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  1. Finally sat and made enough lavender dye to color the marble in my mini-castle
  2. Thanks Oblivionn for an awesome slaying party, especially with the surprise double slaying
  3. Thanks for featuring my deed I own Celestial Seaport, and Rockdawgz owns Celestial Heights. They are separate deeds We are just best wurm friends, who moved together from another server and deeded right next to each other ^ ,^ I'm glad you enjoyed my little crafting hall so much
  4. Ahhh I didnt think of ladders. I have ramps and stairs in all of my buildings. Ladders are only for temp floors for higher stories, then get bashed on my deed.
  5. If you go to the lower floor and click the wagon to put it in your target bar, then back to the floor it "fell" from, you can click "Embark - commander" in the hotbuttons and it should bring it back up. That's something I discovered to try and avoid relogging
  6. A peaceful camping trip alongside Samling Fjord in North Independence
  7. Also, I have 73 cloth tailoring, and my lowest ql mat was 33. Most mats were 50ish because I was too lazy to make high ql ones. This took a good bit of time and I failed quite a few times on continuing. May be a pain for some lower CT crafters. Also, they take a 4.5kg piece of wool cloth to start so make extra wool cloth!
  8. Thanks for the craftable version! For those curious, here it is next to the festive bedroll. Festive on the left, craftable on the right. @Seriphina aaaaand they are dyable
  9. Also, JUST noticed the photo for VI thanks for using my screenshot! That was Nightshade Hollow, M15 on Release, the small lake south of Poolsclosed. Sadly I moved to Indy 2 months ish ago and those buildings no longer exist.
  10. Not really feelin' the player god removal... the rest will be nice though
  11. Thank you! I always loved the rainbow lamps in the snow. That was at M15 Release, the tiny lake just south of Poolsclosed. Sadly, it is no more. I recently moved to Independence and shrank my Release deed down, poofing all the buildings.
  12. Also, this is Rockdawgz's garden before planting, with alternating maple and walnut planters. and then after sowing, all planters turned light like so: