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  1. [Bug] Unable to make red jackets

    I wanted to make a red cloth suit for the holidays but I am having a problem. I went to make a cloth jacket into a red jacket following directions. First I added water and have an unfinished red jacket. Then I went to add a cochineal. It would not give me the continue option. Turns out the assembly in the crafting window is asking for 1 conch, not 1 cochineal. You gotta spell the words right every time guys. These darned computers do exactly what you tell them to do, not what you meant to tell them.
  2. Gone Fishing, Catch You Later - Tich / Pifa / Epona

    I was starving and Tich gave me food, a meal made of roaches. I was brand new to the game and was thankful for the first act of kindness in Wurm I ever got. But I will admit I was worried about a meal made of roaches, as the name has a different meaning here in the U.S.
  3. [Fixed] Unicorn breeding not getting new name affixes

    You can add mine to the list. My server is Indy, just in case you need that too.
  4. Valrei International. 069

    I took another look and you are right, now that I see it I can't unsee it. But it's #6893, you missed the count. (Now Trake will spend the next hour recounting over and over, hee hee hee!)
  5. Ingame Timers for Meditation Skills

    Ok, I can get behind the idea of auto-timers. I use the ingame timers a lot, but often forget to start them, and the longer timers need to be able to keep going when you go offline. How about an auto-timer with a selection of actions that you can select if you want the auto-timer to be functional for it. For me most of those 21 hour timers would be there, along with the meditation and prayer timers.
  6. Tables, Lamps

    But I don't like the torches, and I would only consider them right for a dining table. I am working on a bedroom suite and it just won't look right with all the other, finer items in the room, such as the canopy bed and the wardrobe. We have a lot of different lights, can't we have a few more to match the new furniture?
  7. Tables, Lamps

    What I am wanting is something other than a candelabra to place on the tables and instead of having tp place it next to the table, I want to place it on the table. As an example, they could take the copper hanging lamp head and make it a lamp that can be place on the table, filled, and lit. I've tried to use just the lamp head and it won't work. You cannot do any of these things right now, except for the lantern and oil lamp, and the oil lamp is quite dim, even at high ql and painted with very high ql white paint. Lanterns are ugly sitting on a table, I want something that looks better. With the new metals they could work on different styles based on the copper hanging lamp head for a start. If they ever got around to adding glass, we would have the material for the chimney of a hurricane lamp. Glass existed long before medieval times, so it would not be wrong in the scene like some items, for instance caravels.
  8. Tables, Lamps

    I have finally gotten around to making a new house and started decorating it. After making some tables, I realized that we need table lamps to place on them in some places. Could we please get some table lamps? You could make the different metals have different styles like has been done with hanging lamps and street lamps. I fell silly with the idea of putting a hanging lamp next to a table instead. It would also be nice to have hurricane oil lamps. but we still don't have glass. Could you also consider adding the extra minerals needed for glass and get the glass making skill going? Lots of things we could have with glass, from windows to drinking glasses and more.
  9. Valrei International. 060

    Maybe they can run a check against those particular goals and if you are more than 1/2 completed on it, it will stay.
  10. Valrei International. 060

    Let's be complete this request and ask that we can make head trophies and full body trophies too. Let's have a new skill, taxidermy!
  11. [Bug] Butchering Skill Decreases Upon Increasing

    I've just had a similar incident today, I fileted some marlins, and the skill went up, then back down. I am on Independence, in case that makes a difference.
  12. visual wilderness after losing connection

    Reconnecting without closing the first client is always going to give you very strange artifacts. I don't think this would be considered a client bug.
  13. Valrei International. 056

    They can do better for April Fool's day. Remember when we all woke up as gnomes? With this being Easter too, we could all wake up as Easter bunnies, or giant eggs.
  14. Up Up and away in my beautiful balloon

    +1 But you have made one mistake in the making. The balloon should be made of cloth, not leather, leather is too heavy to inflate with hot air. And to keep it difficult, we need a basket making skill. We could use reeds to make it, but a basket that big should use a large amount of reeds and lots of skill to make, so lots of bushel basket will get made before you are ready to make a balloon basket. The basket skill could be interesting, lots of other types of baskets could be made, Easter baskets, cornucopias, etc. More variety in containers is always fun.
  15. Broken economy?

    Seems more likely it is time to end traders.