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  1. If you are still looking for employment, I am looking for someone. Please pm me and I will share the details with you. Meals and bedspace can be provided.
  2. Bump
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  4. Wish I could. But with my type of job it doesn't work out. Its great for the economy though! That one is doing well
  5. Miami is expensive. But yes. Restaurants. Its all I can get from where I work.
  6. Still looking.
  7. Up for sale is a PVP Crafter/Fighter character. Character is PVP ready and has top tier crafting skills on many smithing skills. Freedom No Tomes Epic: Has Libram of the Night Freedom Highlights: Path of Insanity level 11 (Gone) on Freedom, Mental on Epic Nathan Follower 94 Plate Armor Smithing 90 Blacksmithing 90 Shield Smithing 90 Blacksmithing 87 Hot Food Cooking 84 Masonry 83 Chain Smithing 80 Large wooden Shield 75 Fighting 70 Normal Fighting 70 Med Maul 70 Meditation 65 Animal Taming 52 Body Strenght 45 Animal Husbandry Character comes naked and will be dropped off on a shore at the Freedom server of your choice. Currently on Chaos(Freedom), Affliction(Epic). PM any questions or offers. I am in no rush to sell.
  8. I pay about 25usd for lunch daily... Not even a hobby. Fml. Anyone wants to play RL economy?
  9. You still end up having almost no recourse than to buying silver, however. 1s/1e. 15 euros werent enough back then for you to get your knarr. 15e. For a knarr. Thats more than two months of premium. Get what I mean? Now that same Knarr costs 8s. You can probably get them for 7s. I believe it is a very unhealthy economy when players have to recur to buying silver just to get basic items for their trade. When allowed by developers, RMT should be a crutch, not a necesity. Thats a good example of why prices dropping are a good thing. If either of us didn't have the financial ability to buy silver, we would had been screwed. Sure, once you are set up you can make money easy, but getting there is the hard part.
  10. The second day after I started the game (day two) my benefactor drove me to Xanadu from Independence. I wanted to go at it alone and get to know the game without normal help. After premming up and selling my referral, I had a grand total of 8.5s +1 silver since I purchased 1 month and 1 silver pack for 10e. My deed costed me nearly that much. After planting it I was left with about 10 copper (tiles purchased). I distinctively remember starting with a fence. I needed an area to sow my potatoes I found on an abandoned fsb which I took with me on my backpack. I saved some to cook myself some food to survive. After playing several hours, I was hungry so I cooked myself some meals with the help of some CA person. Thats when I found out it was useless since about 5 meals didnt even make a dent on the food bar. My first purchase ever was a meal. After being asked 10c for my meal, the person found out how new I was. He sent me two meals for 3 copper to hook me up. That lasted me a few days. My next purchase was sheets to make my first bed. I had no cotton and no skill. After that I was pennyless. My source of income became selling bodies to the deed token. 10i a piece. I scrounged enough money to buy myself some last minute necesities, but as a skill-less newbie I had literally access to nothing. After a few days of getting nowhere I bought 10 silver from the cash shop, which ended up dwindling into the market. But what if I had no rl money to spend on silver? What if I was your average player that pays for subscription and just play the game? Everytime someone says the game should be nerfed here and there to make the market suitable for a newbie, I remember myself subsisting on 10ql tools and having a hard time imping them to maybe 20. How many times I wanted to quit. Unless you can find a way for people to sell 20ql blank tools, the market is not for newer people. It just isnt. You need at least 70 in any skill to make a tool someone might even look at buying blank. You need at least 70 channeling to enchant. Anything anyone will pay for reliably. Its not a new players market. It will never be. The only way to introduce new players to it is by making it more affordable, and most people wouldn't let that happen because of their profits. Players come in, try it, and quit because the competition is months/years ahead for both buying and selling.
  11. CCAB selling silver is not RMT. They own the currency, they arent trading it. They allow you to use it in exchange for payment. Its a service. RMT refers to players selling and buying for real money.
  12. RMT is not trading. RMT is selling for real money. Real Money Trade. I am not against people making money. If you can help your family with profits from a videogame, thats great. What I have problems with is when people want the devs to make development decisions that protect their business. If you want a new armor type to be prevented from releasing because it will hurt your bottom line, then yes you can believe I have a problem with that.
  13. No one is saying money is useless or that it does not facilitate things. Thats a totally different discussion. What I am saying are two individual points: 1) RMT is not a necesary or even beneficial part of the game. The game can survive just as well if no one was allowed to sell/buy silver with real money from other players. In fact, very few other games allow this practice, and it is reviled by players worldwide. The fact that CCAB uses it as a selling point does not mean its necesary or even good for the game. 2) There is much more to the market than silver. People trade, people donate, people even work on socialist systems which they all in some way participate in trade one way or another. Why skill 90 platesmithing? Because perhaps you want to provide and imp stuff for your village or yourself. I have 3 accounts with 90+ platesmithing, and have only sold a single set ever.
  14. Still looking.
  15. Ballpark of about 95-115 for crafter and 90-110 for priest.