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  1. The northern areas seem to be less inhabited than the southern areas. I live on the inner coast at E15 myself, and there is lots of space to my east that has previous terraforming along the highway and such, so lots of pre-flattened areas but still quite a lot of wilder areas with hills and mountains too. I made the move from Release to Inde a bit over a year ago for the same reason, and I have loved it even though it was sad to leave the server I spent my first 3 wurm years on. It was just too quiet
  2. I unfortunately have completely lost my motivation for the northern servers But, I wish you lots of success with your new Academy, and if I ever do make it back I may consider coming to help out
  3. I love this I've heard wonderful things about the original Academy. I live almost on top of the old one on Independence and have quite a few tokens from it's cache
  4. Thank you everyone for such lovely comments Restocked with plenty of young horses and hellhorses, as well as put some stuff on some merchants today ^ ,^
  5. I would love this but I do agree on caring for having to be included in some way. I love collecting special named creatures from the holidays, and champions. My very first ever named holiday creature was a deer called "Great Horned Geese" from Christmas several years ago, and I loved that deer. When I moved to Inde last year, it immediately died the moment I opened the crate and I was heartbroken and literally cried a little bit lol. If it had been any other it wouldn't have hurt so badly. I know it seems silly, but I remember being so proud of taming that deer as a noob and caring for it and having it for so many years. I still have a few creatures on Release I'd love to move but I just don't want to lose them. The sail once I got to Inde was a 5 min sail from the border, and the deer was cared for until crossing. It literally died the second I opened the crate.
  6. It was an absolute blast working with everyone and I was happy to have helped! As frustrating as not finding a place to mine was, it all worked out in the end and was so exciting!
  7. I am simply obsessed with how this road through my marketplace turned out <33
  8. Hello! A new marketplace has been in progress the last few months, on the Northern end of Independence and right along the water for ease of travel. Featuring a small church for prayers, a tavern/inn to rest your weary head, a public crafting space, and a selection of merchants with different wares for your perusing, as well as many pens offering 5 speed horses and hellhorses and the occasional champion pet. Celestial Market is on the highway system for easy routing, and just along the shore of Samling Fjord at E15 on Independence. If you arrive during the night, you'll know you're there when you see all of the bright colors found around the deed ^ ,^ We do have quite a few merchant stall spaces available for anyone who would like to claim one and place a merchant (or more than one) into this beautiful marketplace. Open this spoiler to see visually on the map Decently stocked so far, but always still a work in progress I hope to add many more things into the marketplace, along with the co-owner (my best friend). Will soon have clay and peat pits available for public digging, and currently do have tar. You'll be able to purchase animals, archeology fragments, tailoring goods, tools, weapons, armors and clothing, etc, as well as beverages and liquid foods from the bartender inside the Tipsy Troll Tavern. For more marketplace photos, see the spoiler below!
  9. Libby silhouetted against Valrei for a spooky halloween vibe
  10. My favorite thing about Wurm Winters, is the view from atop my lighthouse at night with all of my lamps on
  11. You can put me down for imping Bowyery and Cloth Tailoring items I can help most other places too, but those are two I enjoy most, and find myself working on during most impalongs I won't be needing a room, I'll just live out of the knarr for the weekend
  12. The only thing, is that the marks are meant to reward loyalty. My alts I've prem'd once to keep from being deleted do not count one bit towards loyalty, that I use as storage and nothing else with zero skills, would (instead of getting the 10 hours of SB) suddenly be able to buy me a lot of crap on the marks store if they made that change, trade it to my main toon, and suddenly I would have an over-abundance of things to sell/keep. I have a lot of alts lol. Two priests, my 2 utility toons and 4-5 storage/deed mayor toons I've made over the years. By that formula (30k marks), that would be 270k marks of stuff for just me. And Sleep Powder isn't the only thing you can buy from the marks store that can be sold.
  13. One day, when you meet someone taking advantage of you having a high level in a skill, you will understand. Trying to be nice, and having someone say "Can you imp this for me? Can you make that for me? Can you imp this whole armor set for me? Can you make me smelters? Can you make me extra sets of armor and imp them all?" It is amazingly obnoxious and costs what could have been a nice friendship by literally making you want to avoid that person asking at all costs. I don't want to spend my time making stuff for other people unless I WANT to. I don't want to be asked to do things constantly for others, though if I see someone struggling I am MORE than willing and generous to OFFER if I have the time and the motivation. And believe me, I have helped many many people, so please don't act like I am being greedy. My skills are none of your business unless I choose to share them. Just like nobody else wants to see YOUR skills in return. You don't have that right just because you pay premium. Guess what? We all do to.
  14. As always when food on merchants is suggested, I give this one a +1. I'd like to sell yummy foods in my tavern along with all the yummy drinks. I like the idea of a larder/fsb within a small distance of a special vendor specifically selling foods/drinks