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  1. Sorry guys, that's on me I didn't even think about the anniversary being an event and didn't even remember when they launched the new servers and launcher. I thought it was later in the year. That's me and my scatterbrain though, I'm bad at holidays and birthdays IRL too, lol! Lemme see if I can get something going!
  2. Sorry for the delay! Life's been a bit busy and I've been trying to figure out how to get them organized for judging, there's many wonderful entries!
  3. There will be a post from a dev in the next few days responding to concerns and clarifying things. I personally don't know exactly how things were intended to be, and have not been breeding to see how my own results stack up. I've just been making runes to keep my current favored animals from aging. I do agree that something is not right, and have said that quite a lot of times through this thread. I am sorry it's been that way for everyone, I know you are unhappy with the results.
  4. Seeing discussions, brainstorms, and ideas being flipped back and forth does not equal having concrete details on what exactly is coming.
  5. I did not say I have exact details as to what is being worked on in exact terms. Please don't put words in my mouth. I've mentioned before that I know they are discussing things and working on things. I have put in suggestions for changes, as well, aimed at helping animal husbandry make more sense and be more reliable. I do not know if they will be used, or what things will be changed exactly, but I do know that they know this isn't working out for people and have been working on a solution.
  6. I am not frustrated with the players. Nor am I frustrated with the devs. They have been working on things, discussing things, and trying to set things straight and I do see that. I have mentioned in multiple places spanning multiple posts that I have been frustrated with the new breeding system producing less than desirable animals just as you all are, especially since most of my play time has involved collecting and breeding creatures and building my deed around my champion zoo and breeding pens. Not to mention having a decently successful animal market prior to this. But, I also fully expected to be at least a little bit bummed with that, knowing that my animal husbandry is only 50 and I'd need to grind it up more after all the times I've tried to avoid getting more skill in it.
  7. I'm not sure how many more times you guys would like me to say that it's being worked on, but it is. Having said that, if things were going completely as intended, they would not be being worked on. I personally am not the one working on it, so I cannot give details, and I am sorry that I cannot communicate in a way that you would like because of that. We are aware that there have been issues, and we hear you guys and what you are saying, I promise!
  8. I do know that yes, it is supposed to choose a single parent for dominant traits to come from. I do not know why you had so many unspent points, and that is strange to me.
  9. I'm no coder, and I haven't bred any critters either really to know how its going. I know it is frustrating, and I am sorry about that. The devs do read through comments, yes, and tweak things here and there when they can.
  10. Yes, we are watching and reading and taking in information, Delone.
  11. It is being looked into yes, should be fixed soon!
  12. Should be working as normal soon, that part is taking its time
  13. Hi guys, if you put in a ticket for stuck pregnancies, they can be forced to give birth.
  14. Yup, clarifying that just hadn't gotten to the forums to do so yet