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  1. [14:57:32] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Thank you
  2. Hi, we passed someday away from home, how can we help you :)?
  3. Never mind, I misread the deal, sorry
  4. I was thinking about a special cauldron or a kind of furnace with three slots (like the 2 slots of the crafting window). First slot: the item you want to upgrade. Second slot: all the other items required. Third slot: source crystals. It would be nice and in this way there are less chances to select the wrong item to upgrade
  5. Well, you think that a saturated market means "all players have a rare of everything"; it is not that simple. It means there is a huge abundance of a products too, and when there are tons of a thing, its value goes down, this is how the market works. So I think it is clear that merchants can't just switch to other kind of rares, because wurm is already full of rares, any kind. And, again, people who likes to craft rares by themself why should be bothered if someone else buy something? Are you telling me that nobody should buy something because that would ruin the spirit of the game? Why then don't apply your thought to improves too: why should someone buy an improve instead of being happy to wait until his/her skill will be high enough? Should all players wait a irl life to have their own drake scale set because it would be unfair to collect scales from uniques you didn't personally hunt? But esecially: "If nobody has a fantastic long bow and somebody makes it, that person gets huge satisfaction from it. If a bunch of vets have a fantastic long bow and somebody makes it, its less satisfying. If those vets got it by fusing all the stuff they made in the past, its even less satisfying, as least for me." If there are more fantastics there is no satisfaction on having one of them. If there are tons of rares, there is not satisfaction in having one of them. So you are telling that rares are less desiderable; do you see? Maybe you found one of the problems too. Plus, I can assure you that making a fantastic with 70/100 rares would take a veeeeery long time before the market would become full of fantastics. Especially if they find a way to block the spamming of rares.
  6. Even making "a rare more worth" wouldn't change the fact that the rare market is almost saturated. If a player has a rare, and it becomes more worth, why should him/her buy another one since he/her has already one? Wurm is a splendid game, but sadly it has not a great monthly influx of new players, and each market (irl or in a game) lives thanks to new customers. I know there are players who have not interest in buying/selling items, so they don't care too much about what happens to the "market side" of this game; but just because they have not interest in it, doesn't mean that it shouldn't be considered. I think this is a very nice idea, it would be a breath of fresh air for those who loves this particular feature of the game, and people who don't like to buy stuff from others because they love to see their own signature on a tool would not be forced to buy them, as it always has been, so I really can't understand why a casual player would be bothered from something he/she doen't really care about. I just would increase a bit the number of rares required to make a supreme, something like 10rares->1supreme; 10supremes->1fantastic. But in this way for a fantastic would be necessary 100 rares... maybe better a way in the middle between 50 and 100 rares.
  7. Pm me with your offer
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  9. OMG we wonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn *____________________________________*