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  1. Having to grind faith twice again is going to be fun (not).
  2. If on Xanadu, Wagoner them to Angelklaine pls.
  3. No. They have not released details about the tutorial. There is guesswork about how it will be, but the current tutorial is in independence, so that is a no-go for Steam. My guess by what the Devs have said is that they will be releasing either a new tutorial for both sides, or a new, separate tutorial for the new steam servers.
  4. They are currently asking for name suggestions so the name wont be 'Steam'. That's a given. What does SEO have to do with server names anyways? You can't search for the game by server name.
  5. I can make a sailboat for you for free. Send me pm if interested. Just need someone to sail you to the border and I can summon you.
  6. Dem Capes!

    The size is great for those moments when nature calls while hunting. The previous version had brown stains in the bottom. I think its an improvement.
  7. It means that both clients do exactly the same thing. They both launch you to Wurm and they both will allow you to connect to either "Wurm Steam" servers or the Freedom servers. The thing is when you create a "Wurm Steam" character, you can use either client to log in, but it will log in its own server (Wurm Steam) and will have absolutely no contact to the old servers. You can't mail to it, sail to these servers, or meet your new character face to face. That means there is no way for you to send your already purchased currency to it. The servers are completely separate. There is no connection to them. The characters are completely separate. There is no way to mail/meet your steam characters. Think of it all as being Freedom vs Jackal with no way to cross over. So no, there is no way to give your new characters your old silver.
  8. There wont be a way to transfer coins. Coins are items and the only way to transfer them is through mail or trade. Given new accounts for the steam servers wont have any contact with old ones, there is no way to transfer silver back and forth.
  9. This bug is back, or wasn't fixed. We have been able to reproduce it by selecting the adjacent tile to dig instead of the tile you're standing on. When you dig with the same tile selcted with the dig to pile always on option enabled it goes to a pile. When you select the adjacent tile, it goes into your inventory. This is with the option enabled. Edit: It tested it on Xanadu. It happens when using the hotbar window "dig" button.
  10. Yes but if that is the case, then Jackal is losing its luster. If you tell me that I will have a chance to see Jackal for a very small amount of time every couple of years (development time + launch + other features development time...) then what's the point? Many players will come to Wurm and quit before the next round of Jackal even come. My understanding was that Jackal was going to be a recurring thing, yet its been quite a while since it was shut down, and theres not even plans to bring it back up. There shouldn't be extended development between the rounds of Jackal. The team is not big enough for that, and time spent on Jackal is time not spent developing the actual game and new features.
  11. This is a great point. Whats going to happen with all these mobs now that Jackal is dead and inaccessible? I would guess it would be another six months to a year before another round of Jackal. Which begs the question... What about Valrei mobs? Its been over a year since I've seen one. They are never on Chaos anymore snd are extremely rare on epic. Why are all these fun mobs gone from the game? With all the work put on the valrei mob AI recently, its sad to be unable to even find them anymore.
  12. This is very interesting and a very good point. Someone I talked to very recently called the suggestions forum "the place where good ideas go to die". I do agree that the game needs new things, but I also contend that we need to fix our current systems before we add new ones. The team is small though and as such the development schedule is slow.
  13. I dont have an opinion, which is why I am asking. I would like to see what other people think.
  14. The direction they are going has already been released. We know clearly what is expected of Steam. What I am expecting is for people to speculate if this is a phenomenon happening to us in Wurm. Look at our history and see. The question is not just about the Steam release, its about our history overall.