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  1. Im always up for more cosmetic options, regardless of gameplay impact. Let alone adding fantasy races. Though there is the argument of Wurm being the more... realistic of the fantasy mmos. Sure we have dragons and etc. However, our armor provides the best protection... no bikini/lingerie armor.
  2. We dont always get something... an item going rare is the psuedo-rng roll being a success. Theres still the chance of something not going rare at all, ie a failed roll. It just sucks to have a successful roll occur with nothing to really show for it. Prayers and farming are the worse two imho offhand; although, the OP's list is far more comprehensive.
  3. I dont get to spiff up my priest channelers?
  4. Personally the "When" doesn't interest me as much as the "What?"
  5. Would be cool to dress them up for aesthetics in addition to function. Let alone letting armor stands show off the actual contents.
  6. Want to sell 70 NFI silvers for SFI ones in a one to one trade. While coinage is preferred, I am willing to barter for items of value that are on either cluster.
  7. Aye this would be a nice QoL for when swapping gear around. Its a real pain having to remove/replace saddle bags/sacks constantly.
  8. Happy Holidays!

    Nice way to spruce up the old Auld Lang Syne I use for lockpicking practice. Merry Christmas and New Years!
  9. But what of a removable pommel to end people rightly?
  10. Could also be used to announce official news ingame, and ways of removing certain event messages perhaps. Granted some urgent info, such as pvp raid bans, would still require an events message.
  11. Your Wurm character's name: Klaa, chief among other names used over the years. What year you started playing Wurm: Spring 2006 - Last couple of months before Beta ended. What Wurm means to you: One of the better mmo sandbox environments, especially on pvp servers as a thief (allegedly). Your favorite Wurm memory: There has been so many good and bad times over the years, especially relationships formed. Libilian Outlaws with Zerobyte and family. Empire of Mol Rehan with Horton and crew. Too many old mates long gone and dead, Tich and Oracle, to name just a couple that are particularly missed. The strangest one was many years ago (between 2007 and 2014?) with the devs half-implementing a certain breeding feature, due to a "miscommunication amongst the team" as we were later told. It was to allow for players to be able to breed with each other in the same way as animal breeding already worked. There were even models for the human children already on the test server. Unfortunately this was so far back that only one image currently exists afaik: The actual version that was implemented live used a resurrected human zombie to breed with a female player character, who was usually a BL priestess. The resulting offspring would be titled "Son/daughter of <player name>" and would have a spider model. My first experience with this ingame was after being offline a couple days. Logged in just minding my own business when a spidery Son of Glory jumped me. Fellow sort of took after his mother. The shenanigans lasted barely a week before devs yoinked it all out. Course this barely scratches the surface. I can go for ages on subjects such as zombie cheese... weaponized water... water swords... gold water... Selfie made upon request for the Summer Hat wiki entry https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/File:Summerhat.png
  12. On the subject of toymaking... ingame stuffed emus for Emoo/Bloody Drongo!
  13. Interesting. Always wanted more usage from beverages. Be interesting to see what gameplay effect they have. At any rate, more potted plants always nice.
  14. And most people in isekais get hit by Truck-kun or Knife-kun; although, one assassin MC did die on a plane.
  15. Curious about this Exploration update.