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  1. All sites have images in the post originally announcing them Here they are:
  2. That was a top down image of the carpets, they will not be hangable. I was flying as my GM to capture that image 😁
  3. Hello Wurmians, and welcome to another issue of the Valrei International! It’s that wonderful time of year that many of us look forward to… the release of the new Map Dumps! It’s always interesting to see how the servers have changed throughout the year, and these ones will be even more fun, being the first dump since we released the original maps for the Northern Isles last year and the first to show all of the terraforming and progress you have all made on those servers since their creation. You can find the map dumps at the link below: The Road Through 2023 In case you’ve missed it, we’ve also published our roadmap for the coming year. We plan to do a lot of QoL stuff and bug fixing this year, as well as finalizing our work on Goblin Camps for Exploration Part Two! You can check out the post below: And speaking of Exploration Part Two…. Holy Sites will be going live on March 7th! We want to thank you all for the feedback you’ve given us during testing of Holy Sites, and we are ready to go live with them! Prepare your priests and followers for wonderful adventures and pilgrimages to these sacred places, and reap the benefits each deity provides for each kind of site. A Colourful New Way to Cozy Up Your Place! Coming soon, we will be adding a long-awaited and frequently requested feature; the ability to dye colourful carpets! You’ll be able to customize all sizes of colourful carpets, with two colour zones to get just the right combination of colours to fit your aesthetic. Carpets freshly made will resemble the default colours we have always had, and will need to have that colour removed to become lovely new white carpets that can be dyed any colour you like. Skin it up! Starting later in March, we will start making skins from previous months available on a rotating basis. Details are still being finalized on this and will be posted separately. Pvp Changes and PMK Introductions to Defiance Along with Holy Sites, we will be introducing Player Made Kingdoms to Defiance on the same date. We have also laid out some other proposed changes for PvP that we would love everyone's feedback on. Checkout the link below for more information and a discussion thread on these changes: Thanks for checking out this issue of the Valrei International! We’re going to finish it off with a lovely list of quite a few community events coming up in the next few months. It’s always exciting to see the things you guys put together for these! Nirav’s Rockcliff Museum Expansion Ongoing on Independence (SFI Only) Nirav is looking to expand the beautiful Rockcliff Museum on Independence, and is looking for help from SFI Wurmians to fill it with even more history! Deliverance Renaissance Festival Easter Weekend Impalong April 7th-9th on Deliverance (SFI Only) Get ready to hop over to Deliverance for an Easter Celebration if you live on the Southern Isles! Lame Horse Fair and Limpalong May 12th-14th on Cadence (NFI Only) Kick summer off in style with the hosts of the Lame Horse Fair! Heathen Trading Co. Summer Solstice Bash June 20th-23rd on Cadence (NFI Only) Celebrate the Summer Solstice with an event-filled Impalong on the Northern Isles! Friendship Bay Summer Impalong July 20th - 25th on Pristine (SFI Only) Southern Wurmians can also celebrate the summer with friends during the 6th annual Friendship Bay Summer Impalong!
  4. My stockings were dyed before the dye zone was specified by Saroman. I didn't realize they'd dye differently when I did the image 😥
  5. You'll just need to be prem to receive the gifts, so it's alright to prem and then check the tree or visit Santa
  6. That will be has been fixed, and the new decor won't burn on fireplaces either As of this morning. Thanks for the reminder that we need a patch note for that!
  7. Happy Holidays, Wurmians! From December 23rd 15:00 CET to January 9th 12:00 CET, we hope to warm your hearts with holiday spirit and some lovely festive findings! This year we have new Festive Fragments available to deck the halls and walls with, as well as last years’ Festive Fragments available at reduced rates (in case you have any yule deer and goat figurines to finish!) Visiting Santa in a starter town, or checking your own personal crafted Christmas Tree for a gift, will grant each premium player a stocking which will give a small gift each day to players from December 23rd to December 27th. You will be able to collect these gifts until January 9th (when the event closes) in case you are not able to make it online each day on the dates they unlock. To allow for further decorative freedom, stockings are dyeable! Along with Christmas this year, you might notice that we created a new system to show players how long events like this will run for. A new icon can be found in your spell effects with a countdown of how many days/hours till the event ends, so you’ll always be certain how much time you have to complete any festive plans! All of us on the Wurm Team wish you all a very merry, happy, and safe holiday season! EDIT: Last years drops for killing hostile creatures has returned this year, so make sure you take a Slay Ride and hunt down all those critters!
  8. We did not Christmas event is running from the 23rd to the 9th.
  9. There's already been quite a few even though it's only just released. I know personally of 3 in the first hour 😅
  10. The only thing you'll need multiple colors for is if you want to do different colored stamps
  11. Hello, Wurmians! We have noticed lately that the spirits on Golden Valley seem a bit disturbed... they seem to be quite cramped up with all of the items taking up their server! To solve this issue and give them some breathing room, we're going to be doing some rounds of official auctions to rid Golden Valley of the many varied confiscations we've had to store there. There will be quite a few auction posts in the near future, so if you've been looking for a lovely holiday gift for your loved ones (or yourself!) or are interested in expanding your collections, you'll be sure to find many options! The rules are simple: The items are available on ANY server. Defiance to Desertion, and anywhere in between. All items will have a 1 silver starting bid. Items may have signatures of (in)famous players, have slightly different QL or even have some damage! (The spirits have been quite angry lately). You may bid on as many items as you wish per post, but try to keep it civil. This thread is for BIDS ONLY. This is not for the discussion about the items or their origins. Please do not edit to raise your bids after posting, keep the bidding fair for everyone. Doing so may disqualify you from whichever item(s) you are bidding on. You may edit to remove your bids from the auction. This first auction ends at 1200 CET on November 15th. 1. Rare Horse Statue 14QL 2. Rare Forge, Stone 87QL Forgenumber1 3. Rare Plate Gauntlet, Iron 34QL 4. Rare Plate Gauntlet, Iron 58QL 5. Rare Small Metal Shield, Iron 87QL 6. Supreme Knife, Iron 98QL 97W 97C 7. Rare Saw, Iron 98.9QL 95W 97C 8. Rare Large Anvil, Iron 95QL 95W 9. Caravel 67QL 51 Empty Large Crates 10. Rare Larder, Maplewood 50QL 11. Rare Plate Vambrace, Iron 86QL 12. Rare Plate Vambrace, Iron 86QL 13. Rare Oven, Stone 49QL 14. Statue of Eagle 34QL 15. Rare Ropetool, Oak 45QL 92C Due to error in placing the timer, we will extend the auction by a day. Sorry for the confusion. Update: With just over 2 hours left, I'd like to mention what happens after the time is up. As you notice, the thread will be locked automatically. DO NOT EDIT YOUR POST AFTER THAT TIME. After the auction, we will go through and contact the winners to arrange delivery of your items. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
  12. Bonus skillgain and affinity chance has changed to 20%. Happy grinding!
  13. You'll want to do archaeology, using a trowel or shovel to investigate.