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  1. You were contacted, as I spoke to you personally to gather your contact information for the parent company who is handling the rest.
  2. Keeps it all in one place and easier for the devs working on the caffeine project to see
  3. That feedback would be better on the post I linked, related to caffeine
  4. Hello, Wurmians, and welcome to another issue of the Valrei International! This is another one that will be a bit light on news, but still a very exciting one for me because I finally get to tell you all about something I’ve had a hard time keeping quiet about! Some time ago we re-introduced wood types influencing the look of the item. This brought a whole new array of decorative possibilities for Wurmians everywhere. Obviously, the next step would be to make stone type influence the look of things, too! The list so far includes: Stone altars, benches, brazier pillars, coffins, fireplaces, forges, all fountains, graves, kilns, ovens, smelters, spirit castles and cottages, and wells! With all of these new possibilities, you’ll really be able to decorate with detail and bring out your own personal style in any deed or structure... and finally, a use for all of those rare bricks that couldn’t be used before! Add to the ambiance of your pizza kitchen with real pottery brick ovens and fireplaces! Beautify your gardens and outdoor areas with your own personal style! Now, please keep in mind that before these end up live there may be a few changes to the look of some items. They are still a bit of a work in progress, and Saroman has been working so very hard to make sure these look wonderful by the time they reach the live servers! With all of these new stone types, there will be some changes to items that already exist. Some items such as pillars are made of regular stone bricks but have the look of marble. Kilns and smelters made of stone bricks currently have a pottery brick look to them as well. We’d like some public feedback on whether you guys would prefer us to automatically change existing smelters/kilns to pottery ones and pillars to marble ones when this update goes live, or have them stay stone and change visually to the new stone versions. Please cast your vote in the poll at the top of this post for feedback on pillars, kilns, and smelters! I would also like to leave a link to a post concerning some more fine tuning of caffeine that needs some feedback as well. We have two community hosted events this month, both on the Southern Isles. The Annual Lunalong hosted by Dracaa started today and runs until the 20th on Xanadu. And the second annual Meadhalla 2: Mead Harder will be hosted by Stanlee on the 18th of December on Release! That's it for December's Valrei International! Wishing you all a very happy holiday season from the entire Wurm Online team
  5. Hello, Wurmians! I am happy to announce our second annual Black Friday sale, going from Wednesday, November 24 until Sunday, November 28th. Enjoy 25% off of premium and silver prices, and 30% off of one-year premium purchases!
  6. Those are the old gifts, I just spawned them in for atmosphere for the image it's a cute model, much better than when I paint small chests to use as decorative "gifts" in game lol Edit: also, oops. I forgot dark mode in my browser makes my quotes all dark
  7. I replied to what I was able to reply to and had an answer for. That may not be 'enough' for you, but that's what I had. And in my caffeine post I believe I made it clear that caffeine was meant to provide benefits to those who want to get a good grind in, in a short amount of time.
  8. We have been discussing adding more ingredient options to caffeinated beverages such as cream and sugar
  9. Has that still been the case since the 28th of October when the fix came out?
  10. Hello Wurmians, and welcome to another issue of the Valrei International! It’s been a whirlwind of a month or so between the shift in Product Management, the QoL update late last month, and the Halloween and skill gain events that are just coming to a close. I for one am ready to settle down with a nice new cup of tea, reflect over the last few weeks, and settle back into my usual more relaxed play style, how about you? While there’s not a whole lot of news in this issue, I wanted to talk about some of the great things added and changed in the last update. There was an overwhelmingly long list of patch notes, and a lot of support from many of you with the sheer amount of work involved in bringing about these fixes and updates. Let’s take a look at a few of them, shall we? One new thing we seem to all have enjoyed so far is the addition of caffeine. With its ability to help with skill gain, many players took advantage of its benefits to make the most of their grinding time during the skillgain event. Not to mention how lovely the new accessories that came along with coffee and tea look, and how many new decor options they bring to the Wurmian’s table! Along with coffee and tea, there have been a lot of QoL updates to animal husbandry, including additional information in the Inspect Animal window. Among these changes are the addition of the rarity color to rare traits in the window, the separation of different resources that can be harvested from an animal, and an estimate on how long it will be until a pregnant animal gives birth. Chickens will also now lay eggs on several new tile types! The trait “It has a chance to produce twins” has also been fixed so that only female animals are capable of having this trait, since they are the only ones able to benefit from it. A long awaited fix is for donkeys to be able to pull carts and wagons, and many more kinds of creatures can now be hitched to hitching posts. Another thing that has made many players happy is the fix for guards getting stuck in mines, or not always coming when called. There are also three new ways to call the guards, which will hopefully help players who need some assistance receive it swiftly. We have all fallen victim to occasional laziness from the guards at one point or another! To be honest, if I were to cover all of the changes we would end up with a novel instead of just a Valrei International. You can check out the full list of patch notes here. I also wanted to remind players who’ve been around for quite some time that Malena is looking for images, videos, and interesting memories and stories from Wurmian history to be included in a celebration of 15 years of Wurm Online. You can find more detailed information on what Malena is looking for by checking out the posts below: And last, but not least, a shout out to a community event coming up for the holidays! The fourth annual Lunalong will be hosted by Dracaa next month on Xanadu, for Southern Isles residents. You can check out more details on the official Lunalong forum post below: That’s it for this issue of the Valrei International! I hope you have all enjoyed the festive Halloween events and got some goodies, as well as made progress in some of your skills during the skillgain event.