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Found 16 results

  1. “Wurm Online will be a community-centric fantasy MMORPG fully developed in java. Gameplay will be free at first, but when you wish to develop your character beyond basic skills, you're going to have to pay a monthly fee. The world will have a real economy with a fixed pool of money and resources, and almost all items in the world will be created by other players. When the game is first launched, it will pretty much just only be a huge forest, and it will be up to the players to build the towns and create the items needed for both everyday use and more exotic practices. Wurm Online will neither have levels nor hitpoints. Instead, you have a set of skills that define your character, and a list of any unhealed wounds the character has. Gameplay is expected to be very down to earth and community-based for most players, with each town serving as a small community. Towns will also remain safe as long as the computer controlled guards are alive. You won't be able to attack other players or perform any other illegal activity inside the town without first killing all the guards. Outside the towns, however, you can do anything you want, but performing illegal activities will lower your status in the nearby villages.†Wurm Online Overview January 31st 2004 *** Table of Contents: 1. The Horde and Hammerfell 2. The Long War 3. The First Kings 4. A Golden Age 5. Sowing Wild Oats 6. Lion Rampant 7. Mercurial Fates 8. Ashes of the Phoenix 9. The Eye of the Storm 10. Order unto Chaos 11. A Fortress of Freedom 12. The Fall of Sparta *** Why do we play Wurm? It is something different to each of us, and different parts of it inspire each of us to add to the whole. I knew that Wurm Online was the game that I wanted to play, even before I knew it existed. A game where I could make my mark on the world without being a master craftsman or top-tier fighter. Running across a wooden post, flattened dirt and a simple hand-cart told the story of the pioneer who had arrived ahead of you. This, and sights like these, made Wurm come to life. In tranquil Golden Valley I watched new faces come and go, homes and fenced farmland sprung up from felled trees before their owners moved on and the land returned to the forest. I prowled through old abandoned deeds across Independence, guessing at the purpose of long gone structures and wondering about the people that had moved on from those places. When Deliverance opened, I moved there and lived as a lonely hermit for a long time, watching new deeds rise and fall. I had heard of the Wild server and the idea of open world player versus player combat intrigued me with the stories it could inspire. But looking at my collection of tools that I had created from scratch, improving them up from nothing with no skills had taken such a long time and I felt a sense of achievement and attachment to them, I couldn’t bear the thought of placing that at risk and having to do it all again if some bandit decided they didn’t like the look of me. For the first time I settled in a village on Deliverance, coming to enjoy the company and industry that provided. And over time my interest in the ‘other’ side of Wurm peaked again. But I still felt that I could never compete or contribute amongst the veterans of Wild, as outmatched in both skills and gear as I was. I decided that trying out the Epic servers would be my best bet at getting a feel for this whole ‘PvP’ thing. All my old gear would still be safe on freedom, my skill gains would be faster, and if I didn’t like it I could always just go back without any harm done to my character. What was meant to be a short stay to test the waters turned into several months before I realised it, partly because of the history and dramatic events that interested me, but mostly because of the very close communities that where surprisingly welcoming. I'd seen more suspicion, angst and outright hostility towards strangers on Freedom than I've ever seen in PvP and that included meeting enemy kingdoms. After a long hiatus I returned to Wurm and decided to finally join the long running Chaos server. Where I began to collect and research any and all information I could find to create this document. *** I used as many sources of information as I could find, but being as new to Chaos as I am all my information is second hand at best. The Wurmpedia was the obvious place to start my search; Player stories, town histories, the revision history of each page and some imagination to tie it all together allowed me to put together a long and detailed timeline that spanned 5000+ words in bullet point form alone. My next stop was the Wurm Forums; greatly detailed and many of the most dramatic moments had several threads to them. But unfortunately I found that nothing before 2008 existed anymore because of a change in forums that had happened around that time. Thankfully use of the Way Back Time machine for exploring archived webpages proved very helpful and I was able to uncover old stories and screenshots from before 2008. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then surely a video is worth a novel. I was surprised by the number of YouTube channels hosting old recordings of Wurm. Though some were less useful than others, they really helped to set the mood and provide context for many of the major events of Wurm’s history. *** To cover the whole of Mol-Rehan history I needed to have the context in which it was framed, to this end I will follow the many stories , battles, raids and history that led up to its creation. But note that I'm writing this from an acknowledge point of bias, as hinted by the title, towards a sort-of faux nationalism for the sake of a story and a narrative to follow. And as a result it may contain a high concentration of artistic license and an interpretive reading of past events. If anyone feels that I’m not portraying events fairly or even factually, I’m more than willing to listen to your side of the story and make corrections and changes where appropriate. *** When can the kingdom of Mol-Rehan be truly said to have begun? By the lore of Wurm it is one of the oldest kingdoms, founded by Johen King after the fall of the Ageless. In reality the first implementation of the Mol-Rehan kingdom takes place in 2008, long after the original kingdoms of Jenn-Kellon and the Horde of the Summoned which appeared in 2005. But can it be so separated from context and history that came before it only to appear as a simple date on paper? I think not, indeed I believe Mol-Rehan was a natural and organic formation emerging directly from the histories that preceded it and now forever entwined with history still to come. And if that is true then it could even be said that the kingdom of Mol-Rehan had already begun, in the metaphorical sense, as far back as the year 2003. Eventually culminating with those that would come to form Libilian Outlawz. Both famous and infamous, Liblian Outlawz in all its incarnations held tremendous influence in shaping the political landscape. Until The Great Cataclysm of April 2007 that saw an unrecoverable server crash, and all the progress of the past lost. Libilian Outlawz remained united and strong, re- establishing themselves once again in new lands and converting to the newly created kingdom of Mol-Rehan, but later suffering a devastating blow after they were caught up in a mass ban that struck many veteran players. Severly weakened, Mol-Rehan fought for many months to regain their foothold on the Wild server, eventually finding their former glory before outside events once again conspired to send them into decay. But in time they recovered, and players both new and old arrived in their numbers to the newly renamed Chaos server, where the now Empire of Mol-Rehan stands dominant. Her full tale to be told in the coming chapters. Next Chapter: The Horde and Hammerfell
  2. Hello. I write this after a discussion with some other player, hoping that other wurmians will find this idea interesting. This is what I propose: 1 - To implement the puppets line with the others deity puppets. 2 - Introduce a new item, a puppets theatre, made with planks, nails, cotton sheets and dye. 3 - To interact with the puppets theatre, The puppet should be put inside the theatre (the threatre must have the option "open"). When a puppet is inside, the theatre background changes, passing from an empty scenography to a different scenography based on which puppet is inside. So each deity has his scenography. Once a puppet is inside, the theatre spawn the option "play", and when you "play" it, it starts a little animation, something easy, a very short story, about the puppet inside (so a little story about Fo and so on). What do you guys think about it? I hope you'll like this idea
  3. Howdy I recently started my own blog and even added post about my take on Wurm today. Suggestions welcome here or there Ondar
  4. This isn't related to Wurm or it would be in "The Scribes Corner", but that says it is for "text arts related to Wurm Online". There may be a "part 2" later, but no guarantees.
  5. I think you guys know this game. You write a small few lines me of a story each. And it can be very funny at the end! I can start it: There was a boy who.......
  6. Darwinia RP Server

    Hello Wurminites! I would like to introduce you to the top class premiere server of the unlimited branch: Darwinia RP Notable Features: 1 x skill gain 1 x action speed Custom built, hand painted 4096x4096 map. Holiday events. Handwritten quests and storyline. Regular events. Meaningful seasons. For example better harvests in the fall, and no crop growth in the winter. More animals in the spring time. Active GMs who care about the server and server health. Server owner who will keep the server online so long as there is at least 1 person playing on it. Live Map mod available, but not a larger overall map, to increase the need for a proper cartographer. Patreon to help keep the server online, with sleep powder and cosmetic items for rewards. (( patreon rewards ARE NOT PAY TO WIN they are only cosmetic, and only 1 sleep powder a month. for wurm will be listed in the steam group soon. )) Steam group for ease of calendar events and forums... What makes this server unique is that we have active GMs writing quests, improving the lore, and genuinely making the server a one of a kind experience. Ontop of that, we have a hand painted carefully manicured map with plenty of interesting land features just RIPE for your exploration. As of today (October 30th, 2016) the new map I have been working on for some time is going LIVE!@##! We have a very friendly community and it has been steadily growing everyday. In fact a lot of that has been generated from my live streams at . I would personally love to see you on the server. However we do not allow cheating, or mods outside of the ones given out to our community through our teamspeak. Speaking of mods, we're working on another one at the moment that will be exclusive to our server in which it will make teamspeak "local" only to your character. What that means is, if I am standing here \o/ and you are over here \o then we would be able to chat normally... but the further that distance the less we can hear each other until we can no longer do so. Meaning again, that if there are 50 people in the same channel, you will only hear people that are within conversation range of you. We do not have an eta on release of the mod, but, the alpha is proving fruitful. My good fellow Wurmlings, come join us on the best server since Tim Berners-Lee With all due respect and admiration, Drake Oh and P.S. we have PVP in the southern server, with increased skill gains, increased available resources, however there's also a harsher death penalty, and more deadly creatures there. With great risk, comes great rewards.
  7. Gather around. I ask that you take a brief moment to hear my words. Young and old. Wise and Uneducated. It is time you learned of another. The lands of Wurm are ancient. This we know. They tumble and war. Shifting in shape and size as gods that are above in Valeria fight for power. --- Fo! His creation around you. To create. To love. All Stolen. Warped, the true purpose of which lost within the annuals of time. Vynora,many secrets has she gathered. Many secrets abused. What lies in the darkness of the void? Vynora knows well and she would fight to keep it hidden Magranon will stand at the top of the world one day. And weep. For the fighting he has spread and the chaos it has brought. Libila, her followers. Dark and full of deceit. They can be considered victims. Not victors as the world will decay if they are brought the power they so seek. The demigods. Pretenders. Usurpers. They have risen within the lands. Stealing shards of power that they believed would save them. Alas, soon to be to no avail. --- I beesech you to listen to the truth. For this I know. My words are as truth as the visions have came to me within my sleep. The great elder Wurm stirs. The lands have been under the command of the others for too long, and the great creator will return. And take back what is rightfully its. It was the beginning, and without rightful worship it shall be the end. Pay attention and believe as its word will follow soon. - First Prophet Rexxian. The laws of the Elder Wurm are few and far in between. What we instead receive are tales of his brilliance. Or indeed tales that will guide and assist in your travels through the land of Wurm. The Elder Wurm asks no tribute. No real worship. Only that you believe, for that belief is his power. Your actions are your own.
  8. The journey to Celebration or there and back again So I've sold an unfinished item to Siakka at Celebration. Now how to get it there, as unfinished can't be mailed. Well first step is to buy a sail ship. Not that I don't like swimming, but the pile weights 86kg so walking with it is a snails race and well them sharks... Became a proud owner of small sail ship. Bottle of champain broken at the hull, the name Sailozaxx (very thoughtful I know ) etched to the stern and off we go, arrrr. Well not that fast. Some real preparation has to be done first. Loads of cotton, as I can fight, I really can, but my love of fast and light armour often brings me holes as pumpkins in my poor body and broken limbs are also not exceptions. Also I will need to load my ship with some barells, meals because who would like to eat just mackerels and several other goodies. As I live inland, that will be two journeys. One with cart loading my ship up, second one walking to finally set my sails off. During my foot travel I lost a way a bit so I've met this friendly lad who I asked for the right way: He kindly pointed the way with his huge shod club, before trying to break my skull with it. I've politely decapitated him, as I am well behaved even to strangers, as mother taught me. Well as nothing more holds me at the land, my animals are fed, my farmland tended and my wine is ripeing in the barells raise the anchor scurvy dogs! Because that will be long journey and nothing much could be done while sailing, why don't we write a record of our journey. Not everyone has time to slack and travel around and I want to look back one day and say my offsprings - see that forested pennisula infested with lava spiders? There used to be Mottistone lighthouse back then when I was travelling to Celebration. Passing the Lighthouse the gale turned to North east, so I applaud myself for chosing the right way, catch the breeze in my sail and enjoy the waves splashing to the hull. I am passing HowlBarrow and endorsing the terraforming efforts the folks put into the settlement: when suddenly something huge moves under the ship. With the menacing look huge shark ascends from the depths, doubtless came to taste my sirloin for his dinner. I've kissed my huge axe, the incoscious ritual I do before every fight and make some fillets out of that monster. That was my first meeting with this species so the fight was unbalanced and my body looks like bloody steak before frying it on pan. Well few first aid attempts later I butchered the corpse of huge beast, played a while with my Vyn and Mag puppets to regain some mental balance and raised the anchor again. Half of Deliverances' west coast still awaits to be passed and inspected by this adventurous lad and my every neuron is eager to see what great adventures are awaiting me on Exodus and Celebration later (if they ever knew, they'd rather scream…but back to that later). DarkHoldHarbour and Vindekator are two nice and well defined settlements on the west shore of Deli. No one who I could wave to, so I at least adored the Colossus and White lighthouse tower while passing by: DarkHoldHarbour: Vindekator: Approaching MithEstate and Hills Of Swedes, the place looks amazing from the distance but the closer ones get the more in awe he looks up to the buildings and landscape emitting the dedication and hardwork invested from every brick and slope of that place: Rather smaller but still nicely built and funny named fort Kompetenzzentrum lies further south just before MRLightHouse Hotel Bay opens its mouth. The few occupants of nearby settlements waved at me happily and warmly anytime I was passing and last mile or two of the western Deli shore awaits before I show my back to my home and head on to the danger, adventure and telltale inspiration. "Sea horses" sculpture watch the water surface and their looks bless my journey as I bypass them adoring the fine details of the noble bodies: LeGrosseFentes - this place just caught my heart. The person was not at home unfortunately, so I could not warmily express to him or her how harmonic and soothing effect the look at this settlement had: The more harmonic and peaceful the LeGrosseFentes had on me, the more hard vain hit me when saw the rocky side of Witches Cauldron peak, where USA used to stand. Never saw that place and never will see it again as it remains unfortunately only in the stories and maybe the marking on the map will remind us for some time, where this undoubtely living place once stood: The USAs' desolation and sadness goes away as lightning when I sail a bit more south and hit the most amazing place I've met yet on my journey. Not from the amount of work and greatness of the place, which is not small though neither, but the story behind. The place all the time you pass it just tells you the story of love and sharing of the good and bad and just from watching the place one feels strong need to run out and kiss and hug first suitable person. The place of love and commitment to others hearth just emanates and I could not make myself move further and leave this place behind me. My hat off and really slowly clap to anyone who built and raised the Castle of Love on the sunlight: Well the hearth warmly pounding, but journey awaits and northeast gale is blowing my ship further south where more places and adventures await. And not far away near Sleepy Hollow bay, next to the place I called Miku Harbour the destiny again shown its teeth: While looking for someone to wave to, enjoying Miku Harbour view and trying to figure out, what corpse is lying at the top of someones gate a huge octopus approached my way: My scratches from the last fight were not yet fully healed and another beast from the deep is trying to stop me in my plans, but that’s wrong opponent you've chosen you tentacled beast. Or is that a trial from Vynora, testing my worthiness of holding the Salty Sailor title? Any of that might be true and after a lethal yet quick fight, parrying the tentacles trying to strangle me or shove me of my boat a victory finally found its way to my kissed axe blade and the ink sac and few scratches were my award. With adrenaline still bursting through my veins I sticked to the wheel and with salty song on my lips took off again south where the wilderness awaits. Next to Lunatic Smithery the proof, that fools and lunatics are blessed with luck from stars, as rare SS can't be in possesion of anyone else than really lucky (or really wealthy) person: On the southern shore just unfertile rocks raise from the see and the more I realize that the more surprised I am to see an olive farm next to a Dream Shore place on the side of the rocky slope. That is again either humankind dedication show-off or unpredictability and the power of the nature presentation, which both is something always mention worthy: The shore of Deliverance runs behind me already and last piece of land, like if the place did not want me to leave and streched its last grasp towards my ship i pass the MississipyGhost Isle. This sad place, raised from the mass of water with single willow is sadly waving goodbye to every sailor sailing south like if this is the last greetings on this world to him… hopefully not, but the dangers awaits and no one knows: The wind in my ears starts whispering and one could hear words like "danger" and "crossing the border" in it if enough phantasy used, but we realistic sailors have just bursts of laugh to the evil winds and bravely aim our ship south further from the shore of Deliverance where in mists and fog land named Exodus awaits for me…
  9. Gather up, people! I will tell you a story about travels and adventures, lands and seas, priests and monsters! The Story of Epic Priesthood began few days ago, when my beloved wife Sein took our sail boat and travelled to see the volcanoes, on the west part of our continent Serenity... I was busy with something in the village, so she went alone. That day a thick mist fell down... In that mist, Sein travelled too far to the south, and even reached the South Harbour on Serenity. Due to bad weather, she passed along the volcanoes and didn't see them at all, thinking she is still somewhere near the north-western shores. When she realized she is lost and very far from home ( and then she realized she forgot to take food with her ), she cried of help, and I rushed to find her. I grabbed my best armor and weapons, took a small rowing boat, and sailed to one of the harbours on the western shore of our continent to meet Sein. While I was waiting for her, I tried to entertain myself as I could - lighted a few fires, killed few beasts, tamed a brown bear. You know, it's an old russian tradition you know - taming bears while you wait for someone. They are great company when you are bored! About an hour later, when Sein returned, we hid the sailboat near the western shore, and travelled back home. But that's only the half of the story... Next day I fell asleep after the hard work in the village. And Sein decided to go back to the sailboat and check if it's still there... Somehow, she managed to miss all the local monsters, and arrived to the boat. Then she thought 'Why not to try to reach Elevation?'.. Really, why not? So she sailed off the coast to the ocean, in a small sailboat, heading in unknown direction to the lands she never seen... After some time in the endless ocean, she finally saw the far shore of the other continent... It was Elevation! There Sein remembered my story about the Altar of Three Gods, located somewhere in the northern regions. And she thought 'Why not to try to become a priest?'.. Really, why not? It was a late evening, on the unknown shore of the unfamiliar Epic PvP continent... The best time for taking a trip and doing something new, yeah. So she saw a long white ray, coming from the ground up to the sky... Then she sailed there all night, along the wild Elevation shoreline. Hungry bears and sharks were swimming around all night... In the morning, when Sein got closer to the light ray location, she saw TONS OF MONSTERS roaming the shores of the northern peninsula... They all gathered around the Altar, looked like they are guarding it from unwary travellers... Trolls, demons, bears, hellhounds, goblins, spiders - almost all kinds of monsters gathered there. Sein tried to climb out of water to look around, but the shore was too steep... Luckily, there were lots of lost horses swimming around that area... And somehow Sein didn't think about what happened to their previous owners. She thought "Yay! Free horses!!!" So she caught one of the horses, mounted it and climber out of water. Then Sein waited for the best moment, when some monsters move aside, and swiftly rushed to the Altar! Unfortunately, (or luckily) only ONE hellhound noticed her... And chased her of course... Sein was wearing only thin leather armor, so by the time she reached the Altar - her horse was already dead, and Sein had some serious wounds... She quickly activated the Altar of Three... and some inscriptions started to pop up, with some questions, warnings, etc. At the same time the hellhound continued to chew her... tearing her armor and body apart... Boosted by fear and adrenaline rush, Sein clicked everything she could click! Then the Red Tunnel came, and Sein died. A great luck - she managed to choose the correct resurrection point, and appeared in our village, back on Serenity. Naked, frozen and hungry of course... Everything she had was left far behind on the Elevation, near the Altar - like it was a sacrifice to the Gods - a price to become a Priest. By that moment I woke up, and came to see what happened - her cries could wake up the dead... Sein said: 'I think I just became a priest... i'm not sure though...' So I told her to check her Favor - and yep, she had more Favor than a common Follower could ever have! Somehow in the very last moment of her life - she clicked the last window and completed the Ritual.
  10. Having played this game for a very long time I thought I would give writing a story a go based on my experiences in the game. Ive done this in the past with other games but seldom ever posted a story. With that I have completed the first part of the story. I intend to continue this story up to modern day Chaos. This part however is the meager beginning on Golden Valley. Hope you enjoy. foggy. I don't remember much from the previous night other then a strange mirrored ball and a bunch of red wine. All I can see in my current foggy state as I lay slumped over the edge of the bed is a bucket with food and water, a meditation rug and a odd statue laying on the ground. I have no idea where I am or how I got here. Standing up I start to take stock of whats around me. To my left a wooden wall with no windows. A general glance to my right and behind me reveals much the same. In front of me there is a wooden wall with a door. Pulling myself up out of bed I reach out to try and open the door. No such luck there as the door is locked. So here I sit in this tiny little room which would appear as a jail more then a hospitable retreat. Question is what on earth did I do to get tossed in this room? The door in front of me creeks open and a slanky fellow sticks his head in, "You okay fella?" "Other than a feeling of utter dread I guess I should be thankful I'm alive." "Aye you should" "You drifted up to the shore in a row boat and crashed on some rocks on the shore" "Ahh I see so is this a Hospital room or a Mental institution i've landed in?" "Not that simple friend. No one knows who you are so its both" With that the door closes and the strange little fellow vanished leaving me with nothing to do. Looking around I notice a carving knife on the floor and some fairly decent wood so I decided now would be a good time to carve out a few arrows and fashion a bow perhaps. A few hours later I managed to make a few wooded arrows but come to realize there was no way to make a decent arrow head. What a waste of time. Not like I had much going on anyways. Carving a polearm might be a better idea and with that I managed to carve a fine polearm which I hid under the bed for safe keeping. Another few hours pass before that strange fellow came back. "You feeling any better yet?" "Aye I am" "Who are you anyways?" "The name is Fohmyn and you have found your way to Golden Valley" "That was my next question actually..where did I crash" "But telling me I am in Golden Valley does little to explain where I am" "No other way to explain it other then to say welcome to Golden Valley" "Come with me and I'll show you around" Standing up and gathering myself I step in the direction of the door which Fohmyn opens wide enough for me to see that its daylight. Stepping out taking a look around I see a large area surrounded by small stone walls and wooden fences with small little buildings on each side apparently serving as gate houses or guard houses or in my case a jail. In the middle of this fenced in area are 4 building about 4 times the size of those gate houses. Fields of various types were all about growing corn, cotton, wemp and pumpkins. There are food storage bins on the sides of the houses and other storage bins laying on the ground as well. Fohmyn continues to lead me to the southern gate house and through to what looks like a door in the ground. As we approach the door opens and leads into a dark cavern. A little deeper into the mine we stop at an iron vein. With that he hands me a pickaxe and motions at the iron. "Start mining" "Start Mining?" "You haven't even asked me my name yet" "Or does that not matter?" "It will once you prove your worth" "So mine until I tell you to stop" "And if I don't feel like mining?" "If I would rather just leave?" "Well your on an island and your boat is in a million pieces so you have no way to leave" "So ive landed on an island called Golden Valley?" "The Irony" "Don't worry about all that just start mining" As far as I am concerned this has to be the strangest day any one person could every wake up to. Several more hours pass by while I mined away. By this time I managed to mine up about 200 ore before Fohmyn reappeared in the mine. He indicates to me that its time to move on to a different assignment. I was led up to the fields I observed earlier and was handed a rake and told to tend all the fields. For a guy who has never touched a rake ever this was going to take a very long time. Hours felt like days as I tended section after section of the field, and as the day grew longer there appeared to be nothing more i could want for then sleep. A night with quiet darkness to contemplate my current situation. Nearing the half way point I could see some rapid movement as the off in the distance. I could hear Fohmyn yelling at someone named Yami to grab a sword. Out of curiosity I spun around to catch a glimpse of a lion nearing the camp. A massive beast slowly trudging across a road. About that time a loud alarm goes off and I could see the others in the camp grabbing weapons and armor and running towards a gate house on the north side of the camp. envious I was as they headed off to adventure and danger while I am left alone in the camp to work. Within a few hours I see Fohmyn return with the other three, one of which I assumed was Yami and the other two I had no clue of who they were or what to call them. They passed by hauling the carcass of the lion with much weariness in their eyes yet satisfaction that the little adventure they went on was a success. I could hear one say "looks as though we will be having a feast tonight". This sounded good I thought to myself as after working in this seemingly endless field I was building up an appetite. Fohmyn passes by and I managed to muster enough courage to inquire if I too would be able to enjoy this "feast"? Well grunt, when you finish this current task then yes you will be able to have a bit of a bite. You have earned that at the very least. Another two hours pass by and I see an end to the job at hand. Fohmyn approaches me with a meal in what appeared to be a clay bowl. So hungry was I that I honestly don't remember what it even taste like. We all sat around a camp fire on the ground. The fire felt good as a cool breeze was moving in from the north. I sat quietly as they all shared stories of the days adventure. I was slowing starting to figure out who was who. Yami was the talkative one that seemed to never take a breath when talking. Fohmyn I already knew, he was the apparent leader of the group. Uilnaydar was second in command and then there was Don who spoke broken English but was loyal to the group. Those 4 made up the camp that I found myself trapped in with no way to leave. I had no choice other than to make good of the situation I was in as I had no boat and with that no way to leave. What was in store for me in the days to come? I had no idea but what ever it was I was going to face it with brave intent. Days pasted by and it would seem that the group was slowly taking to my presence. It felt as though I was gradually being accepted into the group. I no longer had to wear the chain that normally kept me in the mine or chained to a fence while tending fields. Trust was slowly being earned. I was even allowed to help in the building of the camp as every day they were working to improve or repair the buildings and fences that comprised our camp. Yes our camp, I felt as though I was meant to be here for some odd reason, as though destiny had a hand in crashing my boat upon the shoreline. Yami, the talkative one, approaches me with a sword in hand. "Here ya go Kriet, your going to need this" he says with an odd gleam in his eye. "why?" I replied. "We are setting out to hunt wolf Uilnaydar spotted a few minutes ago to the south of here" Yami states flatly. "all I get is a sword? No armor?" Yami looks at me with a giggle and says "armor is given to those we know will survive" "survive this and we will see about a nice set of leather armor for you" That feeling of utter dread starts to creep back into my mind as I suddenly felt like a helpless meat shield. We all gathered in the darkness around the camp fire that was in the center of the camp. Swords in hand Uilnaydar hands me a shield made of wood. A small round shaped thing with a cross in the middle. With Fohmyn at the front we started heading to the east gate. Passing through the gate I could see we exited on a road that was narrow. Trees lined the road making it hard to see much of anything around us. Eventually after traveling along this narrow road we came to a place where the road went north and south. This was a much bigger road, two lanes across with sand on either side. I could see a town off in the distance to the north and up a large hill. It was well lit much like our camp was. We turned south and headed down the road in search of a wolf as it was explained to me by Yami. I could sense the uneasiness in the group. Uilnaydar was tapping his shield with his sword as we walked along the road. Don followed behind keeping an eye out to the north as we traveled slowly down this long road that seemed long and endless. The road went up hill and on the left I could see the statue of a dog near a wooden mine door. Off to my left I could see a large boat in what looked as though it was a lake. A large boat in a land locked lake. Yet another odd site to behold in my new surroundings. With that the silence was broken as a howl could be heard in the near distance. "Form a line" Fohmyn yells, and with those orders we all got in line and there it was, a hulking beast with glowing red eyes and teeth that looked as though they were grown for the sole purpose of biting someones head off. What have I gotten myself into I though to myself. Where have I landed? what was this place that would spawn a beast of this sort? "CHARGE" I hear Fohmyn yell and without hesitation Don and Yami run head long into the beasts waiting grasp....... More to come soon.
  11. Plus an SNL sketch. EDIT: Reminds me of a dev's article commenting on how Oblivion gameplay encourages one to act ingame like a skipping flower-picker just to get up the skills needed for a sneaky, poison-using assassin.
  12. Fanart Roundup #1

    It's time for our first ever fanart roundup! We've collected some of the best art & written stuff from this month to showcase here and across our social media. Artists/writers are listed alphabetically. We ended up with a lot of written stuff for #1, with a lot of it being of a really impressive quality. ************************************************************* Corvan Although this wasn't published this month, I really enjoyed the story from start to finish and felt that it was worth making a tribute to on roundups. I'd like to search out and post more old work every now and again like this. I'll start off by just posting an introduction to the story. I'm going to formally gather everything up into one story and do some very basic editing, currently the story is spread out across 3 topics. Watch out for it in #2 - it deserves the attention! One Man Outpost Introduction In the middle of the lands, by the Whitelight and the Altar of the Three, stood an outpost. It wasn't always an outpost though. It was once a village but the name of the village was lost long ago, in the early years of the first people of the Jenn Kellon lands. It was once a ruin, of falling tall stone walls, broken houses and infestations of various creatures most of which were dogs and black wolves. But one day centuries after its fall a single man walked into the ruined settlement and began to rebuild it by himself. The walls were repaired and improved beyond what they once were, houses built, forges and ovens made, paths paved. The one who rebuilt this place was a man named Corvan. Corvan was a man who prefered the peacefulness of being alone. For many annoyed him and he was doing no good with where he was. So he set out on his own with a cart and what ever he could stock it with. For many years now Corvan has lived in this outpost all by himself maintaining it and keeping the general area clear of almost everything but a few creatures. In all the years he has lived in this area, various people have walked unknowingly to their deaths. Corvan told them to leave and they did not, so they were killed, their heads cut from the bodies and put on stakes near a road as a sign not to leave the road. Corvan also did not care for the war that was going on, but he still prayed to Magranon every day, and yet even with his sinful deeds, Magranon accepted his prayers and sacrifices. Why the god accepted them, Corvan may never know and honestly liked it that way. His reputation has grown to be a ruthless social outcast. Which is probably true, or is just misunderstood. But this is his story and his life. ************************************************************* Docterchese A little bit of siege-inspired non-rhyming poetry. I couldn't resist the temptation to get involved The Prison Locked: by day, by night, Smashing at the doors. "Food, money, your wife, your life. There is no rest for the wicked." Days upon days of Fear, frightfulness, Cowering as they come Frantic as they leave. You could call them bullies. Pinning down a small town Looting whatever they can Things they don't require But instead, we call them Enemies. ************************************************************* Gumbo The latest article from Gumbo's brilliant Wunion newspaper. The Wunion Famous Freedom Farmer Found Fraudulent It's never a good thing when someone that everybody knows, gets caught using a device that isn't permitted by law. Today unfortunately, is that day for Blahsonson. The spooky rumours and speculations have always existed ever since the Weeping Angels deed first showed up in the Crystal Lake area. Stories like statues mysteriously moving around doing the farming of the crops in the middle of the night, or the genetically modified three legged chickens spotted dashing about the local countryside. For many months the Wunion has secretly been spying on the now infamous farmer in an effort to put an end to the scuttlebutt. On the cusp of a huge announcement from the deeds mayor, we've found out how Blahsonson was really able to tend so many crops, with seemingly so little effort. You'll be shocked by what we discovered. A call was placed for a rather large amount of his goods to be delivered to a distant deed. Knowing the farmhouse would be unguarded, it was the perfect opportunity to investigate. Inside the barn we found nothing out of the ordinary until I accidentally stepped on the head of a rake that was propped up against the back of a large cart. The odd thing was that this rake didn't flip up and hit me in the face... like they normally do when I step on rakes. This rake, and a few others were bound to the back of the cart with wires. There were also a couple of springs jammed in between the rakes' shaft and the cart. Apparently Blahsonson had invented some sort of self farming cart. All he need do is hitch a couple of horses, ride up and down his fields, and the attached rakes would groom all the fields automatically. Well I say we form a mob, go back to his home and burn it down to the ground for practicing witchcraft! (or we could politely ask him to help us all make one of these carts, either way is fine by me). ************************************************************* Rosedragon 3 pictures and a sculpture: pictures created mainly with Adobe Photoshop for drawing & colouring. Sculpture was (I assume!) made from sculpting clay. The Weaponsmith's Wagon "Gather around on Freedom Market, ladies and gentlemen, because Gumbo is here with his exquisite high-end weapons!" Lau's Smokey Invention "As thick black smoke cover the entire village, one would wonder if it is new weapon deployed by the enemies. The culprit though, is Lau the engineer. Excited with his new ballista invention, he doesn't realize that his fried fish overcooked on his always-hot-oven9000." Happy Wurm Halloween A special festive commission! Lava Fiend Sculpture Playing around with sculpting different objects, and this Lava Fiend turned out the best. ************************************************************* Zwei Zwei has been working on a currently untitled story. We've been given the first chapter to read! "A follower of Libila was subsequently chosen as a demi-god, instead of creating a double image, this new being is allowed to roam freely upon the very planet that she was chosen to be upon. As the darkness unfolds around her, she learns that she is not only a simple demi-god, nor a pawn to Libila's blacklight cause, but rather the split-manifesto of Libila herself. Little does she know of who she'll encounter, legendary beasts, whitelighters, and even the chosen emperor await her as she roams the stretch of land. Searching for a purpose that does not outweigh her." Prologue Soft Hands, Rough Start The gentle hands of Libila that caressed around me upon joining the blacklight was a feeling no other deity could provide. I felt at home in the loving embrace of the dark goddess herself. I was all but tempted to leave, and held only close. I closed my eyes, kept silent, listening only to the sound of the earth whizzing by me: the sounds of deer being startled, spiders hissing, and trolls growling were all a thing of the past. I opened my eyes to the view of night. Valrei was high above me in the sky, and Jackal to my left. I looked down at my hands, my hands were scarred with black ink, or was it truly ink? I couldn't decide, but it did not matter. I was an incarnate of the blacklight, birthed by Libila. Chapter 1 The first impression I stepped forward, I felt my feet hit hard rock, and in reaction I looked down. My eyes widened momentarily as I noticed my position. At the peak of a mountain. No wonder the land that laid before me was so easy to view. I continued my steps.The crumble of the gravel at the peak underneath my feet made a distinct sound, telling me blindly where I was. I turned, and noticed far in my vision was a black light, a different hue from the darkness of the sky. “Home,†I smiled. I twisted my head, the noticeable light to the far north, the white light shown high into the sky. I thought for a moment too long, and all I could feel was my fist burning. I shook my head, and continued to move. I came to an edge, I could not simply walk down this slope. I readied my feet, and did something unusual, a jump. I stood back, and launched myself forward. Flailing as I did so, I landed a few meters down. A rough landing as my knee took the most impact. The pain was severe to me, and all I could do was attempt to stand, dusting off the rocks that made an imprint in my skin. I groaned, and continued to move. I paced my movement to avoid misstepping as the pain was stinging me harshly, almost forcing me to my knee in the process. I stepped slowly, and silently down the mountain. I had nothing of use to help me climb, and for the life of me If I had them I probably could not use such tools to help me either way. I finally came to a cliff edge, this was the end of a small rock like road I had followed halfway down the mountain, far beneath me was water. A sudden drop off. I stepped back some, and looked around. Was there anyway else? I couldn't believe it, I began to run forward. My feet shaking furiously from the pain that came sneaking into my circuits from my bloodied knee. As I came to the edge, I launched myself forward. My body gave out, and instead an imperfect backflip was created that sent me flailing and flipping to my possible death in the water below. Time seemed to move slowly during these few moments. I could see a small trail of blood follow after me as I went almost head-first into the lake below. I hit the water with a loud thud, my body numbing instantly due to the shockwave of pain that quickly overcame me as I felt water surround me. I couldn’t breathe, my air was knocked out upon impact, and I slowly floated down towards the lake-bed. Bubbles and blood trailing slowly after me. As I reached the lake-bed, I tried to straighten out, forcing myself to the surface by floating. Moving through the blood cloud left a sizzling sensation against my eyes, and took much longer than I expected, but alas' I had Finally felt the cold wind beat against my figure as I reached the top of the lake again. I laid floating silently for what could be deemed minutes. I was still numb, my knee stinging with enough pain to bring down an elephant. How long was it going to take for me to finally move? Slowly my body came to its senses and fulfilled its duties of actually moving. My muscles tensed gently, and my feet slowly pulled under me in the water, up-righting myself. I looked around in the water, watching silently in the lake. Finally I made my move. I swung my arms forwards as I began to paddle my way to the shore. My feet touched the sand, I then skittered up the shore, and fell into the grass that awaited me. What a comfortable feeling, maybe I could have just slept here if it wasn't for the severe pain that has been enveloping my leg since the start of my rebirth. I took the time to finally examine this damaged muscle, my eyes silently observing the scab that already began to cover the wound. It was a devastating rash, something you’d get from getting dragged by a horse for torture. I knew the water of the lake did very little in cleaning the wound, if anything I was more likely to be infected, but with my own perks as a child of Libila, I knew this would not hurt me in the end. The Path of Insanity… I stood up, looking around for some grass, and possibly something to adhere the objects I needed in question together. It would be kind to have this healed anyways. There were sounds all around me, as if the night-life was awaiting my entry. Croaks from frogs, and crickets. Squawks from crows and birds that found the night as comfortable as I did. I could even hear a deer in the distance. Why were they awake? I shook off the last of my numbness, and began to walk. Every step was filled with hellish like pain that kept me from moving at the best of my ability. I finally came to a tree that seemed different from the others. An odd one out of the birch forest I walked in, a willow. I stayed there, watching the darkness of the night creep around me. I looked closely at the willow for a while, seeing if there was any uniqueness apart from the fact it was located in a colossal birchwood forest. To my surprise there were notches in the wood as if someone were ready to cut down this lovely pinnacle of wood-groove beauty. I let my nail dig into a notch, pulling the bark clean off, and then looking for sap of some sort. I was keen to remember my need to prepare a healing cover, as if I let this problem go without the attention it needed, it would cause my travels to become all the more unbearable. If left unattended I would probably be bent over like a hunchback with my left hand pressed against the wound like I was attempting to hide a bad vampire’s bite. With this in mind I continued my small quest to pull grasses, and weeds from all around me. After a while I had a nice stockpile of grass and an assortment of goodies that were needed to address my ever present wound. I examined the willow once more, and took it upon myself to stab my nails into the bark, pulling a fair amount off the side. A jackpot was struck, and the gold was called sap. I pulled the substance from the tree, and wiped it against the grass I had previously harvested, holding the strands together. I sat down cautiously, and took two pieces of bark that could hold sturdy, and placed them on either side of my knee. Turning my leg towards the ground I pulled the grass strands around the bark splint, and used the sap as the glue to adhere the splint all together. Finally my knee was tended to, but I couldn’t move. The sap was not yet hard enough to be able to hold everything together if I thought to move around. I think it was about time I had some shut eye. Afterall, it was certainly a painful experience. ************************************************************* So... that concludes the first roundup. I'd love to see more people making more art - don't be afraid! Get out your pens or paintbrushes or maybe even sing a song (if you feel brave!) I'll be posting the next one on the first weekend in December, with promises of more art and stories as well as Corvan's One Man Outpost story fully collected up and posted. What do you think to the monthly format? And what do you think to maybe including some mini-competitions? Honourable mention: Jberg's Wraith Gif If I've missed anything, please say so below and I'll put it in the main topic. Specifically, Boombza told me he had something in the works but I couldn't find it/am not sure if it was posted.
  13. here's how it works..and it can be very fun n simple add a line or a few to the existing sentences. what results is a story that is composed of by many many wurmians with seperate individual flair and imaginations to how the story Unfolds. The woods were thick with the scent of fear, the mycelium was crackling as it stretched n grew along the rock face. a faint flicker could be seen in the recesses of the cave near water's edge and wisps of smoke danced and swirled their way into the midnight air........
  14. as fun as this game is it can get kind of boring after awhile....can we find a way to liven things?? maybe with quests that actually have a start and end point? or even some small storylines and tales??
  15. Check out my almost finished multi-story mansion! When I try to build the roof, it tells me that I don't have sufficient carpentry to do so. My carpentry is at 44.81. Anyone have any idea when I would be able to build the roof? Edit: spelling Edit: added spoiler
  16. Earlier this week I went up to do some road construction near a friends' deed. The roads were a knot and needed to be wiped out and rebuilt. While up there, I got some croc aggro, and retreated to his fence gate so I could bandage up, and noticed that his templars weren't leaping to my defense as usual. Well, I made short work of the croc but then noticed that the walls were decaying. Then it dawned on me. The settlement had disbanded. "Strange," I thought to myself, "his fields are still fresh, like they were just planted." I asked a few others in the alliance and nobody had seen him in a few days. Later that night I found his body on the road, south by the tundra. It was clear he'd died fighting. A few days have gone by, and we reluctantly pitched in to bring in his crops so they wouldn't wither in the fields. The road work is done. There've been some scavengers in local rifling through the bins, carting off anything that wasn't locked down, and who can blame them? Where guards used to protect his mine from scorpions, scorpions now protect his mine from scavengers. After dwelling on his mysterious disappearance for an evening or two, I've concluded that he didn't notice his upkeep was low, and the settlement disbanded from under him, then he logged in and didn't see anyone in alliance, his horses were gone, and he had no templars to protect him. Realizing all of this, he started south toward Tap Dance to buy a new settlement form. If anyone meets a fellow named Frogster down there, please treat him kindly. He's a nice fellow and he's lost a lot this week. And if this is the last we see of the man, then it was a great pleasure to have known him.