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  1. If there are enough players living on the homeservers to justify the cost to keep them running then leave them alone. Elevation people can't just assume the homeserver players would want to merge with the rest of the pvpers on a single server. If you delete their homeservers and they choose not to join you, all you accomplish is destroying their homes for nothing.
  2. Allow people who earned a knapsack reward to claim it on both clusters. I claimed one on epic and it is stuck there. Being a reward I shouldn't have to leave it on a cluster I have no intention of playing. Would really like to be able to show off some pride by wearing it on freedom.
  3. Bring back a fresh old elevation.
  4. Looks fun. Can I be an imper?
  5. Sign me up. I do smithing and carp stuffs.
  6. \o/
  7. bump
  8. Would really like to start skilling on freedom. Atm there is no point and Im sitting on my 10hs of sleep bonus.
  9. +1 Traitor missions are broke. No points given.
  10. To any freedomers lookig to try Epic. We would be happy to help you get geared and have deeds available for you to join.
  11. Can I be a crafter? 90 Bowyery and Blacksmithing
  12. +1 to NEXA, Always good to see new faces.
  13. 2016 "Valrei changes coming soon to fix epic." 2018 "Valrei changes coming soon to fix epic."
  14. 6s