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  1. +1 here as well, I would love this ability.
  2. I love the bundles idea Angelklaine Very useful for newer players as well!
  3. Finished my lighthouse today ^ ,^ originally did the lights inside cyan to match the walls, but decided at night I can make it pop with hot hot pinks
  4. Sorry for spamming but I am so in love with the new lighting and skies!! Here is my little meditation garden, with my lovely unicorns in the background. One of my favorite spots on my deed
  5. This is the view from the mountain above Spider Gardens in Northern Indy
  6. A new day rises on a much more beautiful Wurm thanks devs!!
  7. Just popped to the test server and it really is beautiful
  8. My newly remodeled, cozy kitchen and dining area
  9. That feeling when you finally get everything organized and decorated just right ^ ,^
  10. Put together a pretty little potting bench today
  11. Beautiful work! I'm very excited to see this live, and watch for beautiful scenes on the screenshot thread ^ ,^