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  1. Update: Tunnel has been reopened for use. At the moment there are no more planned collapses so there should be no need to close the tunnel again. However, construction has not finished and there are veins still in the way. The north entrance has been moved several tiles to the west and the old entrance is not connected to the tunnel any longer. Please use the new entrace for crossing.
  2. Both Forestry and Fine Carpentry are low priced skills because neither of them are particulary money making skills. Sure, you can sell a wagon or two, or a crate of fruits, but the suply vs demand of those skills makes it that they are not a very profitable profession. This is taken in to consideration when valuing an account. They increase account value, sure, but not as much as something like Platesmithing, Shieldsmithing or Locksmithing would (Weaponsmithing and Metallurgy are a completely different animal on crafting skills).
  3. Hey at least she can follow a trail! We just need to paint the catseyes!
  4. Accounts are not valued on time or effort spent. That is a big misconception people often make and why you see many accounts incredibly overpriced. Account value is based on its marketability: What has people paid for similar accounts, and how sought after its skills have. As an example, an account with 95 toymaking, 95 blacksmithing and. 95 farming might be worth 50eu vs a 95 Weaponsmithing or meditation account is worth three times that at least. If the skills you decided to spend your time in are not marketable, you wont have much of an account to sell. Forestry falls on that category.
  5. Its coming along very nicely. Wargasm did God's work with the entrance and I am sure he will with the exit too. The veins are being removed and we will use the Iron to make the lamps. Once we are done I will catseye the entire highway from the south to Tapdance. If anyone has a request for waystones to be placed at an intersection en route, please let me know. I will try to leave waystones on any intersections I see so people can piggyback on the highway but I might skip some if they are too close.
  6. Attention hunters, merchants and travelers of The Great Plains. The Moutain Pass tunnel that connects the south of The Great Plains with the north and its highway is undergoing work. We are widening the tunnel from 1 wide to 2 wide to accomodate a protected highway.The highway will connect the south of Celebration with Tap Dance through the Misfits highway. We will also be fixing, reinforcing and decorating the tunnel to make it more attractive For those of you who use the tunnel to cross, please note that the tunnel might be closed at times as we undergo road work. Reinforcements have required that we collapse entrances and sections of the tunnel to bypass these issues. Please use alternate routes when travelling. Ground travel can be done across the Northwest side of the mountain along its base, or through the Northwest side of the lake. Tunnel has been reopened and the north entrance has been moved several tiles to the west. If you are interested in helping out with the project, we only need veins mined. You can mine them out at your leisure inside the tunnel while its accessible We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you and we hope to have it sorted soon! The JKC / TC Joint Road Crew.
  7. It means you can't use it for digging. Eventually it'll break if you do, when it gets to the point it can't be meneded anymore.
  8. Deus Vult!
  9. We have had so many of these threads. Devs had addressed fatigue issues already and very recently the fatigue got fixed to recover as intended. People want it removed. Devs do not. Those in power to change it do not want it changed. End of story. Lets move on.
  10. I am on the fence on this. There is already a high bar to use them (31 bc, 60+ taming to tame even remotely reliably) and those skills arent easy to achieve. This is both a blessing and a bane. But it also means newer players are dead in the water when it comes to pvp because they cant outrace 90% of the server population. I dont think anyone would be affected if their speed was lowered, however. No issues with that.
  11. Cant properly price check a character without a complete skill dump. With what you are showing there, I price this at maybe 20-30 silver. Thats assuming it has 50 channeling.
  12. Path and level? Faith?
  13. I am not sure if I like this new suggestion since my perspective was that affinity buyers were the issue, not people who prem their alts for affinities (Well maybe both but I was under the impression the former was more important). Plus I do not feel anyone farming their own alts is a serious problem, as much as those who buy them from other players. Or perhaps I am misguided about what we want to stop. Nevertheless... Players who sell their affinities to someone else enable someone who wants an affinity with a safe way to obtain it at a low price. Instead, that person could find a legitimate route (actual pvp) and be lured by it. Perhaps they saw someone like Doctorchaos and his affinity army and wants to be like that... but is misguided about what pvp is. This person could be lured to trying it out and finding its not so bad. In this way buying affinities from someone else can be an issue. Also, the affinity farmer doesn't need to wait for their affinities to regenerate. They can just prem again a new account for 2 silver, and get another affinity within an hour or so. Beats waiting for a recharge. I am of the opinion it solves nothing. Whereas the affinity seller sells it once, and probably gets a crap affinity next, and is stuck with it for the rest of his Wurm career, thus ending the problem. No, I think what needs to be targetted is those obtaining the affinity: The buyers, the recipients. They can get as many affinities as they want. The one trully affecting the system. They enable sellers, or affinity farmers to exist. She system should prevent people from obtaining affinities from killing someone else for this, not the seller from obtaining a new one. This can only be stopped by preventing the transfer from happening. Increasing requirements for affinity transfers is a good thing in my eyes, as it has the unintentional bonus of helping newer players to have less to loose by trying PVP (believe it or not, I know people who's excuse for not going to chaos is loosing their affinity). If there is a system I'd support, that one is right on point.
  14. This would cause a plethora of problems on pvp servers. I could drop a deed on a strongwalled tunnel, mine it clean, re route it, and be done in less than 10 minutes. ...actually... I would love to exploit this. I know of at least one tunnel network I could exploit and cut off JKC from as they go to defend deeds. Yes... Can we have this? +1
  15. -1 We already have a spell to fix items. Its intended to cause damage to still give people a reason to raise their repair skill and not put those who do not priest in a disadvantage. I do not think there is a need for this spell.