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  1. Hello guys I found this image on internet; I will make a personal screen tomorrow, because I logged in just now and it is night in wurm and you wouldn't see the proper colors. So meanwhile I am posting this one; tomorrow you will see my screenshot
  2. Cloud Atlas. The story, the music, the message, how it was directed, everything
  3. Hello folks As title says, Wurm University bundle for sale: 1 wagon 1 tent 2 tall banners 2 banners 2 flags The whole set costs 15s Contact me here, in game or with a PM.
  4. Christmast is close; the perfect time to buy a gift for your wurmian family and friends, and why not? Even for yourself Send me a private message if you are interested in something Fantastic Knapsack Supreme brown striped breeches Supreme common wool hat Rare caravel. Rare rowboat Rare MR Template Wagon. Rare MR wagon. Rare hats (different colors - yellow, black, green brown - and shape - forester, common etc) Hota statues (4s each or 10s for 3 of them) Guard towers - wagons - tall banners - banners - flags - tents. Different kingdoms (MR, JK, Loa, DD, Template JK, HotS, WU, Macedonian, Ebonaura, Pandemonium, Crusaders)
  5. Gratez War I will cod it tomorrow
  6. It is a nice hat that shines on your head Item: rare dark foresters hat. Starting bid: 1 silver. Increment: 10 coppers. Buyout: none. Sniper protection: 1 hour. No reserve.
  7. Horde of the Summoned set: 1 wagon 2 tall banners 2 banners 2 flags The whole set for 5s Send me a private message.