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  1. I see you are still going ahead with the Epic transfers. You are going to reduce their skills to match the time they would have put in on Freedom, but then they get to have the same 3x skill gain they had on Epic to catch up to where they were. Totally unfair to the other Freedom players. They knew what the rules were when they went to Epic, and now you are giving in to the whining that they want to come to Freedom without having to do the grind again. Why are you doing so much for such a small group?
  2. We have orange trees in a northern climate, so how can you say some of these birds don't fit Wurm? There are others, myself included, that have been asking for more types of birds for quite a while. I myself would rather have a dove in my birdcage over a chicken. We hear all sorts of birds, makes sense we should also see them and be able to capture or tame them.
  3. ChampagneDragon, there is little Wurm Online can do about internet issues. They can go to their hosting service and let them know of the problem, but that is about it. It could be anything from a hardware problem to a DOS attack on a node, but the Wurm staff cannot do anything about those problems. They have to wait, just as upset as you if not moreso, and wait until the issue gets resolved. And shouting that they should change hosting services does not help, they have done that before.
  4. It's a bit early to make any promises, but I'll try to be there and bring my crafter, Handsomestranger. I'll check my stocks and see what I can donate as a prize. Handsome has gradually become a master at most trades, so I'll likely wander from one to the other and help around where needed most. Also hoping Enki will show up and summon some Valrei creatures to fight. Zombie invasions are fun, but they are too easy to kill.
  5. First of all, I think in the first line you meant to say PVE'ers. Second, both sides, Freedom and Epic have a great deal to say about this, as it affects both groups. You want to discuss the issue fine, no need to use put-downs against those you disagree with. It adds nothing to the discussion and just increases your blood pressure too much for no good reason. It's just a game in the end, remember that.
  6. I'm just bemoaning the enormous waste of development time with this change. I have seen them try so many different ways to get PVE players to go PVP and all have failed - miserably. You say there are some that are on the fence about trying PVP. I say they will go over to try it out and the majority of them will come back to PVE. They too will realize that they originally chose PVE for a reason. I've watched this play out the same way too many times to expect it to come out differently. So don't put me in a pro-PVE or pro-PVP group, I just don't like to see the devs wasting time and effort on changes that won't produce any valuable results. It's too much like politicians who do a lot of things to look busy and yet really have done nothing of value.
  7. These attempts to attract PVE players to PVP have never worked before, why would they now? Someone seems to forget that we chose to play PVE, and for the majority of us it is because we didn't want to play in PVP and all the drama involved. No amount of changes will get us to play PVP and you may as well accept that. This change, with all the work involved, will net you only a few players that make the change permanently. Most of those that do cross over will look around for a while and try it out, then return to Freedom and leave Epic alone once more. We just don't want to play PVP and nothing you do will ever change that.
  8. This whole change for Freedom players to cross to epic and keep their skills seems to be yet another attempt to get Freedom players to go PVP. TBH you can save yourself a lot of effort and drop that project. The only ones you will be getting are those from Chaos,who already play over there. All you will be doing is letting them come over with their skillsets. A few others will cross over out of curiosity but, most of them will return to Freedom Isles. And 6 months from now you will find yourselves wondering why you even bothered with the idea of skills transferring.
  9. Current fight skill for both of my chars in the 70s. so no problem with anything that comes up on the Freedom Isles. If I was on Chaos, some of those Valrei monsters would be a problem. but not going there as I don't do PVP. You are correct, I don't like the change. I feel it incomplete since the creatures can go through the trees,but I have to go around. And as I said earlier, if we are going to have tree collisions, make collisions consistent and make us collide with every object, even other players. I'm sure PVP players would object to that, but it is how fighting really goes.
  10. You can be a new player with enough skill to operate a wagon and still not have enough fighting skill to defend yourself against the nastier creatures.
  11. We didn't have wagons before. We do have wagons now. That makes the difference. I also remember many more open pastures and forests that were made thin in order to survive back then. Thick forests were avoided and were much smaller than the forests we have now.
  12. I disagree with you, Etherdrifter. For those of us that have played the game a long time, this change does not make things more dangerous, just annoying. It does make it more dangerous for the newer players, and that is a problem. We want ot see more new players, and making changes that make playing harder for them is not a good idea. Imagine being a new player and you have to go around trees, but the creature you are running from can go right through them. I found this annoying when I first started and it almost made me quit playing. It took a lot of convincing from the guy that showed me the game to get me to keep playing. This is also going to make my logging harder and more destructive. I used to only cut down the overaged trees and left the rest alone, then took a wagon to collect the logs. Now I will have to make sure there is going to be room along the route where my logpiles are located so I can take the wagon. That means a lot of younger trees are going to be needlessly cut down. This is only going to cause the deforesting of Wurm in order to get around and be able to run from mobs for many others too.
  13. Well, if we are going to have tree collisions, let's take it all the way. Make animals also collide with trees, with each other, and with players. Let's collide with other players, carts, wells, fountains, bsbs, fsbs, shelves, forges, ovens, kilns, smelters, etc. Makes no sense to just have us start colliding with only one item and leave us to walk right through everything else. And until they work out the code so that happens, revert the tree collision back to what it was.
  14. I was just notified that there is a similar suggestion, but this may be simpler than a duct work system.
  15. I'm sure I'm not the only one that has encountered this problem. You make a forge, chimney, or fireplace in the middle of you building and the chimney does not extend out the roof, making smoke come out inside or in the second floor. My suggestion is optional chimney extensions. They should stick out the roof in the middle of a building, and if you stack them you could extend them up several floors past the roof. This would be more realistic and make thing look better in general. What do the rest of you think?