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  1. Friends List Note

    The little black book.. Bound in fine Corinthian black drake leather.
  2. Last Post Wins

    Damn this thing still going?
  3. Fanart Competition - Tapestries!

    So many great entries already...
  4. Changing uniques

    Still able to feed a dragon till it drops an egg, then hatch the egg? Iirc it took a lot of feeding, and I assume hatching works best when that dragon already dead.
  5. Become a planeswalker

    Gary the man!
  6. Challenge phrase blank

    For anyone else who has similar issues, the best method I'm aware of is contacting GMs ingame through /support. Its an issue primarily for people with character accounts that predate when this was implemented.
  7. Quotes, Creeds, And Other Funny Sayings

    Not an exact quote; however, its pretty close to something Twain said. /me points at sig
  8. I'm Back! (Competition Inside!)

    A few possibilities given just a bird theme: Bird's Eye View (as already mentioned) Nest Roost Aerie (Flightless bird, so maybe not) Rook (More for ravens) Perch (again flightless) Refuge Haunt Hole In The Sand (granted that's more of a ostrich cliche; however, its more MR related!) Sandy Nest Sandy Roost The Emoo Stops Here Sand Trap Fire and Sand! Emoo DeFanged But Still Bloody Bloody Eggs Emoo Aerie What Was That Emu-shaped Blur?! Soon... Remember The Great Emu War of 1932 http://www.onlyinaustralia.net/the-great-emu-war.html EDIT: Meh... too many came to mind for Like voting, wonder if I should separate posts? star
  9. It has begun... http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/robot-cop-at-calif-mall-strikes-child/ar-BBuiVHs
  10. Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

    Ah yes... so many cliffhangers with each episode. Even a literal cliff hanger.
  11. Wool wizard hat

    Along with a gemmed staff (already ingame), so one can stand on narrow passages, or dirtwalls, and yell messages with obstructionary content.
  12. Sadly as soon as I realized the cc was involved, I just wrote it off as a loss. Ah well the 60 Euros was nice while it lasted... just sucks not having that 60s.
  13. Changes to making wine

    Any source of sugar with yeast to create alcohol or rather ethanol (ie bacteria farts). Beer - Basically any alcohol made from a mash of grains and hops. Wine - Generally any alcohol made from fruit; though, common usage in language associates with grapes. Wines from other fruits are also called Ciders. Sake - Despite being referred to as "rice wine", its actually closer to being a rice beer. Though, its distinctive enough to be its own deal really. Mead - Alcohol made from honey and water.
  14. Honey, bees and mead !

    Thread needs more bees.