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  1. Cherish what you have. Enjoy life, and love like its your last day on earth, because it may very well be. Take things lightly when you can, and look for ways to do so when you can't. life is too short to let others take your joy away.
  2. On this night...19 years ago, 246 people went to sleep in preparation for their morning flights. 2,606 people went to sleep in preparation for work in the morning tomorrow. 343 firefighters went to sleep in preparation for their morning shift. 60 police officers went to sleep in preparation for morning patrol. 8 paramedics went to sleep in preparation for the morning shift of saving lives. None of them saw past 10:00 am Sept 11, 2001. In one single moment life may never be the same. As you live and enjoy the breaths you take today and tonight before you go to sleep in preparation for your life tomorrow, kiss the ones you love, snuggle a little tighter, and never take one second of your life for granted. Never forget.
  3. At the risk of sounding like I am staff bashing, I do not think the Wurm Online staff is in a position to dictate how we behave in a platform that is not their own. In these websites we are not in a contractual relationship with Wurm nor do we have a duty to 'behave'. Many of these sites are not even in the same country as Code Clubs and are not even regulated by the same laws. I believe criticizing our behavior as a 'community' elsewhere is an overreach and bad form. Keep your moderation to Wurm Online, where we are bound to your EULA and TOS. What we do elsewhere is not your concern. My 2i
  4. "Find me the rule." Finds rule. Moves goalpost. "Find me a rule that specifically talks about all these issues I am listing right here." Lol okay.
  5. Hey, what do you know? I was able to find it. Here ya go!
  6. How can I link to a rule that has since then been removed? Does the fact that it was removed means it never existed? Besides, what does it matter? The rule is not there now which is my point.
  7. Yes. My bad. You know what I meant! Lol. The search bar is there for you to use if you are so inclined. Regardless, you don't have to believe me. I was just sharing some experience I believe helps explain the problem. If you chose to ignore it, no harm will come to anyone.
  8. I agree that the AR needs to be upped a little. That goes without saying. Its restrictive with the current breeding mechanics. What determines you own a fence? Its proximity to your deed or its presence in your perimeter? What about off perimeter fences? Can those be bashed? What if the fences are empty and are there just so no one takes the spot because its nice? What if my deed drops and you put a fence around my buildings so I dont remove my own items from my houses so you can take them? Should those fences be protected? All this has been evaluated by the Devs in the past and people have always found ways to abuse it. At one point we had a rule where if you had a fenced area attached to a building the area was protected and bashing the fences was considered griefing. Guess what people did? They would make 1x1s attached to huge fenced in areas and claimed swaths of land that way. So it was discarded.
  9. I never said breeding does. I never said you are causing lag. In fact, I was not talking about you at all. I was talking about the reason why the ratio was implemented. Just because you don't hoard 100 animals in a pen doesnt mean others dont. I could show you our off deed pen on Defiance where we had 115 horses at one point for breeding. This is why there are limits to the amount of animals that can inhabit a specific tile. This is a matter of opinion and this is my whole point. Just because you or I agree on something doesn't mean everyone else will, or should. lets say you run out of your deed, drive past mine and collect all the horses from the steppe next to mine then pen them in an off deed pen. Now you own 100 horses which you at some point maybe will breed. Now I get mad at you because you took all 100 horses and now I cant get 2 to put on my cart. I call you thief, or hoarder, or griefer over it. Is that fair? They were free horses. Is it fair you took 100 of them and wont give me two? Who is in the wrong? That is the reason why we have mechanics in the game. A branded horse cannot be stolen. A deeded fence cannot be bashed. These things are intended to control the same things we are arguing over here. When you fail to use the game mechanics out of avarice, lazyness or simple convenience, you can't then blame the GMs or Devs and demand retribution for an action you brought up on yourself. You want a fenced area protected? Deed it. Don't want to pay the extra silver? Brand your horses. Problem solved.
  10. What is the upper hand though? More skill? More people? More determination? A while ago, @Alexgopenwas making an outpost in JKH on Epic. He was solo at that time. This is how I met Alex. I was sailing to JKH to disband a deed for Wimble that caused problems during convertion, and bumped into Alex. We talked for a bit, became friends and I moved to his outpost. We were 2 BLs in JKH. This means we had heavy penalties vs. anyone in JKH such as reduced fight skill and casting penalties (see Epic home server mechanics). Despite this I remember repelling several attacks (Chev was with us at one point) we did 2 raids and even broke into an undefended deed just the two of us. The fallacy of "only if you have the upper hand." is a fallacy. Ask Mclovin about his Mount Mclovin deed defense in where he defended an open token vs anyone who dared come to drain it while alone on his Mclovin account. Or how Gladiator solo disbanded a deed that disbanded a kingdom. Or how any of the countless underdog kingdoms gave a bloody nose to groups such as EMR or Crusaders or Rome. It happens all the time.
  11. Because hoarding animals reduces the amount of free animals for others and/or increases server lag depending what remedy is used. That is the main reason tile ratio was implemented, so people would hoard insane amounts of animals in a small area (a pen for example). There is nothing wrong with having off deed pens, but you need to accept the risks of doing so. There are mechanics to prevent people from taking your animals: branding. If you brand your animals, no one without permissions can lead them or tame them so they can't be stolen. The problem here is threefold: 1) Usage of weak/easy to build but easy to bash pens. 2) Off-deed. 3) Lack of branding. I get it, branding is tedious work and it may slip your mind, tall stone fences take time to build and deed has a ratio/costs money. I get that you just want to put some pole fences together and stash your animals without any effort and just use the honor system to lay claim to them. I get it. But that's just lazy and your stuff will be stolen. Wether people approve or not, thats the reality of the game and we need to understand it to not fall prey to it. I personally see it as the equivalent of leaving a rare pickaxe inside an unlocked planted coffer on perimeter. There is no doubt that coffer belongs to someone. Hell, you could rename it with your name on it. But how many people will think anything of anyone 'stealing'' it, and any complaints on the forums will just get the person flamed. I think its a hopeless argument. There will be people on both sides of the isle and both arguments have merit. However the rules work in the "thief's" favor so we will never get anywhere.
  12. This is because in PVP there are *actual* consequences for "stealing" from someone. You can always build a catapult, take it to the person's deed, and level the place down in retaliation. People won't go and break into a neighbor's deed to get some lousy horses when they can be branded as troublemakers and disposed of. The same cannot be said of PVE, which is why it is a much more cancerous community. When your neighbor wrongs you, you end up living next to a dude you can't settle matters with, and until him or you move away, the enemity festers. Countless times I have seen people quit the game over what someone else did to them. This doesn't happen in PVP (other than enemy kingdoms perhaps, but that's the point of PVP) as you can always get even there without needing to go running to a GM for help. it really isn't worth it to worry over it. Water under the bridge. Don't let it bring you down.
  13. Dammit. Dumb phone posted and then just now deleted the whole stuff I typed. Now I dont feel like typing it again. Tldr... Deed it or lose it. Take it as a learning experience and move on. Use your money to buy a new appaloosa from someone else and dont let things like these bother you. It happens, the person who took it did nothing he can be punished for, and it will only lead you to needless disappointment.
  14. Sure if you want to get technical and pvp-dictionary things, you could say that. So lets do a thought exercise by your definition of griefing and see what comes, shall we? Suppose you decide to log off for the night in an empty field. I roll over and build a 1x1 with a fence around where you logged off by using pole fences. When you log back on, you find yourself stuck. So you proceed to bash the fence and escape. By your definition of griefing you have just griefed me since you destroyed my fence. Is that accurate?
  15. Its a feature guys,. Not a bug. Use your training dummies... then upgrade to players!