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  1. +1 would like to see more grazing animals types keep in wurm.
  2. Sorry to people who ordered here. It is best to pm me on forums or in game.
  3. Lunalong 2021

    Even the Spirit Templars are trying to help imp. Must be hard though being incorporeal.
  4. What would be your ideal random big filler? @Erhid And what kind of price would you expect to see on it?
  5. [07:02:34] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  6. I am looking to try my hand at custom affinity pizza slices. Each slice will provide 12 hours+ per bite and weigh 2.0kgs per slice. Will be charging 15c per slice. Should equal out to around 800 hours per slice. Now offering full slice kits. 138 slices for 15s Thank you. Make sure you have fix affinities selected in your profile. It is best to pm me in game or on the forums. I am unlikely to see it on this forum post.
  7. Thank you for the impalong Vooch and everyone. Had fun, won prizes, fed everyone human meat pizzas without their knowledge, Good times. Praise Libila!!!
  8. Wurm VR?

    +1 to vr, have wanted this for a while How would the controls work though? K+B is rough with a headset covering your face.
  9. Reserve a room for Morrowen plz. This impalong is gonna be a banger.
  10. Wait. You can't throw stuff anymore?