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  1. Archeoloy Times

    Perhaps a renamed/moved deed? Thats what Archeology says the place was named. And no, its a stare dog. Only a very select group would understand its meaning.
  2. Lets tell a story...

    .(thats the point!) Because a wagoneer was delivering @Roccandildirty laundry
  3. Wrong locks in all the wrong places

    Replacing a lock allows you to use the wrong kind of lock on items. I have tested it with large carts, wagons and chests. Steps to reproduce: 1) Lock the object with a lock as normal. 2) Use a door/gate lock with the item to replace the lock. (Use replace lock option). 3) The door lock/gate lock will be used to replace. You must use the replace lock option. Gate locks and Door locks will go in any of the above mentioned items. It doesn't seem to work on boats but I havent done extensive testing on it.
  4. Lets tell a story...

    (follow the rules Frank! REEEEEEEEE) It was hot, moist and it smelled, as I was in...
  5. Unannounced nerf to smelting pots

    Ql and any enchants? Sorry but I only lynch in style.
  6. WTB Source

  7. Lets tell a story...

    They stole my deed and my rares!
  8. WTB Source

    I'd like 10k Karma then. If you are okay with the price Ajala offered, I'd take your 1,700 Karma as well since you posted first.
  9. WTB Source

    @Psalamon @Ajala Whats the price?
  10. Lets tell a story...

    the finger of Fo and Mclovin's scale set
  11. Patch Notes 14/AUG/18

    Please point where I assumed that. Where did I said you want to access someone else's perimeter? Oh, thats right, I didnt. Now that you have the time to check and make sure I in fact did not say that, you can proceed to remove your foot from your mouth. Do it gently. Wouldnt want you to sprain something you may need later. Here's why your idea does not appeal to me. Although you may have an inconvenience at this time that may affect your gameplay, having access to removing reinforcements on perimeters means you can very cheaply extend your perimeter to adjacent locations many more times past what would be feasible with a normal deed. This would allow people to extend their perimeters over public mines, passageways, cave dewellings and many public non protected projects very cheaply, even over buildings that have been placed to block deeds to avoid that purpose. Lets say you extend your perimeter 30 tiles north, over my donut house protecting your deed fron accessing my offdeed mine. In that same moment, you roll over to my mine, dig a hole, make a mine entrance and remove my reinforcement with no effort and maybe 20 minutes of your time. Right now you wouldnt be able to do that because my building/buildings prevent you from extending your deed over my mine. You would need to melt my buildings down, which takes time, allowing me to do something about it (dropping a deed, emptying the mine, sealing the mine further down from you, etc.) With the change you are asking for, you can get into my mine, steal everything I had thought was secure, and making out of there in 20 minutes. This is my point and why I am fully against your suggestion. It has nothing to do with your personal situation, assumptions or ideas. Stop putting words in my mouth. Have a nice day.
  12. Patch Notes 14/AUG/18

    Do you always insult people who disagree with you? Just because I dont know/care about your personal situation it doesn't mean my point isnt equally valid. The world doesn't revolve around you, Jake Rivers. Just because a mechanic is inconvenient for you it doesn't mean it needs to be changed. A fool best describes man who thinks his opinion is the only one that matters.
  13. Patch Notes 14/AUG/18

    If another deed is close enough for you to bump perimeters with them, then there is a good reason to have those reinforcements secured. Great job with armor changes, devs! This is comming from a platesmith! Time to level chain now!
  14. Personal thank you for the PvP focus.

    Tell us something new.
  15. Archeoloy Times

    So I went to Xanadu to raise my woodcutting skill. I decided to go to my old stomping grounds, an area on northern Xanadu where no one lives, so I could peacefully deforest the place. I filled up a crate cutting all the trees on an old ruin I used to live near, and then it hit me... I could actually find out what the place had been! And this is when it started for me. I dropped my hatchet and mailed myself a metal brush and a trowel. I collected something in the realm of 40 fragments and started identifying them. Found a lot of junk, and a couple statue fragments, which I kept of course. Then I noticed something about recording stuff in a journal. This lead me to the wiki to see how this all worked (Yes I read the patch notes when they were released, but I didn't really care much for it.) Armed with the knowledge of how it all worked, I mailed myself some ribbons, leather and strings, and started making myself the materials I needed. Keep in mind I am in the middle of nowhere, next to disbanded deeds and nowhere near my home. I made myself a press, and used the string and my first page to make my book. From there I finished making my journal, and started making the 22 pages necessary to have a full journal. This whole process to most of my gaming night, but I still had some time to play with it a bit more. The first settlement I discovered was Port of Jericho. I don't have much information about it yet, just a name, but I will continue working on it. I can't remember anything about Port of Jericho, so it seems to be from before my time. After a little more time searching the area, I got another hit for Windy Shores. Now that settlement I remember. It was an open deed that was under construction when I lived in the area that annoyed me inmensly because it would trap horses that wandered into its deed (or your unbranded horse if you got off it on deed. Had to drag my cart because I lost my horses to the deed once.) So this is my first timer Archeology story. Why do I share this you ask? Because I had seen a lot of complaints about Archeology. People always complain that they don't get the fragments they need. I guess they are after rewards only. But for me? It was a good experience. I got to play the game as its meant to be played, taking a glimpse at what little lore there is to be garnered from this activity. What I got made me curious, and now I want to know more. So I will be busy for a while, like a kid with a new toy. Do anyone here know anything about those two settlements? If so, please share below!