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  1. Agreed. Merchants should never pack up and leave if the deed has upkeep left. Is not like we have players lined up waiting to use merchant stalls.
  2. This game has something that other games don't: a certain degree of dev - player interaction. This stems from the fact that developers are mostly hired from the actual playerbase, and are player advocates first, devs second (yes, even you, @Darklords. I love you, don't be mad >_>). The problem with this, and indeed this is a big problem here in WO, is that players come to expect it as the norm, and thus these kind of threads happen. No, players shouldnt be notified before updates are released, that is what patch notes are for. There are very few games that do it and is not the industry norm, with good reason. Imagine if WoW consulted every update with players? They would never get anything done. The other side of the coin is that players do not need to like said changes and will vote with their wallets when this type of stuff happens. So companies have to choose what they want to deal with as both have their own problems. This time they choose to be secretive and players are reacting by choosing what to play and pay for. Normal business transaction. Nothing wrong with what is happening here. Cause and effect.
  3. What I want to know is what @Yldraniahas to say about the Golden Mirrors being live. You'll finally be able to sport that dress you always wanted without people giving you strange looks!
  4. Having the old players join steam is nothing but a good thing for everyone as long as the game doesnt implode 6 months later. Even if they never go back, it will be a success for the game as a whole as it will pad the player counts and thus make the game more attractive for new people. What is currently killing Wurm is the lack of players. Friend of mine coming back to the game after a long absence. Lets be real, even Freedom is dead now. Steam might be a good chance to revive an otherwise dead game. There is nothing left for us older players.
  5. Bringing old players with all their stuff and skills would defeat the whole point of a full steam fresh start experience.
  6. There is already a way to prevent people from looting things. Its called deeding. Currently I have over a year of upkeep on my deeds without any issues. There are multiple ways to get notified of deeds dropping: Twitter alerts and emails are one way, while checking your deed monthly is another. I have a pet peeve when people dont log into a game for months on end, their deeds drop, and then they complain about.theft. Deed it or loose it has always been the motto in this game. If you have a large deed and dont want to pay the upkeep because you cant afford it, then reduce the size of your upkeep. You can fire your guards and drop 12 silver on your deed to protect it for a year if you want to walk away for a while. However, its much cheaper and easier to blame the game developers for their lack of foresight for not preventing issues caused by one's lack of dedication or preparation. Deed dropping and our things growing legs and walking off is no one's fault but our own.
  7. Its telling when the suggested solution to low player counts is to artificially increase perception. Sad, really.
  8. My turnoff is paying $10 bucks a month for a service that promises 4k resolution but many games deliver at 1080p when they play better and at higher rates on consoles. Then I have to buy the games at equal or sometimes higher price than on PC. Then I need to have an internet connection all the time to play. Then the service will eat a Terabyte data cap in a couple days of hardcore playing. And finally I dont even own the games I buy. Yeah, no. I'll rather buy a console or pc than to rent one forever.
  9. That's a shame. That's something that would give life to the PVE on Freedom for one. That, mixed with the "dungeons" that I've seen made on certain WU servers would give WO Freedom a lot of what its missing: Purpose. Something to do. Basically you often get a Treasure Map item every so often while digging or mining or something like that. You then take that item and use it with your compass (I believe) and it gives you a direction like Locate Soul does. You follow the direction until you find the spot. Once you find the spot you activate your shovel and right click the treasure map and dig for treasure. The action consumes the map and spawns a treasure chest and a few mobs. You kill the mobs and loot (or lockpick at high quality maps) similar to the random spawn chests on Epic, and get loot of different kinds. Nothing crazy, but enough to do the search. Its very fun and something that takes you around the server in a hunt. Worth it.
  10. I don't understand the point of making people meditate endlessly for days (thus locking their accounts to do something no one would ever find fun) just to path up. Its insane.
  11. Stadia is a joke. The false advertising alone has made me stay hands off from that thing.
  12. The frustration lies with the fact that they have no interest in implementing the cash shop, and as a result they have not released something that is completely doable by the team and currently available and waiting on implementation. A feature the players have been screaming for since the dawn of time. Is not a matter of it not being able to be done or "not a priority" but more like "maybe someday we'll implement it, but we can't ruin it by giving it to people now." There is absolutely no reason why this can't be done. Hell, put a purchase option in the Store for a $30 Euros gender swap, and have someone go and change a 0 to a 1 or vice versa on some line of code on the character sheet and vioala! Instant happy player. I mean, how many people would use this feature? You could probably hire some poor sod to do this change exclusively as a volunteer... Senseless.