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Found 18 results

  1. Hello everyone! I am starting this forum thread to see what everyone's own personal experiences and preferences are when it comes to the Gods and being a Priest. Please let's keep this thread nice and calm. No arguments! I just want to know your reasoning behind your own choice to pick a priest of your god.
  2. Right now God's Favor is kinda useless for the average Follover. We can only spend (lose) Favor if we act against the will of the Gods. I think there should be some special Prayers, which spend Favor but give the small chance to get some gift or bonus from your God. I like to pray my Goddess, but there's no real point of doing that, if I'm generally faithful, and rarely go against Her will. Sometimes I pray Her just to get luck in combat or adventure, or to thank Her for my past luck - but that's a pure roleplay. But it would be great to know that I can say a certain prayer, spend my Favor and get, for example, a meal, or a bottle of water or a small buff to some skill She favors. All Gods have their personalities and laws, and they all could have special Prayers availiable to all of their Followers (not only Priests). Some Prayers would require a lot of Favor, some less. For example - I'm getting hungry in my travels, but I have no food. Suddenly I enter the domain of my Goddess, and start seeking of Her altar. When I find it - I pray Her to send me some food (and I spend 15 Favor of my total 30). If I'm lucky enough - She responds, and a hot meal appears in my inventory. If I'm not lucky - oh well, She must be busy with Her divine work. Prayers results should not be anything too valuable, nor rare. It's more about giving the prayers some meaning, than giving players another way to farm something.
  3. Hello. I write this after a discussion with some other player, hoping that other wurmians will find this idea interesting. This is what I propose: 1 - To implement the puppets line with the others deity puppets. 2 - Introduce a new item, a puppets theatre, made with planks, nails, cotton sheets and dye. 3 - To interact with the puppets theatre, The puppet should be put inside the theatre (the threatre must have the option "open"). When a puppet is inside, the theatre background changes, passing from an empty scenography to a different scenography based on which puppet is inside. So each deity has his scenography. Once a puppet is inside, the theatre spawn the option "play", and when you "play" it, it starts a little animation, something easy, a very short story, about the puppet inside (so a little story about Fo and so on). What do you guys think about it? I hope you'll like this idea
  4. Gods Only the four original gods, Fo, Libila, Magranon and Vynora, would exist. There could only be priests and followers of these four. By restricting it to a static four gods, spell lists and abilities can be balanced between them, with each god having unique benefits and spells not found on any other god or player god. Player Gods Player gods would not be removed, but changed into Patron Gods. Patron gods have a very restricted list of spells, but can be worshiped by any follower or priest of any religion. A patron god has no priests. A patron god could be called a Saint, Demon, Spirit, Angle, or other appropriate name. Patron Gods A patron god blesses a player that makes a sacrifice to them. The duration of this blessing is a function of the player’s prayer skill and the Get Price of the sacrifice, a large Get Price can be used to offset a low prayer skill. The blessing can last between 10 minutes to up to 24 hours. A patron god has a single passive ability that priests and follower with Faith of 20 or more gains the benefit of. The patron god also has a very short list of 3 spells that priests gain access to. If the priest did not have access to these spells before, then their spell list is simply expanded temporarily. If the priest already had that spell, then the spell can benefit from a variety of possible benefits such as reduced favor cost, increased effective channeling skill or removed restriction (ie a Vynora priest being able to cast disintegrate on a pve server). Example: Patron Spirit of Caves Passive ability: Increased effective prospecting skill, allowing for more accurate information. Spells: Light Token, Strongwall, Disintegrate Example: Patron Saint of the Harvest Passive ability: Increased harvest quality, like your hands had the rune of quality on them. Spells: Humid Drizzle, Morning Fog, Wild Growth You can only be blessed by a single patron god at a time, with a new patron blessing replacing the old one if it had not yet expired. By making each Patron God tightly themed with a short list of abilities, many can be designed before exhausting or repeating abilities, removing the issues of randomized spell lists. The number of possible themes goes on almost endlessly, Patron gods of caves, houses, blood, darkness, love, hate, roads, mountains, smiths, trolls, etc. The Transition The most fair way to handle this would be to allow all player god priests a choice of following one of the four gods without loss of faith. Any player god altars could either be left in as legacy items or go blank until blessed again.
  5. Looking at the wiki, it doesn't seem to be complete on what the domain bonuses are for a few of the gods (such as Nahjo and Paaweelr). Is this information not known or is it simply missing from the wiki?
  6. I decided a few days ago to have a priest of every god and as I always have will help any to convert or priest on freedom, so they can play the god they want. And since i play a lot and very regular should make it easier for people to find me if they want a convert. also try to tell the important points to prepare to play a priest, such as points about characteristics (i.e. riding a horse, maybe loading a wagon), specific skill grinds that will help them. There are two problems right now, i need convert to Nathan and Tosiek and will eventually need to be priested. If anyone knows a priest/follower or is such of those I will be happy to come to you (on Freedom servers), further more i can give you a convert to any other god if you need including Paaweelr.
  7. I would like to put forward the suggestion to have deity missions be expanded. This is a two part suggestion: Suggestion 1: Add more than one mission to a Deity at a time; very few people are going to drop everything and "build a temple" especially when it's halfway around the world. Please include other missions, such as building a colossus, or Sacrificing a large number of crafted goods, or a massive number of harvested goods. Suggestion 2: Why not add target missions that could utilize the excesses on a server? Such as sacrificing large amounts of farmed goods, lumber, kindling, etc. (the easier an item is to attain the higher the number of items needed to be sac'ed) For crafting missions, allow crafters to Sac items and have it add to a threshold. using 10, 80QL spears should garner more than 10, 30 QL spears for example.
  8. Situation: Targeting, killing, and then burying a tower guard on a PvE server. Expected behavior: Negative alignment for murdering a dude to offset the positive alignment from burying a dude, or possibly no alignment for burying a dude you had just murdered. Actual behavior: Killing guards does not get you negative alignment(!!!), but burying one gives you +2 positive alignment, so the character gets a pretty nice alignment boost in exchange for murdering someone and disposing of the corpse. Suggested fix: Negative alignment for killing same-kingdom tower guards. I'm posting this in bug reports because it seems like unintended and exploit-like behavior that you can get alignment with a white light god by murdering someone. I have no idea how much this applies to PvP servers.
  9. Hello, I am looking for a Nathan priest so I can priest in Nathan. I can travel to you. Thanks
  10. Simple request. Like the player gods, make it so Vyn can favor anybody who has enough followers and priests online. She's my favorite god and it makes me sad to know she will never give me a quest.
  11. There is something that has been bothering me for some time. Nay not an itch I cannot scratch. Nor a slight pain in the back of my eyes. It is an act that to this day haunts my every night. A great weight that burdens and presses down upon my very soul! It is said confession eases troubled minds. Even a small respite will be welcome, so let us turn back the clock… It was early in Epic’s life span; though, not too early. It had been some time since the BL had raided around the Strongbox. Sticking people with so many arrows, they were as walking pincushions. I was in need of a quick ride, and was looking at the various sailboats beached nearby. Upon one in particular did my gaze befall, and I did covet it. “A sailboat!†I thought to myself full in my hubris, “I’ll steal it! And no one will ever know!†Oh my ignorance! Oh my pride! My ego! My shame! Would that I could reach back across time and throttle myself! Tickled the lock my fingers did (curses thrice upon them!), and there before me was such arms, armor, and gear! Jewels and coin! Take it all I did, ignoring the owner’s mark and name! Spent and used it all. Frittered it away on food, drink, and pleasurable company. Such pointless pursuits! Though, the more I ate, the more the food turned to ash in my mouth, No amount of drink would quench my thirst, And all the pleasurable company in the world would not slake my lust. A cursed man I was! Tested I was! Punished disproportionately to the nature of my crime! If only clothing myself in sackcloth and ashes, wailing and gnashing of teeth would ease me of this! How I to know the owner would become a demigod and in time (alot of time) even a god?!
  12. Atm preaching can bump up a new convert to faith a fifth of the speaker's preaching skill. With the newer gods popping up, I was wondering if giving this a boost might help take the sting out of converting to new religions, especially if the new convert had particularly high faith with their old god. Perhaps limit this to gods allied to the convert's old god.
  13. Player Gods

    Restarting an old thread that was on the old forums, mainly due to boredom and curious what people will come up with. With demigods about on the Valrei map of Epic, there will eventually even be new gods in Wurm, which may even end up replacing the Elder Gods. Afaik the godlet gets a random mix of enchants, players can follow/priest, wanders Valrei, and no idea what else. What kind of God would you be? What artifacts might you have? What would set you apart from the others? Have fun and keep it relatively clean. Afaik the target is 16+ now or close.
  14. Do you have an annoying altar in your way? is it in the way of your wonderful progress? Well then i got just the service for you! For a small fee ranging from 25 till 50 Copper i will go on to destroy that pesky altar that is taunting you! Before hand i need to clear o couple of basic ground rules for Customer and the Service provider. 1. The Customer is not Responsible for the life or the DMG taking by the Service provider when Desecrating the Altar. 2. ONLY after the Altar is Destroyed is the payment is rated(see 2.1) and payed by the Customer to the Service provider. 2.1 Rate is based on altar Difficulty for example a 70Ql Golden altar will be more expensive then an 20Ql stone altar. 3. Location has to be in the Exodus world for now at some point i may consider expanding or moving for a period but for now i will just do for people in Exodus. My apology in advance for people who outside of Exodus who may need this. Besides that i would like that people tell me before hand what altar i will need to destroy this includes the QL, the Type of altar and God that the altar belongs to. besides that i need a location and a time in which you are online. i will contact you in game and if you are then still willing to get ride of it them i will go towards you and get rid of the altar.
  15. Hi there. While learning a small amount about the lore and playing the game for a while, I thought that the appalling subject of Libila worship was underplayed. According to early Christian teachings, the Devil often tempted his converts with riches and powers. These converts were said to practice or commence in ceremonies such as the Black Mass in secret under the nose of the European populous and even at times, secretly in Christian places of worship. This is part of Libila's inscription on the Bone Altar: "Let me sharpen you, and let me run you through the heart of my enemies. For this I will reward you greatly. You will be given powers beyond normal mortal possibilities. Exact my revenge anywhere, anytime and anyhow. Make it painful and frightening. Together, let us enter the Forbidden Lands. We are all in our right to do so!" This is not totally different from early Catholic dogma during the Dark Ages used to scare a chaotic European populous into becoming a tighter and more orderly society. With this being said, why are Libila worshipers only confined to being openly part of the HotS? Why can't they worship in secret in return for great powers promised by the dark goddess if certain rituals are met? I can see this implemented in TWO methods, though I'm sure that there are more that I'm not thinking of... 1) On certain days, moon cycles, or whatever else, the cultist should desecrate one of the three light god's domains by commiting actions such as sacrificing a tamed mountain gorilla in the domain of Magranon or desecrating an altar with the taint of Libila. 2) Seeing that players lack religious zealotry of a fictional world enough to convict a religious upstart to a crime, an obvious problem is presented. A way to bypass this problem is to make Libila worship allowed through settlement laws, which brings me to my next point... Throughout medieval history there has not only been wars between kingdoms but also in-fighting between vassals. One of the reasons for the multitudes of these mini-wars was religion. Some went as far as to call them crusades, such as those against the Albigensians or Cathars. Religious in-fighting may be possible through the tolerance of Libila worship or even the securing of holy grounds from other villages. This may even be a jumping off point for the creation of Boroughs, Republics, Duchies, or maybe even kingdoms having sort of leadership. Making a priest or champion gain faith or other bonuses through ousting these cultists (or 'witches') may be another counter-benefit to the witch/witch hunt implementation. Libila cultists, witches, secret priests, fallen priests, etc., could have powers such as a curse of lycanthropy or something while those who devote themselves to hunting these antagonists can have powers or abilities themselves. Please note that when writing this, I intend not to advocate for display a representation of Christianity, witchcraft, or Satanism in the game and do not wish to advocate for any side nor condemn any religion. I also do not intend to advocate for a furthering of historical accuracy in a fantasy game setting. I hope I didn't offend any of you If you have any issues or further suggestions, let them fly!
  16. Sometimes you need help. You are badly wounded, don't have enough cotton, so you put some botonised stuff in an altar and pray. You god, bandages a medium+ wound. You are starving, already fasting, so you put your clay pot in the altar and pray, you get a basic casserole that gives you 50% nutri. Dying of thirst, you put your waterskin or clay jar in and pray. Each of these only works once per day and hits your faith.
  17. I decided to start this thread since Celebration was the only one missing; I will try and follow Sincor's design of all the other threads. For Independence Conversion please Refer to: http://forum.wurmonl...ou-thread-inde/ For Deliverance Conversions please Refer to: For Exodus Conversions please Refer to: For Celebration Conversions please Refer to: http://forum.wurmonl...ou-thread-cele/ This Thread is a list of who is willing to convert you and in which area they are located. To be Converted you need Body of 1.5+ (fastest way to get Body up is mining) and 1 Alignment (Bury a corpse of a guard or player). You also must not have changed God in the last 7 days. AND ALL TOWN PLEASE NOTE: 1 follower can convert all players in your town to a god if they have a statuette of the god and belong to that god. -Note- Don't pm the character's name, they probably won't respond, pm the /tell name. Format: God: X Loc: Y Loc: Follower: Priest: Character Name: Town Name: Location: Time Zone: /tell: Info: Map: (Use one of these maps when naming location) Map 1: http://forum.wurmonl...elebration-map/ Map 2: http://forum.wurmonl...salpha-edition/ /tell Roggeh in game, pm me on forums, or post here to be added to the list. I will try and update this every Friday. List of Converters
  18. Well I thought I might as well throw up a poll here to see how many of us wurmians follow a in-game God! I just wanted to get a feeling on the number of people following each God across the lands of wurm! enjoy!