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  1. For about 20 days we will not be able to pick our mails every day, so don't worry if your cods will not be accepted as fast as usual, it will take a little longer (maybe 2-5 days) but in the end we will pick them, just we will not be able to be online often; thanks to your patience and bump
  2. 10 May 2021 Let's talk about the south/west side: the market place A part of it had several slopes going down so we had to fill it with dirt. You can see the camellia edges around it and that corner is the very south/west corner of our deed. On the other side of this quadrant it was all rock, so after we exposed it we made a lot of surface mining, It is almost finished, I think only about 1k slopes to level remaining *-* Our deed is large and I am fencing it with camellia edges, but we wanted to left some entrance in case of need (woodcutting, running away from some mobs :P) and we decided from sandstone iron gates, they look better than the wooden ones used in the highway, and probably we will change the one we made in the highway with this same kind We finally fixed the tar problem: we had a 3x2 pool of tar next to us and 2 tiles were part of our deed, so we weren't able to exope the rock and flatten this 2 tiles for a long time. Thanks to transmutation liquid we turned them into dirt, expose the rock, flattening them and also flattened the 4 tar tiles remaining :3 We started the construction of the first inn, just the first floor; at the moment inside there are only useless horses that we use to skill fighting and collect meat and stuff We completed other three market houses but ther is not yet furniture inside of them, it will be easier to craft all of it in the end We added other market stalls, we are making with all the wood type, also archaeology, in alphabetical order... if the GM will add a new woodtype I will have to kill myself And we are making the same thing on the opposite side *w* A general overview of the market side. Another general view We are also working on our main building: the second floor is almost completed, just 2 walls remaining and this will be made in the end because I forgot to leave an opening to haul up the crates The third floor is at half way :3 This is an overview of the second floor, it will be a large room and there are 2 lateral rooms, these will be 2 bedrooms, one for Davihh and all the furniture will be in thorn and one for the priest, all with rose furniture. An overview of the third floor room: this is the largest bedroom, will be decorated with just blueberry furniture and of course... it will be my bedroom We added a second shrine in the highway, while imping the old one it turned rare :3 And in the end, we are also going on with the terraforming of the north/east side, so much much much rock ç_ç