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  1. Unfinished Supreme Kiln

    Bump. Get your shiney kiln now.
  2. Graphical Spikes are back

    I think I posted this before but I can't find the prior post so here it is. I was walking home and found this graphical error. It doesn't dissapear from angle, I can walk around it and all and it doesn't go away.
  3. Unfinished Supreme Kiln

    Looking to sell this unfinished Supreme kiln. Start Bid: 14s Increment: 1s Buyout: Nope Reserve: Nein Sniper Protection: 3 hrs. No private bids. Any bids made via pm will be screenshot and posted below for transparency. Winner should PM me to arrange for pickup or delivery. If delivery, there will be a 1s delivery fee for outside coastal areas in all servers. Interior delivery can be arranged/negotiated on a case by case basis. Pickup is free. If no arrangements for pick up/delivery are made within 48 hours, the bid will be forefitted and the item may be resold/relisted at seller's discretion.
  4. [Auction] New Color/Material Hota Statues

    Item 1 and 2 start bids please.
  5. battle supreme sickle

  6. WTB 4g 1e / 1s (THIRD PARTY BUYER)

    I'll third party for Wimble if anyone is worried about the deal. Hit me up.
  7. So I went to pick up some horses from a seller and on the way I used the waystones to get to her deed. While following the waystones I noticed two that are not lighting up. They are in Pristine, located somewhere around L-15. The other ones worked fine, just these two didn't light up. Just follow the highway from the bridge coming from the lake south of L-15 up to A Zen Moment and you'll come across them. Here's the video of what I saw.
  8. WTB 5 Speed Bison x4

    Still looking for Bison. If you got any let me know!
  9. Please close

    Whats your rates? I have a large amount of stuff I need to sell. Do you take percentage or just a flat fee?
  10. I bought these. I would like to buy these but there's no keys available for them... any chance I could reserve them and arrange something?
  11. Items inside Large Magical Chest taking damage?

    Any chance we can get the unrepairable items fixed? The hearts are irreplaceable.
  12. Items inside Large Magical Chest taking damage?

    Impossible to tell. I brought the chest to my deed on Indy couple months ago when we moved. I just noticed the damage. Can't tell when but I am sure its decay tics since the pelts have exactly the same damage.
  13. WTB 5 Speed Bison x4

    PM Angelklaine in game if you are on right now pls!
  14. Items inside Large Magical Chest taking damage?

    I don't know what or why, but some items on my magical chests have taken damage on deed. These chests have been sitting on deed for the past 2+ years. They have been moved for very short amount of times when I moved deeds, but not long enough to take damage. They have not been left inside a boat or anything of the like. I noticed the damage today on the hearts. I rarely if ever place damaged items inside the chests, and those are most always tools. The hearts I confirmed with the prior owner (Arakiel) that he stuck them inside the chest on day one, and they have never been removed ever since. I remember myself having seen them with 0 damage. The same goes fo the pelts, which I purchased at 0 damage to replace pelts as I wore them off, but they have an incredible amount of damage now. They also have never been removed out of the chest, so catch up decay on these items is not a thing. What gives? Is this a bug?
  15. Please close

    Nice to meet you! Its in the right place now so no worries! The reason why I asked who you were is because when asking for someone to hand their valuables to you to sell requires certain degree of trust. Barring ill intentions, a newer / returning player could just suddenly loose interest and quit the game, logging off with all your assets never to be seen again. A good thing to do when offering a service like this is providing references. Perhaps the mayor of your village, or friends in the community who may know you. Hence why I asked who you are. In any case. Good luck with your services! Perhaps I may have work for you.