Rope tool Press Price 90ql - 80c 92ql - 1s.25c 94ql - 2s.25c 95ql - 3s.25c Bowyery Bows Long bow Bow Short bow Price 90ql - 1s.25c 92ql - 2s.25c 93ql - 3s.00c (The long bow cant be mailed so will have to be picked up) Ship Building I offer Boat Imps to 70ql 90ql coming soon. (70QL + will last you a longtime in wurm with out having to worry about it sinking) Leatherworking (All items can be imped to 92+ql pm for a price.) Armour Imps Leather Armour. Studded Leather Armour. Drake hide Armour. Rugs. various Toolbelt Containers Backpack Quiver Water skin Equipment for mounts Large saddle Saddle Bridle Reins Leather barding Animal Husbandry/Genesis I am 92 Animal Husbandry and can breed some of the best horse with in the wurm lands right now can only breed 8 traits as no 9 traits in the game, and if you have a loved horse you want fixing bring it over and i will show it some love with genesis. Thanks for checking out forestry outpost.
  13. Hello everyone. I have a few rare things to sell. 1x rare fruit press (oakenwood) 4s SOLD 1x rare cheese drill (maplewood) 3s SOLD 1x rare small barrel (cedarwood) 2s SOLD 1x supreme small barrel (pinewood) 4s SOLD 1x rare large crate 1s SOLD 1x rare tannin (22,74ql) 50c (if anyone want it) If you're interested in buying pm me
  14. I've always wondered. Why isn't there a way for a mayor, or villager, to put up posts and ads at their town center? The reason? There isn't any tools to allow it. Now, having something to add a second use to papyrus making: You write up Posts onto papyrus, and then anyone who has permission access to the board can open the board and leave a papyrus scroll in it with something written. The owner of the board can set a time limit, or no limit; in any case, one would be given an Option to Read. There would be many uses to such. yes, people use forums to replace them, but it would add a lot more to the game if you could do it In Game... Job Requests. Someone could go to a blacksmith's, drop a tool to be imped, and leave a note in his buletin board that reads "Hello. When you have time, I'd like to see my Pickaxe Imped. Thank you!" Messages from the Mayor without having to clutter up the MOTD or change it daily. So, any villagers could go to the buletin board, and see what's going on around the place. On PvP servers, people could post up bounties, or warnings and such. I'm awful at drawing, but I'm sure some of you great artists could come up with something awesome. It would need planks and sticks for building the post, and likely several hooks (only use otherwise being toolbelts) that are used for hanging the papyrus on. (Punch a hole, and let the sheet dangle) Planks, nails, hooks, and shafts. Quantities and such still needs discussion, but it shouldn't be too different price-wide to a large sign. Quality could affect the decay rate of the papyrus inside it. ((Low Quality making the message rot away from rain and decay in a few days)) while a high quality one better protects the precious messages it holds!
  15. Fritz': Besides others i am a Legendary Architect and Master of Fine Carpentry, Bowyery, Toys, Shipbuilding, Fletching and Woodcutting I reside on the north shore of Mist Lake, which is at 58x 19y on Independence. Feel free to come by anytime for imps or to collect your order. Prices do not include the cost of mailing. Pricing: Carpentry and Fine Carpentry (usually oak) QL70.5: 30c QL80.5: 50c QL90.5: 1.3s QL91.0: 1.7s QL92.0: 2.5s QL93.0: 3.5s QL94.0: 4.5s QL95.0: 5.5s Mallets and Yoyos QL70: 10c QL80: 20c QL90: 30c QL95: 1s Bows (Willow, any size, usually with ql 90+ string) QL70.5: 50c QL80.5: 60c QL90.5 and above: same as carpentry +50c Puppets QL70+: 70c QL80+: 1s QL90+: 2s Lye mailable, but server will charge for container and every 2kg - max mailing fee is 1.10s (2.20s across servers) QL50+: 5c/kg QL70+: 10c/kg QL80+: 25c/kg QL90+: 50c/kg Logs QL90: 12c QL95: 50c Improving Existing Items If you prefer to have your own items improved, you can either deliver or mail them and I will improve them. Reimprovements will usually take about a day depending on workload. Pricing as above (This doesnt count on instant high ql items like mallets). If you mail them, please make sure to rename with recipient and desired quality. Mailing costs are yours. Shipping/mailing Pick up at Mist Lake is free ofc, 10c mailed to anybody on Independence, otherwise 20c. Long Bows, fishing rods and other large objects can not be mailed. Check the Silent Hill trader at FM for goods also. // ---fix the mailing system!--- Improving stationary items and Housplanning Pricing as normal improvments, travel-fee depends on your location / travel time. I can and will plan houses with up to 99 carpentry required Enchantments Are available; please contact me for details as high casts might require some time. Pricing: power 1-49: 0.5c/power power 50-79: 1c/power power 80-89: 1.5c/power for completeness (not on demand) power 90-99: 2c/power power 100+: 3c/power How Do I Order? PM me, post in this thread or send Herrfritz a /tell.
  16. fine carpentry (wood of choice) can make any fine carpentry items 70ql 30c 80ql 40c 90ql 1s carpentry 70ql 30c 80ql 40c woodcutting Transporters will be over 50ql Ship transporter 1S Wagon 1S Pick up Non mailable items Archery target 50c Floor boards 5c Ea Support beam 4c EA Small Crate 5c EA Large Crate 15c EA Tailoring & Ropemaking Sails will be 30+ql Triangular sail 30c Small square sail 30c Square sail 30c Rugs will be 50ql Meditation rug 50c fine meditation rug 60c Beautiful meditation rug 70c Exquisite meditation rug 1s Random ql Banner 20c Kingdom banner 20c Freedom islands Flag 20c Kingdom flag 20c Freedom islands Tabard 10c Sheet of cloth 5c Ropes Cordage rope 10c Ea Mooring rope 2c EA Rope 50i EA Thick rope 20c EA
  17. Welcome to my fine carpentry and carpentry shop. Currently i have 99,24fine carpentry and 99carpentry. Fine Carpentry Floor loom imps 70ql 50c 70ql 1s 80ql 75c 80ql 1,5s 90ql 1s 90ql 2s 92ql 1,5s 92ql 3s Carpentry 70ql 50c 80ql 75c 90ql 1s 92ql 1,5s All will be coded from Celebration or you can pick up from Shark Coast N13.
  18. im no longer actively playing on freedom. Place your order in this topic or by sending me a PM ingame ( xCapi ). Pickup on Pristine in Blossom or COD at buyers expense (99 Courier Mailbox) All tools will be made out of oakenwood. ________________________________________________ Carpentry Mallet, Spindle, Spatula, Leggat, Clay Shaper, Grooming Brush, Fine Fishing Rod 90ql: 80c 85ql: 65c 80ql: 55c 70ql: 45c 50% off for mallets ________________________________________________ Fine Carpentry Rope Tool, Bucket, Fruit Press, Small Chests, Small Barrels, Carts 85ql: 80c 80ql: 70c 70ql: 60c Wagon: 1s (pickup-only at Blossom, Pristine) ________________________________________________ Additional Payment Methods I will accept referrals (6.5s) and sleep powders (1.5s). ________________________________________________ When you need anything not listed here or have any questions feel free to contact me. Regards, Capi.
  19. Workload: Back in business Everything will be Mailed from Fort Woodscrap on Xanadu P-15 on the map from a 70+ courier mailbox which has a 10 to 8 min mailing time Elwood industries Introduces tonight to you: High end Furniture factory! lacking the skill? offering to you all high end furniture for a mere 30c each! have to be picked up from Fort woodscrap, P-15 on the map Blacksmithing. 70ql: 20c 80ql: 50c 90ql: 98c Carpentry. 70ql: 20c 80ql: 50c 90ql: 98c 95ql: 3s Available again Fine Carpentry 70ql: 40c 80ql: 70c 90ql: 98c 91ql: 1,5s 92ql: 2s Mallets: 70ql: 10c 80ql: 20c 90ql: 30c 95ql: 98c 96ql: 1,2s Bowyery: 50ql: 5c 60ql: 8c Fletching: 40x40ql war/hunting arrows : give me a offer Boat Improvements. 70ql: 50c 80ql: 1s Masonry : Grinding stones 60ql: 6c 70ql: 10c Orders: Teners : 81ql ->90ql \ | Rare Ropetools. Zetuka : 40ql ->90ql /
  20. Fort Huntsman Docks is located at X4 : Y16. See the map here: Contact In-Game: Jakeii Contact On Forum: Jakeii Merchants: _____________________________________________ Jakeii's Misc Shop: Shields of all types and quality High Quality Wet-stones Oak & Willow Sprouts High Quality Pelts Steel and Flints Rope tools Spindles Mallets And much much more! _______________________________________________ Casimiro's Enchants: Various Enchanted Items and Tools Current Stock is as Follows: The above Horse Shoe Set can be purchased as a set for 7s 90c -See next line- Feel free to PM Casimiro / Jakeii if you see an item in the above picture you would like to purchase. For Custom Enchants See Here: ________________________________________________ Enchanted Skillers: Current Stock is as Follows: Feel free to PM Casimiro / Jakeii if you see an item in the above picture you would like to purchase. _______________________________________________ Vaccant Merchant Stall 3: ____________________________________ Carpentry: Carpentry Level Currently: Fine Carpentry Level Currently: House planning - I will plan a Building for 30c regardless of the size, up to the maximum size I can with my above Carpentry level. Loom Improving - 50QL = 30c House building - 10i per action = 2c per wall (Customer supplies materials). Any Roof - 1c per tile (Customer supplies materials). Core Carpentry Items: Mallets - 50QL = 25c / 70QL = 40c Spindles - 50QL = 25c / 70QL = 40c Spatulas - 50QL = 25c / 70QL = 40c Clay Shapers - 50QL = 25c / 70QL = 40c Fine Fishing Rod (Willow/Oak) - 50QL = 30c / 70QL = 45c Grooming Brush - 50QL = 30c / 70QL = 45c Practice Doll - 50QL = 30c / 70QL = 45c Fine Carpentry Items: Rope Tools - 50QL = 40c / 60QL = 50c Signs - 50QL = 40c / 60QL = 50c Fruit Presses - 50QL = 40c / 60QL = 50c Buckets - 50QL = 40c / 60QL = 50c Small Barrels - 50QL = 40c / 60QL = 50c Small Chests - 50QL = 40c / 60QL = 50c All wood types available for the below items. Floor Boards - 10cea (Packs of 10 for 1s) Support Beams - 10cea (Packs of 10 for 1s) Small Rafts (20QL) - 8cea (Packs of 10 for 80c) Bulk Storage Bins (20QL) - 15cea Large Crates (20QL) - 25cea Small Crates (20QL) - 15cea Wagons (20QL) - 1.25sea Ship Transporters (20QL) - 50cea NEW! Explorer Tent (20QL+) - 40cea NOTE: All Wagons and Ship Transporters are to be picked up from my Docks. All items above (Except Floor boards) can be improved to 50QL for an extra 40c. Ship Building: Ship Building Level Currently: Rowboat (40QL) - 50c Sailboat (40QL) - 1s Current Used Ship Stock: Mining: Mining Level Currently: 50QL Iron Lumps (100kg) - 90c 60QL Iron Lumps (100kg) - 1s 70QL Iron Lumps (100kg) - 1.5s Masonry: Masonry Level currently: Mailbox's (Spirit Cottage or Spirit Castle) - 90c If I am supplying materials (80c If you supply materials). (Note: Courier Cast is NOT supplied by me, you will need to find a priest/priestess to get the cast on your mailbox). Stone alter - 30c If I am supplying materials (20c If you supply materials). House building - 10i per action = 2c per wall (Customer supplies materials). Stone walls - 10i per action = 1c for stone walls, 2c for tall stone walls (20 bricks = 20 actions = 2c). Improvement - 50QL for all masonry items 20c -Forge's, Oven's, Guard tower's, Mail Box's etc. Improvement - 70QL for all masonry items 40c -Forge's, Oven's, Guard Tower's, Mail Box's etc. Marble Brazier Pillar - 80c per pillar (Customer supplies materials). Guard Towers: I will build your Guard Tower for 2s, with you supplying the materials. (500 Bricks, 500 Clay and 100 Planks). Guard Tower will be Improved to 50QL for no extra fee. Note: I do not supply Tower materials. Masonry Items For Sale: Grindstones - 50QL = 5c Stone Mine Doors - 50QL = 80c Misc Items: 60QL 70QL 80QL 90QL Wet-stone 2.5c 5c 10c 15c Pelts 2.5c 5c 10c 15c Shield Smithing: Shield-Smithing Level Currently: Iron Shields: 50Ql Small and Medium Shields - 45c 50QL Large Shields - 50c 60QL Small and Medium Shields - 55c 60QL Large Shields - 60c 70Ql Small and Medium Shields - 65c 70QL Large Shields - 70c Wooden Shields: 50QL Small and Medium Shields - 45c 50QL Large Shield - 50c 60QL Small and Medium Shields - 55c 60QL Large Shields - 60c 70QL Small and Medium Shields - 65c 70QL Large Shields - 70c Steel Shields: 50QL Large Shields - 70c 60QL Large Shields - 80c 70QL Large Shields - 90c (COMING SOON!!) Note: All Shields are made per order, very few are kept in stock. Other Work: Woodcutting: Paving: Whether it be Wooden flooring or Slate slab flooring I can build them for 1c per tile (You Supply the Materials). (Marble Slab Flooring coming soon!) Thatching: I can build your thatched roof for 1c per tile (You Supply the Materials). Black-Smithing: Enchants:
  21. Hey there, I am making a trip around Xanadu to see the new lands of miracles and wonders. Current location - h11 So as to improve the life of everybody settling there, I offer my humble service consisting of decent skills mainly in the field of processing and improving wooden items. For instance i will improve your floor looms and wooden spirit cottages/castles, provide you with decent tools like mallets and fishing rods, cut some (or some more) logs for your own imping requirements and so on. A short list of my service: Carpentry (ql 95) Fine Carpentry (ql 95) Bowyery (ql 95) Wood-Cutting (ql 95) Ship-Building (ql 90) House-planning (up to requirements of 99 carpentry) Alaz, with all the children I have to feed and an ever complaining woman (standing behind nearly everyone), I have to confess, I will have to charge a bit for my service: Carpentry: ql 91 92 93 94 95 W 1.5 2.5 3.5 4.0 5.0 Fine Carpentry items will go with same pricing + .50c; Bowyery with + 1.0s Pricing for a bunch of logs is negotiable - as are the costs of travelling to your location ( For further questions, you can pm me here or ingame where I am available with the same name. Have fun everybody out there and see you soon on Xanadu, cheers, Fritz
  22. [14:01:43] You entered through the portal to Wurm on day of Sleep, week 4 of the starfall of Fires, 1036. That's 129 days, 15 hours and 13 minutes ago. This char would make a really good starter... really easy to build furniture and houses with the FC and carpentry level. Currently a follower of fo and not on a med path. No infractions or anything nasty. Also has a nice shield smithing affinity and is really close to getting 4 actions in the queue. PM me your offer if interested. Skills dumped at Apr 15, 2014 ----- Religion: 0.0 Alignment: 96.330734 Faith: 17.199947 Favor: 17.199947 Skills: 0.0 Paving: 13.338267 Tracking: 1.4568074 Milling: 1.0 Coal-making: 1.0 Prospecting: 2.0 Thatching: 1.0 Polearms: 1.0 Halberd: 1.0 Long spear: 1.0 Staff: 1.0 Hammers: 1.0 Warhammer: 1.0 Religion: 5.539512 Prayer: 12.480544 Channeling: 1.0 Preaching: 1.0 Exorcism: 1.0 Artifacts: 1.0 Clubs: 1.0 Huge club: 1.0 Healing: 6.5334578 First aid: 16.883585 Archery: 15.991011 Long bow: 1.0 Medium bow: 1.0 Short bow: 11.751969 War machines: 1.0 Catapults: 1.0 Thievery: 1.0 Traps: 1.0 Stealing: 1.0 Lock picking: 1.0 Climbing: 3.4863236 Shields: 1.0 Large wooden shield: 1.0 Medium wooden shield: 1.0 Large metal shield: 1.0 Small metal shield: 1.0 Small wooden shield: 1.0 Medium metal shield: 1.0 Axes: 17.28058 Huge axe: 1.0 Large axe: 1.0 Hatchet: 25.666168 Small Axe: 1.0 Swords: 13.810623 Two handed sword: 20.186672 Shortsword: 3.2243423 Longsword: 13.797342 Knives: 9.295037 Butchering knife: 1.0 Carving knife: 22.138548 Woodcutting: 34.869858 Mauls: 1.0 Small maul: 1.0 Medium maul: 1.0 Large maul: 1.0 Carpentry: 65.50526 Fine carpentry: 50.191288 Ship building: 2.0956268 Fletching: 47.339546 Bowyery: 1.0 Toy making: 1.0 Nature: 6.790004 Gardening: 4.169422 Fishing: 2.9005926 Papyrusmaking: 1.0 Animal husbandry: 1.0 Meditating: 9.124862 Milking: 1.0 Farming: 12.657113 Forestry: 1.0 Botanizing: 4.00167 Animal taming: 1.0 Foraging: 5.587799 Cooking: 1.5238731 Dairy food making: 1.0 Hot food cooking: 2.0042 Baking: 1.0 Beverages: 1.0 Butchering: 3.2070134 Fighting: 18.287683 Shield bashing: 1.0 Taunting: 1.0 Normal fighting: 2.623026 Defensive fighting: 7.00106 Aggressive fighting: 13.008239 Weaponless fighting: 19.862015 Toys: 1.0 Puppeteering: 1.0 Yoyo: 1.0 Alchemy: 1.3991606 Natural substances: 3.4474807 Miscellaneous items: 49.589844 Stone chisel: 7.0245214 Hammer: 49.064503 Sickle: 1.0 Scythe: 1.0 Repairing: 20.494617 Saw: 14.048337 Pickaxe: 63.559685 Rake: 8.914057 Shovel: 26.262756 Pottery: 1.0 Firemaking: 6.8549705 Digging: 35.411827 Mining: 59.961815 Smithing: 24.306639 Metallurgy: 1.0 Jewelry smithing: 33.362354 Locksmithing: 2.089939 Blacksmithing: 30.945889 Armour smithing: 4.0037837 Shield smithing: 10.468682 Chain armour smithing: 1.629525 Plate armour smithing: 1.0 Weapon smithing: 20.394659 Blades smithing: 13.538045 Weapon heads smithing: 6.693812 Ropemaking: 1.6141922 Masonry: 21.757349 Stone cutting: 15.699802 Tailoring: 3.0621786 Leatherworking: 1.0 Cloth tailoring: 6.622741 Characteristics: 0.0 Soul: 21.799381 Soul strength: 20.0 Soul depth: 20.122559 Mind: 24.04628 Mind speed: 20.002974 Mind logic: 28.193188 Body: 28.662125 Body stamina: 25.706715 Body strength: 27.108545 Body control: 23.48549
  23. Thorgot's blah blah blah Master Carpenter something MD is Still Fat Store. In business since 2008. Prices do not include the cost of mailing. Carpentry and Fine Carpentry (spindle, clay tool, grooming brush, rope tool, cheese drill, fruit press, loom, improving mallets, and any other carp and fine carp items) QL70: 30c QL80: 50c QL85: 90c QL90: 1.3s QL93: 2.5s (fine carpentry) QL95: 2.5s (regular carpentry) QL95: 4s (fine carpentry) Mallets (new only, for improving see above) QL70: 10c QL80: 20c QL90: 30c Bows (Willow or otherwise, any size, can not be mailed) I recommend Tfugl or Herrfritz. They can make very high quality bows. If they aren't available, I can do up to ql85. QL50: 20c QL60: 30c QL70: 50c QL80: 60c QL85: 90c QL90: 2.5s House planning and loom imping I can plan houses requiring up to 99 carpentry as I enjoy the thought of people constructing absurdly large buildings. I generally won't travel out of my way to improve looms or plan buildings but may sometimes be convinced to do so. Shipping cost is 0c picked up at Akhenaten, which is in Kinoss Bay, 10c mailed to anybody on Independence, or 20c mailed to other Freedom servers. See the mail page on the wiki if you don't understand why mailing things costs money. Bows, fishing rods and other large objects can not be mailed. Time and Improving Existing Items Items are made to order, so it may be several days before you receive them. If you would prefer I improve an existing item, you can deliver it to Akhenaten or mail it to me at your own expense and I will improve it, generally at a cost equal to the difference between the costs of the ql you want it at and the ql it started at. Enchantments I do not have access to enchantments at the moment. How Do I Order? PM me, post in this thread or send thorgot a /tell on Freedom. Or leave corpses in my house. Merchant Location My merchant is located in Freedom Market on Independence. You can find it near the east entrance, here:
  24. ***We are closed for the time being. Thanks for your understanding. ***** Welcome to The Factional Fight Merchants! We are located on the Deliverance server in the village of Autumn Twilight at 37x 38y. Custom Enchants: We guarantee 80 power casts!! You may, of course, request a lower minimum. WoA or CoC: 96+ - custom price 90 - 95 power - 3c per power 80 - 89 power - 2c per power 70- 79 power - 1c per power + 20c < 70 power - 1c per power Nimbleness: 96+ power - custom price 90-95 power - 4c per power 80-89 power - 3c per power 70-79 power - 2c per power Any Demise: 25c Carpentry, Fine Carpentry or Blacksmithing Tools Currently, only Blacksmithing tools can be imp'd to 95ql. Both Carpentry and Fine Carpentry can be imp'd to 92ql. 95ql - 4s ** 92ql - 2.5s *(4s) 90ql - 1.5s *(2.5s) 85ql - 80c *(1.5s) 80ql - 60c *(1s) 70ql - 30c *(50c) 60ql - 20c *(20c) 50ql - 15c *(15c) *The cost for Large anvils are shown in the brackets **No 95ql Large Anvils Masonry Grindstones: 90ql - 1.5s 85ql - 80c 80ql - 60c 70ql - 30c 60ql - 20c 50ql - 15c Whetstones: 98ql - 50c 95ql - 40c 90ql - 25c Stone Mine Doors: 70ql - 1s 60ql - 60c 50ql - 30c Cloth Tailoring Sails (All come 50ql): Triangular Sail - 40c Small Square Sale - 40c Square Sails - 80c Cloth Armor (Full set): 90ql - 3s 80ql - 2s 70ql - 1.5s Tabards: 90ql - 1.2s 80ql - 90c 70ql - 80c 60ql - 70c Cloth Barding: 90ql - 1.5s 80ql - 70c 70ql - 60c Exquisite Meditation Rugs: 90ql - 1.8s 85ql - 1.1s 80ql - 90c 70ql - 60c 60ql - 50c 50ql - 40c Beautiful Mediation Rugs: 90ql - 1.7s 85ql - 1s 80ql - 80c 70ql - 50c 60ql - 40c 50ql - 30c Fine Meditation Rugs: 90ql - 1.6s 85ql - 90s 80ql - 70c 70ql - 40c 60ql - 30c 50ql - 20c Meditation Rug: 90ql - 1.5s 85ql - 80c 80ql - 60c 70ql - 30c 60ql - 20c 50ql - 15c Leather Working Studded Leather Armor: 90ql - 60c per piece - 5s per set 80ql - 25c per piece - 2s per set 70ql - 15c per piece - 1s per set Saddle: 90ql - 2s 85ql - 1.5s 80ql - 1s 70ql - 60c Leather Barding: 90ql - 2.5s 85ql - 2s 80ql - 1.5s 70ql - 1s Toolbelts: 90ql - 1.5s 80ql - 60c 70ql - 30c Raw Mats Logs: 92.5ql - 30c per log 90ql - 20c per log 80ql - 7c per log