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  1. These are the specific to reach the place with screens, it is a bit tricky to found u.u I parked my knarr on the shore where there was The Temple of Fo deed on the map, from my knarr follow the highway going south: Continue to follow the highway until you find this waystone, then still go south: Until you reach this sign: Go south few tiles then head south/east: Until you reach that sign: Follow the cobblestone path and you'll reach a deed called Dwag's peak: Follow the cobblestone path that continues south/west of it: Once you'll reach the end of the cobblestone path go just a bit south/west, you will see a guard tower: It is Eagle's nest deed, you have to go south of it, but be careful to te slopes: At the end of it you'll find a marble path going up; follow it until the end: At the end of the path you'll see a lonely mailbox: Now south/east, on the top of that mountain and from there you'll see the location
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