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  1. Congrats to the winners, though I am with the people saying the names don't fit at all in the world of Wurm. Heartland is more tolerable but Rumble sounds extremely silly and out of place. TBH it does not effect me much, considering I had no interest in totally starting over on a new server and would only be on the new servers if they were merged into the existing cluster, just as a visitor. The new artwork is great, Malena I have noticed a few of the new portraits and they look much better!
  2. Yup, still playing daily, and plans are it is permanently staying because I am very attached to the spot just need to build back up a hunting cabin as I moved my main area to Independence.
  3. +1 I love this idea! It would make examining creatures and using animal husbandry skills much more intuitive and not quite so confusing for players who aren't as familiar with the traits.
  4. Yep, 90% of my rares have been through improving. And I have a lot of rares. When I want to rare something I will sit and imp it for hours and hours. That's how I supremed my sailboat (after 3 days of imping and 20ish failed rolls) and, more recently, a saddle I spent about 3 hours imping. Just takes time and dedication.
  5. Sprouts found Closing thread
  6. Hello, I am looking for 300-400 oleander sprouts for hedges. I don't mind picking up if coastal, and if on Independence, can wagoneer. PM either here or in-game, DemonaNightshade
  7. Moving topic to the Wurm Online Client Issues
  8. Welcome to the Tipsy Troll Tavern and Inn on Independence The bartender is stocked with sealed jars of booze and liquid foods for your replenishment, and upstairs are free beds for the weary
  9. +1 here as well, I would love this ability.
  10. I love the bundles idea Angelklaine Very useful for newer players as well!
  11. Finished my lighthouse today ^ ,^ originally did the lights inside cyan to match the walls, but decided at night I can make it pop with hot hot pinks
  12. Sorry for spamming but I am so in love with the new lighting and skies!! Here is my little meditation garden, with my lovely unicorns in the background. One of my favorite spots on my deed