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  1. If something my time in Wurm has shown me is the fact that just because the devs haven't done something it doesn't mean is too complex. Most of the time its just that they don't care enough to address it. I mean, how long we lived with the embark bug only for it to be fixed overnight when a certain dev joined the team? Everything can be fixed bud, and this one is no rocket science since Devs have already said they can disable mobs from entering mines (Uniques penning discussion).
  2. Nothing stops you from aggroing the mob inside and running out with it so the guards can be called. Given the small range guards can be called from this wouldnt make much of a difference. My issue with the current system is that my highway tunnel renders my guard tower useless.
  3. Roofs all have the same hight, which is where the wall ends and the plan of the roof is prior to construction. That's where the actual roof resides. The rest is pretty much an optical illusion of sorts since Wurm is a 2D game and not true 3D like many think it to be. My suggestion could allow for the "ceiling" to be created where the plan is, with a roof above it as normal visible only from the outside. Since one can't really inhabit the space between the plan and the actual roof, that spot where the ceiling would be affects nothing. You can make the ceiling removable too, just like we remove the trimming on walls, or whatever works. I don't care as long as we get ceilings.
  4. Needs to go a little lighter on the drinking.
  5. Thank you kindly for your hard work! We all appreciate it!
  6. We will rage all we want. People have the right to be dissatisfied with your product and to express it. We are not required to nor should be expected to solve the problem for you. You have developers, so develop. Its what we pay for. That's a pretty dismissive attitude you got there and is not okay. All rage aside, it is quite asinine that 3hours of a single, recurring activity is the norm, especially when the rewards are so meager. 3.5 hours would be a pretty nasty raid in WoW and you get the equivalent of Scale Sets of gear here. In comparison here you get what? Rings and shoulder pads? Most of which dont even have a use? That's something that needs tweaking. A dragon slaying takes maybe 5 minutes at the most. Drops tomes and scale. Bones and parts. Time and effort invested is not at par with the rewards.
  7. Maybe we should start our own!
  8. Last VI was released on August 14. Today should had been the release of the 3rd VI since then. Lots of things have happened since then and there is not even a peep of our beloved biweekly news. I don't know about you guys but I always look forward to this as it sums up all whats going on with WU. @Retrogradedid you give up on the project or is there really nothing newsworthy happening for this whole month?
  9. General sentiment when grinding. Can relate.
  10. I can't for the life of me see half of the developers we currently have signing up for something like this. Knowing what I know of people like @Darklordsand @ausimusthey would not be on board heavy monetization while they volunteer their time and effort to a game they would be working to destroy. And I doubt the new company will just invest a huge amount of money on developers for a game with about 2k active players. They would likely use the existing volunteer dev system. Sure maybe they'll add some monetization like the gold mirrors or a minimalistic cash shop, but I dont see a slot machine gallore in our future. This game just does not support it, and neither would the current staff.
  11. Rip. Was good while it lasted.
  12. That you can't even visit
  13. Can that even be played yet? Thought that was vapeware.
  14. Keep in mind I am criticizing the system and its implementation, not the content or the players who enjoy it. Turning around and attacking me personally is a bit unfair. Criticism is what leads to improvements. There are many things that could be done better and probably will in the future. I am simply stating what the problem is as I see it in the hopes it may help improve the experience overall. I wish I could sail to Chaos and pvp, but that boat sailed long ago, so I am now grinding for the sake of grinding like many others like me on Freedom. My hope is that someday, the staff will bring something for those of us that have grinded ourselves into old age to use our hard earned skills in.