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  1. What has made you hate Wurm?

    There's also speed mods and other stuff. I saw at least one instance of "flying". But even if you take out the mods and the cheating, steam communities can be pretty cancerous on their own. Personally I have tried a couple pvp servers myself, and on one occasion I found myself camped at spawn. I log in, created a char, and within less than a minute got someone talking to me in russian. When I said I dont understand I got camped and killed until I just decided to quit for a more peaceful server. Many of these pvp servers have little to no oversight.
  2. What has made you hate Wurm?

    Sklotopolis is full to the brim. But if you are looking for pvp, its pretty seasonal. Too many cheaters imo. Servers get swarmed by transients, they demolish any attempts to get established, then leave when the server is dead. WU is good for its pve aspect. Pvp not so much.
  3. What has made you hate Wurm?

    I recently stopped logging in after I lost intetest. It started with Chaos when I noticed the content there no longed interested me, as every day was a repeat of the day before with in between bouts of building stuff for other people. There was nothing to achieve, nothing to look forward to. So I decided to concentrate into my freedom project, and suddenly realized: whats the point? I have a nice place, got a ton of compliments from visitors during my dragon slay. But no one will move with me as there are no new players to recruit. So all my efforts are wasted on a nice deed for me to enjoy myself alone. So I decided to give WU a try. Its not the first time I do this, but it is the first time I do it after a burn out. I my server of choice I have found so many new things that makes me wonder why it hasnt been inplemented in WO: snow capped mountains, Treasure Maps, new mobs, events, different ways to make income, new weapons and spells... then there are stuff I saw on servers I have been in the past: A colisseum where you can fight mobs and other players, dungeons with puzzles and secrets with random rewards... Its hard to explain how much different the game is to me. Sure the server has a very small community, but so does the WO servers. The difference is I can log in and go do a treasure map hunt if I am bored, or skill and try a new weapon I had never seen before, or on that other server I can try one of their dungeons. There are events I can look forward to and other things to do. In WO there is only the grind. Thats it. I could try my hand with the now nearly dead market (lol) or maybe start a huge farm and sit on 100k of veggies I will never use. So I parked my accounts until that interest comes back. I cant say I hate Wurm, but its really not heading in a good direction.
  4. WTS Tome of Incineration - 35s each!!!

  5. WTS Tome of Incineration - 35s each!!!

    That sounds swell. When could we meet for the trade? I am at work atm and cant do the trade now.
  6. WTS Tome of Incineration - 35s each!!!

    1 charge sold. 2 left!
  7. WTA Champion Unicorn

    Doesnt seem like it, so 4 silver start bid for a wild champion unicorn. I think this is the most expensive horse I have ever seen.
  8. Valrei International. 069

    Where da pitchforks at? I think we have some saved since last time.
  9. WTS Tome of Incineration - 35s each!!!

  10. Wts Wand of Seas

    No idea what you're talking about. I am currently living on a WotS island and it worked great.
  11. Valrei International. 069

    There is no content in this VI. Seems a bit anemic Good job with Saroman doing God's work!
  12. Stepladder for reaching tall shelves etc.

    I would settle for them allowing placement at a slightly farther distance. Most large items are near impossible to place properly since you need to be right on top of the tile you want to place it on and the item is too big to see where are you placing it. Placing items is a very harrowing experience.
  13. WTS Tome of Incineration - 35s each!!!

  14. [Bug] collapsed tile respawning ore

    I enocuntered this same problem with Sandstone in my Independence deed.
  15. Piru

    It looks like an epic account to me. I'd wager it has none. I'd say 225e would be fair.