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  1. I have to say, i love the idea of rifts and really enjoyed the first one i was involved in. The main reason i do not attend rifts is simply the distance i would need to travel to take part. The suggestion of town teleports seem like a good idea to me. Perhaps you could teleport by using some kind of rift material when rifts have appeared?
  2. Yes a friend just told me this too! Will add nahjo
  3. Thanks for the replies guys. Im not too far from glasshollow, will make a visit! Thanks for your insight Brash, there is certainly more to think about when breeding than it appears!
  4. As the title states, i am looking to buy a fo or nahjo priest. Im not too bothered about side skills, but am more interested in faith and channelling skill. Ideally, i would like the priest to be able to cast genesis. PM me or link a WTS page if you can, appreciate the help!
  5. As the title states, I'm looking for an experienced horse breeder in north Xanadu. I am first and foremost interested in purchasing some horses but I also have a few questions about animal husbandry, specifically horse breeding. Just reply here or drop me a tell in game if you prefer, main is named Amory
  6. sign me up! I should (hopefully) be back from work . Gonna have to buy some armor!
  7. pbuffer gone

    Hello Recently been having a graphic issue with tiles ingame. The issue has been resolved for the vast majority in other threads simply by disabling pbuffer in their client settings. However, this option is no longer available in the games compatability menu or in the wurm gamesettings file. Is there anything I can do to disable this feature now? Thanks for any help in advance!
  8. Hey guys, Looking to buy a knarr fully equipped with inventory of large crates. I require delivery to Xanadu North coast. Please post any offers/deals you may have, or send a PM. Cheers
  9. One of the suggestions I've seen floating around is to add more end game content. If this were to be added, it could require very high level carpentry/masonry/fine carpentry etc to create. This might even create "interior designers" who build these cells for a fee for lower levelled players.
  10. A three headed hellhound I like this idea, would be great for hidden storage or castle storage
  11. Just to add to this, perhaps new wall types could feature built in shelving for storage?
  12. Hey guys, I understand extra storage has been a suggestion plenty of times, but I had an idea that I think would be pretty awesome if implemented. When your building your home, obviously, you want some nice looking storage, that can fit more than a BSB of goods. At the moment, i have seen people use carts, boats, wagons etc in their homes for storage. Being the neat freak that I am, I really crave some cool looking mass storage. I have seen some suggestions such as shelving or lockers etc. However, i thought of an idea that is slightly different, but serves the same purpose. Rather than having an item that can hold alot of goods, why cant we build a storage tile? For example, instead of building a wooden floor in my home, wouldn't it be great to build a 'Warehouse Tile' that fills and entire 1x1x1 square of a cool looking collection of crates/barrels? This tile could hold say 25 crates. Or, we could have a 'meat storage' tile that had hanging meats from the ceiling? Maybe it could potentially reduce decay too? These tiles would be great, not just for storage, but for aesthetic purposes. Its two birds with one stone in my opinion, because we lack in design options for interiors, as well as storage.
  13. Town Design

    Hello Everyone, I have recently purchased a new deed, and have spend 2-3 weeks milling around getting a little basic house built for a forge, storage and such. As well as tending to my farm for my priest. I have created this thread because I am really interested to see everyone's designs when it comes to their deeds. I have spend some time roaming around my local area looking at different buildings and layouts my neighbours have created and I am very impressed so far. Before I begin planning and building the rest of my deed, id like to see some of your creations in hope that i may get some inspiration, but also, to see the amazing things you have all done with your time on wurm.
  14. birdcage

    I suppose the teapot can still whistle like a bird...