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Found 55 results

  1. Welcome to Hillshire! Recruitment: OPEN ░░░ Active Township, Community and Management ░░░ ░░░ Active Communities & Towns Near Us! ░░░ ░░░ Public Projects, Town Events & Much More! ░░░ ░░░ Avid Communication Between Management and Township ░░░ ░░░ Democratic/Electoral System Decides Councillors & Laws ░░░ ░░░ Community Communications Messageboards ░░░ ░░░ Community Task Boxes For Citizen to Work and make Copper and Silver! ░░░ ░░░ Easy Access to Sea & Deep Land ░░░ Hello there! Valiant here; acting High Councillor of Hillshire Village, we have a small deeded community along the Southeast coast of Independence (Near S-22 & S-23). Joining: Claiming a Plot: Who We Are: We are newly formed and are offering players various lots in our village (3x6, 3x3, 2x2), we're relatively small as it stands so if you're looking for a huge settlement or kingdom with lots of amenities we cannot offer the same level of amendments as other settlements but we can offer the ability to take part in a Town as it is being shaped and have a power position there within moving forward. We have Public Ammenities like Forges, Ovens, Looms and lots of Storage, Free Food, Items and Misc Free items in our Donation Area. We're planning to primarily be a Trading community with lots of internal activities, discussions, politics and game-play specific events for community members to take part in, our goal is expansion to other PvE servers and eventually a full-on maneuver into the PvP servers. We have very engaging and have setup fun and immersive town game-play systems for our villagers to take part in. We also posses a strong understanding about what makes a community great. Our villagers and management are also very active (daily). We're currently actively recruiting and our village leaders and members are always online on a daily basis as we are all active players, we procure most of our materials through our citizens whenever possible using in-game currency, this gives new players a chance to take part in our village's procurement process and have a chance at winning a contract which they can fulfill and make some Copper & Silver on the side!
  2. Hello, First off, we here on Indy do have far less Lag than Xanadu ? I'm located on Independence Q 20, just a bit south-west of the new central spawn hub "Haven Landing", you can follow the big 2 wide roads to find the place. The village is located on the newly created Canal, that connects the inner central Lake Crystal Bay and the small lake South Haven Lake and leads to the south sea, through a ship-tunnel. Means, you can sail to the village from south-east server boarder, and you can walk here from land. You can go shopping at the C.L.U.B. market, managed by Champagnedragon, just a minute north of my village, and i can also offer help on entchanting tools or weapons with my priest, and possibly help from alliance-priests, which will make your newbie life incredibly easier, and your veteran life bit more comfortable. I offer a village workshop, which has all kind of raw and bulk materials inside, which you can use to make your items out of. (For example Wooden Logs, Rockshards, Sand, Clay, Iron, Silver, Zinc, Tin, etc.) I offer a clay tile in the area, which you can dig all you like, the next closest claytile is at Haven Landing and further away at the eastern Lakes. The idea is, useing these materials you can create and improve your items and skills very efficiently. I can provide some free skiller tools as a starting gift, after short playtime. The workshop provides beds, forges, ovens, BSB, FSB, and of course shelter from the outside world ? You are allowed to use the free, public usable rockshards to make your bricks for your first stone house later, or use free Logs for a wooden house, and sand/clay for mortar and keep all materials you create for yourself of course. I see no need to focus on a house for a new player, but if you stay around for longer time, login regulary, i will help you to make a house plot for yourself. Screenshots i will add later. My character ingame name is Daryan, leave a forum message, try me ingame or try discord: @OsteGames/Steam/Twitch#6175 Twitch streamers, please notify me and keep the chat windows covered. Here is the topic about the Process of makeing the Canal:
  3. pick up at Little Harbor Preserve just across the small harbor NE of Dragon Fang (near where Stonehaven used to be) Adolescent Fat Rainrock (white) [13:08:17] It has fleeter movement than normal. It is a tough bugger. It has a strong body. It can carry more than average. It has a certain spark in its eyes. [13:08:17] Her mother is the old fat Lightningflea. Her father is the aged fat Cactusflea **20c** Adolescent Fat Tailshaft (black) [13:09:11] It has fleeter movement than normal. It has a strong body. It has lightning movement. It can carry more than average. It has very strong leg muscles. [13:09:11] His mother is the old fat Flashhoney. His father is the old fat Hardkiss. **20c** Adolescent Fat Ironhalim (black) [13:10:20] It has fleeter movement than normal. It has a strong body. It can carry more than average. It has very strong leg muscles. [13:10:20] Her mother is the old fat Lightningflea. Her father is the aged fat Cactusflea. **20c** Mature fat Chaserbony (black) [13:11:33] It has fleeter movement than normal. It is a tough bugger. It has a strong body. It can carry more than average. [13:11:33] Her mother is the old fat Westabia. **10c** FOALS: Adolescent Paintcopper (black) [13:12:31] It has fleeter movement than normal. It is a tough bugger. It has a strong body. It has very strong leg muscles. [13:12:31] Her mother is the mature fat Chaserebony. Her father is the aged fat Gallantpot. **10c** Adolescent Fat Dreambrisk (gold) [13:13:20] It has fleeter movement than normal. It is a tough bugger. It has a strong body. It can carry more than average. [13:13:20] His mother is the old fat Westabia. His father is the venerable fat Greywest. **10c** Adolescent Fat Ebonyjolly (gray) [13:14:29] It has a strong body. It has lightning movement. It can carry more than average. It has very strong leg muscles. [13:14:29] His mother is the old fat Lightningflea. His father is the old fat Hardkiss. **10c** Adolescent Fat Goldendance (black) [13:15:30] It has a strong body. It has lightning movement. It can carry more than average. It has very strong leg muscles. [13:15:30] His mother is the old fat Flashhoney. His father is the old fat Hardkiss. **10c** Adolescent Sadsage (black) [13:16:33] It will fight fiercely. It has fleeter movement than normal. It has a strong body. It has lightning movement. It has very strong leg muscles. [13:16:33] His mother is the old fat Cloudnafar. His father is the aged fat Gallantpot. **10c** Bison: breeding pair **20c** Adolescent fat bison: female [13:19:18] It has fleeter movement than normal. It is a tough bugger. It has a strong body. It looks unusually strong and healthy. Adolescent fat bison: male [13:20:24] It has fleeter movement than normal. It has a strong body. It is unusually strong willed. It has a certain spark in its eyes. Also cow calves breeding pair 20c Adolescent female: [13:21:49] It has fleeter movement than normal. It can carry more than average. It seems overly aggressive. It has a certain spark in its eyes. Adolescent male [13:22:23] It has fleeter movement than normal. It can carry more than average. It seems overly aggressive. It has a certain spark in its eyes.
  4. Hello everyone, I have 600 support beams for sale, and am willing to deliver to any coastal area on Freedom Isles (not Chaos) 4s/100 beams, or 22s if you buy all 600. I'll knock 50c off orders of 100 beams or more if you are willing to pick up from Independance L18, Sand Castle
  5. 15 - Red hat Gnomes - 4s each or 2 for 7s (SOLD) Note: The gnomes will be cod from Independance at buyers expense so make sure to leave the name you want your gnome sent to..thanks
  6. I have no idea what this would be worth if anything so going to auction it off i guess. The crate is located in the K8 area on Independance and will be pick up only 34ql - rare large crate, birchwood (K8 area on Independance - pick up only) starting bid: 50c increments: 20c buyout: 3s no reserve, 1h sniper Note: This does glow when it is on the ground so can be used for decoration too.
  7. closed

    I am looking for a breeding pair of 5 speed horses delivered to the Mouse Hole Memorial area (K9) on the west coast of Independance. (i might come get them if you are close to that area) Note: I am not looking for any extra traits since my AH is still in the 50 range it makes the offspring have mixed up traits so i just want the 5 speed boost traits only on them. (color does not matter but would prefer brown or black)
  8. I will be hitting 30 faith today on my Nahjo follower and will be looking to get him made a priest. I live on the NW of Independence so if you are in the NW area and can do this for me send me a pm. *closed
  9. I am looking for 3k dirt (10 crates) delivered to my deed located in the NW of Independance. Note: If you are close to me i might come get the dirt but i am not looking to go far so pm me and we can talk about it or if you want a more accurate location as to where i am at for delivery.
  10. (Closed)

    I am looking to get a +90 courier cast done in the NW corner of Independance and i am also in the market to get a breeding pair of 5 speed horses if you can help with one or preferable both of these send me a forum pm. Closed
  11. I am thinking about moving to Independance i have not lived there since Deliverance opened up so if you have a trader deed and are wanting to sell send me a pm here on the forums with your asking price and some screenshots along with the location. I would want a secluded area i like it where there is no one in my local and prefer spots where no one can really move in next to me. I doubt i will find anything this way but i will for sure have a look at what you have. I am not looking to pay a lot since i could just set up my own if it was to much. Edit: Waterfront preferred but will look at others too. Closed: I don't think i am going to find what i want this way so closing this now.
  12. Hello, my deed Rockport is looking for new citizens we will take anyone as long as they can speak english and are respectful. The only rules i have are u cannot chop oak or willow trees in or on the perimeter and i encourage all citizens to replant trees they chop around the deed. You can join by looking on the village recruitment or you can PM my main character Masterthief.
  13. Greeting People of Wurm! For sell is, 1k of planks, low ql and pinewood for 1.5 silver 1 rare bsb, 20ql, Pine - 1.5 for the above items please PM Denafig ingame if you wish to buy rare lantern sold or, if a lantern isn't your style, I will make large or small crates, 10c per. All you have to do is come down. (crates not available on demand, order needs to be placed ahead of time) PM Isleana or post here 7,200 dirt for 1s per 1k of dirt. PM Rockhopper ingame for details *No delivery will be made to PvP servers
  14. Cedar Hills Smithy Priced to Compete with any other Blacksmithing merchant. Cedar Hills is at 34y 52x Independance Server. Can be mailed for the 10c fee,20c cross server fee (shovels included). Orders can be sent Ingame @ Tekada or via Forum Message Soon to come, Tailoring and Carpentry! (cross server delivery fees, 1s per border crossed.) (Mail Courier 59) Blacksmithing Tools 50ql 10c 60ql 20c 70ql 40c 80ql 80c85ql 1.4s Horseshoes x4 50ql 50c x4 70ql 1s Large Anvils 40ql 20c 50ql 30c 60ql 45c 70ql 75c 80ql 1s 85ql 1.6s Lamps (Available in Copper up to 60ql)(Now Available in White & Green) 30ql 80c x10 50ql 1.5s x10 60ql 2.0s x10 70ql 3.0s x10 Imperial Street Lamps 30ql 1s x10 40ql 1.3s x10 50ql 1.6s x10 Brass (Street and Hanging) 40ql x5 1.5s 50ql x5 2.25s Bronze 40ql x5 1.5s 50ql x5 2.25s Huge Bells 50c Candelabra's Iron/Copper 30ql x10 1.5s 40ql x10 2.5s Gold Candelabra's 30qlx5 1.5s 40qlx5 2.5s Gold Lamps 30ql x10 1.5s 40ql x10 2.5s 50ql x10 3.5s Cloth Tailoring Sheets: 30ql: 5c 50ql: 10c Meditation Rugs 30ql: 10c 40ql: 20c 50ql: 30c Fine Meditation Rugs 30ql: 20c 40ql: 30c 50ql: 40c Beautiful Meditation Rugs 30ql: 30c 40ql: 40c 50ql: 50c Triangle Sail: 30ql: 20c 50ql: 40c Small Square Sail: 30ql: 20c 50ql: 40c Square Sail: 30ql: 50c 50ql: 80c Banners & Kingdom Banners: 25c (Freedom Only) ( I cannot offer Black Legion Banners) Guard Towers: 50ql 5s (Includes room for repair) Current in stock: 80ql Large Anvil 2 80ql Pickaxes
  15. Starting Bid: 5s Min. Increase: 1s Buyout: 15s Hidden Reserve: It's a secret Sniper Protection: 1 hour Cannot be mailed [20:01:21] The longsword will not fit in the spirit castle. Located at Agate Keep 10, Q ingame map for pick up or delivery fee based on location Long sword sold to PlaugeB
  16. There is a rare Corbita for sale @ 39y 62x on the community map. Deed name Final Sacrifice, just north of Dark Hills on the map. Lock and Anchor provided. Boat is just over 40ql. [12:03:49] A ship with square sails steered by two side rudders connected to each other. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is locked with a lock of pretty good quality. It is made from cedarwood. You must use a file to smooth out the "For Sale" in order to improve it. Ql: 41.50864, Dam: 0.0. The name of the owner, Cathor, has been etched in the stern. Would prefer collection but can deliver for an extra fee. Have boat Transport and obviously it can sail. Extra costs for other continents. All fair offers / trades considered. PM me in game if interested or reply here. Thanks Cathor
  17. I have two lots one is a stack of 100 rafts and the other is a stack of 50 rafts. They are located in the north inner sea area on Independence at 30x 16y The Northern Outpost. I will only be at the deed for a few days so it will be a short auction. 1: 100 rafts (mixed low ql) Starting Bid: 2sIncrements:50cBuyout: 8sNo Reserve, 1h sniper 2: 50 Rafts (mixed low ql) Starting Bid: 1sIncrements: 50cBuyout: 4sNo Reserve, 1h sniper
  18. Deeds name is Red Mountain Trade Port size is 71x91 and it located at (46x 56y Independance) I don't know a lot about the deed to be honest i bought it and decided it was to large for a trader deed and not be living there. Your best bet is to go look it has loads of buildings i got 22 writs but i have no idea if it was all of them or not. There was also a ton of villagers as members i have told them they have a week till the 14th to get packed up and moved so if you do buy it please allow them a chance to move or maybe if you want they might stay. Anyway.. Starting Bid: 40s Increments: 5s Buyout: 50s (euro 1-1 ratio) No reserve, 1h sniper
  19. Hello, i am located on the north side of independance and i am looking to purchase a Drake Hide set of any color of QL above 80,i am looking to pay anything up to 1g or 100 euros, reply here or PM TheDragonSlaya if you have any drake hide sets to offer EDIT: Close please, purchased for 100euros
  20. Close Found Seller
  21. Title states all 1k of each will deliver free if i can get a Corb docked,on Indy, 4 Silver pm in game or leave message below
  22. Looking to buy 40s, I can cod. Please pm with price offer. I can pay with Paypal. Thanks
  23. Auctioning Rare Unfinished Forge Can be Picked up at Dragonfoot, Independence 30x 32y ( Closest Port is Damascus, or North of FM if by road ) or can be mailed. Sent to Fjalke for winning bid of 10s [19:21:44] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than thirty minutes.
  24. WELCOME TO KALAYAAN KALAYAAN VILLAGE, is a village located on the "Independence" server, at the co-ordinates of "37y, 17x" (based off of this map -; literally a small boat ride across the sea, from The Howl! (Our village map: FOR us at Kalayaan, we value three things greatly - that is: Freedom (honestly, you can do whatever you see fit: make what you want, pursue any job that you want, do work as you please, etc.), Community (being active within the community - talking to others, being respectful, helping one another out, etc.), and Having Fun (this is rather self-explanatory -> Wurm is about having fun!) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OUR community has a lot of benefits to offer you - everything from easy access to ample supplies of lumber, stones, ores, and other basic resources for all your construction needs; to easy "job related" resources, buildings, and areas (i.e. tons of grape vines for any vintners, a harbour for anyone that likes to fish, mines, etc.). BUT in order to keep things simple, let's take you through the major parts of our village, one by one, giving you a detailed description of what we have to offer you in each area! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- KALAYAAN RESIDENTIAL ZONES --> TOWN CENTRE KALAYAAN offers several "community services" to its residents, such as the newly built community centre which holds all of our major buildings and major communal services (such as a woodworks, a smithy/stoneworks, a (to-be-finished) hospital, and a kitchen and hunting lodge)! EACH community building is fully available to all members of the Kalayaan Community, regardless of their wurm experience! Here are a couple photos of our town centre: KALAYAAN RESIDENTIAL ZONES --> HOUSES KALAYAAN offers its residents several different sizes of homes in order to decorate as they see fit, several of them are compeltely empty, while some of them have been furnished already by communtiy members who have left; nonetheless, there are homes of all sizes, with varying property lots that can be built, furnished, and maintained (don't worry, our friendly village can help you with that!) EACH house comes fully built, in terms of walls, doors, windows, etc. - and a generally blank backyard (nothing planted, but with fencing!); nothing else is put into the house if it is an unfinished, so that way you can decorate it as you see fit! Some pictures of these include: KALAYAAN HARBOUR --> HARBOURFRONT & CANAL KALAYAAN is lucky enough to border right onto the "Inner Sea" in Wurm - meaning Kalayaan takes full advantage of this, by maintaining a working Harbour that is available for use by all members of the Kalayaan Community and "Liberty" Alliance members; such features on the harbour include: large shipbuilding areas, receiving (delivery) house for shipments and purchases, waterfront properties (i.e. large homes for shipbuilders), a large canal just north of the village, and all around ample area to moor/dock your vessel! Photos of which, include: KALAYAAN HARBOUR --> LIGHTHOUSE KALAYAAN is lucky enough to have been able to build a "Lighthouse" (which is essentially a raised crop of land; raised high enough that it is able to be seen from a distance, with hell-horses at the top acting as the light source). While the practical value of it is only for people at sea, it does offer an aesthetic quality for members of the community! Pictures of it include: KALAYAAN HARBOUR --> KALAYAAN INN KALAYAAN has, on-deed, what is called an "Inn" (though it is currently under renovations; a great project for anyone who likes to build things!) - that is, a building that has four rooms, each with storage bins, forges, beds, ovens, altars, etc., for anyone passing by with their boat, on foot, with a cart, etc., who need a place to stay for the night! This is a great place, that only costs approximately 10iron to rent out, that is accessible to just about anyone, regardless if they are a part of the village or not! Some photos include: KALAYAAN AGRICULTURAL ZONE --> FIELDS AND ENCLOSURE! KALAYAAN has a vast range of fields and stables, used primarily for growing crops, and containing our animals (horses, cows, etc.). Our 6-8 fields, some of which contain at least 100 individual tiles for planting crops on, are the centre of our profit in Kalayaan! Specializing primarily in "Potatoes" and other vegetables, our fields are sure to not disappoint any farmer or potential customer! Not to mention, we also have an enormous enclosure, excellent for natural growth, in terms of trees and wildlife! IN our fields, you will also find our many horses (which we breed and then sell for money), and cows, that are also used for meats, food, etc. PHOTOS of our fields include: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SO WHO ARE WE LOOKING FOR? ESSENTIALLY, we are looking for just about ANYONE that is active, and willing to participate in a community setting! We don't care if you are young in wurm, old; it doesn't really matter what timezone you are from, or anything like that... KALAYAAN accepts everyone... everyone is welcome to join! IF INTERESTED, FEEL FREE TO CONTACT "XANDRYA" (OUR MAYOR), "MITGIRA" (OUR DEPUTY MAYOR), "TESULA" (ONE OF OUR VILLAGE SENIORS) OR "VEX" IN-GAME, IN ORDER TO GET HELP/DIRECTIONS TO KALAYAAN, AND TO ULTIMATELY JOIN US!