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  1. My bestie's Marble (Marbled?) Necklace she had found
  2. I got one within the first 9 tiles foraged/botanized. Keep on trying
  3. The map was made either on Test or the dev's personal server for testing. The sailing image was one I did on Test its not any in game place.
  4. Farming was suggested by players but I don't believe it's been decided yet.
  5. Hello Wurmians! It’s been a little bit since we’ve had some news ready to share but with the first part of the Exploration Update coming soon, there are a few sneak peeks I’m able to share with you all! One of the things I’m looking forward to the most with the Exploration update is the new opportunity for adventures while looking for treasures. While this is a work in progress and treasure maps could look a bit different from this at release, I do have a sneak peek here for your perusal: For those of you who hadn’t yet seen the Development Update posted by Keenan a few days ago, here’s some more information on the Treasure Hunts! When getting a rarity roll on actions like mining, fishing, and digging, you will have a chance at uncovering a lost map or clue to lead you to the location of a lost treasure. These clues come in several difficulties and types, each less common and more challenging than the last. The clues will include maps to nearby or farther away locations, hot and cold clues where you are told if you are getting closer or not since your last time checking, challenging clues leading you to a specific task, etc. The map clues are items that will visually lead you to a location and will come in varying quality levels, whereas the more challenging older maps may be missing sections or have been smudged or distorted by the hands of time. More difficult clues can have more than one step and may have creatures guarding the locations ready to pounce on anyone who dares to claim the rewards. Some rewards will be given at the end in a chest of treasure that can contain some new cosmetic items, rare metals like seryll, glimmersteel, or adamantine, and other valuable items. You can view the rest of the Development Update here: Another new feature coming with the Exploration Update may be an exciting one for those of you who enjoyed the ability to play checkers: playable chess, featuring some of your favorite critters and deities in the lands of Wurm Which side do you like best, White or Black? We do have an Easter themed impalong happening right now, located on Deliverance and hosted by VelvetSun. Those of you on the Southern Isles are welcome to attend and enjoy the holiday weekend surrounded by fellow Wurmians! Deliverance Renaissance Festival will be holding their Second Easter Weekend Impalong, April 15th 2022 (Good Friday) 18:00 CET / 12pm EST until Easter Sunday April 17th 2022 22:00 CET / 4pm EST. For information about the event, check out VelvetSun’s post on it here: That’s it for this issue of the Valrei International. I hope to have a lot more to share with you as the Exploration Update nears completion, until then Happy Wurming, and a wonderful Easter to those of you who celebrate!
  6. Our art developer decides and chooses on his own which to create. He's got an awful lot on his plate at the moment with the upcoming update, so give him a bit of slack until he's got a bit more time to come up with some more ideas
  7. Hello, Wurmians! With the addition of the new Tapestry of Rockcliff, I'd like to announce the restoration of a wonderful cathedral found on Independence, originally built by Tich and Keyos and lovingly restored in Tich's honor by Belisama. It is open to the public and can be found under the shadow of Dragonfang Mountain overlooking the Inner Sea, located in the K15 square on the map. I asked Belisama for a little bit of background on the project, and this is what she had to say:
  8. That's already the plan that we are working out. We just need confirmation from Gloot on who has gone ahead with cash prizes and who has not.
  9. @Nirav Honestly HLL is probably my favorite art to date on PMK gear I about died when I saw it!
  10. The top left of the server information page (like the Cadence one shared on the main post) on each server shows when it was founded as well
  11. My deed wasn't even close by during the Bird's Eye Views in the video for Independence, but many of my alliancemate's deeds were
  12. No hate from me I'm a Libby lover and HOTS girl all the way