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  1. 04 August 2020 We finally completed the road, connecting the east side to the capital. It still need to be fixed a bit, to create a regular pattern, but for now it is ok View of the street from the perimeter. Starting to terraform the deed, we want to make it flat. We are flattering the north side to make a second temporary crafting station. The road will continue east, until reach the east perimeter, and at a certain point it will reach also the north and the south perimeter. It will pass around the entrance of our mine, both sides. Up south there is our very temporary crafting station, with a cow watching us >.> This is the entrance of our mine, a double tile tunnel going down for about 160 slopes; we are going to create a square cave, hoping that no much concrete will be necessary Very temporary crafting station. Temporary fields in the east side: we do have to eat u.u
  2. Hello! here are the prices for all the materials i want to buy: Blue = Price i pay for each unit of that Rare item Cyan = Price i pay for each unit of that Supreme item Purple = Price i pay for each unit of that Fantastic item (or whatever color this is) In the new servers we are Luttuosaa and Davihh Notes: - Items must be FULL weight, ask or contact me if in doubt - You can cod any quantity under 5s of price without asking, i might not always accept quickly (or at all) amounts higher (or way higher) than that, if you want to be sure, please contact me - 90+ damage items are 50% price, if you want more, contact me and tell me which item it is - If some items isn't ont the list, you can ask me (Davih in game or forum PM) -i won't buy shards, rounded stones, concrete and most cooking products, anyway - Some items can only be sent from runed mailboxes (planks,logs,wooden beams), you can find one in most starter cities or you can ask your neighbors where to find one ( Cod: Davihh ) Large Nails = 80c/250c/600c Rope = 50c/70c/300c Leather Strip = 50c/70c/400c Wooden Beam= 50c/80c/350c Small Nails = 50c/120c/410c Yarn (wool)= 25c/60c/320c Iron Ribbon = 50c/120c/325c Planks = 80c/250c/600c Square piece of Cloth = 50c/120c/300c Shafts = 30c/60c/300c Steel Scraping Lips= 22c/43c/210c Seedling (any) = 20c/45c/155c Stone brick (no variants, just "stone brick") = 40c/120c/325c Clay = 45c/115c/325c Marble Brick = 20c/50c/125c Leather(3kg) = 25c/45c/210c Logs (18+kg) = 15c/35c/175c Pumpkin (whole) = 15c/35c/175c String of Cloth = 15c/40c/220c Sprout (Any) = 15c/30c/320c Peg = 20c/40c/100c Rivets= 20c/40c/100c Wires(iron) = 10c/24c/100c Tar = 20c/40c/100c Lead Lump = 12c/27c/100c Cordage rope = 12c/20c/60c Wooden Handle = 10c/30c/200c Copper Lump = 10c/23c/105c Dirt = 10c/20c/50c Iron Lump = 10c/20c/100c Sand = 10c/20c/50c Acorns = 10c/20c/50c Charcoal = 10c/20c/50c Blueberry= 10c/20c/50c Cochineal= 10c/20c/50c
  3. [22:27:17] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Sent, thank you
  4. Sorry, it was my fault, I sold it and forgot to remove it from the list >.<
  5. 25 July 2020. Our deed seen from the Capital: The surrounding area; 140 players in locals, a lot of work going on: The south area between us and the Capital: View of the Capital from our first tile of perimeter: Our first working station: just a forge, a fence, a bsb and a wild boar asking itself what is happening to its land; the deed is pretty wild, we just chopped some tree and packed some tile: 04 August 2020
  6. Hello Wurmians Me and Davih decided to start a new deed in Harmony. I will use the post below to update our progresses on its terraforming; we never did something like this for the old deeds on Xanadu, Deliverance and Independence, but this time we will try to keep track of the changes we will made around us, so from time to time I will add screenshots of the deed and the surrounding area. Harmony Bay Market is located at east of Harmony Bay, and it was the third deed created on the whole server, 24 July 2020. 1) Our first task will be to connect the deed to the capital and to flatten it a bit. Before that, we will need to create some bulk container to collect the materials that we will dig/cut down.
  7. [08:46:58] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Sorry for the delay, we were out of town for few days. If you don't need it anymore feel free to refuse the cod. Thank you