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  1. Ooo I do love a nice chess set. Having one in Wurm will be enjoyable. With my luck in fishing, I'll probably just keep getting boots... and not dragon armor boots
  2. Bumping this just for having the temporary boosts (especially food/liquid-based) listed separately in some manner.
  3. Ohh yeah. That's the good stuff...
  4. Trying not to inject too much of my own personal hopes in my anticipation of the "exploration". Granted at this point, I'm looking forward to any new content...even if it is just a shiny flower pot. Speaking of which, we should be about ready for April's skin.
  5. Would love for this to be an option; though, thats the old pvp in me talking. Recal it being all kinds of fun in Minecraft. Dont recal it being in Wurm even when Notch was an active dev. Offhand too much of an issue for pve; though, that can be handled various ways.
  6. Imho another jackal would help greatly. Perhaps even add means to make such more regular. Overall I found the jackal experience interesting, and only really complaint is the final stronghold was a little bit of a letdown. Perhaps enabling siege weaponry, siege shields, spiked barriers, turrets, and etc to be more functional in pve. The enemy turrets literally did nothing, basically were just spawned mobs. Players didnt even have the options to bring walls down and/or pick locks on their own. Granted I heard the devs were caught offguard, and had not expected players to progress so fast.
  7. Last time I was uptop of dragon fang was for personal goals. Forget the exact time; however, pretty sure it was a year or so before the personal goals were removed. At the time the middle section of the mountain was well developed with smooth roads and rest stops. Afterwards the 3/4ths section was fairly rough trail. The last leg was a long climb with some tunnel entrance and fence rest stops. One still needed to have wine and old-cooking-system sandwiches to make it. Iirc the top was deeded still. Ive largely avoided Xanadu, initially for the infamous lag and later for having little need to traverse the difficult terrain. Unfortunately cannot comment on the topography.
  8. Just so happens I make paper and dye, not to mention books. Feel free to add to the list, cod to Klaa.
  9. Last Post Wins

    Looks like a troll proof fence.
  10. Gratz Ostentatio and welcome back Budda! Love the server flyovers and progression. Looking forward to Keenan's news.