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  1. Hello. Sorry, I completely forgot about this thread. I am sorry but I don't have anymore these shoulder pads for sale >.<
  2. Hello Guys. As title says, I am selling a Rare Rowing Boat + a Rare Tacke Box, for 7s the two items together. Feel free to contact me here, send me a PM or contact me in game always as Luttuosa. Have a nice day
  3. Yes, they can be mailed
  4. Hello guys I am selling my rare knarr. It is almost 94 ql and it has a bronze rune of Vynora, so you will sail pretty fast. Its RGB color is R=1 G=164 and B=180, a nice peacock blue. Picture below. I am selling it for 25€ via paypal or 32s; you can write me here, send me a PM or contact me in game always as Luttuosa.
  5. I am at xan Q25, Modreth on the official map
  6. It is ok but you have to come and pick them up; unfinished items can't be mailed.