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  1. Here is a novel idea: Instead of nerfing things, add functionality to the skill you want people to grind. For example, add increases to mining speed past the level you want enhanced, or maybe new ores that require that high level for people to mine. Devs always go for the low hanging fruit of nerfing/changing mechanics instead of coming up with fresh content/ideas. Stagnation is why the game is losing its player base and adjusting current mechanic levels are not going to fix that.
  2. Looool... so much for gathering runes. Nice job. Lets nerf people's fun.
  3. That's odd, I usually keep my meals there when I don't have a magical chest and they never take decay.
  4. I suppose its a matter of convenience. But even in an alt there are things that decay, such as food items. Mailboxes stops everything. I could mail you a hot lump and you can pick it up a week later and it will still be hot. You could mail yourself 5 meals and pull them out as needed.
  5. Because otherwise people would just use mailboxes as free and secure storage without any penalty. Items in the mail do not take decay.
  6. Yes of course. You are "luring" which indicates intention. So your intention is to bring hostile creatures to the tamed one with the intent to kill it. Notice what myself and others have stated: intent. The intent is what matters. Griefing is an act that always requires intent. You can't just accidentally grief someone. If there is no intent present then it is no longer griefing, its just a mere accident.
  7. n/a

    Couldn't had said it.better.myself.
  8. Ayuna is a great friend and very fun to hang out with. Take up her offer and you wont regret it. I have been trying to convince her to come to Defiance with me but no dice. Maybe I'll log on Xanadu and go for a ride with her. Who knows!
  9. Annalise

    What a shame. I had fun playing both with her and against her. She was quite a character. Last time we spoke I was selling her some crates of dirt. Never knew of her fight with cancer. Wurm will be a bit darker without her. Goodbye Analise, JK salutes you.
  10. Not only that but lets remember they teamed up with MR to fight us. I guess outnumbering us is not enough.
  11. Way I feel is pay your own sub and your upkeep out of hour own pocket, and trade for fun. Make money when you want to, how you want to. Want a LMC? Set a goal to make enough money to buy one, for example. Play for fun and you'll find much more enjoyment than if you turned this great game into a job. I am right there with you.
  12. They said it was so many sleep powders that did him in.
  13. Another reason you may want to avoid sermons been deed-wide is when you have multiple sermons happening on the same deed. If your sermon gets so big that you need to split it, its going to make it impossible to hold them both on the same deed. This happened to us at Nuln when we had so many priests sermoning that people were not getting in on sermons so it had to be split.