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  1. skillers

    Pickaxe C85 to Arakiel please.
  2. PM me. I dont have anything high quality (I can imp to 50) but you can have a sailboat for free. I got plenty of those.
  3. 1s
  4. I hadn't thought of that. So if someone builds a highway on my perimeter or 3 tiles from it, where there was not a road before, I am required to give up my kos rights or move? That seems quite unfair.
  5. Seems like a permissions issue. Manage the bed and make sure your character is added to the permissions. If you cannot manage it, load the bed into a wagon with the same character you want to sleep on the bed and then unload it. This will make the bed "yours". Then manage permissions and ensure you add your name to it just in case with the may use and free sleep options enabled. It looks like you or someone else may have loaded the bed and changed ownership. Start there and let us know if it doesnt work.
  6. I would value it at about 75s. It has good meditation, entry level Weaponsmithing, and the mining skill to pair it with. Not a particularily great account but I can see someone paying 70-75s for it as it is.
  7. Please, lets keep it on topic guys. On that note, I would like to see if anyone has started using the catseyes and how hard are they to remove once planted?
  8. Show me what you got. 50+ faith. Everything else is optional.
  9. Alora is marked in your map there. No worries then. I suppose its too far south. I'm good with the collapses, I got Seylene at my Cele deed I can use. Just wanted to make sure I didnt accidentally strongwalled the pass, given how much of a pain it would be to fix.
  10. I know someone mined a trench into the Alora mine, but I am not sure if its related or not. It completely blocked us from access to our mine and we were considering dropping the tiles and strongwalling. Given the route is a bit further north I doubt it is, but feel free to contact me otherwise and we'll get something to work. The mine is immediately north of Alora. I'll hold on the strongwalling just in case for a couple days.
  11. I dont think people will go into bashing sprees to remove catseyes just to piss their neighbor off. That's a lot of effort for very little gain. People generally cant be arsed to mess with fences on a regular basis. And I am sure the rule of "dont be a ****" will remain in place. If someone is griefing, they are griefing. Call a GM. I think the chances of a catseye getting removed are about the same as a lamp. Do people bash and steal them? Sometimes. Is it enough of an issue to make a fuss about it? Definetely not.
  12. Heathens! Do not use his name in vain!
  13. When was the last time you did a mission on Mclovin?
  14. I dont understand why the 3 tile away from perimeter addition to the rules is needed. It wasnt needed for the prior GM enforced system. Why now?
  15. Rare shortbow for 3.5s to Angelklaine pls.