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  1. Other games do this by providing a means to buy/sell with in game money only. Best system I have seen is by making it mandatory to do it in a specific way through the forums, and refusing support/banning any discovered to not do it by policy. But that still doesnt address those that do not do it legit.
  2. The only way you can really discover an account sale is by self admission, reporting, or by some outside evidence being provided to the company. On average it takes a couple of hours to cross thousands of miles in a plane. Here I am in Miami, and log into my laptop at the airport to play. I get a Miami IP address. Then I take my flight and log back in when I reach New York at the airport while I wait for my next flight during my layover. Did I just sell my account and deserve to get banned? IP checks are not reliable given the widespread use of proxys, as our forum mods can attest. You cant even keep banned players from playing. Credit card sales and paypal records are out of the purview of CCAB. They cant and will never be able to monitor that. It would also be a full time job to try to figure out who sold what. And it would also require banning account sharing at all, which is the only way to have a chance at preventing you loosing your scale set to a system crash due to how unstable the game is during pvp. There is no reliable way to prevent account sales. And at this time we are way past the point of no return on that topic. The whole Wurm culture revolves around money, sad as it is.
  3. Cybroachara is an actual Panda player, if her legitimacy is in doubt. Thats her main. I am surprised she posted at all! Hi Cybro! As for account sales, -1. It would be hypocritical of me to say no to something I do myself. I dont see a problem with someone wanting to have fun their way.
  4. There is nothing better than arguments from the peanut gallery from people who have no idea what they are talking about. Very amusing.
  5. Considering a normal quality set of drake without a cap goes for 85s average, you will be hard pressed finding someone to bid on this with a start bid of 100s. You might want to reconsider your start bid to something lower than the average sell price.
  6. Yep. And that is the true value of an account: the fun factor. I am having loads of fun with my newest account, and although she is new, I would never part with her for any amount of money. Sometimes things are just more valuable to their owner than any price check could determine. However, if you plan on increasing its value for a future sale I'd suggest to work on some craft or another, and work on meditation. With mentorship and affinity food you can get a craft to 50 in two or three days of serious grinding.
  7. Path and level? Religion?
  8. To be honest, there is nothing really worth anything on this account. This type of account is akin to something someone prems for a month or two and then decides the game is not for them and quits. In comparison, it took me less than a month to grind digging to 80 on my newest account, and on my second month playing casually on it I already have 50 mining and most of the basic skills it needs to be an useful account. That translates into 16 euros total of prem time. The only thing I can think its worth anything is the Body Strenght. Its over 30 so that's a good lead up to a basic, bare bones starter account. It has no crafts, no combat capabilities (Fighting 70 alone does not make it a fighting account), no meditation past the 20 quick grind, nothing. I have even taken the time to look at your white skills (everything below 50) and I can't see anything that stands out. I price this account at 15-20s tops, and that's IF you can even find someone to buy it. At this level its better to simply create a brand new account and get the whole new player experience. Hope this helps
  9. Knowing what exactly are you looking to perform will help you better find someone to hire you. By "small crafting jobs" it indicates you are willing to produce crafts, such as weapons, armor, tools, etc. Or are you refering to bulk, such as bricks and mortar and the like? Alternatively you can list what are you skilled on. Giving a few of your highest skills can give people an idea on what you are able to perform and what to expect. Happy wurming!
  10. +1 New map please. I know a few people who will get butterflies in their lower bellies for that and will return.
  11. I think of all people posting here, I would like to hear Epic players opinions the most. Wether I agree or not its a different matter, but their voice is the one that really counts.
  12. No one is saying all pve players will try Epic. I said "those on the fence." You clearly are not on the fence and thus it does not apply to you. But I know many people who have said they don't want to try pvp for the "risks" associated with it or because they don't want to move to Chaos. This puts an end to that. Now there is a platform for them to try Epic, without any risk, loss, or even travel attached to it. Couple logs and bricks is all it takes and you are on. For those of you who have zero interest in pvp, nothing changes, so I don't know what you're arms about.
  13. I am glad for the change. I expect to see more people will try epic. Maybe it will convince those on the fence to take a leap onto pvp!
  14. Good people. They are some of the few who still fight. Love you Toolhead! Hope to see you again on the field! Join JKC. They fight to win.
  15. Oh why no one thinks of the children newbies!?!? *Rolls eyes*