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  1. Awesome christmas vibes. Great work team!
  2. o/ *Raises hand in the back of the class*
  3. Sounds great! Can we get some timers just so we all aligned?
  4. This is great -- ill drop one where i can!
  5. This one is definitely a collectable for me. Thanks devs!
  6. Hi Guys, So it comes with much sadness but due to game time i really needed to look at my deed in order to not make it so tough on me to upkeep. Alot of time has gone into planning this deed and constant configurations to make it easy to manage storage and overall beauty for a great place to relax and craft. As this decision has really been a hard one to make, i do believe that whoever takes over this spot will have the same vision as it is quite a nice cosy spot with good history and lots of nearby resources! I would love to add screenshots but i would highly suggest taking a ride out to see the place if you are seriously looking for a new estate. Some more info about the deed: The Beaumont (Cadence N21) Size of the deed: 57x31 Coffers: 1s 35c Monthly Upkeep: 3s50c Plenty enchanted tiles + slopes (if you like that type of layout style) On beach shore with a docks so access to the open seas are a boat ride away. I do not honestly have a price in mind, however am very open to offers. Contact me privately so we can discuss more! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE: See some screenshots of the deed here: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks all!