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  1. Hello, Wurmians! We have noticed lately that the spirits on Golden Valley seem a bit disturbed... they seem to be quite cramped up with all of the items taking up their server! To solve this issue and give them some breathing room, we're going to be doing some rounds of official auctions to rid Golden Valley of the many varied confiscations we've had to store there. There will be quite a few auction posts in the near future, so if you've been looking for a lovely holiday gift for your loved ones (or yourself!) or are interested in expanding your collections, you'll be sure to find many options! The rules are simple: The items are available on ANY server. Defiance to Desertion, and anywhere in between. All items will have a 1 silver starting bid. Items may have signatures of (in)famous players, have slightly different QL or even have some damage! (The spirits have been quite angry lately). You may bid on as many items as you wish per post, but try to keep it civil. This thread is for BIDS ONLY. This is not for the discussion about the items or their origins. Please do not edit to raise your bids after posting, keep the bidding fair for everyone. Doing so may disqualify you from whichever item(s) you are bidding on. You may edit to remove your bids from the auction. This first auction ends at 1200 CET on November 15th. 1. Rare Horse Statue 14QL 2. Rare Forge, Stone 87QL Forgenumber1 3. Rare Plate Gauntlet, Iron 34QL 4. Rare Plate Gauntlet, Iron 58QL 5. Rare Small Metal Shield, Iron 87QL 6. Supreme Knife, Iron 98QL 97W 97C 7. Rare Saw, Iron 98.9QL 95W 97C 8. Rare Large Anvil, Iron 95QL 95W 9. Caravel 67QL 51 Empty Large Crates 10. Rare Larder, Maplewood 50QL 11. Rare Plate Vambrace, Iron 86QL 12. Rare Plate Vambrace, Iron 86QL 13. Rare Oven, Stone 49QL 14. Statue of Eagle 34QL 15. Rare Ropetool, Oak 45QL 92C Due to error in placing the timer, we will extend the auction by a day. Sorry for the confusion. Update: With just over 2 hours left, I'd like to mention what happens after the time is up. As you notice, the thread will be locked automatically. DO NOT EDIT YOUR POST AFTER THAT TIME. After the auction, we will go through and contact the winners to arrange delivery of your items. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
  2. Bonus skillgain and affinity chance has changed to 20%. Happy grinding!
  3. You'll want to do archaeology, using a trowel or shovel to investigate.
  4. Last year's 30% was a special thing as an apology for the changes during the time, with the project manager changes and reworking of the Wurm Team. The year before was 10%.
  5. It's that time of year again, where the skeletons come out to play and the world of Wurm is filled with tricks and treats! This year’s treats include 5 new items for you to find, buried beneath the ground and carried by all kinds of critters. Creatures could drop some creepy new masks, and spooky fragments bring three new decorations just dying to haunt your homes! In addition to these new fragments, you’ll be able to dig up past year’s items at a reduced rate, so any unfinished items you may have kept can be completed. Even More Spooktacular Halloween Fun! As with past years, we will be once again running a 10% 20% bonus skill gain and affinity chance event for the duration of the Halloween season. While the Halloween hunting and archaeology events will run from 00:01 on the 28th of October until 23:59 on the 5th of November CET (server time), the bonus skill gain and affinity event will start with a quick maintenance reset at the usual time on October 28th… so make sure you collect all of your treats and get all your tricks out of your system before it all ends!
  6. Beautiful view of the entrance to Turtle Canal in the fog (Independence Server)
  7.,705 Guard Tower: Zirgof 442
  8. Hello, Wurmians, we’re back with the final Valrei International focused on bringing a sneak peek into the Exploration Update Part Two! If you missed part one and two of these sneak peek issues, you can find them here: And now, without further ado, I’m excited to announce that our third major feature introduced in this update will be… Goblin Camps! Rumours of strange new goblins have begun to spread around the lands, of goblins who are smarter and tougher than the ones we typically find. These goblins have advanced combat techniques and organize themselves into camps, working together to defend them. When coming across a goblin camp, you will notice it is well defended; spiked barriers line the edges of the camp while ranged attacks rain down from atop wooden towers into the battle below. Goblin camps provide a new combat encounter you can find out in the wilds of Wurm which will be tailored to smaller to medium groups of players rather than single players. The hope is that this will be a bit more challenging than your normal combat and require a small group of adventurers banding together to complete. With uniques being the only real group combat encounter, this felt like a good place to introduce another one which requires less players and spawn much more frequently, making them easier to find and participate in. Inside every camp you’ll find varying types of goblins defending it. Some fight from atop tall archery towers, requiring ranged attacks to defeat them. Others will target mounts and pets inside the camp area, so make sure you’re not bringing your best creatures along for the battle unless you are willing to lose them. Each goblin variant will have its own special abilities and priorities in the fight. These camps will spawn away from villages and the goblins will not attack you (nor can you attack them) unless you are within a few tiles of the perimeter of their camp. After some time with no one challenging them for too long in the current area, they may become bored and pack up camp to find a new location. These goblins, though smarter, still have not figured out how to dig and they will make no changes to the land they decide to inhabit other than clearing some trees out to make room for their camp if they are in the way. And now, to introduce our newest enemies! Pyro Goblin Goblins with a love for fire, who will throw flaming containers of liquid onto tiles causing them to deal damage over time till they burn out. Leave these alive too long and you might find your escape blocked by burning piles of tar. Brute Goblin A strong and durable goblin who will charge up to targets and stun them for a short period of time. Not something you want to leave alive for long as they pack quite the punch and will make short work of mounts preferring to focus them first. Rogue Goblin Will be hiding in the shadows and only make themselves known after ambushing someone and dealing a rather large amount of damage. Just when you think you’ve successfully backed off to heal, one of these may pop out to surprise you! Shield, Medic, and Ranged Goblins will all look similar to these Sword Goblins above, just with different held items pertaining to their type. The models for these types are still a work in progress. Sword Goblin Just your average goblin with a sword trying to stab you to death, nothing more and nothing less. Shield Goblin Can take one heck of a beating while he goes around annoying people into attacking him instead of their chosen target. A goblin you can’t forget about… because it won’t let you! Ranged Goblin Will attack you from their towers above, and require ranged attacks to be defeated. These will make archery much more useful! Medic Goblin Attempts to heal nearby damaged goblins getting them back into fighting shape, undoing all your hard work damaging that brute. Rewards from defeating Goblin Camps The main goal of Goblin Camps is to provide a worthwhile (and fun!) way to gain fight skill over 70, and archery skill in general. Killing the goblins inside the camps will give greatly increased skill ticks compared to normal creatures, in both fighting and archery, once completed. After clearing the camp, those who helped will also be able to loot items from around the camp. These items will include new decorations and some other exciting things yet to be revealed! The 5th Annual Luna-Long will be hosted by Dracaa from December 9th through the 19th! Players in the Southern Freedom Isles can travel to Xanadu to attend this event, which is always a good time. To find more information on the Luna-Long, check out Dracaa's post linked below! That's it for the final Exploration Update Part Two sneak peek issues of the Valrei International! We hope to have everything up for testing soon, so you can all check out cartography, holy sites, and goblin camps for yourselves!
  9. Enjoying the return of the fog very much, it creates such a beautiful atmosphere
  10. I tried to make it every 3 hours Wurm had other ideas.
  11. Waiting on all assets to be available to show it off to the best of our abilities
  12. Fo rite is up, if anyone needs their priest in on a global cast please contact myself or Stanlee
  13. Three weeks ago Keenan posted a development update saying that that is exactly what we are doing after Exploration I linked it in the first part of this set of VI's.
  14. We are definitely monitoring the post and collecting feedback to help fine-tune the features. I personally don't have all the answers, and I'm not going to answer things pretending that I do, in case I'm wrong or mistaken These sneak peeks bring a lot of feedback from you guys that can give us things to think about that we may not have thought of and can really help us development wise on this feature and show us what needs to be tweaked or taken into consideration. Then we discuss before giving answers, rather than give ones that may end up not being correct.
  15. Benefits are gained through performing special interact actions with the Holy Site