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Found 65 results

  1. ======== Blood mixing & Imbue service ======== Blood Mixing: Here at the Transmutation Hut, we mix your hard-earned blood with our premier source salts absolutely free. Send us your precious, delicious blood and we will convert them into potions and oils for you. Results are usually 80ql+! Alchemy Imbues: 1c per point of successful imbue. For potions/oils of sufficient quality (70ql+), we typically see +11-+15 imbue strength per potion. We use your weakest potions first to save you the best for last - that way you can resell your best potions or save them to re-imbue later on. ======== Transmute! Transmute! Transmute! ======== That's right, folks! You've got tiles you want transformed, we've got the Transmutation Liquid to make it happen. With 100 in Natural Substances all products will be made at the highest possible quality. Keep the souvenir amphora absolutely free! Product Transforms Cost Shipping Total cost to you! Claybuster Clay -> Dirt 1s 25c 1s25c Claymaker Sand -> Clay 1s 10c 1s10c Texas Peat Grass -> Peat 1s 10c 1s10c Tarnation Steppe -> Tar 1s 25c 1s25c * prices represent on-deed or in-perimeter transmutations on PvE servers only - call for PvP or off-deed rates. Have a pesky patch of tar or peat you'd like to remove? Happy to negotiate a price for a custom resource removal job. Never used Transmutation Liquid before? Don't waste your precious silver by dumping the liquid on the ground, our trained operators are standing by to walk you through the process and answer any questions you might have.
  2. This is a lovely stone horse staue, dyed a subtle green to mimic aged copper. 64ql, dye stats are R=80, G=159, B=142. A perfect addition to any green shiny deed! Starting price - 8s Minimum increment - 1s Sniper protection - 1hr Delivery available for a 50c flat rate
  3. Archaeds top quality dyeworks. Custom colours are available. Check this link for options: Colour Reference Chart (Please note some colours not available, nearest colour will be discussed and arranged prior to placing order) Pricing tiers as shown for 1-5L. Prices for large carts, sailboat sails, and knarrs are also included Custom colours will be priced in their relative tier. Tiers: (All colours shown with 50ql lantern) Winter White / Cedar Green 10c per kg Carts: 1s sailboat sails 15c knarr sails 5s Dragon Red 20c per kg carts 2s sailboat sails 30c knarr sails 6s Sol Yellow / Lava Spider Orange / Troll Lime 30c Per kg cart 3s sailboat sails 45c knarr sails 6s Vynora Blue 30c per kg cart 3s sailboat sails 45c knarr sails 6s Carebear Pink / Libila Purple / Jenn Cyan 30c per kg cart 3s sailboat sails 50c knarr sails 7s GM Black/ Valrei Grey 30c per KG cart 2.5s sailboat sail 50c knarr sail 7s New Offer!!! Can't Decide what colour you want? Want just a few rainbow lamps? Now you can do this without breaking the budget! Introducing the new sample pack! 9 Flasks of the listed colours and one flask of white for just 1.5s plus C.O.D! Lantern colours: 10c Simply mail me your lantern named with the colour you want, and I'll dye and mail it back for just 10c plus cod! Alternatively, order a 50ql lantern with your choice of colour for just 30c Also available: Transmutation liquids: Tile transformation guaranteed 1.5s per tile + CoD Pickup and delivery Pickup from Blossom on Pristine or cod at 1c per 5kg + 1c Come on over today! New Offer!!! Post a screenshot of your purchase for 10% off your next order! Examples
  4. Note: when you order please specify the name you want mailed to Available Dye of different colors Tier 1 Green/White 80+ Ql Note white only works for lamps/lanterns doesn't work for armor,wood or anything alse 1kg=10c 10kg=80c 45 kg barrel=3s Tier 2 Red/Blue 80+ Ql 1kg=20c 10kg=1.6s 45 kg barrel=4s Tier 3 Yellow/Purple/Cyan/Pink 80+ Ql 1kg=30c 10kg=2.4s 45 kg barrel=6s Tier 4 Black 70+ Ql 1kg=50c 10kg=3s 45 kg barrel=7s bulk discount available Use this page for different colors or custom Dye Items for sale below (includes a price, last column) Finally managed to update rares/potions stock Rares Potions None available atm more to come soon
  5. I am cleaning my storages and i am going cheap on my dyes here i am letting loose to all off u ppl, ill sell them in sealed barrels and at a cost at 20c/kg, i will not unseal them at all and the prices stands. The following Dyes are: RED: Green: Blue take care and have a good day //regards mcm. Contact me ingame same name as forum name or here at forum
  6. So i for once decided to do this. I only do the dyes on weekends. Custom dye is 25c/kg. I dont do black if u ask i has to be online to do that and u get a answer thats in case 30c/kg Use this site to get custom dyes, i need the nrs from red=r green=g b=blue. I can sell in a soon future high ql meat but i am colleting atm so i have a stock. + hides and so on. this shop opens Jan 31 and is open only weekends. Ill can take ur orders i can do like 100kg a day on weekends high ql and best i can produce Take care my other wurm ppl
  7. I dyed a suit of plate black (RGB 25, 25, 25) and nothing happened; it still appears silver when worn. If I throw it on the floor it appears black. It also appears black in the character screen. The great/open helms both appear black. So then I dyed another suit of plate red (RGB 238, 17, 17); same problem. The suit (bar the helms) appears silver (unless thrown on floor or in character screen). Both helms appear red. Leather armour looks red/black (same dyes). Large metal shields also look red/black. It just seems to be the plate (bar the helms) that isn't working...
  8. Lazurite, blue dye. Blue is a word many languages lack, because of its to-hand rarity. although woad was in use by many tribal cultures, this is the mineral that made the colour truly accessible. we all know our dye/paint system needs some love.. without disrespecting effort spent. woad is a crying agony.
  9. Painting walls adds a lot to cosmetic options for structures, and being able to paint fences/parapets now is a really nice addition. What about floors and roofs, though? And bridges? People use these all the time in constructing their buildings and their deeds, and options are rather limited when you can paint the walls of your building a certain color but not the floor or roof, or when you can paint a stone building except for the stone bridge used as part of the design. I don't know if there are any technical reasons why doing this would be difficult, but it would certainly be a very nice thing to have!
  10. I have noticed we can dye saddles but the colour does not appear when worn by the animal, would be a nice feature if this could be implemented.
  11. Expanding on another suggestion today, how about an Apothecary's jar for storage and preservation of certain items. Make it a clay jar large enough to hold 100 HCs or x.xx amount of liquid. There is also a clay lid and a leather gasket. Tar and wire are used to seal it. Once filled and gasket and tar applied, it is heated to searing until sealed. The seal preserves everything inside until the seal is broken. The seal is broken when you open it, or once the decay of the jar hits 50%. The jar is unrepairable or mendable. This would give us a way to preserve not only HCs, but olive oil for compasses, maple syrup, dyes, most of the items we can't put in bsbs or fsbs now. And since the jar decays and can't be fixed, it keeps the idea that nothing lasts forever. You would have to remake your jars from time to time to keep your items preserved. As a side bonus, this could give pottery a big shot in the arm as to usefulness.
  12. At this moment we can only Dye some parts of some cloth equipments, which seems strange considering the number of metal and leather we can actually Paint the whole amor. Full houses and ships, and even giant colossus statues can be painted. So as a Tailor, and lover of the Cloth armor, could we get a way to paint Cloth sleeves and Jacket too? (but specially the red jacket) I bet a lot of Priests, archers and Fashion lovers will love this Tyvm! Edit: I mean for the color to actually be displayed, because we already can paint it (and Im pretty sure my settings are ok)
  13. Is your Wurm life looking a little too bland? Message me today to brighten your world! Now offering dyes to paint all your favorite things! Not sure how much you will need? Check out the chart here <Wurmpedia Dye Information>. 90 Natural Sub Skill @ Your service! *~*~*Now offering Transmutation Liquid!!*~*~* 1.8s per tile on deed - 2.50s per tile off deed (off deed uses double amount) + 21c/42c cod for delivery, or free pickup @ Amish Paradise - Xanadu Most Popular Colors 99ql White Dye - Per Lantern Dye - 25c *******UPDATE 7/10/17 - With the addition of Runes to the game, this changes the amount of dye needed for the items with a rune attached. Any item that is runed will add 10% to the price listed******* Custom Colors Available by request (See Color Chart - pricing will be same as popular color family above) ->Color Chart<- **Custom colors are approximate** Due to the nature of dye making in Wurm, exact colors may not be possible. We will do our best to match as close as we are able. ***NEW ***Not sure which colors you want? Try one of our set flask packs!***NEW*** Over the Rainbow - Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue, Purple, Pink - 1.50s Trial Pack - Over the Rainbow pack + White + Black - 1.75s -----PLEASE OPEN SPOILER FOR EXAMPLES OF COLORS ON BOATS, STATUES, AND CARTS----- Shown in both Current & Unstable Clients Order delivery **All colors are made to order & therefore are all sales final** If there is an issue with your order, I will try to assist in correcting it There will be time required to create the desired dye - larger orders will take longer. Most turnaround times are within 48-72 hours currently. Orders can be done via pickup at Amish Paradise - Xanadu (G24) Or COD COD cost = 1c per kg + 1c for each container required Have other Wurmian needs? Check out our other shop - Amish Corner Store!
  14. This is a black drake hide jacket dyed red. As you can see, the bits you can't dye, are black; Now this, is what mine looks like; black drake hide jacket, leather. In this pic i have dyed what i can black, but the trimming is sickly green... it should be the same black as the first image. I used a metal brush on it when painting armour became possible, it had a colour rune on it before. The metal brush removed the rune colour.. i fear it may have removed the trimming colour as well. I cannot return it to the previous colour because you can't dye that part of it.
  15. I only sell 1kg or more i donf devide up it to 1,2kg becouse u need it, if u need 1,2kg u buy 2kg, or find another dye maker, theese dyes is are for out for sale atm and first to write in thread gets it. Price on theese dyes are 20c/kg remeber when u see this picture the barrel it self is 2kg so remove it and u have the dye. to use for help on RGB ( ReeD, Green, Blue ) i always used this site to get a good aim for my dyes I checked armour takes totale 0,38kg to dye. Large cart 15kg Sailboat wood 5kg - sail 1,5kg All theese dyes are atleast 50ql+ but mixed higher then ql. Use the site to look on the colors pls
  16. I'm very happy for the new possibilities of dyeing, it opened many new ways of coloring. The metal shields don't look good dyed. The other day I have seen a dyed wooden shield, it was very pretty. The metal shields would look better, if the edge of shield stayed metal color.
  17. Hello, this might not be very popular. I dyed my toolbelt today. i wasn't sure why i was able to. You can't see it. Would it be possible to add a graphic to the avatar that represents the toolbelt? Does anyone agree that this would be a good thing?
  18. I think we should use lye to prepare wood, prior to dying, to give the dyes a better chance to show the correct colors. The lye should bleach it down to a very pale grey color, that will have almost no impact on the dyes color.
  19. These two images explain it all: About the dye + fence issue. The more desirable end result is what we see in the walls. So if fences should follow the values of walls, not the other way around.
  20. Since we have berry bushes, specifically blueberries, please allow harvesting them then making ink out of the fruit. Woad is scarce and linked to botanizing skill which is a pita to grind. Other ways to get blue dye and pink dye would be awesome. (Many people ask for woad plants but since we already have blueberrry, perhaps just introduce a new craftable item from there...)
  21. I was reading this: And agree with it completely, then it made me think, why don't we have multiple options for creating all the dye colors? We have flowers, berries, trees and many critters with various butcher parts. Plenty of ways to get dyes in different forms. This is a purely cosmetic part of the game, so it won't break PvP to expand on dyes. Give fighters that can't garden a chance to find all the colors. Give gardeners that can't mine a chance to find them all, etc. Just keep the QL of the dye tied to the skill of the dye making process.
  22. Hello fellow wurmians i am here for all your color needs in a bland wurm world anything from 70ql-90ql paints most colors are easy pm me or post here with any questions or jobs. Prices start from 11c kg to 55c kg depending on colors Thank you for your time
  23. Hellu, so currently we require 5.4kgs to paint a sailboat, 26kgs to paint a large cart and 66kgs to paint a colossus. Seems about right... But then to paint bulk storage bins and food storage bins, we need 128kgs of dye to paint just one. Seems a bit 2 much for this items. Any chance of reducing that amount so we can actually start seeing painted bsbs and fsbs in our homes pls?
  24. I'm looking for dyes in the following colours: Red: R=255 , G=0 , B=0 Orange: R=255 , G=128 , B=0 Yellow: R=255 , G=255 , B=51 Green: R=0 , G=255 , B=0 Blue: R=0 , G=127 , B=255 Purple: R=127 , G=0 , B=255 Pink: R=255 , G=0 , B=127 If you have or can make any of these, please let me know your price per kg
  25. I'm not sure why it's literally impossible to make dyes in primary colours, but I think this needs to be changed. It's fine if creating primary colours is hard, and takes a lot of time, skill and materials, but it seems silly to make it completely undoable. As things currently stand, there are two factors that prevent us making primary colours. The first is that there is a limit to how high the RGH values go. I think I heard somewhere it was just above 200? Since for any primary colour you need either red, green or blue to be 255, 200 makes it impossible. The second factor is that for some reason, all of the different coloured ingredients don't contribute only their own colour. For example, a cochineal is for red, but if you make red dye with a cochineal, the dye still has green and blue values. Either we should remove this, or make it possible to strip certain colour values from a dye, as you're not going to get primary colours without two of the RGB values being 0. I wouldn't even mind if the whole system was made harder to make up for these changes, but I'd really like to be able to make primary colours. We'll also need woad planters, as mentioned in another post, as woads are the only materials that are practically not available even to people with high skills.