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  1. Mask was actually from last year; however, I like how the deception mask looks with the drake hide helm... mostly. The exposed neck does bug me. Thankfully found a higher ql version this year. Not a rare sadly.
  2. Aye at this point having a pen auto-refill from a crafted ink well is good enough for me. Rest of the exploration updates is icing on my cake.
  3. Aye, especially with the proliferation of third party maps created to fill the void that has existed for so long. Perhaps if cartography skill and/or created maps helped with treasure hunts in some way. I hope this works for other writing tasks such as copying recipes. That would be a huge QoL upgrade.
  4. Aye always felt treasure should scale better depending on map/server size AND some kind of constant value that presents terrain difficulty per server.
  5. Tbh Id prefer the small anvil be made to look like a viking/nordic anvil, especially given Wurm Online's slightly Nordic Look & Feel overall. If not,, an optional monthly skin would be awesome.
  6. Sadly no SS, it was basically a neat stack of delimbed felled trees pyramid-style. Was in the game fall-winter 2006 at least, unsure when it was removed.
  7. Meh items here and there from banned players are a drop in the bucket, economy wise. Unless they start generating items outside of the occasional reward.... now that might be a concern; though, doubt it will happen. There's been pretty tight rules on such for ages, let alone past abuses that show the impact. Anyways, this isn't the first time stuff from banned players was sold in auctions, given out as rewards, or dropped in treasure hunts. The old kind where a chest would be dropped somewhere rando. Haven't seen one of those treasure hunts in ages. Granted irc it was more Oracle's thing.
  8. Id love to have the old felled tree pile back. Granted that was an aesthetic pile model. Im unsure if the model for it still exists actually, but yeah some kind of specialized bulk bin-like storage for both logs and felled trees. Atm logs do take up significant volume, hence currently best to keep in crates than bulk bins
  9. Have a pillow from back when Wurm was using the black n white tree silhouette. Tbh I should have bought the wurm thong that was also available back then. Granted that was a different merch shop too. Personally Wurm should slap the brand on one of these log pillows: Been trying off and on to get Bloody Drongo or Emoo to do merch too:
  10. What y'all do in your private space between consensual adults is your business, I don't judge... much.
  11. I deserve so much coal...especially 100ql