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  1. WTS Gold 1s/e

    Selling gold 1s/e
  2. Sold

    Fixed thank you
  3. I've been waiting for years for...

    The anger has faded, the battle lost. Apathy.
  4. Morrowen's Craft and Smithy

    Another bump
  5. Morrowen's Craft and Smithy

  6. Ikademandreds Pizza Company

    Morrowen is hungry and needs some affinity pizzas.
  7. Morrowen's Craft and Smithy

  8. Chaos Kingdom Chat on Freedom

    +1 to all above
  9. Morrowen's Craft and Smithy

    Bump. Help me keep my forge hot this winter.
  10. server down?

    How long was it down the last time it crashed?
  11. Morrowen's Craft and Smithy

    Bump. Lets do some business.
  12. Fair game play hits a new low

    Just make it so uniques can't enter caves?
  13. Morrowen's Craft and Smithy

    Morrowen's shop is now open! Everything below is made to order. Pm me on forums or "/tell Morrowen" in game if you feel lucky. Will offer 7s shop credit for any referrals. Will offer 1.2s shop credit per sleep powder. Only metal available atm is Iron. Most woods can be used upon request. Now offering optional metal service. Silver Zinc and Tin. 80ql 25c extra, 90ql 35c Bronze and gold 80ql 40c, 90ql 50c Unless specified all wooden tools will be made from oak, and all wooden furniture from cedar. Chain armor sets Iron 80ql 1s35c 90ql 3s Platesmithing sets Iron 80ql 1s40c 90ql 4s Bowyery Willow any size bow 85ql 60c 90ql 1s Blacksmithing Iron 80ql 35c 90ql 80c Barding Iron 80ql 45c 90ql 1s Fine carpentry items 80ql 40c 90ql 90c
  14. Wurmian Tournament of Carnage!

    Morrowen Midweight