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  1. Believe its called Fiendish. pm me if you have 1 for sale.
  2. +1 Should have been done in the first place.
  3. Bump. Are there no more communities out there?
  4. I am thinking of doing a round 2. Any active villages or starter town communities interested in a visit?
  5. Freedom has been slowly going the way of epic with dwindling numbers. And while the overall player base is high right now because of the new fresh servers combined with a new audience from steam, Wurm is still the same game it was before the steam release. So unless the devs add some great content, the new servers will follow the route of epic and freedom, or i guess there is always an Epic Games Store release they can try in a few year.
  6. Bring back minehops yo. Some actual good looking stuff planned tho.
  7. Found another wurm mention at 5 minutes
  8. Doesn't follow the rules but its the best I have
  9. I was sailing last night and took this screenshot. And I thought we could use a better looking night sky to compliment how vivid the moons are.