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  1. Something like this? https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/145598
  2. We don't currently have much support for weapons like lances or mass formations. aka the mass heavy cavalry charge that ruled European battlefields for millenia. Always open to new forms of fighting and competition, let alone the tamer, sportfied version of jousting.
  3. Imho the main issue with Wurm VR is its alot of work for a very small number of Wurm's players. Makes for a great corporate news release to create investor buzz, along with the rising trend of VR. However, Its just not general enough usage yet. Second issue is, as mentioned already, the interface. Very keyboard and mouse intensive, and would require a massive redesign for a VR motion control environment. The last GUI "overhaul" took years, and it's practically the same thing. Granted we got a "repeat last action" keybind. Let alone communicating... Hell even most of the devs and staff communicate via IRC-style chat systems still. Speaking of keybinds and GUIs, even reducing the number of keys a player uses requires a fair bit of technical knowledge from the player. This with a playerbase where many struggle with even getting the game to launch smoothly. Granted as with the existence of quickswitch keybinds (love that exec client command), a sufficiently knowledgeable player could cobble some hacky setup together to make VR semi viable. Sadly in general VR Wurm is very much a pipedream imho, especially when its not even on the official public roadmap. Dont get me wrong. I would love to see more VR, let alone wishing to see so-called full dive/sensory VR someday.
  4. Ive been sacrificing extra vision orbs in them, along with other junk The fissure seems to be spewing out archeo scraps into inventory fine. Havent seen any wood ones so far. Empyrean? You get some from mining a meteorite, any metal type will give some. Though you can create a bunch of items made from it in test already, and smelt them too when needed. Anyways how is purifying suppose to work? Cause I keep getting "head hurts. try again later" everytime the option appears. Also are grape/hop Trellis suppose to be impacted near the Fo wishing tree?
  5. Flatbed wagon for hauling over-sized stuff; though, sometimes they would just attach wheels and axles to the object.
  6. Make it a cash shop item, or even loyalty points. Something to help offset the gfx work for more detailed work. Granted some basic colors and shapes can be baked in for free.
  7. Speaking of Holy Sites and the new metal, Empyrean, on the test server, is the flat black look on blades the final look? Cause its kinda meh... Not asking for a dark saber look exactly. Okay fine, Im asking for a dark saber look. 😜
  8. How about a Salvage skill for breaking stuff down into its immediate level of parts and raw materials? The parts you continued with to make the item. Another use for crowbar and/or pliers. QL of items and success dependent on skill yadda yadda At least for stuff that would otherwise be loadable. Bricks are always in demand, so I figure anyone would be happy to take a low ql forge apart. Not to mention other stuff that this would help clean up around servers. Awwww. No stealing souls of children... kill joy. 😜
  9. Especially if the display actually showed off the weapon, in contrast to some generic model.
  10. I can certainly see the benefits of some manner of viewing the local time conversion in certain situations, especially when properly labeled. Any little thing to facilitate social interaction and scheduling.
  11. Aye one of the many primary features of Epic that turned out to not work initially. Various attempts to fix and then balance before being outright removed. One fun memory from back then was pondering the spell lists/benefits of the gods of Sme and Gary... had yet to have a Bob.