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  1. Up.
  2. -1 In ths way you could get high quality sand using other skills instead of the proper one: digging.
  3. If you shouldn't find something, I sell one for silver or euro
  4. So basically now to be sure that our tools don't lose enchants we have to make all actions with full stamina, since even to queue 2/3/4/5 actions and to pass from 3 seconds to 4/4,5 seconds per action (while the queue goes on) could be more dangerous for our enchants. Even the first action with full stamina will be a risk; the actions on queue will be more dangerous, so we will have to do one action per time to take the less risk. Using enchanted tools like this will be boring from now, please, change it back.
  5. You can park at Tap Dance, we will guide you from there
  6. We'll give you back only if you will cook for us pancakes for life u.u
  7. I don't know about you guys, but my first approach to the new highways was a real mess and now I have to spend so much time to bash and replace waystones and catseyes in the right way. I know they are so hard to bash just because they have to protect the highways; because of this I would like if they were more easy to bash at least for the one who planted them, to clean faster the mistakes