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  1. Brand new dedicated server launched! I handle the background stuff, my wife is the face plastered on the front (She plays, not I) Contact Evalyn for all your concerns. I only handled database, code, and networking concerns. Mods included; Discord link available in server alerts New server limited offer to help encourage early growth: Pick 5 skills to start at level 40 (No characteristics. Certain skills excluded such as Channeling, Fighting, or other skills that could break balance) 20 silver Kingdoms that have lower population or are further behind may receive larger boosts to encourage balance in early game.
  2. That was it. I has no idea how that even got checked... It wasn't before, then suddenly it started happening lol Oh well. Fixed now. Thanks!
  3. When any player has an item Activated and right clicks on the ground/floor/etc, it gives them a "Test" option that allows them to spawn items, set skills, set characteristics, faith, and more. This is available to players ranging from 0 to 5 GM Level. I'm not sure why this is happening. I've been disabling/removing mods to try to find if one of them are the source. Only items that are NOT a gm wand can open the menu. If you use a GM Wand, the option exists. However, clicking on it wont open the menu. Any regular item seems to open it though. Any suggestions? Kind of defeats the purpose of the game if everyone can just set their skills to 90 and become instant masters of everything and own all items lol This is what the actual menu looks like. Anyone know if it's part of a Mod or built into Wurm?
  4. Ayluin's suggestion was a total success. Once the altar of three was purged also, it immediately recreated them both on restart. Thanks!
  5. I'm gonna attempt this tomorrow. Yea, I only deleted the single altar (Black). So I am going to purge white light tomorrow as well and then restart.
  6. Any ideas how to get the black light to light up again? Or even at the least the huge bone altar functioning properly. I've searched the database tables and it should be purged other than the one in existance (It will even let you drop the item and doesn't complain about only having one)
  7. How it started: It was probably working, but I couldn't see the White/Black light (it was due to new renderer. Disabled FOB and I see White light now)and started trying to make it work (Deleted from database, recreated item manually and set Bless 4 and Enchant 8 in database, restarted server multiple times) Where I'm at now: White light works and functions fine. (Never deleted/messed with it). However, I cannot get Black Light to work again. The altar is placed, Bless 4 Enchant 8 ( same as unmodified in Database or base Creative). Followers of Lib can Pray and Commune at it like a normal altar... but there is no inscription or way to become priest. Any suggestions on a fix to get it working again? I'd wipe and restart from scratch before it was modified, but then I'd lose out on a weeks worth of effort I've been doing. There's gotta be something I am missing... maybe a setting in a different table in the database? Edit: It almost seems like the light itself is linked to something other than the altar. If you Summon the Altar of the Three to move it, the light stays in the previous location. Maybe because its a zone?
  8. I recall a CA on original Wyvern that went on a rampage trying to force admins to do something. Trying everything he could to break all he could to force admins to pay attention and take action. Some certain CA that demanded the admins do something to the players that were bug abusing, cheating, etc. What a fire they had, and a strong spirit. Noble cause indeed. Now I wonder what will happen as bugs being used to grief others continues, and what the admins shall do. Especially one that originally was in such a ruckus over the very same things. I recall recently a player was banned temporarily for inappropriate chat. Perhaps, in the case of intentional bug abuse used to negatively impact other players... maybe a ban (Even temporary giving first offence) would send a message of some justice.
  9. I've deleted/re-installed all files each time we have been advised to "try again". This is my order of operation; 1. Retry pack update 2. Repeat 1 4-5 times 3. Delete all files related to Wurm installation 4. Re-install fresh from the websites client file 5. Experience error again 6. Repeat 1 4-5 times 7. Check back here for solutions.
  10. Re-stating that I am still experiencing the same issue regardless of the attempts to fix and advice to "try again"
  11. Just want to join the band wagon stating I am experiencing the same issue at the current time of posting.
  12. Going to stumble into some spare cash in June to buy silver. I am interested in the WS affinity (not the character) Character must meet PvP requirements to be slaughtered for the affinity Doing preliminary research on expected cost so I know what to put back when the cash arrives in my account.
  13. Are you a higher level weapon smith working on grinding your levels? Need a lot of bulk weapons to imp? I am currently grinding out Weapon Smithing and producing roughly 46 QL weapons at this time. Going to have large stock piles of weapons laying about. Looking to sell them to interested parties. Shoot me a message or reply here to make an offer PER 10 weapons. Please keep deal offers in increments of 10 weapons at a time. Current Stock: 40 Longswords