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  1. Bring back minehops yo. Some actual good looking stuff planned tho.
  2. Found another wurm mention at 5 minutes
  3. Doesn't follow the rules but its the best I have
  4. I was sailing last night and took this screenshot. And I thought we could use a better looking night sky to compliment how vivid the moons are.
  5. I have been crashing usually once and hour since I built my new PC. Game window closes with no error. I also can not find the HS_ERR_PID on the desktop nor in the wurm folder.
  6. Close

    Bought close plz.
  7. Is it another large shield or did we not get 1?
  8. Bump, come get your imps west of lormere
  9. A thank you to all who visited me at Greymead. I have now moved to just west of Lormere.
  10. Thank you for visiting today Qlocek.
  11. Charcoal piles are now being made. Self serve come and get some. [09:51:50] A large kiln-like structure made from logs covered in dirt. The purpose is to turn the logs into tar and charcoal. It is made from oakenwood. Ql: 67.16218, Dam: 0.0. The fire burns steadily and will still burn for a long time. Should produce for about 3 days