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  1. Knarr is taking damage on deed.

    Was suggested in ca help to make a bug report. My neighbors knarr has been parked on my deed, since I have a lake/canal to the sea, and is taking decay ticks. We got both knarrs imped to 92 at the same time, and hers is down to 88ql now while mine is still 92ql with no decay ticks at all. She has other boats on my deed, and I have quite a few, and none but this one have been taking damage. She noticed a few months ago, and we were talking about how strange it was today and decided to ask in ca help about it.
  2. Wurm fashion collection spring 2018

    Me and my black/purple drake
  3. Patch Notes 08/MAR/18

    Please no rollbacks or I'm gonna cry cuz I just made my first supreme a few mins ago xD Supreme cloth shirt, dyed a lovely purple for my priest
  4. Patch Notes 08/MAR/18

    My med rug that is not dyed nor glow runed is glowing
  5. Patch Notes 08/MAR/18

    Means creation ql is 10% higher is the only interpretation I see.
  6. Valrei International. 054

    Is the dyed cloth/leather supposed to be visible when equipped?
  7. I have a shelf I keep all my special items (picnic baskets, gnomes, valentines, etc). Looks like Jukimo and I have little sticky fingered gnomes that decided to render my picnic basket unusable
  8. Patch Notes 18/JAN/18

    Love this update ^ ,^ Especially seeing a hellhorse color named perfectly for meeeeee! Nightshade <3 Also, seems horse corpses are defaulting to white color.
  9. Saddle Sack visual bug, "stuck" to saddle

    Hello, so I discovered a visual bug with the new saddle sacks. I was trying to remove all the gear from one horse to put on another. I used CTRL to select everything on the horse, including the saddle sack and saddle individually on accident, and dragged everything into my inventory. I noticed that the saddle was then empty, and the saddle sacks were no where to be found. I put the saddle back on the horse to see if maybe the sacks were somehow stuck on the horse and would show in the saddle again. Saddle was still empty, yet I could see the sack's on the horse model itself. I relogged and noticed that the sacks were finally in my inventory, yet still seen on the horse model itself. I logged in my alt and could see the sacks on the horse with the empty saddle as well. This saddle can be moved between horses and will still show sacks on each horse, even when empty. I also tried to put bags into the saddle instead of the sack, and while it accepts the bags it does not show them on the horse and keeps the sack visual. I recorded a little bit of this to show it, hopefully this helps
  10. Valrei International. 047

    Love seeing community content from my server <3 Leifar did an awesome job, and I get to ride through his plaza often, as we are close neighbors. I do have to agree though, the roads on Release are sadly disappointing. The prospect of smoother events sounds lovely, as that lag when you first hit local with lots of people does get annoying. Excited to see how it works out
  11. The Screenshots Thread

    Happy Halloween
  12. Valrei International. 035

    Yay for Angelklaine good friend of mine. I decorated the bar area of the Inn, made all the furniture and everything good to see it featured!
  13. Release Community Map

    Nightshade Hollow, Y29 X22
  14. Patch Notes 16/JUN/17

    I'm very excited about the new bridge stuff and the combat log colors
  15. Valrei International. 022

    I'm excited to see the changes in the combat log! Sometimes it's hard to see exactly what's going on, especially during bigger fights such as rifts. And the paved bridges will be wonderful, allowing some of the beautifully patterned roads I've seen be continuous and unbroken. I'm also stoked for my first big Wurm event My best friend and I started playing about a month before the Impalong and did not have a boat to attend. We will definitely be there this time!