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  1. Catching Spring Fever and decided to decorate my newly built bridge with flowerpots
  2. Also, what I do when I need to push things quite far and may be helpful for you, instead of repeatedly pressing your push keybind, I hold it down a moment and it continues to re-queue Push actions until either you move or the item is too far away.
  3. I cannot find the original post where it mentions removal of Place option on vehicles, but January 30th's Patch Notes mention it as well.
  4. Granted, we CAN have those problems with the system now, BUT there's far fewer than if everyone and their mother created their own custom content.
  5. I'm not sugarcoating. That is literally my entire experience while PVPing. All for fun, to break up the monotony of Freedom. And in terms of eye-sore... not everyone is a graphics designer is what I mean. If it were available to everyone to make custom banners and wagons, we may get some cool ones yes. But there will also be people creating things that are not eye-catching or attractive in any way. Plus the issues with others using copyrighted images in their personal created banners and stuff, which would make even more work for the team responsible for removing and/or changing the images in game and dealing with the legal problems that accidentally importing copyrighted material into the game could bring.
  6. As an 80% Freedomer who does dabble in PVP (so I understand BOTH sides, because I spend most of my time in game prettying up my deed), I can tell you that the only time I ever saw someone making a kingdom just to profit from their own design, was the crow kingdom and I'm fairly sure they did not even PVP one bit. PVP isn't about cannibalizing kingdoms and killing other/new/pmks. PVP is about the rush, the fun people have. If PVPers rushed to smash every other kingdom, there would be NO PVP because there would be nobody TO PVP. Also, the community on PVP I can tell you can be MUCH more rewarding. It forces you to act as a group, to support each other, to help each other. You have high bow-making skills but can't make a maul that'll dent a turtle? Make some kingdom bows and get a few free imps from others to equip yourself with some weapons. You aren't a priest? Ask one of your kingdom-mates for some casts, which they gladly do, and do them a favor by chopping some veggies in return. Do I think everyday people should get the option to make their own banners and wagons? No. I think that it's necessary to keep it to kingdoms only. Not because I don't love collecting these pieces. But because that would make the game way over-saturated in banners and wagons that may or may not be an eyesore, it would take away the opportunity for PVP kingdoms to make up the cost of creating a pmk and the pride you get from wearing your kingdom's tabard and decorating in your kingdom's colors. No risk... no reward.
  7. It's been that way for years. I've glow runed and dyed lots of things. Would love to see an option like on boats, where we can separate the item color and the glow color. Also, Locath, that is BEAUTIFUL!
  8. It is on Independence, top left of E15 in In-Game map, right along the shore. I will make a forum post when I finish getting it built and stocked. There's also a public crafting hall with smithing, cooking and tailoring crafting stations; public clay and tar pit; and I've begun work on a tavern/free inn above (the timber building)
  9. A colorful start to the market I am putting together, thanks to archaeology woods From left to right: Blueberry; Raspberry; Thorn; Lingonberry; and Lavender.
  10. if not yet sold, please COD rare file, the 96ql carving knife, and the rare saw to DemonaNightshade
  11. Thank you for a lovely event, and for being such wonderful hosts! The food and beverage bar was a fun addition and very much appreciated!
  12. Several years ago I imped my guard tower rare with a rare shard, and it did not roll. TBH I don't think I've EVER seen a roll when imping with rare materials but I have successfully rared things with rare material imping.
  13. You'll be happy to know that today Rockdawgz, Elemental, and I rerouted the highway between Xanadu and my deed that had been broken, and it is finally connected and functional again Let me know where and when you'd like assistance, Nordlys! I'm happy to help.
  14. +1 I would love to be able to do this! Glassblowing would be an awesome addition to the game.
  15. I see now it says SINCE 2013 in the main post. silly me!