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  1. Man, we are getting a lot of rifts in this area. Expect me or Handsomestranger to be there. I've tried to run 2 chars at the same time during rift events, but it always ends badly.
  2. You can go quite a while without updating Java, it's just a suggestion, not a demand of the program. You only have to worry about other programs you use that also use Java to operate, some of them may one day require the update. But I'd say just revert back to 8.131, then watch this thread until it shows that Wurm or Java has been fixed so you can use the update. No reason to stop playing Wurm just because Java is having fits again.
  3. Saw all this and tried to update my Java. Had the same problem as everyone else, took me a while to get the system cleaned out and reinstall Java 8.131 so I could play again. Won't do that again until I see news here of it working correctly with the update. Not sure if the problem lies with Java or Wurm, but fortunately for me that is something that is the devs responsibility to figure out.
  4. -1 If you aren't willing to go out and find the unique yourself, why should others be stopped from doing so? That's what you are really complaining about. There have always been groups that hunt the uniques down, and it used to be much worse. I remember when dragons have out full hides at butchering, the hunts were always exclusive, and only the invited group could attend. And uniques didn't respawn back then, so when a new server came up the first thing that happened was all the dragons got found, caged, and killed by the invited group. I only got to see one dragon kill attempt back then, and it was for a dragon that had accidentally gotten to be impossible to kill. We got slaughtered. Two weeks later the coding was changed so it was possible to kill, and the private group took it out. Since the changes to dragons I have attended 3 dragon kills, and gotten a bit of hide each time. I'm happy with the new situation, let it be.
  5. Fixed it for you, I just couldn't stand not seeing my own US mountain time zone listed as eastern. Also had to make some corrections to the times, based on US Pacific being correct.
  6. I'm not sure, but I think different rug types get different skillgains. I find 15-20 ql gets best gains, and even 8 difference in coc can have an effect. Just some things that may be part of your problem, besides, which path you are following on each. Oh, I use exquisite rugs exclusively after 50 skill.
  7. What meals give you 5h sleep bonus? I know that meals and drinks give temp affinities, but that's all I heard about. As to mead, I have taken to drinking that most of the time, and other alcoholic beverages the rest. That water will make you rust! But there are lots of things in the game mostly useless, does not mean they aren't fun anyway.
  8. Just some enchancments I think we should have for bees. First, we should get more honey from hives that are near any flowering plants or trees. This would include roses, oleander, lavender, oleander, and camellia, orange trees, lemon trees, and cherry trees. If we place them near our farms this should also work too, except for near grains, as they are pollinated by the wind, not bees. I would also like to see clover added along with the flowers, so we could have clover honey. Lets hear everyone else's opinion now.
  9. I've never seen creatures without bodies, sounds like fun, fighting empty space. Can we get some of these on the PVE servers? I think we had issues with new players before, but if you keep the numbers of these creatures low, I think we could handle it now.
  10. Not all skills are created equal, you just have to accept that. For instance, you mention fishing. Exactly how would you make the skill more profitable? The only thing I can think of is occasionally finding a coin in the fish when you butcher it. As easy as fishing has always been, you aren't going to get a market to sell them when we can go fish for them ourselves. Do you want to see the skill reset and then it be as hard as weapon smithing to gain skills again? That's about the only way you are going to get a market to sell them, and you will cause the game to lose players who already got that skill up very high. Even for those of us who have high skills in other trades have to be good at several skills to make enough coin to live a comfortable life, so we can rotate to the currently desired items for sale. Keep playing, be flexible, and you can find this is still fun.
  11. No, I've left some unsealed and it just got damaged. +1 to improving with age for mead. I would also like to see cognac, which is white wine turned to brandy and distilled twice, then aged. Hard liquors should improve with age, but much slower than wine and mead,as the alcohol content does not get much higher, it's the flavor that improves. And how about charred barrels, to help with that improvement in taste over time?
  12. I guess I'll just have to copy the recipes I get for Vroom then.
  13. Still, I think this should have gone to the one who sealed it shut at least. Moving the barrel does nothing to the process.
  14. My crafter, Handsomestranger, just got the pale ale recipe added to his cookbook. The problem is, he didn't make it. I made the wort as Vroomfondel, and as Vroomfondel I sealed the barrel. All Handsome did was move the barrel from the floor to the wine barrel rack. It seems you have it set so the last char to touch the barrel gets the recipe, not the one who did all the work.
  15. You are speaking of a no-win situation really. Whether they block you or they all attack at once from 1 tile, a mob is just plain bad news. You've just presented another reason to not have tree collisions though, thanks.