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  1. PC account

    Doesnt matter. You should always post a skill dump. Preferrably Niarja. Otherwise you will get a seriously discounted price. If you can go into the dump and post choice skills, why not just post a proper skill dump? Also keep in mind you will get much less people price checking you if you do not do a Niarja dump. If you want people to spend their time combing through your skills to tell you what they are worth, at least do us the courtesy to present it on an easy to read format such as Niarja. Thats what its there for.
  2. Wtb Scroll of Binding / Red Tome

    Still looking
  3. PC account

    Niarja dump please. Hard to do a price check with partial stats.
  4. Let Us Answer These Meditation Questions!

    Hey hey! Its not just any piece of meat! Its... 'murica!
  5. Tough Bugger Censored

    Does it violate a roleplay rule or something?
  6. Hello Independence! It is Time

    To create the island you must plant the wand on the bottom of the sea so max depth is wheatever you can mouse over, I guess. Anyone can deed it over but the island pops out, it doesnt slowly grow. So best thing is to run to a spot with dirt and deed the place yourself. I guess someone could ninja deed it if you arent quick enough but I am sure on Freedom a GM would settle an ownership dispute appropiately. Just dont leave it.undeeded overnight, there is no need to do so.
  7. Hello Independence! It is Time

    Its about 40x40 but apparently they are random on height
  8. Tough Bugger Censored

    I just tought it was funny. Use a word on a trait that is censored.
  9. Tough Bugger Censored

    So I was reading traits to alliance mates, and I noticed that I couldn't type "Tough Bugger". The chat client would censor it. Needless to say, I was baffled. One for still having the chat censor activated (I'm dumb) and two because a word that is coded into the game as a trait is censored. Wogic?
  10. Hello Independence! It is Time

    As Timeless Isle raises from the depths of Samling Fjord, a new settlement is formed. Located in E-14, the settlements "Timeless Isle" and "Timeless Farm" occupy the new land produced by the Wand of the Seas, the second one known to be used in the history of the Freedom Isles, and the land side across from it respectively. Founded by yours truly, the two settlements are currently in the terraforming phase. As such, we are looking for an alliance. Please welcome us to your server, and your alliance.
  11. WTS Balack - Prem until June 2019!

    1 year prem: 80e Account with 1 year prem: 75e? Sounds legit.
  12. Wtb Scroll of Binding / Red Tome

  13. Are there any hints at what was his motivation for killing the guards?
  14. Wtb Scroll of Binding / Red Tome

    Send me your price.