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  1. Hello guys I know, in Wurm nobody needs to go to the bathroom, but I was thinking that this kind of furniture will complete for sure the design of an Inn or a house. I was thinking to just a couple items, like: - toilet, which could look like a chair with a hole (house version) or a long bench with four or five holes (inn version); the toilets should be placed only on the ground floors.- - sink, somethink like the one in the image below, pulling water through a pump or something like that. - bath tube, using the same system of the sink. - mirror, something you can hang to the wall. As said before, I know they have no utility, it would be just to add some new furniture; it would be nice to have bathrooms in the taverns, I think it would be more realistic What do you guys think?
  2. 23 September 2020 Finally we began to build some building. We flattened many tiles, but there is still a lot of work to do A view of the first two buildings. And the other side. Finally it is possible to see the token from the highway We completed the south branch of the highway, it just needs catseyes and to be connected to the perimeter :3 And we also completed the north branch. Well, the central border is flat and connected to the highway sistem, but the sides need to be fixed A view from the high. Another view from the high: the open air working station is always a mess
  3. 10 September 2020 It's time to talk about progress :3 This deed requires a lot of terraforming, especially surface mining, and being just two players doesn't help, but slowly we are going forth on our project We completed the first branch of the highway, with cateyes and stonway from the capital to our deed. The highway will cross our deed from west to east, and there will be two more branches going north and south; at the moment the highway is ready from west to ovest until the crossing point. We also began to flatten the deed side dedicated to the market, and placed two martet stall; there will be more incoming. Unfortunately there are two tar tiles that can't be leveled because of the rock around them, so that corner will be unfinished until we will find transmutation liquid >.< We almost flattened also part of the first north side, because in here we will build our mansion. Well, at the moment there is just a little house with the beds, a little fence with some animal and an open air crafting station We almost complete the south branch of the highway, which should be the longer one; where the highway turns south, this will be the crossing point, you can see a bit of packed dirt on north and east, just to give an idea of what it will be. We enlarged the fields but it will be a real pain when the time to terraform them will come @.@
  4. Nope, but thank you anyway. Not really, but thank you anyway. Up
  5. We already joined this project years ago, when it didn't exist u.u Look at our old deed, Modreth, Xan Q25 u.u
  6. Hello You can send all the bolded items to Davih, thank you
  7. Sorry, I missed the messages; if you shouldn't need it anymore, feel free to not accept the cod. [08:10:10] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Thank you Sorry, probably I sold it and forgot to delete it from the list >.<