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  1. TL;DR: I'm not here to complain or put the game down, I am genuinely enjoying it (i am new to the game), but wow fishing feels exceptionally awful. ----------------------------------------------------- I made myself a fishing pole with hook, float, and bait. I understand the game is old and its mechanics are shallow and that's totally fine. I don't really care that I need to click, i don't really care that it could then take like 3 minutes to reel in a potential catch. I don't mind that I have to constantly repair my fishing pole. I don't mind that I need to occasionally replace the float, hook, and bait.. But, what I do mind, is that the time investment vs reward is logically not worth doing it for any other reason than completionism. Is there a reason to do fishing? does it get better? Should I be creating higher quality poles, hooks, etc? I don't understand why anyone would do fishing. I will literally starve to death before i can feed myself. I understand there are nets and other ways to fish, but that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking specifically fishing poles. If they are so bad, why do they exist? :P Again though, i love the game, i got it a few months ago and have had two long spurts of playing now and I'm up to 140 hours in game. I think the game is great, but this is one thing that constantly irritates me in the game.
  2. Terrain too bumpy

    omg thank you, Idk why i never thought about that setting. I was legit turning it up thinking it would help, xD It's much better now, thank you!
  3. Wurm Map Generator FX

    Far from a legit issue, But I noticed when I try to Generate Hight Map on 1638, it goes through the motions and then nothing happens lol. I see my CPU working at about 35% for about a minute or two and then drops off but there is nothing in the viewer. I tried hitting drop dirt just to see what would happen, after like 5 minutes CPU at 40-50%, nothing happened, lol. I mean not that i need a map that big, but it appears to be either a bug or something wrong with my pc xD
  4. Terrain too bumpy

    I have the same problem. I have tried using several of the generators and I have tried playing with the settings. I am unsure of how to fix the problem at current and I have also made a post about this. I just found your post and assume that since no one got back to you, they probably wont get back to me either, sadly. When/if I figure it out i will be sure to respond to your post again I honestly think it just has to do with the generator itself.
  5. I have a question for those of you who have been creating custom maps with a heightmap generator such as the ones provided by the kind developers on the site here. Why is my terrain so spiky and uneven? is there something I can do the tame the land a bit and make it more flat (without destroying the mountains). I am new to this and I have a very basic understanding of javascript and using various seed generators and things like that. Thanks for any feedback <3