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  1. Multiple people have asked for donkeys, in threads and in my social media post asking what new animals people may enjoy seeing. Just because you don't like it, doesn't mean lots of other people won't
  2. All of the issues players have expressed concern about are being addressed, not just the wurmpedia. That's the graphic I had to share. I've used the new UI ever since releasing, and I've never had trouble with the 8th or 9th slot (and have not once used numbers to select them). Had you posted that issue in the thread about the UI?
  3. No, they will go live with the Animal Update coming soon I'm very impatient for them though!
  4. Pictured is Kadmint's Whisperfell castle, on Release in the Southern Isles! Hello, Wurmians, and welcome to another Valrei International! This one is a very exciting one for me because I get to introduce our newest critter that will be populating the world of Wurm. I've been dying to tell you guys about them! The devs have been hard at work implementing some changes for the upcoming Animal Update, and there are some exciting things on the way! There will be several new traits added into the game to improve animal husbandry and production, and provide bigger benefits to keeping and breeding critters of all kinds. These will also make having higher animal husbandry more helpful rather than detrimental to breeding like it has been. In addition to that, we are getting an adorable new creature… Allow me to introduce the donkey! These cute little critters will be available as a mount for non-premium characters, so say goodbye to the days of slowly plodding along on cows. In addition to new traits and donkeys, we are going to bring a bit of personality to your herds by introducing slight variations in body shapes for horses. Who knows, with these little guys running around your fields and pastures, you might also find a bit of a surprise once they’ve mingled and gotten “comfortable” with your horses… In-game Wurmpedia and UI fixes Another project we have been working on is finalizing some finishing touches and fixes for the newer UI, addressing concerns that some have had with it before removal of the old UI. This includes an update to make the Wurmpedia more accessible than ever, with the entirety of its information conveniently available in game. The screenshot above is just a concept, and it will be adjusted to fit visually with the UI by the time it is added in. The removal of the old UI will be announced when this update goes live. Stability Issues As you all may have noticed, Golden Valley has been having a bit of trouble getting situated after the migration, but today’s update will work on some stability issues and reduce the lag we have seen on all servers lately. That’s it for this week’s Valrei International! If anyone needs me, I’ll be busy expanding my stables and preparing my pastures for the adorable herd additions on the way!
  5. Just under the Valrei International header photo, there's a "Click here" link to it
  6. Hi! There are still a few weeks for responses, to make sure everyone has some time to do so
  7. Actually the competition has zero payment to enter. It's the same as other competitions we have done, just with a cash prize. As explained by Samool right above your comment.
  8. I did it to go along with the actual in game clock striking the new year
  9. LOL it started at 6am for me after me having no sleep because I was busy preparing
  10. I do have some goodies to be given away to celebrate the new year Watch on GL for your chance!
  11. You can also get more regular Easter Eggs by following Easter Bunnies and picking up eggs they drop
  12. Tilda, you can do the fences and short iron gates, just not the high iron gates