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Found 22 results

  1. Festival of the Veil (Samhain/Halloween festival and Impalong) October 24-30th Greetings Fellow NFI Guys and Ghouls, Its your friendly Cathedral Crypt Keeper here, I'm just dieing with excitement to invite you to one of the first Norther Freedom Isle Impalong. The Zombies and I will be hard at work getting everything ready including this post, keep an eye on this page for updates. What's an Impalong? It's a community event/festival that's hosted by someone on their deed, often times they have themes to match the season, holiday, or hold some special meaning to the host. The word impalong was created long before i became a wurmian, but it refers to the action of gathering and improving items for your fellow Wurmian, it is an event where crafters and priests from across Wurm join together to improve/enchant other players gear for free. Everyone is welcome to work on their skills at the event. In addition to the imping/enchanting, there are various other things such as games and events, prize giveaways, contests, and sometimes even GM's drop in to spawn a few mobs on unsuspecting Festival-goers. Location (where to find us) The cathedral is on the western shore of the heart shaped bay on cadence at map coordinates G23 just north of Broken Heart Bay Event Schedule (all times are U.S. central time zone) Oct 24th 12am gates open to public Oct 25th - 1v1 Tournament Begins Oct 26th - Fishing Contest Oct 27th - Scavenger Hunt Oct 28th - Rose Garden Maze opens Oct 29th Costume contest Oct 30th Bonfire and Closing ceremony The Discord Channel We use this for everything The Deed The Community Workshop (the impalong facility) The Pilgrim's Rest Inn Events The Rules Materials Provided (Donations are welcome and greatly appreciated) Event Staff (PM one of the people listed below when they are online or in local for refueling forges, returning your items, getting you more imping material, and check in at the inn.) more info to come soon
  2. Purebreds H is proud to present our horse selling business on Harmony and Cadence! All horses for sale are free of negative traits. 100 horses are available to buy! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NEWS!!! Purebreds is now also selling horses on Cadence, at the brillant Eckywecky Market in i24 (Destined Spirits deed). There are many of my horses there including 4-draft and 4-speed ebony blacks, available from self-service pens. Be sure to check the updated list in Ecky's shop, because horses sell very fast there atm. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Harmony horses. NB! There is no self-service sale on Harmony, we have to chat in game. Look for my posts in Trade Chat or talk to me here in the forum. 4-draft/3-draft horses These horses all have the 3 main traits that make your carts go woosh! Most of them also have easy on gear, but that does nothing. Multiple of each coat are available: Ebony Black, Appaloosa: 3 silver Black Silver, Blood Bay, Chestnut, Gold Buckskin, Skewbald Pinto, Piebald Pinto, Grey: 2.5 silver Black, Gold: 2.5 silver (males only) 3-draft/2-draft horses These horses are missing one of the main draft traits. They are great for your breeding stock. Multiple of each coat are available Ebony Black, Appaloosa, Skewbald Pinto: 50c Mules - the faster choice! Mules are faster than draft horses with same number of traits. 4-draft/3-draft mules: 3 silver 4-Speed horses Multiple of each coat are available Ebony Black: 1.5 silver Black Silver, Skewbald Pinto, Gold Buckskin, Appaloosa: 70c Blood Bay, Chestnut, Piebald Pinto, White, Black: 50c Rare trait horses 1. 4-draft Skewbald Pinto male aged Callsilver (strong body, carry more, nimble, easy on gear) - 13 silver 2. 3-draft Chestnut female mature Sadnorth (carry more, nimble, easy on gear, + certain spark, + vibrant) - 6 silver 3. 3-draft gold male mature Hastesea (strong body, carry more, nimble, + certain spark, + vibrant) - 5 silver 4. 3-draft Appaloosa male YF Kissed (strong body, carry more, easy on gear, + USH, + stationary, + immortal) - 4 silver - his name is Kissed! 5. 3-speed black ebony male mature Rolfkicker (fleeter, strong leg muscles, water trait, + immortal, + graceful eater, + stationary) - 3 silver 6. 3-draft gold buckskin male YH Tariclover (strong body, carry more, easy on gear, + chance of twins, + USH, + stationary) - 3 silver Location My main place is Harmony M13 on the west coast of the bay. Map is seen at the bottom of this post! (as said above, now also selling horses on Cadence, i24) Purebreds is on the main highway grid that also connects Heartland and Harmony Bay. (If you come from Heartland it is easiest to go over the bridge in i12). Ingame character: CistaCista. Contact on Cadence: Eckywecky. Delivery Delivery (to a spot reachable by corbita) is 2-3 silver, depending on server and location. Harmony server and coasts of Cadence is 2 silver. Public services! Grooming on Purebreds H and on the sales deed Treasure Island is FREE for any visiting player! Also, a visiting player can get 1 FREE mating with one of our best stallions and with me as the breeder. (GENESIS CASTS: 1 cast for FREE, and up to 3 casts for 50c etc. - maybe no Fo priest atm) These offers will remain free for all as long as we are not completely overrun. So go ahead, camp out at our wonderful deed while you grind out your AH skill on our 100+ horses. Some food can be provided
  3. Mol Rehan Recruiting Station Please contact wolfersmcwolfers ingame to join up! We can show you the ropes, get you building your first home in-game, give you a safe place to skill, then when your ready to move on you can come and go as you please! We are located on the Cadence island on the northern freedom isles. CURRENT FACILITIES Iron and Stone Mine Tree farms (growing) Free-build (opposite side of road) Stocked Kitchen with HFC grinding area Always food to eat Spirit Guards on deed ( This area is super safe ) Peat in perimiter Tar and Clay close by Work House with forge and community tools Community Workshops ACTIVE PLAYERS! ( Above is a map of the spawn area around Sonata on Cadence with arrows pointing out our village and Sonata ) Please spawn at sonata and ask about us in Freedom Chat tab. If I’m online you can also type /tell Wolfersmcwolfers ingame. Please be aware this is a deed under construction and most facilities that are planned have not been built yet. About me: I have been training new players since 2011 and have recently returned to Wurm myself! I am a frontline pvp veteran of two major ingame conflicts that lasted a couple years and have played Wurm since 2009. Mol Rehan Forever.
  4. Hey Everyone! I've decided to put my deed up for sale. Reason? I don't know to be honest. I've spent some time away from Wurm but I've come back looking to start fresh and that always seems to come back to starting a new deed. What's on offer? Potential. If you're a fairly new member of the community looking for a deed which gives a multitude of options, Salford is perfect! If you're a more experienced member, the deed is perfect for project work. What is included? - fully-fledged kitchen with 4 ovens and an abundance of food. - armoursmith and blacksmith workshop to start grinding straight away. - newly-developed Inn, offering 3 beds and a great lookout onto the nearby lake. - several pens which house donkeys, bulls, sheep and horses. - a clay pit and two iron mines nearby + a massive forest for carpentry grinds. - a developing herb 'n spices garden. - a courier-casted Spirit Castle with : [14:18:13] Courier has been cast on it, so it is possessed by some messenger spirits. [97] - a small 44-tile farm, but expansion is easily possible. Location - south west side of the lake at s19 Cadence In summary, Salford offers great potential to all Wurmians. The deed is 21 x 18 tiles @ 1s per month - with great options for expanding. Roughly 50 days of Upkeep is still included. Price? I'm taking offers. I have a vague idea of what it's worth but it's not necessarily a money issue. Pictures : PM Tevez in game, or dm damothedoctor on forums. Happy Wurming!
  5. Knights of the Grizzly The settlement's goal is to create an atmosphere of merrymaking and establish a cooperative village with specialty skills and aims. Location: T20, Cadence Village Members: 9 Alliance Deeds: 7 The Knights of the Grizzly is the capital of the Western Union Alliance on Cadence. The Western Union Alliance was first founded on Deliverance many moons ago, around 8 years ago...when Wurm was young. First, we spread to Xanadu, next to Pristine, then to Release and Independence. Initially the alliance appeared in the Northern Isles on Harmony and colonized our home on Cadence. We strive to attend rifts at least once a month and have plans for additional events once deed construction is completed. If you are interested in talking with us, look in the game for Grizzlygrump, Rkjasminth or Trison.
  6. Solatis Gateway(T20) Looking for new and old players to join our village in Southern Cadence It's a beautiful coastline location with spectacular views. What's available nearby, port for ships, hunting area, wood clearing, surface mining, housing. We offer fast delivery mailing box, Merchant, cantina for cooking, plenty of forges. We have the wagoneer and are building it a new location, be available soon. contact: pm either rkjasminth or Trisan(ig) This is a quick post with more to come...
  7. I have a 60x72 plot of land located at N25 on cadence. I am looking for a few people to hang out with while we work together to develop this land. I have spent quite a bit of time terraforming the area so it can accommodate a tightly packed city with back alleys and courtyards. We are also planning a large underground dwarven cavern with ship building docks and a blacksmithing/Masonry workshop/warehouse. Plans are in the works to mine out a boat cave/highway from N25-N23 granting easier access to the inner lakes of cadence from the east coast. Send me a Pm if interested. SteliosKontos Discord is CousinDaddyBro#4470
  8. Zuelatek's Hamlet The Hamlet's #1 goal is a strong lively community. Location: F24, Cadence ~50 members (10 unique players every day) How we plan to achieve this. Alts are not allowed! RPG elements We are looking for all types of players as long as you're interested in community! The deed is located at F24 on Cadence slightly north of the bay and east of the steppe. Currently about 25 members strong. If you are interested in joining add me on Discord Zuelatak#6607, join my Discord, or leave a reply.
  9. Zuelatek's Hamlet The Hamlet's #1 goal is a strong lively community. Location: F24, Cadence ~50 members (10 unique members online every day) How we plan to achieve this. Alts are not allowed! RPG elements We are looking for all types of players as long as you're interested in community! The deed is located at F24 on Cadence slightly north of the bay and east of the steppe. Currently about 25 members strong. If you are interested in joining add me on Discord Zuelatak#6607, join my Discord, or leave a reply.
  10. Cape Nevermore is a private farm near the Isle of Unicorns at N-19. While it is not a public location, we have a great vendor in Sonata, and can send things via courier as well. Check out our wares. If you'd like something sent to you instead of picking it up, please contact Siminary or Reaperith Cape Nevermore Market Vendor Locations Sonata Ironhaven Farm Market (O-19) Delivery by mail or Wagoneer Pick-up at Cape Nevermore (N-19), Sonata, or Encore Discount on multiple items Buyer pays delivery charge included in grand total price. IRONHAVEN FARM MARKET (Look for the big pasture of Unicorns. We're not on the highway yet. It's slow going. Will trade labor for goods) Purchase key for container or stall from the vendor. Use key to open the container to take the items from it into your own (You may take the crates with you or empty them after unlocking) Drop used key into bucket in front of vendor. Items available at Ironhaven Farm Market (O-19) Animals Available Items available in Sonata Items available but not on a vendor (CAN BE MAILED. PM SIMINARY): MTO: Made to Order
  11. Golden Bay & Golden Bay Castle Market G9/10 Looking to join an active alliance ! - Leave a message below, or DM ingame /t Bunbunn
  12. [21:52:30] A forge made from stone bricks and clay, intended for smelting and smithing. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. The forge has some irregularities that must be removed with a stone chisel. Ql: 56.77811, Dam: 0.0. Starting bid: 10 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Reserve: no Buyout: 30 s Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: not accepted
  13. I found a young golden horse far out in the water at the west side of cadence. Please contact Nahiman InGame if you are missing a horse that fits this description!
  14. Katzenkorb Horses and more (NO negative traits, coastal delivery possible) We are cleaning our stock so we have added some horses for free. They are only for pickup on our deed, as long as the stock lasts. All the prices are for pickup, if you want to have them delivered we can negotiate that for an additional fee. (YF = Young Foal, AF = Adolescent Foal, YH = Young Horse, AH = Adolescent Horse, MH = Mature Horse, AGH = Aged Horse) (CM = Carry More, CS = Certain Spark, FF = Fight Fiercely, FM = Fleeter Movement, KS = Keen Senses, LM = Lightning Movement, SB = Strong Body, SH = Strong & Healthy, SL = Strong Legs, TB = Tough Bugger ) Contact ingame either Pokter or Saitra. Horses HIGHLIGHTS Piebald Pinto - S5 - Copperdream (Pure S5, male, AF) - 8s Piebald Pinto - S5 - Swiftbrisk (Pure S5, male, AF) - 8s Piebald Pinto - S5 - Kadenflea (Pure S5, male, AF) - 8s Piebald Pinto - S5 - Walkingjohan (Pure S5, male, AF) - 8s Gold - S5 - Cactusfast (Pure S5, male, AH) - 4s Gold - S5 - Rockosio (Pure S5, male, AH) - 4s Gold - S5 - Lightningpick (Pure S5, male, YH) - 4s Gold - S5 - Rockgrey (Pure S5, male, YH) - 4s Gold - S5 - Sadlad (Pure S5, male, YH) - 4s Gold - S5 - Wildjack (Pure S5, male, AF) - 4s Blood Bay - S3 - Dancewalking (LM, SL, CM, SH, TB, female, AGH) - 4s Gold - S4 - Cesargolden (LM, FM, SL, CM, TB, male, YF) - 2s Black Ebony breeding Appaloosa breeding Black Silver breeding Chestnut breeding Golden Buckskin breeding Blood Bay Skewbald Pinto breeding Piebald Pinto White Black breeding Gold Brown Grey Hell Horses Molten Shadow Cinder Envious Pestilential Ash Bisons Bison breeding pairs can be ordered, but most likely only S-2 and more. Sheeps (Black), Chickens, Cows & Bulls for sale as well. Location:
  15. Village of Tidus - We are recruiting! Who are we? We are currently a 40x47 deed located north of sonata around i18. We have a very large farm plot right next to us. We are also part of a growing alliance, we are currently at 8 deeds total. We are all really close in location and treat the alliance more like one huge village, we help each other out when possible so you will have plenty of opportunities to grow your skills by helping members of the alliance and the village! Currently I am the only member of the village, so there is plenty of space for you to set up a little homestead! Right now I am working on the central part of the village where most of our trade shops will be located along with the village castle I welcome new players and have plenty of stuff you can help out with so you can grind the skills you need to get basically anything done in the game! What do we need? ANYTHING. Whatever you wanna focus on, come do it. What do you get out of it? You get to join an awesome ACTIVE community that loves helping new players level up and learn the game. You won't have to grind every skill just to survive, focus on what YOU WANT to do. Access to an active discord channel where you can request resources or items made from our alliance members and stay in constant contact with other members of the alliance. Reply here, hit me up on discord (Taylor#1081) or message me in game (FoxFries) so we can see if your a good fit! ( please have a good sense of humor, we love to joke around )
  16. Unlike any experience, come and join an active community! We are situated in n21 - with many perks! We will not hold you down to community projects however we will assign you to a village task to help contribute. We have an open storage place, over 10x guards and tons of resources to help you along finding your path in Wurm. Weather you are learning or just would like to hang with us on discord while wurming then you have found the right place! Current Alliance Size: 10 people We have Mayors around the lake taking part in an Alliance. Current Villagers: 6 people With Roads and highways linking to different settlments. If you are interested in joining us Message me ingame: Paratus or Steelioskontos See you ingame!
  17. Heya! The village of Tidus looking for a couple of villagers to help out with the deed! We are a 40x47 (growing each month) deed with a very large farming plot right next to it. We are not a huge deed but you will have space to build a house and full use of any resources within the deed to level your skills up! As well as joining the village you will also be joining a fairly decent sized alliance consisting of 8 deeds. We treat the alliance as one big village and share resources and skill amongst the group, so you will have plenty of chances to grow your skills! All that I ask is that you help out with deed work that needs to be done and offer a hand to the alliance when they need it. Other than that, you are free to do what you want Please message FoxFries in game or reach out to me on discord Taylor#1081. I am on most of the day!
  18. As the title says, I'm looking to trade for 200 to 300 marble shards, average QL 16+. Got halfway done with a bridge, and my marble vein died. I'm located at J14 in Cadence, and can easily travel by land to Sonata and anywhere that connects to Sonata. Would prefer to trade something for the marble rather than just cash; I have bridge-building and masonry skills that I can lend to your Deed, and I have a variety of other things that I can trade. PM me here, or in-game - name is TopCat, usual play times are 6PM - Midnight PST (GMT -8).
  19. I am looking for new or veteran players to come join my community. I am currently in the process of building a large community castle where i plan to put rare or supreme of every crafting station i can get my hands on. I have a rare forge and am searching for other crafting stations. We will have a designated area for each profession, as well as mass storage and a chapel/main building with personal rooms and beds for every player. If interested please message me on discord at EpicDr1zzt#4751. Thank you!
  20. (picture soon i been lazy, sorry) What is HOTSNPVPPHD? Horde of the Summoned New Player versus Player Players Housing Development. It's a free pre-built and stocked housing area (2 individuals per house) with the necessary items to help get started quickly such as forges, bulk storage bins, and beds. We're aiming to encourage new players on the Northern islands (Harmony, Melody, Cadence) to come over and try out Defiance and PvP. If you are currently on the northern islands, and want to try PvPing, send me a private message with some basic information about yourself (name, discord, experience, time zone, pvp experience, any past kingdom history, what interests you). We have a portal right outside the house ready for use. If you are enjoying it, you can always create your own house too! Note: You do not have to commit full time to living here on Defiance, we're happy to have you hop between the PvE server and Defiance. Why try Defiance? You have a chance to gain permanent affinities from killing enemies and always gain a temporary timed affinity. One affinity = 10% skillgain in that skill. You gain karma for each kill. Defiance is a full loot system, and you gain easily acquire valuables off players. There's no cooldown between transferring between Defiance and the other islands. You can come over and PvP when needed. A unique different perspective on the game. See how to work together in a large kingdom. Daily PvP, both large and small skirmishes. What do you need? A forum account Discord Working microphone Helps to speak English, but we have some Russian players Contribute in some way. While we want to have new players, we can't provide with everything. A good village requires everyone to contribute in some way - smithing, crafting, farming, breeding Again, if you're interested, send me a PM on the forums!
  21. Been looking for a place to belong with active villagers. I am Masonry, Carp rn. Was a Farmer and Cook as well. Just looking for anything in any of the servers for PvE. PM. Astro#7419 if you think youd like me as an addition.
  22. Welcome to our recruiting post! Here's a little about us: Our citizens consist of veteran Wurm players, some new to Wurm Online, and have only played Wurm Unlimited before but we are always willing to answer any questions you may have. New player friendly! Sometimes we are casual and other times serious but we like to have fun. If you enjoy a healthy dose of dad jokes you’ll fit right in. Our playful group is 6 players strong: 2 NA and 4 EU. Currently at S11 Harmony and will be moving to Cadence. Our deed will be somewhere around 1296 tiles not including perimeter when we settle if not bigger. Cadence; a new server for a new start. The deedplanner exports are on request and posted on discord for all to download and play around with. The process we have right now is along the lines of someone makes a building and posts pictures of it with material costs, we then all have a look at it each giving our stance on it. So far we have been flexible with our creations and open-minded on designs. Planned: Chapel for sermons Kitchen with a dining hall Citizen housing Metalwork area Workshop area for boats/carpentry/logging Stables for riding horses and a lovely pasture Horse breeding area Here on Harmony we have gone on several successful group hunts bringing back meats and animal materials. I would like to continue to have these events as a group! If we get more North American time zoned citizens we can have two groups going in 24 hours. Given that I am one of the 2 NA timezone people I would really like that. However, there is no timezone restriction to join us. We have most professions covered but are looking to have at least two citizens on each major profession. Adding 6 or so more citizens would make this possible. If you are interested in joining our settlement or have any questions, feel free to hop on our Discord Group picture! Come join in on the fun!